BRANDI GLANVILLE: My Kid Ate LeAnn Rimes’ LAXATIVES!… Brandi Calls LeAnn “Unstable”… Eddie Responds!

NOTE:  Let’s think about all this Brandi/LeAnn/Eddie drama for a second.  LeAnn has a new CD about to be released; Brandi has her book AND clothing line coming out; Eddie could use any publicity.  The more the pot gets stirred, the more attention; the more attention… and ‘more attention’ translates into potential customers of whatever crap they’re tryin’ to push!  Just sayin’…

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The difficulties between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville, her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian and his now wife, LeAnn Rimes, continue.


The latest is Brandi’s assertion that one of her sons got sick accidentially consuming somma LeAnn’s laxatives!

Brandi tells UsWeekly:

I, unfortunately, don’t find her to be stable and I don’t want her around my  kids when Eddie’s not there — or at least the nanny, his parents, someone,”  Glanville says of Rimes.

“Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le’s candies and got  extremely ill. And Le’s candies are laxatives. It was a big f–king deal for me,  and I lost my mind.”

Eddie Cibrian says:

 “It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal  lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of  her notoriety. She is fully capable and has the means of contacting myself and  LeAnn privately to discuss any matter concerning the children. The fact she  chooses not to, should be pretty transparent. And while I do not wish to fuel  her ever-igniting fire, there is a breaking point where enough is enough.”

“I know your life exists solely for the purpose of living and creating drama,” Eddie wrote. “It’s a sad way to live. It’s so obvious that you have to constantly mention my wife so people will care what comes out of your mouth.

“One day when wine and narcissism are not consuming you, you will realize how fortunate the kids are to have LeAnn in their life. She is amazing with them, as the kids will 100 percent attest to.

“You should be so lucky to one day find someone who will love and respect Mason and Jake as she does. Although, I really don’t know how anyone can put up with your constant bullshit. No wonder you have lost so many ‘close’ friends.

“Grow up already and for once, PUT THE KIDS FIRST!”

NOTE:  This Brandi/LeAnn/Eddie situation and, in particular, Eddie’s response is truly a “pot meet kettle” ball of chaos!  

BUT…NOW we know how LeAnn REALLY stays so thin!!  Thought LeAnn stayed bikini-ready from exercise!

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121 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: My Kid Ate LeAnn Rimes’ LAXATIVES!… Brandi Calls LeAnn “Unstable”… Eddie Responds!

  1. Yep, Leann is not that skinny for nuttin. She poops her way thin. I do agree, however, w/ Eddie saying that Brandi doesn’t need to air this in the public eye.

        • Very true. In fact I think she is old enough and has being doing it long enough that she already pays for it. Having her laxatives out where a kid could take them is sloppy.

          • And what else is she leaving around? Isn’t she on pain meds a lot due to dental work? I would be seriously concerned if I was Brandi. She needs to get a new visitation agreement banning the children to be alone with Leann. She didn’t have them use a helmet while riding, now this. What else is going to happen. I can’t imagine the stress Brandi is under when they go to their Dad’s.

          • Let us hope that Brandi didn’t drop any xanax or quaaludes on the floor of her home. andi’s Does anybody think it is even remotely possible that Brandi’s gagent told her to start some shit on twitter to promote sales of her book? Huh? Not possible?

      • Look it is a known fact many stars use laxatives. why, i dont know.I also dont think thta story is true and even if it is i am sure brandi has stronger candy.Eddie did the right thing sticking up for his wife. Brandi is a flake, i used to like her and was going to by her book.but i get why eddie left.just want the trash off of bravo.btw brandi talks about her ex a little to much stalker

    • I know that she probably should not say things in public for the kids but at the same time why should she have to keep LeAnn’s eating disorder private? Especially since LeAnn’s constantly taunting her on twitter.

  2. I thought the world knew that Leeann was unstable, so no big revelation there. I would not want my kids anywhere near her if I were Brandi. I get it! Her ex and his 2nd(?) wife are clearly all about themselves or they would have waited while each got a divorce before they “got together”. I just don’t like them.

