JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Tryin’ For A New Image… What BubbaJax Does All Day… Will Autism Be BubbaJax’ Story Line?

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BubbaJax gave a detailed “interview” to “LuxuryReport“… the “interview” went ‘deep’ into BubbaJax, and her daily life dealing with the devastating diagnosis of autism.

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 However, most interesting was her run-down a her ‘typical’ day… looks like Jax didn’t have time for scrapbooking…

What’s a typical day like at home when the cameras [aren’t there]?

Typical day is that I get up, stretch, do laundry, take the dog out and feed him, Have some quiet tea time, pack school lunches, make breakfast, get the kids going for school, sit and talk with my husband as we both get ready for the day, drive kids to school, check my emails, work out, clean house, get groceries, put away groceries, research Autism and Beauty related topics, take notes (tweeting in between), make calls, pick up the kids, work with CJ on his homework while Nicholas is in therapy, prepare dinner, play with kids, eat dinner, clean up dinner, Get kids showered, get clothes & backpacks ready for the next day, put kids to sleep, finish laundry, catch up with my husband about each others day, go on the Internet again or read, beauty routine to prepare for bed, go to sleep to start again the next day.     People need to realize that we have normal routines just like yours that cameras find too boring to film or air.
AND… BubbaJax skirts around the question of whether the autism card is gonna be played!
Unlike last season, are you planning to address his diagnosis on your show this year? Why/not?

Obviously our son’s diagnosis is out in the open now. It’s nothing we were ever ashamed of; we only wanted to respect our child’s privacy, since we had not received an actual diagnosis yet. We wanted a diagnosis and a treatment plan in place first, so that people couldn’t speculate on what his issues were before we ourselves actually knew and got a handle on what it was ourselves. Taking care of our child’s needs is obviously a huge priority in our lives, so we would be addressing it on the show, however, it will be addressed with the intentions of bringing awareness to Autism, and to help people to understand and relate to the challenges that we go through as parents, as we works towards to recovering our child. I’m not comfortable, however, with making a spectacle out of my son, so I would hope that Bravo would be sensitive and respectful regarding how they present and expose him in front of the camera.. I have faith that Bravo will be sensitive to the matter because they did respect our wishes last season and did not focus primarily on my son while he seemed to regressing and slipping away. Bravo respected that it was an extremely sensitive issue that our family was dealing with, and we are very grateful and appreciative of that.

(Thanks to SH reader “Harmon”!!!)
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376 comments on “JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Tryin’ For A New Image… What BubbaJax Does All Day… Will Autism Be BubbaJax’ Story Line?

    • Key words “he seemed to be regressing and slipping away”. Sorry to be a dash of cold water but there is no seem to be about it . He either regressed or he did not. He either slipped away or he did not. Fascinating that Jax adds the qualifier. Color me angry and disgusted.

  1. Her inner beauty needs a makeover. She is too self absorbed to care for an autistic child that I don’t really believe she has. Her and her husband are con artists. Everything they do is related to greed. Can’t stand them and I hope they rot in jail. But I have a feeling they will skate.

  2. the article about BLK being used as a treatment for autism sickens me just like she does — wonder will they have the balls to actually come out on the show and advertise how “well” her son is doing because he’s drinking sludge?

    • UH WTF water can’t cure autism? She’s a dumb ass! Does any one on here think her son really doesn’t have autism? Could she be making that up to see the spotlight from Teresa who’s she clearly is jealous of?

      • No I dont think she is faking the Autism.
        But I do think its very wrong to suggest that BLK can cure Autism.

        • Lisa, now don’t bash the fantastic miracle drug BLK. Our family has been drinking it for 2 weeks. In that time, I have lost 20 pounds, and my skin looks smooth and like I had a facelift. The kids have all gone from 2.5 GPAs to 4.5 GPAs, plus they are now cleaning their rooms without being nagged. It’s also a natural viagra for my 85 year old husband and has also cleared up the dog’s diarrhea and the cat’s fleas.

        • lisa they dont drink blk. around halloween/sandystorm. lapband tweeted a pic with her feet up or something like that. anyway, in the back around was good old poland spring.I used to do some work with Autism;she one of those mommys that say she will follow up w/ what was taught but just give him to someone or place him on lap top or tv.

