JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Tryin’ For A New Image… What BubbaJax Does All Day… Will Autism Be BubbaJax’ Story Line?

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BubbaJax gave a detailed “interview” to “LuxuryReport“… the “interview” went ‘deep’ into BubbaJax, and her daily life dealing with the devastating diagnosis of autism.

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 However, most interesting was her run-down a her ‘typical’ day… looks like Jax didn’t have time for scrapbooking…

What’s a typical day like at home when the cameras [aren’t there]?

Typical day is that I get up, stretch, do laundry, take the dog out and feed him, Have some quiet tea time, pack school lunches, make breakfast, get the kids going for school, sit and talk with my husband as we both get ready for the day, drive kids to school, check my emails, work out, clean house, get groceries, put away groceries, research Autism and Beauty related topics, take notes (tweeting in between), make calls, pick up the kids, work with CJ on his homework while Nicholas is in therapy, prepare dinner, play with kids, eat dinner, clean up dinner, Get kids showered, get clothes & backpacks ready for the next day, put kids to sleep, finish laundry, catch up with my husband about each others day, go on the Internet again or read, beauty routine to prepare for bed, go to sleep to start again the next day.     People need to realize that we have normal routines just like yours that cameras find too boring to film or air.
AND… BubbaJax skirts around the question of whether the autism card is gonna be played!
Unlike last season, are you planning to address his diagnosis on your show this year? Why/not?

Obviously our son’s diagnosis is out in the open now. It’s nothing we were ever ashamed of; we only wanted to respect our child’s privacy, since we had not received an actual diagnosis yet. We wanted a diagnosis and a treatment plan in place first, so that people couldn’t speculate on what his issues were before we ourselves actually knew and got a handle on what it was ourselves. Taking care of our child’s needs is obviously a huge priority in our lives, so we would be addressing it on the show, however, it will be addressed with the intentions of bringing awareness to Autism, and to help people to understand and relate to the challenges that we go through as parents, as we works towards to recovering our child. I’m not comfortable, however, with making a spectacle out of my son, so I would hope that Bravo would be sensitive and respectful regarding how they present and expose him in front of the camera.. I have faith that Bravo will be sensitive to the matter because they did respect our wishes last season and did not focus primarily on my son while he seemed to regressing and slipping away. Bravo respected that it was an extremely sensitive issue that our family was dealing with, and we are very grateful and appreciative of that.


(Thanks to SH reader “Harmon”!!!)