  3. Or maybe Leann is so full of sh*t & thats why she needs laxatives! B has stated many times that Eddie wont speak to her…Prob bc Leann is so freaking jealous. Brandi cant have her kids make an appearance on RHOBH but Leann posts pics of them on Twitter all the time…I dont think that would be allowed. If I was B, I’d have E back in court b4 anything else happened to those kids.

  4. The only on e putting those kids on display publicly is Leeann! On her Twitter and her website! And they aren’t even her children, they are Brandi and Eddies children but she posts pictures of them all the time. Leeann is looney toons.

  5. I read Brandi’s interview on this and I have to say, I’m mixed on this. She should keep their stuff private now (the book she wrote ideally is a good ready for someone going through divorce, but that is in the past), but issues with LeAnn’s stability, tweeting about how she needs to go punch pillows, etc., that stuff need not be in public. She says in the interview she is saving for a house and has a lot of bills from lawsuits with Adrienne and Eddie already, so she’s not going back to court. But, the truth is, the arrangement is working, nothing dramatic has happened to the kids under LeAnn’s care, Brandi just doesn’t agree with it.

    You can’t tell the parent what the rules are in their house. They can’t tell her what to do in her house. Unfortunately, something really bad has to happen before a judge will change any custody arrangement – certainly in Arizona.

    The concept of “co-parenting”, that only relates to who has custody of the kids, what the schedule is for visits. It does not include anything about not liking how your ex handles the kids when they are with them. If anything, and this is my husband’s decree with his ex, that parenting styles are to be respected by the other parent.

    That said, I know it’s hard when your kids are out of your control and off with your ex who doesn’t do things the same as you. It sucks. Brandi is right not to put down LeAnn or her husband in front of the kids. It’s hard sometimes, but you have to let them determine their relationships and just be there if they need you.

    • Yes you can tell a parent what the rules are in the home the child visits for vistitation. I have seen some Divorces and custody agreements in such detail to include what TV shows can be watched by the child while on a visit and what you can say in front of the child when he/she visits oh and what food they can eat as well.

        • I think you can have it put in the decree if the other parent wants to sign off, they can, or they can argue it as a condition for the divorce.

          But barring that, as long as the kids are not in danger, the arrangements don’t change and it’s difficult to sue for those specifics unless it can be proven detrimental to the child.

      • I had to do that with my ex-husband as he was feeding my son nothing but sweets and him and his family sat slagging me off while my son sat playing with his toys in the middle of the room. Further on and after supervised visits and a court order my ex-husband put my son in danger on several occasions. On my solicitors advice which I sought as I wanted visitation to stop until my ex could prove he was being responsible and provide a safe environment, I was told not to worry about being in contempt of court and to stop contact immediately. Maybe this is what Brandi should consider next.

    • In my opinion, accidental ingestion of laxatives is beyond serious. BEYOND. That demonstrates a complete lack of responsibility. I do not particularly like Brandi, but I do not dislike her either, so I would be saying this if Brandi let it happen, also. If that happened with one of my children and the judge said they still had visitation rights, I would leave the state with the children and face jail. They are lucky he is alright.

    • I agree. LeAnn is not doing anyone any favors by instigating stuff with Brandi in public. I think she was wrong to start talking about “my kids” on Twitter because she knows that will set Brandi off. Using the kids like that is uncool.

      • I agree.. Nothing like throwing you own kids in your face… In my heart, and I am still married, just a opinion, that must hurt the hell out of Brandi… Those are her boys, they will never be anything but stepchildren to Leeann.. She took her husband, throws it in her face, and enjoys… What goes around comes around… I am sure she lives in pure hell thinking or wondering when Eddie is gonna do it again… Just the thought makes me giggle..

  6. If Lisa ever turns her back on Brandi the other girls will cut her ass up.She has protection for now.Cant hardly watch any of them right now.All selling /writing/airing all the dirt that can make up for a storyline.

  7. I used to like Adrienne til the divorce thing and she changed.I thought she was the most real with her businesses even though family induced.She seemed like she did not like Paul to have any camera time and was competing with him.Lisa has created 2 restuarants since coming on show.
    They have all changed and not for the good.

