LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Lisa LOVES Commenters Who Adore Her… and Those Who Despise Adrienne Maloof




And so, as the story unfolds, friendships flounder, loyalties are challenged but move forward we must. . .  NOTE:  How interesting that LisaV calls the RHOBH a “story”…

We resume the dinner in Ojai, Brandi just left the table with me holding the baby so to speak and now. It will be my turn… Kyle starts immediately questioning my defense of Brandi, well it’s a slightly precarious position I must admit, as I hadn’t witnessed the conversation between her and Kim. But, I was aware that something precipitated the outburst and, not feeling too enamored with Adrienne’s back all night, as she cozied up to Yolanda. I had an inkling that Brandi was defending Kim. Kyle swooped down on to the fact that Brandi had called it wrong, but I was not going to join the sides of the other women and take her to task. I have been in that position and I prefer, as I have told to Kyle regarding the Adrienne situation, rather to deal with it myself. Last week in her blog Kyle says she now understood Brandi’s position. . .mmm that is what I have said before. Don’t judge too quickly all will become evident in the end.

I knew that Brandi should apologize for using the expletive at the table, not the sentiment, as clearly she was right. But Lord knows that these women should suddenly morph into Julie Andrews when it suits them. I have witnessed many occasions when many expletives have fallen from some of their sweet mouths. Anyway I chastised Brandi in the bathroom and checked that Kim was OK. . .Then coerced her into some sort of apology. Good enough for now.

So we resume the dinner conversation, Brandi announces to the table she has a book deal. Well I am truly happy for her, as I am all too aware of the fact that financially things have been tough and she certainly has not had the same comforts and privileges as most of the other women at the table, excluding Taylor.

Taylor takes umbrage to this, again encouraged by Adrienne, as she felt Brandi had judged her previously. Look I support both of them making a living and trying to be independent so that was one I was not going to involve myself in. It is amusing as I stated before, I in no way wanted my opinion to influence Yolanda  in any shape or form, but we will see as we progress how she comes to her own conclusions pretty rapidly.

The next morning you see me attempting to explain to Brandi how if she doesn’t edit some of her terminologies and take the “f word” out she will continue to give them ammunition. She refers to me as a mother figure. Well maybe I am to some extent, but eleven years doesn’t really count. However I won’t give up trying.

The rest of the weekend  was a serious giggle, with us reminding ourselves of the fun that we can all potentially share. We put aside our differences and relax. Unfortunately this plateau doesn’t last and this group of women are soon to find themselves immersed in an almost unresolvable fiasco, where tempers flare, regrets are plentiful and tears are spilled.

Stay with us on this emotionally, challenging journey that continues to surprise, inspire, and often disappoint…

Love always Lisa.

PS: I want to thank some of you for your blogs last week, especially Serabbi and Glen. They were incredibly accurate, in-depth, and insightful, drawing attention to some things that are just too complicated for me to explain.   NOTE:  Certainly LisaV is not thinking that RHOBH viewers are uneducated twerps!  What would be too complicated for her to explain?  Spill it, Lisa!


This is Glenn’s comment:

My Dear Lady Vanderpump…You are exquisite, indeed!  In fact, you are a gorgeous breath of fresh air and a complete joy to watch!  Plus, I simply adore your humor, fashion and decorative sense.  A-Numero Uno Class all the way!

I have been an admirer of RHOBH since its initial run and, through it, have come to fully appreciate, admire and respect your contributions which are profound.  You present a definitive elegance and natural beauty, certainly, but blend it with such a welcoming, honest good-nature and bawdy sense of humor that it makes you very approachable and real.  In fact, you remind me of Elizabeth Taylor (and most definitely not the Lindsay Lohan version!!!)!  :-)

I think the situations with you and Adrienne reveal the beginnings of a marriage going south. It’s very sad, to be sure, but I can see within her a certain disconnect and distraction which was not there previously. What she has undergone with Paul certainly can affect this. Unfortunately, friendships which become hurtful never full recover and the dynamics change.

It is so refreshing to see your rapport with Brandi blossoming!  I find her absolutely adorable, and it is a riot to see how you two interact.  Aside from all the frolicking, there is great heart there, and I know your friendship with her will endure a lifetime.

