SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Caroline Manzo “Unfazed” By Teresa And Danielle…Lisa Hochstein “GaudyHouseOnHold”… Kramer Rental $100,000 a Month…Amy Hanley “SCR Profile”


DonCaro is doin’ a Camille Grammer and tryin’ to rehabilitate her image… the “old” DonCaro is left with last season:

RHONJ caro

From InTouch:  “I at least know how I feel and the past is where I want it to be. It’s in the past,” Caroline says of the eventful finale. “I feel good about [this season] and I’m going in with a very positive attitude and you know, Caroline is back!”

But so is supervillain Danielle!   Caroline insists she’s not shaken by the troublemaker’s comeback “Does not even faze me,” Caroline says of Danielle’s return. “If she’s talking, I don’t know about it. I only know what I read from you guys and I’m like, ‘Ooh, interesting.’”


lisaH miami to mars pg

Lisa Hochstein is causing all kinda uproar on Star Island… her plans for tearing down an architecturally magnificent historic home has been put on hold.  Lisa’s “dream home” has been called a “nightmare” by preservationists.

lisah house rhom

42 Star Island Drive


RHOA Kramer

DinnerHostFromHell, Thomas Kramer, is selling his Star Island house

RHOM Kramer House

…but, if you don’t have the $35 million, you can RENT Kramer’s place for $100,000 a month!


amy hanley

Amy Hanley’s video profile is now available on TLC’s SinCityRules!