    • I like Adrienne the first season but that was it. She was extremely petty with Lisa last year regarding Pandora’s bachelorette party and her simple play on words about her dog and her shoes. Also didn’t like the way she treated her husband although this year it doesn’t seem like I’m going to like Paul as much as I have in the past either. The only change I see in Lisa is shifts in friendships because of the way SHE’S been treated.

  8. Leanne seems to be the type whose not alive if she’s not on stage or at the very least twitter. (ummm, Jax anyone?) & I think most of us already know that’s not the sign of a stable person, but, she really shouldn’t air that in public. For once I agree with Mr. Ed.

    • Not a good feeling is it. I remember eating exlax as a kid I thought it was a chocolate bar

        • Are you old enough to have a colonoscopy if not you will relive that moment during the Prep.

          • Lisa, I have not done that yet, but i am that age. Ugh. My bestie has issues and does them pretty often. I go hold her hand and drive her. So not looking forward to it.

          • Lisa: I’ve had 2 and they were bad!! I have colon cancer in the family, so I’m diligent about getting checked. On top of that, I have diverticulosis, so the prep is usually really bad. This last time I took the prep drink (I label it as “liquid death”), and I waited and waited, and NOTHING happened, except that I was in excruciating pain. Turned out that I was in the diverticulitis stage (infected). Not too much fun……….. But, for me, I’m supposed to stay bulked up on fiber. I have such an issue with not getting enough. Do the chocolate laxatives work? I try to keep it natural and either take Metamucil or just fiber thru food (which doesn’t work too well for me)………

            • I took the laxitives when i was about 6 I though they were a hersey bar i dont use them now. Metamucil is good and you can mix it with water or speinkle it on food i wouldnt suggest putting it in anything carbonated.
              The colonoscopy prep was so bad I thought i was gonna poop myself inside out.

            • lisa: Imagine NOT pooping, but feeling intense pain! That was worrysome!! I guess I’ll stick with the metamucil then…….. The chocolate sounded good but I NEVER want to encounter the pain of any kind of laxative again!

              By the way, my husband ran to the supermarket to get the fixings for me to make chicken piccata and cannolis…… This place is fattening for me! LOL!

            • Sorry, Lisa. I responded in the wrong place. Im 30 but was at my mama’s house when she was preparing for hers. It didnt look fun!!

      • A friend and I once gave it to her sister, because she tattled on us… She ate it up, and we got the crap kicked out of us from our mothers… Never did that again…

  9. Im 30 so I’m not quite there yet but I was at my mama’s house when she had to take all that stuff for her colonoscopy and kept running to the bathroom!

  10. I am getting bored with the drama between LeeAnn and Brandi, who really cares anymore? I liked Brandi in the beginning, now she’s comes off trashy, desparate and Lisa is using her to go after Adrienne, and who gives a hoot about her book? Stop tweeting and making you and your ex and kids look silly!

  11. Brandi has been the worst mother ever, since the pool party at Adrienne’s, yrs ago. Her boys were not her priority that day, and have never been. She’s the drunkest of the gang (from what we’re shown), so I feel sorry for those boys, with her or not. I don’t know LeAnn’s habits or her personality, but why she wd want to take care of somebody else’s kids is beyond me!!!! If Brandi AND Eddie had a brain between them, these boys wd not be in the middle of this mess. These parents may have money, but not any sense. Well, I guess the boys will be ready for a shrink before they’re 10. I still can’t get over peeing on Adrienne’s grounds, but I guess it’s better than in the pool!!!!

        • Hers: Gosh, I’d reprimand my son if he did that though! Brandi thought it was no biggie. If it’s her own house, that’s a different story, but I’d be mortified if my kids did that at someone’s house!! Besides that, I never saw my brother/father/either husband doing that. I envy that they could pee with such ease, but I’d find it offensive. I’m a little prudish like that.

          • For all we know, Brandi DID reprimand the kid when they got home. I always hate seeing kids getting busted in public, and so I was fine with not seeing him get in trouble onscreen. I’ve never seen an adult man do it, either, but I know they do.

            • You’re right–they’d get embarassed if you reprimanded them in front of people. My son would have lashed out. But I’d try to take him aside asap to discuss it. I’ll have to ask my husband if he ever did that. I *know* my ex most likely never did that—-he was prudish to the EXTREME!!!