And speaking of heart, Lisa, your family is simply perfection!  Ken, Pandora, Max and Giggy reveal to the world how much love can enrich the family unit and create a beautiful place to be. Truly, all the money in the world means nothing if we are not loved, cherished and appreciated who who we are

I would classify myself as a gay man who, although not wealthy by any means, has always felt so just by having people in my life who have become priceless. What more could anyone really ask for?

Thank you, Dear Lisa, for showing such grace and for being the remarkable, loving, brilliant woman you truly are.



 This is Serabbi:

Adrienne is an insecure, spoiled woman who is used to getting everything she wants by waving her credit card. When she realized she wasn’t considered the queen of the show, she decided to bring down Lisa–even her opening line to Season 3 talks about showing her enemies the door–her German shepherd from Paul disappeared and was replaced by a cute dog to imitate Lisa’s and then she set up a competition to knock out Giggy as favorite dog. She says she loves him, but she never bothered to house train him, so that speaks volumes. Lisa did not call the dog “Crackpot”–when Adrienne’s one-sided nonsense of a competition to knock out Giggy came to a head, Lisa stated something to the effect, “Oh, crackpot…there is no competition”–meaning “oh, rubbish–there is no competition”–she RHYMED crackpot with Jackpot–she DID NOT call Jackpot “Crackpot”. Why would she? She loves dogs. She wouldn’t say something nasty about a dog–even if he does have a nasty owner. Then Adrienne got all up in arms because she apparently is too dense to understand British humor either. All Season 2 Adrienne made statements like “Lisa stirs the pot” when Lisa wasn’t even in the scene, trying to get the other women against her, which led to the big ambush at the reunion. We fans were horrified at what went down–but we have been totally supportive and proud of how Lisa has handled everything which culminated in the last episode when Lisa breezed in and gave Adrienne her full, guarded, beautiful blue-eyed attention while Miss Maloof Hoof floundered for four minutes trying to put a sentence together to say she was sorry. I’m surprised she didn’t hire someone to give her little speech for her. Lisa told her quietly how she felt when Adrienne attacked her at the reunion and accepted her apology with class and DID NOT apologize in return for something she had not done. No one was left with the feeling it was over as we all know what’s been happening behind the scenes these past few months. And I know Lisa was smart enough to know at the time that Adrienne didn’t mean it, but she was willing to give it a trial period though she knew it would not be as before. I don’t believe it was ever a close friendship–more a working relationship for the show.

You idots who keep writing derogatory statements about Lisa in this blog are only showing how delusional you all are for following the Tonya Harding of the reality world.

My husband and I met Lisa and Ken and Giggy this past year. Ken was warm, friendly, and very charming. He graciously let me pet Giggy and didn’t act like I might try to steal him away from him. He’s a very confident man and protective of Lisa. The two were totally in tune with each other–obviously a real team. And as for Lisa, she is even more beautiful in person than on film. When I saw her, I thought she was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in person. And when I spoke to her, I told her something of a personal nature that I have had to deal with for some time and that watching her and laughing at her jokes when the shows aired (including re-runs) were the highlight of many of my days–she reached out and was very kind to me–it was genuine, not a show–there were no cameras filming and no one else listening. These two ARE as they portray on the show. Even my husband was impressed by them and told the people at his work the next day that they were “the real thing”.

So for all you people who keep writing uninformed nonsense and those of you who must have been dropped at birth (because how else can you believe in Adrienne?) and keep writing nasty things like “go back to the UK” or telling Lisa to “get over it” when the lie Adrienne spread at the reunion and on-line potentially could have hurt the lifetime’s culmination of Lisa and Ken’s work, finances, and friendships, see the reality.


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    • Lisa’s head appears big because of her hair, which is quite sumptuous. Her face is in proportion to her arms, IMO. But this reminds me of our latest experience, since we recently had our son’s senior pic’s done professionally. Yes, her photo is touched up, although that may not be by her choice but at the photographer’s discretion (unless she had final say). Our son’s photos came back to us with all sorts of touch-ups when all he asked them to do was remove a blemish (that had appeared overnight, gasp!) on his nose and his chin. What we received back was ghastly: All the veins and some scars were airbrushed off of his hands (he’s a football player for Pete’s sake, and proud of those!), and every mole removed from his body. NOT a good, or realistic, look. We had them redone to restore him to looking like a human being, lol.


