SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Caroline Manzo “Unfazed” By Teresa And Danielle…Lisa Hochstein “GaudyHouseOnHold”… Kramer Rental $100,000 a Month…Amy Hanley “SCR Profile”


DonCaro is doin’ a Camille Grammer and tryin’ to rehabilitate her image… the “old” DonCaro is left with last season:

RHONJ caro

From InTouch:  “I at least know how I feel and the past is where I want it to be. It’s in the past,” Caroline says of the eventful finale. “I feel good about [this season] and I’m going in with a very positive attitude and you know, Caroline is back!”

But so is supervillain Danielle!   Caroline insists she’s not shaken by the troublemaker’s comeback “Does not even faze me,” Caroline says of Danielle’s return. “If she’s talking, I don’t know about it. I only know what I read from you guys and I’m like, ‘Ooh, interesting.’”


lisaH miami to mars pg

Lisa Hochstein is causing all kinda uproar on Star Island… her plans for tearing down an architecturally magnificent historic home has been put on hold.  Lisa’s “dream home” has been called a “nightmare” by preservationists.

lisah house rhom

42 Star Island Drive


RHOA Kramer

DinnerHostFromHell, Thomas Kramer, is selling his Star Island house

RHOM Kramer House

…but, if you don’t have the $35 million, you can RENT Kramer’s place for $100,000 a month!


amy hanley

Amy Hanley’s video profile is now available on TLC’s SinCityRules!

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46 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Caroline Manzo “Unfazed” By Teresa And Danielle…Lisa Hochstein “GaudyHouseOnHold”… Kramer Rental $100,000 a Month…Amy Hanley “SCR Profile”

  1. I can’t believe Lisa wants to tear down that home and build a McMansion. She was the ONLY one I liked on RHOM. Starting to change my mind.

    • I can’t believe I will say this, but I too like Lisa. Despite her fake-everything and doesn’t do anything for living lifestyle, I like her. She seems like a really nice person who wants to desperately fit in with the cool crowd.

      Caroline and Danielle! I would love to see another “matriarch to matriarch” moment!!!

  2. Caroline is completely full of it!!! She’s got hardcore booty sweat, just thinking about all Daniele is capable of spilling. Sorry if anyone got a mental picture of that. LOL ;)

  3. I think Carowhine forgot , just because Jax , KomaK & Mego didn’t see anything wrong with the craziness doesn’t mean others won’t. Any time someone gets lost like that in hate for another person, there’s something wrong. Just because the others didn’t point it out to her , or weren’t smart enough to notice how far she had fallen, doesn’t mean others didn’t get it. I think Caro may have realized how crazy she looked being so focused on another cast member. She wants to backtrack & as much as I believe in “Everyone has flaws, you need to forgive.” I still say she went so far down she may not be able to erase that stressed out crazy acting Caro image. I get she’s unhappy about something, but ya’ can’t expect hating Teresa to fix that. Distract from it yes, but fix it no.

    • I think she realized that her droopy eyelids were aging her so she is trying that’ Auntie was scared by a rat’ look. She’s 50, so as much as I don’t care for the woman at least she looks her age.

      • I don’t like Caroline, either, but I respect that she owns her age. There’s something freeing about that.

    • I thought maybe she was stealing the crazy eyes Kathy is known for.. So now Kathy will just have to be known for her.. uhh… …uhh… umm… yeah….

  4. She needs to keep the NOH8 tape over her mouth permanently. It’s her only hope, since all that comes out her angry mouth is H8.

    Why does she have to be on the show and not just settle for having her grungy adult son read porn to her all day?

    • The whole family doing the NOH8 campaign was one of the biggest hypocritical moves on their part because as far as I am concerned and I am sure alot will agree with me, they are the last people to be doing a campaign like that because the are one of the biggest bullying families going. SMH…disgusting!

  5. I would say that monstrosity will never sell but then some fool bought the maloof’s hideous mansion. Kramer’s is only slightly worse due to the creep factor. The Marquis de Sade might find it appealing

    • Right!? Adrienne’s house was horrifying! It looked like something the Gorga’s decorated. Her media room was like a bordello and I don’t even want to talk about her bedroom or the monstrosities she had in her closet. I bet if Ralph Lauren walked in her house, he’d have a heart attack. JMO

          • Me three. I wouldn’t want to live in any of those NJ houses. Not Jacqueline’s either. Give me YoFo’s designer any day.

            • Absolutely, all the RHONJ just have no clue IMHO. It’s not just the way they decorate either. Dina’s wedding “bouquet” is still giving me nightmares. It was just 3 yards of moss and sticks or something. Also the way they dress their children, I mean, how much leopard, zebra and rhinestone bling does a little girl need? It’s too much and so tacky. Adrianne belongs in the NJ show because she had tinsel in her hair S1 and she still wears that frosted barbie pink lipstick, with her prom shoes and tacky clothes. I’m going on rant, sorry. :P

            • So I take it you are not a fan of Dina’s rhinestone brickabrack coated ceramic jack-o-lanterns? bahahahaha

        • Which is a carbon copy of what Missy has.