      • I don’t for one minute believe he is Autistic! He might be slightly slow but Autistic that does not make!!

        • I think he is autistic. Maybe you can explain to us exactly what you mean by slightly slow. I kind of find that offensive. For any person who has an autistic child, saying that they are just alittle slow is just WRONG.

          • I am curious why you are so sure he is autistic? The poster is simply saying that the child may be progressing at a rate that is slower than Jax expects or is not the norm for his age.

            • Thank You Pittypat that is my point exactly! I was just trying to convey that I think he might be progressing slower than other children his age, like when your children are babies how mothers would compare the rate of walking, talking etc. with other moms. It just seems convenient that all of a sudden, when she has run out of a story line on the show, him having Autism pops up. IMO

        • I have to disagree. I believe that he is Autistic. With an Autistic child, you have ups and downs and what they do one week, they might not do again for months. When they started my nephew on the diet he made dramatic progress for the first 8 weeks and then it slowed. down. He is in a special class that is 5 hours a day and he again progressed quickly at the beginning. I don’t know of one person in the world who would go out there and label their child as autistic if they were not. That would effect his whole life. I could care less what reasons everyone lists, she would not do that to her child.

          • Laceys don’t be so sure about that, she isn’t up for mother of the year award anytime soon and never will, just look at how she raised her daughter!

            • You know what, I have had 6. You probably think I am not a good mom for making my kids do what I have made them do. None of my kids have ever been in jail or in trouble (one very very close and needed tough love) but what you see of Jacqueline is only a glimpse of her live. You cant film for an hour a day and know what kind of mom she is. I am not an authority on that. I dont think any of us are. I haven’t seen a perfect mom out there anywhere.

            • Happy to know she is doing good laceys. I dont know much about the surg your daughter went through but I do know any surg is scarry. My thoughts are with you, I can only imagine { Hugs to you}

            • Happy to know she is doing good laceys. I dont know much about the surg your daughter went through but I do know any surg is scarry. My thoughts are with you, I can only imagine { Hugs to you}

