REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Latest Review From @Closet__Freak

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17 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Latest Review From @Closet__Freak

  1. Love closet freak! Her Kenya impression was hilarious! It’s sad that closet freak is more entertaining than the damn show.

  2. Love her. She has the face, hair and smile for TV. She also has a great speaking voice for radio. I would love to see her hosting an entertainment/celebrity show. She definitely has the energy for it.

  3. Loved it! I didnt know until this episode that wine could go bad if it hasn’t already been opened. I guess since I tend to drink my wines as soon as I buy them I wouldnt know that, I do have a bottle of Fat Bastard merlot that is actually more of a conversation starter and a piece of the decor but I always assumed that whenever the mood struck my I could open that bad boy. oh well. Also didnt know that its possible for an American to go to another country, have a baby there and then NOT be allowed to bring the baby back home. Wow! Like how does that happen?

    • Hi made!

      I, too, caught the statment about having a baby outside of the US and not being able to bring your own child back into the country and thought it was ridiculous. My impression about Kim’s statement regarding giving birth outside the US was that she had determined that she was not going to go on any trip with the Housewives and she was just going to keep spewing excuses, each suceeding excuse more outlandish than the prior excuse in order to establish that she could not go because she was not going. And I can’t say that I blame her. As I recall and you may recall also, on the last trip she took with the Housewives, she was menaced and bullied by NeNe in Florida. If I were her, I wouldn’t want to chance repeating that kind of treatment either and I would have said anything in order to keep myself out of that situation again.

      • Yeah she should have just told them no right up front. I think I even heard her say something like her uterus had already thinned out? I think she was talking about her whatever that is that falls out right before birth. Not the water but…. anyways, yes it was clear she was full of excuses. Surprised she didn’t use the McRib coming back as an excuse not to leave the country. Now THAT would have been funny.

        • You are absolutely right, madepiley! I would have loved to have heard the McRib excuse! (It might have even led to an endorsement!!) And we all know that Kim has a problem with the truth. As my late grandma used to say, some people will lie when the truth will do — and Kim is one of those people!

      • Of course you can bring your child back in the country if you give birth outside the US
        What is Kim smoking, Does she know how military families born in other countries?
        They are lucky they have duel citizenships.

        Can Kim get any stupider

        • That must be rhetorical, lisa, because she just showed us that she can….these chicks never cease to amaze :-)

  4. Kim just was finished with the show pure and simple. Also it was a contractual agreement with the show because Bravo caught on to what she was doing. And that was being paid a full housewife salary but participating like a friend of a housewife. She was done using the women and she wanted to still get the money from Bravo. They let her off on last seasons Africa trip but weren’t going to let her go on this one. If you don’t believe me why in gods name would she have attacked the camera man and had Kroy attack along with the producer? I mean they didn’t make her mad, but they did require her to film with the ladies and she decided to go out and make an ass of herself. I think she pulled that she was pregnant (which is okay) but that was why they rescheduled more than once, if she didn’t want to go she should have told Bravo but then she knew she would have been reduced to friend of the housewives.

    Kim has alot of issues coming up and I hope she realize including Kroy that many of Kims problems could easily be his.

  5. I love your Vlogs! You r dead on, and beautiful and hysterical. Keep up the good work. I think to answer your ? About NeNe, not only is a survivor and calls out bullshit–she and Kim, much alike. I think NeNe is hurt by Kim. Kim’s parents are cuckoo, and she acts like a spoiled brat, but will not trust anyone but her kids and her man. To NeNe, who has and is loyal when she loves someone, and comes off not trusting people, I think Kim is the one with trust issues. I can actually see them being friends 5 years from now, once Kim gets to her good place.
    You made my new husband and my wknd. My kids and I moved to Phx and he and I got married recently. I’m a Houston transplant Irish girl from KC/Chicago. He is NOLA brother that retired Navy. He could over hear me lol to it Vlogs, and LHOA!

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