TERESA GIUDICE: Tree At Posche Fashion Show… Tree Sellin’ Books “CASH Only”

December 4, 2012

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The Posche Fashion Show took place yesterday…

Posche tweet

Kim DePaola, who has occasionally appeared on the Bravo show (and is now a paid “Friend”), looked sexy in a figure-hugging, cleavage-baring red number with matching red stilettos.

Teresa’s makeup artist pal Priscilla DeStasio was also on hand at the event, looking ravishing in a black mini dress with lacy sleeves.

Juicy was there, too…

RHONJ Teresa Juicy arrow

teresa fabellini

If you can’t get enough of Tree, she will be hangin’ out at Jacqueline’s Dress Shop TOMORROW from 5 to 7 pm… and bring CASH money!!  Tree LOVES gettin’ that CASH!!

Teresa will be greeting her fans, taking photos, signing books, which will be for sale at our store, and signing bottles of Fabellini, which can be purchased at the liquor stores listed below. These books and bottles make great holiday gifts for friends and family, and when autographed, become collector’s items.

Books will be sold for $20. Cash Only

(Thanks to SH reader “DiVe”!!!)

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51 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree At Posche Fashion Show… Tree Sellin’ Books “CASH Only”

  1. Why do these women wear those ugly dresses. Kim D has one on and I don’t care who you are the dress makes boobies look flat. Mel,Phedra I think all the housewives wore one just a different color. Horrible dress needs to be burned. IMO

    • Speaking of boobs, Kim d is having a serious cantaloupe problem! No kidding. They are seriously unsexy and stupid looking.

    • Lol, at the comment about Kim D’s boobs- totally spot on, a dress should NOT do that to your boobs O_o What IS it about the fashion sense on RHONJ? They are all HORRIBLE. Say what you want about some of the other shows, but at least one or two women on each show has SOME sort of fashion sense.

  2. I guess Kimd’d participation in the SET UP paid off for her.
    Tre’s and Kims dress are not flattering. Kim tittys look like they are gonna pop out and take flight on their own.

      • I agree. Her makeup looked great. Her hair looked good. The dress? Way too tight on the bottom (she has thicker thighs, so it wasn’t a good look!!). The Priscilla chick——are we SURE she’s a “she”??? She looks pretty manly to me!! And Kim D?? That chick’s so fugly. I think she used her Bravo paycheck to amp up her fake boobies this season. Bleh!

    • It looks like she is taking it easy on the tanning or spray tan or whatever it is that she normally does. She looks much better like this.

      • You are right she does look less Orange and does look much better.
        I agree her Bun looks nice.

      • You’re right about the orange. Look how orange Adrienne’s face is in this wallpaper, too. What’s with these idiots?

        • IDK. I like my skin pale and dodge the sun like a vampire. I don’t leave the house without sunscreen on my face. But, I do have olive skin so my pale isn’t as pale as maybe someone else’s pale.

  3. I like the cut of Tree’s dress. She has the body for it. But agree with others the shiny has got to go.

    • I like the top of the dress but the bottom half and the color just isnt right for her. I do like her hair DO.

      • Yeah her hair looks good too. I like the bottom on her. Wouldn’t work for me but she can pull it off.

        • Her make-up is gorgeous. Great skin and hair. I like Teresa in simple clothing. She is very tiny and has to be careful about her choices.

          • I agree, the bun is a nice change, she looks very pretty. Dress looks cheap. I wonder if the others were in attendance?

            • I thought the same thing about the others … I wondered if C, J, M & K showed up the fashion show this year.

  4. I’m done with the NJ housewives. It needs something new. Maybe they should bring crazy back aka Danielle.

  5. Theresa, or however you spell or pronounce her name, is a boring moron who stepped in crap. She throws tantrums when among her own. Put her in a group of somewhat talented/intelligent people (Apprentice) and she’s a huge fail.

      • Asking for cash only at that type of affair in my opinion is not wrong and a no brainer. First of all she doesn’t carry a credit card machine around with her and second does she take the chance of getting a bouncing check. The best thing she could have done was leave the books home and just go out and enjoy the evening.

        I’ve been to a number of places that take cash only. At the food court in Costco they only take cash. I usually don’t take a large amount of money with me. I use my bank card. This is just my opinion.

        • I so rarly have cash on me, I was super excited when the coke machines(when i drank them) at work started taking credit/debit cards.

  6. dear friend.. please dont ban me… but i posted all of this yesterday…today morning…. i m not sure who dive is? but im guessing she reads my tweets… i luv ur blogs and i promote ur blogs every single day…. dont shoot the messenger…

  7. I’d only accept cash too, like nowadays is anyone gonna take a personal check? But you’d think someone sellin stuff could get the phone credit card app, my hairdresser uses it and it is really easy… I think all these women are dressed too scantily, I hate seein a woman’s entire boob, but then I have no boobs, so maybe if I bought some I’d show em off….lol.

    • The local fancy cupcake place in my town has that credit card phone app. I can’t sleep and I really want a cupcake ;)

      Kim D needs to hire Lenny the boob god from RHOM. Her boobs are giving me the creeps.

      • elemcee: For most people, credit cards have replaced checks; however, asking for cash only upfront gets the side eye and a great big “Hmmmm…”! Would love to see that pile of $20′s they accumulate! TFC!! SH

        • I write checks for rent and electrictiry because both go to the Rental agency also i write them for Magazine subscriptions i just feel safer doing it and not giving the people who process them my Credit card numbers I never have anything in the bank for them to steal but Credit cards different story ;)

  8. Tre’s hair and makeup is great. The high slit skirt – no. She shimmers in jewel tones. Tre, wear sapphire blue, emerald green or ruby red. You will stand out.
    Everyone wears boring black.
    Tre, wear a high front and a low-cut back. Let the dress hug your curves. You will be the winner in the crowd.

  9. I wondered if I was the only one seeing what look like guys in dresses when I saw this pic. I think that comes from trying too hard. & I think Kim D. can pass for nice looking , but speaking of trying too hard, that seems to be her thing lately. That dress, uggg!

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