KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s AND Shana’s BravoBlogs… Kyle Stickin’ Up For Shana AGAIN!… Another “Wait ‘Til Next Week”…


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This week we pick up at our dinner in Ojai. Things started to get heated after the STFU comment. I have been known to drop the f-bomb myself so that isn’t what surprised me. It just came out of left field. I thought we were all just having fun and talking. There were so many different conversations going on, I couldn’t hear what Kim and Brandi were talking about. Obviously there is tension between Brandi and Adrienne and there was more to it than just what we saw. That will be addressed.

When Brandi announced her book deal, I knew what Taylor  was thinking. THAT had been their biggest argument at the reunion. Taylor was hurt after the comments Brandi made.

People can think what they want but Taylor is the ONLY parent to Kennedy and has to do what she can to support her. And as far as women supporting each other, Brandi wasn’t supportive of Taylor’s or my book, so it was kind of hard to be supportive of hers. So, those are the thoughts that were going through my mind at the table. However, we were all in a different place back then and still were IN Ojai. Brandi and I were still working out the kinks in our relationship. Today it would be a different story.

I liked watching Kim and Brandi having that conversation. I am happy they ended up sitting across from each other and were able to work through their issues with with another.

The rest of the trip was all fun! I really did have the best time. We all laughed so much that weekend. The golf cart ride (that scared me to death), the sauna room, and, of course, our late night acrobatics!

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I was happy to see that Kim was able to have fun but also made the decision to go upstairs when she did. After that the rest of us all went upstairs and really let our hair down. To say the least. We were all having so much fun. It really was a great bonding moment. Everyone put their differences aside and were just letting loose. All of us were like a bunch of kids. I laughed so hard that night my stomach hurt. It was the most fun this group had in a long time. Seeing Taylor and Brandi laughing together and Lisa and Adrienne doing cartwheels and hand stands in the same room? Fantastic!

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Kim planned a great weekend that we will never forget.

If only we could all have that much fun all the time. Next week, things take a drastic turn. . .Until then. . .



Since Kyle’s BravoBlog is so short and mentions Shana… Shana’s BravoBlog is included here:

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Kim planned such a lovely getaway for the girls and it made me sad  to see her upset during the first dinner outing for the group. Last year when Brandi incorrectly accused her of doing crystal meth, it really hurt Kim and her family deeply. It was a big step for Kim to leave her comfort zone and go away with us and I didn’t want her to shed a single tear. Perhaps this will be a turning point for their relationship having had the chance to discuss the past. I am not sure if Adrienne  announcing to the group that Kim was crying was her way of alerting everyone that Kim may need protecting again or if it was more about her issues with Brandi. Either way, it set off as Lisa  called it “shut the f— up gate.” There is some serious underlying tension between Adrienne and Brandi and we haven’t seen the last of that.

As for tension, I am still holding a great deal of resentment for Brandi’s comments in the reunion last year regarding my writing a book. She did not know my family nor was she around through the previous years as the other ladies were. Therefore, I didn’t think it was her place to pass judgment. Her announcing her book deal only brought up the memory of her comments to me and opened a wound I was hoping we could close this year. I want success for all the people in my life and I wish her the same with her book.

Going through the last year, I have had a myriad of emotions. I have experienced feelings I would have never expected possible. Anger was one of those emotions. I found myself angry and easily agitated. I wasn’t angry with anyone or anything in particular. This emotion was the most difficult to deal with of all I experienced because it made me feel like a completely different person and I was terribly unhappy. Watching moments where I see that in myself makes me sad and regretful.    NOTE:   Shut up, Shana.

On a lighter note. . .my favorite moments with the ladies are always when we are having fun, laughing, and enjoying one another. Watching us racing across the golf course in golf carts brought a smile to my face. This was the first day I saw a glimpse of a fun side to  Yolanda and that was a pleasant surprise.
Watching the girls play badminton was so fun. This is not a sport we play in Beverly Hills . . .clearly. Mud slinging at the spa and then. . .Drunk-nastics! Anything more I need to say???

Lets just leave it at that. We all needed that kind of fun. Love my gal pals.

Lets keep enjoying this life  because trust me. . .it’s too short.

Kisses for now from the BH.

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    • Yeah, she treats Kim leaving the situation as ‘putting the kids to bed early’. As others have mentioned on other posts today, if Kyle had an ounce of class… she wouldn’t have allowed her sister to be excluded and WOULD have participated in a dry weekend. What a B…! To say “I was happy to see that Kim was able to have fun but also made the decision to go upstairs when she did.” – makes me hate Kyle a great deal… and I don’t care enough about ANY of these women to hate them so… that says a lot


  1. Kyle is a straight-up douche. I can’t believe she was more concerned with stirring the pot than with seeing what was wrong with her sister. Adrienne keeps looking more and more like the bad guy in”Saw”, and trying harder than ever to keep the camera on her. Shana looks like a good guy compared to them, but her fake smile is just like a ventriloquist’s dummy. This show would be super-enjoyable without them. All three of them are despicable fame hos. All the housewives seem to be morphing into MeHo.


  2. Taylor…”Drunknastics? On a trip that Kim arranged who is an alcoholic and is still struggling to stay sober and arranged this trip as a healing process. Soooooooooooo inappropriate. At least Brandi acknowledged as much and even apologized to Kim in her blog for it. You? Sounds like you are proud of it.

    Kyle…it would be nice if you had as much compassion and loyalty to your own sister as you do to Tayliar. You’re only trying to be a nice girl this season cause we all have your number.

    Adrienne… STFU!