          Which is nothing much,

          Horrific, the both of them, with what they DO have, as far as “decorating” goes.

          Reminds me of Vicki & Tamra’s homes: Tuscany by Home Goods & The Olive Garden.

  6. I can’t believe that uneducated low class trashy Carowhine is back on the show. Gross, just gross. Her and those good for nothing kids, just all gross!

    • I can’t believe they are back either. What the hell will the storyline be? I know they can all sit around having one of those famous Manzo Sunday dinners and Chris can sit at the head of the table and read theFifty Shades of Gray. All of the Manzos will be shown laughing hysterically at how funny Chris is.

        • that was sick. they would do anything to stay in the spot light. i really hate them.they dont drink that black crap i saw a bpttled water in the back round.guess what not blk

  7. It really pisses me off that when she thought she was going to be fired she said she was done with the show.Now shes back,they should hav fires her like Jill.They are the same.

  8. I think i could deal with Caroline if there was a strict outlawing of her children who are really the biggest group of stuck up, good for nothing, disrespectful, A-holes. Honestly as much critiscm as Teresa’s kids get, at least they are acting their age. I’d be completely embarrassed if my kids turned out like the Manzo kids/technically by age only adults.

    • I agree it was so weird how they were suddenly on that video reading Fifty Shades of Gray to their mom. They are such famewhores they will even look stupid just to get air time. It was so random they did not belong there. The scene of them reading it did not make sense at all. It was gross and inappropriate. Chris did not even do anything funny he just read the book. The book is old news anyway. Caroline is the one who was hosting. They are men now and they should move on and get off of that show. They look like such losers. Caro should be on the show alone. She is making fools of her kids.

  9. Danielle is coming back? I was just posting about how they should bring her back. I must have missed that . Hell yeah!!! I always did like crazy.

  10. Looks like Carowhine is sporting a wig….what made her change her look? I hope Danielle is back and the first one she takes out is Carowhine. Keep the babies taped up for the season. Nothing constructive comes out of their mouths anyway. What happened to the Hoboken Restaurant? Isn’t it due to open soon?

  11. I would like to see Danielle facing off against Mego. I’m sure if crazy comes back she will be Teresa’s BFF this time around. LOL

  12. Caroline thinks we are all stupid … she thinks she can say she didn’t like the Caroline she saw last season and state how she is looking forward to this season and that we will all buy into it. AND BUY HER BOOK. The truth all last year when called out on her words and actions she proudly owned them all. She said that was what she said and did and that was who she was. She boasted that she did not sell her soul to Bravo and that she was not going to be someone other than herself. NOW she says she is back to being the original Caroline … you know the Caroline everyone loved and respected. I for one feel too late. The real Caroline was who we saw the last couple of seasons. She is judgemental, mean spirited and believes she is better than everyone else. She mad no apologies last year when it was going on, she seemed to take pride in it all. Now she has a book to sell and so she is backpeddling.
    I will admit, I really liked her Season 1, but now I can’t stand her. I know she denies it, but I think she is a bully. Let’s face bully’s don’t think they are bullies. They think they are right and entitled. That her kids act the same way she does speaks volumes. Children live what they learn. And her kids are adults so if they thought they were not behaving fairly they would not behave in such an ugly way.

    • I think that is what really irritates me most about Chuckie, she does think we are stupid and easy to manipulate. She says she’s not proud then in the next breath says she is. Which is it? You either apologize or don’t, you can’t have it both ways. The irony is that she constantly said Tre wasn’t sincere, yet I never heard Tre apologize then basically take it back mid-sentence like Caro does..

  13. Chuckie Chuckie Chuckie. We all know you were shartin blk bricks when you heard Danielle is back, don’t even lie. Lol. Chuckie tried to pull the same thing on Tre, gang up on her and push her out, but instead she now has to deal with Tre and Danielle. I’m thinking she’s gonna learn about “reaping what you sow”.

    • Yay!!!!! (thats all i can think after reading your pot Kel…love the reap what you sow…so true so true)

  14. Who said Caroline should be back WITHOUT her adult kids? Spot on!! I get why we see the little ones every now and then because that is part of a mom’s life, daily life, a huge part hopefully. But this promoting these adults who obviously can not make it on their own no matter what their mommy says is embarassing. Actually, I’d like to take it a step further and get rid of the guys and the hangers-on, too. Let the ladies enjoy each other’s company (or not) and fight their own battles.

  15. Carowhines the type who couldn’t do the show w/o the kids because that whole mommy/wife pic she has of herself, I don’t think she has a strong , healthy sense of who she is as a person. In terms of Danielle’s return not bothering her, I’ll believe it when I see it. You know the term “Me thinks thou doeth prostest too much”, watch & see how many times Caro tries to sell us the idea that she’s over her problems.

    • You’re so right. Caroline’s world is her adult children. Other than a parent she’s….a self-righteous busy body trying to run everybody’s business so they won’t nose around in hers.
      RHONJ needs Danielle to put MeGo in her place, keep Caroline’s jaws clenched, put Jack-a-doo in rehab and make some of these insane fights remotely entertaining.

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