      • Not just boys I have been on enough trips with men and boys to know men/boys pull off the side of the road and wee wee, Didnt the guys on NJ do just that when they got to Punta Canta.

      • Not true. My son never did and I have friends with boys and they don’t either. My ex did once, but he was literally pissy drunk!

        • Tee hee. Maybe its a regional thing? Where bouts you from? I wouldn’t expect a city dwellin kid to whip it out in like Central park or sumpin. Out in the country though it happens with regularity. Kids outside playing dont want to take the time to go inside to handle business.

          • Heck I can’t stop my husband from peeing outside. He says it saves water. I think he does it because he can. Thank goodness we don’t live in the city. What is winter without yellow snow.

            • LOL. I think that’s a far better approach to “going green” than the if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down school of thought. I cant see myself ever embracing that one.

            • We did have a heart to heart about him killing my grass off the back porch and my having to reseed every year. Now he spreads it around so he can blame it on the dog.
              I do love that man!

            • Yep, they do it because they can :-) . And there’s probably some throwback thing to marking their territory, too!! Lol

          • Maybe it is. It doesn’t happen in my neighborhood in N.Carolina. He’s always peed in the toilet, thankfully.

      • Who hasn’t taught their little boy to pee on a tree? It’s part of becoming a man. One time my son was at P.E. class which was in a field very far from a building or restroom and he went behind a tree to pee. I got called into the office and he had his name taken off the “Christian Courtesy List” for the semester. About five years later a little boy named Rashard did it and the teachers though it was hilarious. All I said to my son was good thing you didn’t have to go number 2.

          • You can kicked off the bus for a bodily function? Is this the world we live in! LOL.My husband could get arrested after a night of football food and public transportation!

            • Don’t ride a in Los Angeles. You can get gang raped while your fellow passengers look on and refuse to intervene.

            • The first time I went to LA alone I was so scared. S.D. was such a small town back then. My bestfriend and I went for the weekend and saw our first hookers and got lost in Watts. We hightailed it back to La Jolla and kissed the ground we lived on.

    • Honey, no offense, but you don’t have children, do you? There was plenty of supervision at the pool. Children want to play with other children, not their Mom. That’s how good socialization skills are aquired. And yes, little boys pee whereever they want. As a Mom, you don’t like it and don’t encourage it. But it happens before you can stop it.

    • Wow. If letting your boys pee in the grass and drinking are “worst mother ever” material–put me in that group!

  12. I am bout to get gross so don’t read if you are fixin to eat. At the height of my ED, I never left my laxatives out where ANYONE much less my children would see them much less take them. Either Leeann is a halfassed bulimic or she is full tilt boogie looney bin bound. Until I went into treatment I thought I was the only one that had a ED “paraphernalia” drawer where my laxatives and the old toothbrush I used to purge with were kept. Super secret and very very hidden.(in the back tucked in the pocket of a one of my husband’s t-shirts-also where I kept my tape measure) What I learned in treatment was that is the norm for ED people. So I cant figure out how on earth Brandi’s child could get his hands on LeeAnn’s goodies. She either doesn’t even care enough to hide them anymore OR she left him unsupervised for an extended amount of time for him to get them and take them. Either way, Brandi needs to limit access.

    • Sorry to hear about your struggle, Made. Maybe since LeAnn was the big star, she is surrounded by ‘yes men’ who aren’t gonna say anything about laxatives lying around, whereas your husband would prolly call you out on it out of concern. Regardless, they need to keep that stuff out of the kid’s reach.

      • I suspect Eddie contributes a great deal to her issues. And ya know what, living with someone with an eating disorder is no picnic. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and am very fortunate that I have the husband that I do. So in my expert opinion, Eddie is living in hell right now and honestly he deserves every bit of it. Enjoy it Eddie. Every last sick disgusting bit of it.

        • I read somewhere (here?) that Brandi said Eddie likes his women thin, and that he found her less attractive when she was pregnant. He’s adding to Leann’s issues IMO.