      • That’s horrible. When I ordered my daughter’s senior pictures, I had to call in the order(cant remember why now) but anyway the girl on the phone asked if I wanted retouching. I put on the dog as if I was highly offended that she would presume that my child was anything less than perfection and I had her going for a while, bless her heart.
        It was really just part of her script that she had to ask and I was just bored so I amused myself at her expense. Shame on me. Anyway, I finally let her know I was joking and just a really bored housewife but no no retouching thank ya very much. I did wonder what they would do to it though since my daughter’s skin was clear in the picture she has a beauty mark though. I bet that would have been airbrushed off.


    • she looks beautiful though — she should seriously reconsider staying in pink most of the time and switch to that green color — it looks great on her


      • I’m I the only one that thought Serrabi and Glen were Lisa-or Lisa’s employees? I dont mind to play along if that is the case. Just a feeling I got based on the way it was presented.


          • Whew I thought I was the only one. Thanks.
            Nice try. Highly entertaining. Next time try making an imaginary friend that is combative with you… that way readers feel compelled to come to your defense.



            • Also was a bit transparent that your “fan” explained that he was gay. Brownie points from Andy I suppose. But the rest of us know that gay commenter dont “classify” themselves in a comment that has nothing to do with sexuality.


            • I usually agree with Irish and Madpie. Not on this one. I think Lisa is genuine. You can tell. And yes, my gay uncles in their 50’s and others I know for her confidence and possession of feminity–a compliment to what Gay men love about females, not an Andy agenda.


  1. Lisa didn’t give much insight…I guess a HW “blog” is just a summary of what happened followed by the annoying “tune in next week” teaser. Frankly, I don’t think these women really like being around eachother. Lisa’s picture shows some remakably realistic dandruff:P


  2. IMO, Serabbi is way 2 wrapped up in Lisa, her entire family, RHOBH & Adrienne’s attempt 2 bring Lisa down (JK) . Lisa is a nice woman (even with her British humor) but that woman seemed to be way 2 obsessed…Sure, Lisa probably obliged Serabbi whn she babbled on about her personal problems to her but I bet there are alot of ppl who do the same & Lisa,more than likely,wont rem who she is the next day & for 1 minute, I dont believe the “Crackpot” joke was just British humor..It definitely was meant to rhyme with Jackpot…Its a little pety to get all upset about that joke anyway, but Serabbi has her own spin on it & Lisa liked her explanation ;) Granted, we all like who we like for whatever reasons but some just go overboard & get 2 obsessed & get all mad when some1 cracks off about their favorite but its ok for them to put down whoever the dont like (Just like Serabbi did with the whole Lisa & Adrienne essay). Its a reality show that we love to hate.


  3. IMO Lisa has finally learned to play the game. I don’t fault her for that because she isn’t going to put herself in the position she was put in last year. Camille has done the same thing. What is the old saying Screw me once shame on your, screw me twice shame one me!


    • Camille may have learned to play the game but not very good… she’s made herself quite boring, never saying anything about anybody. She seems like an extra on a movie set.


  4. Hi there…Loved Sandi’s recap and the all great comments, just brilliant:)
    PS: Is anyone else finding it hard to see with these snowflakes falling in the back round?
    Sorry, do not mean any disrespect to the SH Artist’s, but I’m having a difficult time reading
    BTW: Is anyone else seeing “snowflakes” falling or have I officially lost it;) It’s either that or I am being hacked and I’m not sure which is worse:)


  5. My favorite snips from this blog are:
    Lisa – women should suddenly morph into Julie Andrews when it suits them [strongly agree with this statement. Kyle’s such a hypocrite about Brandi’s language in a restaurant! At least Brandi didn’t call anyone an f-ing liar!]
    Serabbi – Tonya Harding of the reality world [Watch out Nancy Kerrigan]
    Glen’s comparison of Lisa to Elizabeth Taylor. [I see his point about Lisa having an air of class tempered with a vulgar sense of humor, a lot like a younger Elizabeth Taylor.]


  6. I know this is a pro Teresa site( wich i like because im also on her side). But whos side is SH on Lisa/brandi or adrienne/kyle ? I also know SH think Taylor is crazy
    I hope its lisa/brandi because i love those two. Best part of the show


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