  3. I feel like a celebrity when i SH write my name…My OPINION I personally don’t give a shit about any of the ladies finances or legal woes, or marriages, but i do have a problem with 4 ganging up on 1 throwing all her problems on blast while all of them are just as guilty for there f**k ups Caroline on Anderson Stooper was a joke..MY BRAIN CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE OF THEM SO THEY MAY BE CHOPPY SORRY..Anderson…he said “The thing i don’t like about her is uh” Then Caroline says “Just just one thing” as their both giggling Anderson says “I don’t like that she sells stories to tabloids” , Well maybe Teresa doesn’t like the fact you brought her on your show to publicly humiliate her. Or maybe we the fans don’t like the fact that you live up Andy Cohens bootyhole and play his game on insulting Teresa every chance you have, Or maybe we don’t like the fact that you give yourself a free pass to bully someone, but freak out if someone says you are a gay man when in fact you are…Oh but gay word is a slur and it’s being a bully and now your feelers are so damaged..You take sides all kind of sides..Anderson Stooper is a dickhead , What i heard was she did not like who Caroline was (Talking in third party about herself of course) in season 4, Buuuut It was Teresa’s fault that her alter ego A.K.A ANGRY CHUCKIE came aboard and insulted Teresa’s marriage, kids, books, intelligence, character, finances, meddled in her relationship with family every episode Teresa this Teresa on, ..Tabloid quoted Caroline’s own quote so what LET IT GO, So i guess talking head insults are OK on National TV, but gossip mags that are known for BS are off limits..Death threats please, Manzo’s would have been telling some interviewer away about that and there is no way on gods green earth would Jacqueline have been able to keep her self from tweeting all it, Another scam for sympathy, Oh and was it not Caroline who said in Napa “MY HUSBAND WILL DESTROY YOU” and Lauren was so glad her Dad was their to hold her back from really going off on Teresa, and Chris made his comment too, Was it Jacqueline who said at strippergate Pete Giudice needs beat up or something like that..So tired of Manzo/ Laurita blame game..Jacqueline blamed punching someone in face because of post partum, and her breakdown because of the Melissa being “NOT” setup and also she had low testosterone, Princess Albie blamed having adhd on his failing out of law school, Lauren blamed Anxiety and depression on her not being able to stick to a diet for more than a week and had a desperate need for lapband, I kinda like Chris Manzo so he gets a pass So does Albert, Um Melissa blamed her ill attempt to team up with Danielle to bring Teresa down on post par tum, Caroline also Blamed menopause that she found out she didn’t have…I could write a freakin book on this shit..If only i could do an interview with these ladies..I wouldn’t be a wimp and let them manipulate the viewers with their BS, Caroline Mentioned the Teresa/Dina saga was her hurting her parents hmmm…Well Mrs. High and Mighty i wonder how Teresa’s parents have felt after all you, your kids, their friend, Melissa, her family (Marco’s) all their off springs, Their own son, Jacqueline, her kid, her mother, Kathy, Richie, they’re kids publicly insulted their Daughter,her marriage,their Grand-kids over and over again…Jacqueline being the worse….Caroline at reunion made comment about Teresa Whoring her daughter off..But Teresa says she wouldn’t want her daughters working at a strip car wash and she gets ripped apart.. But this is why i am a Teresa fan because if we the viewer didn’t exists and didn’t watch show there wouldn’t be a show, And it’s an insult that they think we are all stupid that they can blatantly lie and manipulate and then more less say we the fans are being too dramatic it’s just a show we are the ones having the twitter wars, the teams, making threats, The b**ch kinda blamed all us the fans…..Then i see Jacqueline’s interview and it’s just p**sed me off a bunch of BS ..MY COMMENT I WROTE ABOUT JACQUELINE’S INTERVIEW Jacqueline said…..“Take it for entertainment value and not so seriously. Learn from it, or change the channel. I realize I will never have ALL of the people like me ALL of the time, just as in everyday life. I just get more opinions from others on a much larger scale. Overall, I get a ton of support more so than not”……Are you kidding me learn from this whack job she is a thief, and a liar, Her putting very personal stuff on twitter that never should have been in public eye about other housewives, 55 MILLION they stole from company,..Who the hell does she think she is to dare give us advice Learn from it or change channel…She is playing the sympathy card with Nicholas exploiting him, And she acts like she is the voice of autism she is a joke..Funny how at reunion Nicholas couldn’t say anything now right before filming he is a chatter box, She has done nothing but lie and deceive the public, She had no problem bringing up Teresa’s problems but lied about her own …She is a drunk whack job, What an insult if she thinks people don’t see how transparent she is and JFI her fan base is not all that great she bought a lot of her followers have proof on blog site..When she starts being honest then she might get a fan base…We want to give back my ass…If her kid was her first priority she wouldn’t be drunk tweeting all day and she would get off TV and be a mom…PLATFORM UH OK YOUR CELEBRITY!!! YOUR A THIEF AND A LIAR…Hate full people get it right you mean anyone who calls you out on your BS or doesn’t agree with you..Go to websites and see what people really think… She deletes all neg comments..Her fake breakdown …God why cant you people see this…She was on twitter all day bashing Teresa she had time for that, Missed fundraiser claiming to be sick um no on twitter bashing…And Give your son BLK after all you claimed it cures autism a day before she announced Nicholas being autistic……Sorry for my frustrated rambling on And choppy comments i had to edit some language and a sentence or two to keep it clean for this site , but My god who the hell do these people think they are how dare they shift blame on the fans about arguing or dare give us advice on ANYTHING!!! To me they both insulted my intelligence Looks like it is damage control to me..Teresa is no saint but i have never seen her attack or blame fans or any of the other ladies this last year..Joe call me Crazy but he is my favorite..He won’t play the game…I hope i don’t get in trouble for frustrated long comment..But i needed to vent AGAIN!!! I have so much to say i ramble misspell, and even forget a word or two….SORRY!!!!

    • Harmony, I’m a fan of yours. A really BIG fan!!! You make your points clearly. I like that. Keep up your good work.

    • Sorry but I think you just discribed Tre to a tee. Teresa is rude, hateful and deceitful. She and husband cause almost all the drama and hatefulness in the show. She has lied repeatedly to everyone including her fans and they just keep drinkin the koolaide. She might not speak well but judging from the fans, she can be very manipulative. Thanks my take on it.

        • Look what she has done to Melissa. Look what she has let her kids say about her brother and wife. Thats hateful. I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t like her, to me she is deceiptful, hateful and a hypocrit.