          • Oh yes. He is horrid. I hope he never has daughters. Eddie cheated on Brandi with Leeann while she was pregnant. So for a small window of time Leeann must have felt like she had the upper hand so to speak but as soon as Brandi gave birth then the playing field was leveled AND stacked against LeeAnn because Brandi is naturally thin.(I think?) And in the eyes of someone that has an ED that’s what it all boils down to in our minds. It doesn’t matter that LeeAnn has more money or that she is a talented singer in her head its all about the numbers. And validation. She must get validation through her twitter fans enough that she gets obsessed with it and gets SOOOO bent out of shape over the negative opinions of strangers. And its a viscous cycle because what is done is done she has ZERO control over what people think of her character but she CAN control what goes in her mouth and what comes out(purging) She also cant control her husbands cheating ways so…she focuses on controlling her body.

            • Bless your heart for posting all of that, made….it’s such a struggle for alot of girls to feel ‘good enough’ given the images that they are blasted with 24/7.

  13. I’ll say it again, why isn’t Le pregnant, had her own children if she loves Eddie soooooooo much, why haven’t they adopted or used a surrogate?

    My ex wouldn’t dare do what Eddie is allowing Le to do where the children’s mother is concerned. Eddie can’t say no to Le because he is living off of her money, he has never seen that much money. I can’t believe that slut pig Eddie is defending that scarecrow Le, she is wrong, wrong, wrong and crossed the boundaries of common decency where the mother is concerned. It is okay for Le to post photos of the children but their mother has to follow stricter rules.

    Le is in enough trouble and he really needs to tell Le to back off Brandi is not dead yet.

  14. I wish Brandi would stop with the ex hubby talk. I DON’T CARE!

    51% of marriages end in divorce. We have never seen Jennifer Aniston carry on about Angelina and Brad. And many other celebs have kept it private and moved on, especially for the sake of the children.

    Also, nobody will ever replace Brandi as those boy’s mom..never. Seriously, Leann could be the wicked stepm-mom…she’s not. Move on and let everyone else move on!

    • ITA… As children of parents of an over-the-top mother and a cheating father in the public eye, they are learning all about relationships from how their parents behave. It is very easy to then end up in relationships needing what we lacked from our parents or looking for people who have similar traits. I can already imagine the kids could potentially have trust issues, cheat themselves one day, have desperate desire for attention, be depressed, the list goes on, take on the unhealthy characteristics of their parents…

      I only say this because as a child of divorced parents whose parents behaved pretty badly (I do love them dearly and understand their behaviour now) my childhood, years and teens and 20’s were a mess relationship wise. I truly believe that after much soul searching and psychology I have been able to understand who I am and much of who I was was shaped by how my parents related to one another.

      So I can not even imagine what it will be like to be a kid of parents in the public eye. I hope the kids are super tough and end up super wise.

      As for the parents. Brandi and Eddie and Leanne need to zip it and go back to therapy for the sake of the kids.

    • OMG the voice of reason. Yolanda is her husband’s fourth wife, and Mohammed cheated on her. The difference being that Yolanda did not to chose to make it her claim to fame. I just find the timing of this one sided twitter feud curious because now even I want to read the book because of all of this feuding. It is very clever. Brandi was just caught in a lie, because she e-mails with eddie and said that she had no way to get in touch with him. He said that she chooses to do this stuff on twitter rather than call. at the very least, she could express her concerns to her attorneys who would then be obligated to speak to his attorneys. So that is a big, fat lie right there. ragged on Also, if you had a DUI and a drunken Vegas marriage under your belt, would you be calling out someone else’s drinking? After you have bragged on national t.v. about mixing anti-depressants and anti-anxieties with booze?

      I must admit that i am laxative dependent, which means that I suffer from chronic
      constipation. My doctor said that he has several patients with a similar problem and it is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if i had kids in the house, I would child-proof my
      home. I also hammerer into my kids heads never, never, to take a pill from somebody because you don’t know what is in it, it is probably rat poison, not ecstacy or whatever,
      and they tell me that that stuck and they have never been able to do it. My lectures about pot and alcohol didn’t work as well, but I am glad that one did. However, even
      when they were toddlers they knew never to pick up anything off the floor and eat it.
      Even my dog is smart enough not to eat a pill he finds on the floor. Although I will confess that he finds Christmas bulbs quite tasty for some reason. And ear plugs.
      Sorry, rambling. Glad you conquered your eating disorder, Made. You are very strong.