    • Was checking on celebrity net worth. It said Kim makes 100k per season and SWINE makes 175K. This is disturbing since Kyle owns part off the show. Kim should be making more than SWINE. So with that in mind, even without the alkie haul issues, I dont blame Kim one bit for shaving off as much time as possible at any time(Porsha’s birthday, late for Hawaii, ect ect) from this goat rodeo. She is gonna give em 100k worth and not a penny more. I don’t blame her. Its so gross that Bravo gives SWINE more…. with Vyle’s blessing.


      • Made, how much does Kyle make? Think this is another way for attention starved little sister to get even with big sister for her childhood fame and “prove” she’s better than her. Well, that and stealing her house, and putting her on a reality show drunk so she can beat her up a little! That woman’s a true sociopath.


  3. Lol drunknastics! That’s a good one. You know though Kyle can tell you if anything’s wrong with that it’s all Kimmy’s fault. You can even ask her buddies. :P These are grown women right? Wait maybe I missed something…


  4. I would be ashamed to have gotten drunk and aceted like a child for the world to see on tape.They are all trying to hard to be relevant and have no boundaries.YoFo ecused herself rather than act like an idiot. YoFo did act childish in the spa/sauna room throwing things.This season sucks and I am not a fan anymore.Kim needs to step away from the show and her evil sister.She looks like a deer caught in headlights no energy to fight off the bullies her sister being the worst one.


    • I thought it was brilliant that the women let their hair down and had a laugh. It was one of my favourite episodes in HW history (so far). This is the reason I watch, to see them all having a great time, I’d much rather laugh with them, first and foremost. Where’s the harm in that?

      I agree that Kim is better off staying away from Kyle as much as she can. Kyle isn’t as healthy as she tries to portray as far as Kim’s wellbeing goes.


      • I agree with you, Bev. I laughed along with the women during their tussle in the spa. LOVED it when Yolanda threw a picture of water in Kyle’s face. HA!
        Kyle is so disrespectful to Kim it’s sad to see. I think that Yolanda will be a strong ally for Kim. Glad to see their friendship.


  5. Shana: if you read this and I suspect you do, here is my take on what most viewers (note, just because one watches does not make one a “fan”) with an IQ over 100 think of you: to say you are economical with the truth is an understatement. Worse yet, you seem to believe your own bs. But you do make for a good object lesson for young women on how one should not conduct their life.


  6. I dislike Kyle and trashtaylor even more.
    Writing a book about a dead man who killed himself a week ago it’s not the same
    As writing a book about your cheating husband. Idiots…


    • Sooooo her excuse for not supporting Brandi and her book announcement is because Brandi didn’t support her?! Kyle had been vyle to her from the get go….Brandi most likely felt hated and abused (sorry for using that word). Why would she support books from women who despised her? Are these two grown up women or children? I feel sorry for their daughters who do not have good role models. Not impressed with the three wicked witches this season. I am about to bail on this HW show along with the others.


  7. Shana’s paragraph trying to remind us of how awful Brandi truly is cracks me up. I’m assuming she never got the memo that very few saw the Richard Sisters as harmless victims and Brandi as a cruel bully that infamous game night.
    The fact she still compares her book with Brandi’s, with a little help from her friend, is equally hilarious!
    I’ve always liked Kyle but she’s making it harder by the minute. Truth is, I wouldn’t trust her much as a friend. The one person that she’s chosen to show complete loyalty towards, speaks volumes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that one friend will never threaten her in popularity, material wealth etc.
    I think she’ll do anything to be the “prom queen” even in her own mind.


    • Vyle, Kim, Ad and Tayliar have a different set of rules for themselves. They impose their rules on others, but don’t abide by them. They all seem to make it up as the go along and for whatever situation they’re in. All four of them can cuss and trash talk about whoever, but if someone cusses or trash talks them, well thats just not acceptable! Haha They’re idiots.


  8. I don’t think Kyle can keep any decent friends. The intelligent ones see through her. She seeks out the desperate, needy ones that no one else can stand but who will worship at her feet. With her attitude she’s probably used up a lot of friendships.


    • So true! I’m no longer a fan of kyle! She is so obnoxious this season .. So petty & catty! It’s like shes living her teenage yrs now.. Tit for tat is so dumb! Yolanda is so right & think Kyle is scared of her cuz she really has class&$$$, doesn’t care what people think of her unlike Kyle ( who calls paps when she goes out????) so done w Kyle!


  9. I am wondering how this woman can still afford to rent a home in BH, with a maid, more than likely sending her daughter to private school and spending $$ on expensive clothes, purses, weaves, etc. How much did she make from that book anyway? She claimed to have $700,000 in debt and a $1.5 million lawsuit. All I read about it was that she had to give up the 10ct diamond engagement ring…


    • There was mention after Russell died about some money that there was some money that they had grifted from MMR hidden away overseas on the Cook Islands in an Armstrong Family Trust. Could she have hooked up with her attorney/lover to get access to the funds (he would know how to do it under the radar, maybe?) ? She has to be getting her money from somewhere. I wonder if the IRS is keeping tabs on her spending?


  10. From Tayliar’s blog – I am still holding a great deal of resentment for Brandi’s comments in the reunion last year regarding my writing a book. Hahahah Why? Last night Tayliar said that her reasoning for writing the book was because she had been left with all this debt, and a 1.5 million lawsuit. Some truth finally came out of her fish mouth!! I seem to remember at the reunion how defensive Tayliar was at being questioned by her motives for her book. She said her book was for all the abused women and that three women die a day from domestic violence. She’s their savior!!Blah, blah, blah…. Truth is, she did it for the MONEY not to help women of domestic violence. If she helped someone, great, otherwise she wrote it to help HER financial situation. The truth will set you free!! I’m willing to bet that Tayliar hasn’t donated any money from the sale of her book to the shelter she supposedly supports.


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