            • No. They laughed afferming that they have made comments around the kids and encourage the shoutouts. She wants her kids to hate Melissa. Makes her validated

            • Melissa makes them hate her. Remember he nananabooboo face on field day? She is a horrible aunt. And Joey is a bad uncle for letting his wife act thata way to his family.

            • Teresa has made them hate her. Teresa has told them way to much. She wants them to hate her, she likes that. They laugh about what the kids are programed to say

            • You cant tell me that those kids do not pick up on what Teresa says about melissa.
              teresa laughs at the mean things they say and imo that encourages them to say more to please Mom. Funny thing is I bet if Melissa kids started saying bad things about teresa people would say Melissa was poisening thier minds.

            • Melissa would have to actually spend time with them to influence them in any way. She has two nannies ya know and sundry family members.

            • maybe it wasnt funny to the viewers but sometimes the way kids say somthing is funny ,you cant help but laugh.i rotf laugh about everything little milian says.i dont thing teresa goes asround bashin mel.if that was the case they wont want to spend the day with her any many other things i dont want to write to give mel any ideas

            • MeGo makes them hate her all by her self. She is a bad person. Her in laws dont like her…because she in an embarrassment.

            • Nope she has taught her kids to hate them, its obvious. They were in the car and she and Joe affirmed it when they were laughing. She whined about disaplining them. She doesn’t do that either.

            • Yes she disciplines her girls. MeGo has other people discipline her children for her while she is off in da clubs with her elderly sisters dry humping her husband till two in the morn.

            • No, Teresa teaches them hate and how to be hateful. Teresa was hateful to Melissa long before the show. She was so jealous of her and the relationship she and her brother have. Teresa lives a sad life. She is in a loveless marriage and he embarasses her. She lashes out at him and then the kids pick that up. Its a sad revolving door.

            • Tree’s kids are not hateful. You STILL cant give me an example of Tree’s hatefulness toward MeGo.

            • Good point. Joey is more docile when dealing with Juicy. He knows better than to pull his temper tanturms on him. And to be honest that was awfully ballsy of Joey to even ask Juicy to borrow tools seeing as how he didnt return the other ones. And joeys only response was “Isn’t that what families are for?” Joey already has it in his head that families are to be used, like he used his daddy’s equity to become a homeowner and then ended up losing it for him. Joey has that ‘oh well’ mentality.
              p.s. Celebrity net worth has MeGo at NEGATIVE 1.5 mil and that hosebeast STILL wants to claim that she is moving because Tree has made her daughters hateful????? blow it out your ear MeGo.

            • dsuea: If you see Teresa as an unhappy and hateful person then you must know her personally. Am I correct. You can’t assume anything by watching the show. IT’S FAKE. So which relative or relation to a relative are you?

            • Hateful is MeGo blaming her financial failings on her nieces and claiming she was skird her youngin would get bullied by them. That is the most hateful thing EVER. Her net worth is negative 1.5 mil. negative means Ms “we pay our bills” is in da hole. Not the net worth of someone who actually chooses to move. More like HAS to. Did you say you had three kids?

            • I think the only one broke is Tre. As others have said here and looking around in legals, I don’t see any foreclosure notices on the Gorgas. I have found lots of judgements on Teresa thou. I have found refinances on the Gorgas, several from construction loans to regular loans but where are the bad bills Madepiley? Theresa net worth was 11.57 million

            • MeGo’s net worth is listed as NEGATIVE 1.5 million. This means Kathy has more money than she does. So the move has NOTHING to do with the her nieces that her wicked witch hindend tried to put it on.

            • Who cares if Teresa is poor. i was middle class,,,,rich now poor.i was also once 107. things change doesnt mean they will stay the same.

            • If I had a daughter in law who danced (sorry bartended for tips) let a some dude she met at the club buy her bubbies, pay for her Cancun trips and hotel rooms, had a reputation for hot sexual relationship with HS girlfriend, shoplifted and talked trash about my family ? Lets just say I wouldn’t be pleased . At all.

            • She loves that they she has taught them to hate Melissa and even her brother. She wants everyone to hate them. Its so sad, she even wants her parents to hate them. There is something wrong with someone who doals out that much hate.