  15. Brandi is still hurting by the ultimate betrayal and now dealing with losing 50% of the time with her children. Then add her horrible ex allowing a sicko woman acting like she has ownership of the kids while going in and out of therapies has driven Brandi to become enraged. What mother wouldn’t feel the same? Brandi is a tough talking, hard drinking but beautiful woman living this horrible moment of her life on tv. She is not a very likeable person right now and definitely does not have the skills to deal with this bunch of shrews but she needs the money. At some point Brandi will either begin to accept the situation and cope or become and even more bitter woman and possibly lose herself in poor choices like booze and sleeping around. I think Lisa is attempting to help Brandi to regain her self esteem and take control of her life. How wonderful of Lisa. Brandi needs to regain her center and quit drinking. I’m glad she speaks her mind.

  16. So glad to hear made got help for her Ed. Way before Ed,s were talked about one of my dr.s wanted me to train to help people. There was a woman in Canada that helped people and was truly an angel. I helped a couple of girls with some behavioral techniques. I was shocked to see a place in the u.s. punishing the patients and expelling one for smoking, who died because they stopped the treatment. I found their treatment to be crazy and counterproductive. These patients need unconditional love and acceptance, not judgement.
    I feel sorry for Leann because Eddie is excercabating her condition by demanding she look his type. But I agree lock up the medicine, I knew a woman whose precious daughter who was three ate her birth control pills and did not even take the baby to the ER. She said oh, we’ll she threw up. I have always regretted not taking her anyway. I kept the little angel because she had 4 other kids she ignored. I miss the little sweetie.

  17. If Brandi wanted to, she could literally become a cult leader. So many people drink her kool-aid without an eff to be given. Not a fan of the Cibrian’s, but baby you would think they were drinking, drugging and whoring those two boys out. It is not uncommon for a step-parent to consider step-children like their own. Would it be better if she treated them like crap? How does Brandi know what is going on LeAnne’s twitter TL? Does she freaking troll it? Brandi needs to get a grip and they both need to get the eff off twitter.

    • Practically any celebrity nowadays could be a cult leader to at least a small group of people. That’s our culture today.

    • I agree that some step parents have very close relationships whith their step children. Eddie and LeAnn have not even been married for more than a couple of years. If you adore your step children as she claims then you don’t do things with and about them that causes that much friction with their Mother. It is not condusive for the children’s happiness. Step Mommies and Daddies often have to take the high road, I don’t think LeAnn does that.

  18. Wait, let me get this straight!….Eddie the SERIAL CHEATER! is telling someone to grow up and PUT THE KIDS FIRST! REALLY!..No, REALLY EDDIE! He has NEVER put his kids FIRST! This man who continually LIED and CHEATED on Brandi (many consider her to be a flake well whether she is or not, Eddie PICK HER) Was he thinking about his children when he was lying and cheating and sleeping with the LeAnn …ummmm…I do not think so!

    As for putting your children on the forefront and using them for notoriety and publicity…Sunshine you don’t have to look far for that … would be your precious wife. Who is CONSTANTLY on Twitter….twitting(sp) pix of “her boys.” So, Eddie, when someone you love (HA HA) is so wrong on some many different levels….don’t compound their wrongness by supporting them…just SHUT YOU AND MOVE ON! Many people will appreciate this!

    Lastly, you call out Brandi for her narcissism and drinking wine; well that funny coming from a man who wife went to re-hab and now we find out who is taking laxatives. Questions: The laxatives are for what?

    Note To Eddie: It’s your “soul-mate” who create and lives for the DRAMA! …and what is so sad and so pathetic you know it! Instead of being insulting and writing Brandi; why don’t you talk to your “soul-mate” and TELL HER to be careful where she leaves her “medicine” Then you add your insult to Brandi misery — you have the nerve to tell her that she has losing close friends. Maybe you should re-count your friends and just see who has de-friended your LYING and CHEATING behind!

    Ok, I am done….I am getting splinters; so, I will be getting off my soapbox now.

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