            • oh i totally agree that there is something wrong with someone who doles out so much hate, but that isn’t teresa. i don’t believe for one second that she wants her children to hate anyone. i have only seen her encourage her children to be affectionate to their aunt and uncle… to everyone really.

            • Yeah it is. I thnk she is so hateful that now its rubbing off on her kids. She wants everyone to hate her brothe and Melissa and they don’t. Thats what started everything with Carolin and Jacque. They didn’t hate Melissa and Kathy and side with Teresa. She said it herself. Remember they were her family and they would side with her. Melissa and Kathy were not the hateful people Teresa was and it backfired

            • dsuea, I think you have it backward. The Gorgas and Wakiles came on the show for the purpose of “taking her down” (and making some money and fame-whoring off it to boot). The Gorgas and Wakiles are not hateful? Do you remember their very first appearance on the show at the christening — Joe Gorga erupting when Teresa held her own nephew, then attacked his own sick father, plus Kathy accusing Teresa of leaving her baby unattended (which she was not). Please.

            • On a side note Mrs.Wakile aka Katfish is on QVC today between 4-6 the price of the kit with 24 shells and 2 pastry bags is in the $40 range. Heck I’ll make them myself or by them. They come to you packed in dry ice. no thank you. Sorry to interrupt the conversation, however I have sat and read everything this dsuea person has written about Teresa. What hate for someone she doesn’t even know or does she? JMO and trust me I do not know Teresa personally.

            • I see absolutely no evidence of Teresa teaching them to hate. That is a huge over exaggeration from an edited clip. Everyone has a right to their opinion but that is not supported by fact. Teaching hate is stretching the bounds of credibility. I would be more inclined to lay that at MeGo’s door since Joey and his children are alienated from his ailing father and aging mother. Especially since MeGo is clearly teaching her children that their cousins “might” bully them in the “future” so they cannot stay in their house , in their neighborhood, in their school. MeGo is pretty twisted and sick to come up with a lie of the proportion MeGo needs mental help because her anger and reactions are wa-a-ay out of bounds than is called for. Involiving the children by actually blaming the Guidice cousins for something they haven’t done is just crazy. We all know Bravo jacks up the drama but that was uncalled for..

      • Dsuea a bit of advice no matter what you come up with as examples they will be explained away and excuses offered this site is very Pro Teresa just me I have done the research and have the scars to prove it. But the ladies (and men) are great and all but a few are respectful.

        • I should never have to prove what I believe. Thats what I believe and no one makes the majority of the Tre fans prove anything, why do I have to for liking Melissa or Jacqueline or Caroline?

          • I dont like her either, I see nothing redeeming in her character except she loves her Kids and that slug of a husband Other then that to me she is the worse of the worse.

            • I like Melissa and Jacque Just me. I just want to voice my opinion without being hated and degraded. I agree. To me Teresa isn’t a victim, she causes the drama.

            • I am just catching up on this discussion and wanted to say if Ms SH catches a glimpse of hateful remarks or anything against TOS, she will speak up, edit, boot a person, etc. If all else fails, we hug it out. ALL opinions are appreciated, even MeGo lubbers. Just remember: You have a right to your opinion, but my opinion is correct! (kidding) Okay, I gotta get back to reading the Gorga vs Giudice debate…

            • Yes. I like Melissa and I don’t falt anyone for liking who they do. I shouldnt have to prove anything, no one does for Teresa. And I am sure my opinion is correct, hahahaha just kidding. I am not a fanatic and you will never ever hear me call T a foul name.

            • Wow Irish, explain to me how the rest of them, especially Mego and Jax arent exactly the same. you are contradicting yourself big time and like Caro, MeGo and Jax you just dont see it!…Sorry, but really think about what you wrote or write what you wrote differently!

            • I would apprciate if you do not compare me to the housewives or tell me what I see and dont see, I grow tired of explaining my opinion to people here. I do not like Teresa I find little good in her and When i do see it I will comment on it as for her Co stars I do not like them Either but there is enough nastiest being written about them I do not need to add to it. I do not need to think about a damn thing thank you.

            • Man I agree Lisa. I am not Melissa but I like her. I don’t have to defend that to anyone and I am not Her, related to her or have even seen her. Up above I caught one saying I had 3 kids, YEAH I do. Its not a conspiracy theory. I bet the real housewives read this and laugh their butts off about all the “Conspiracy Theories”. We think we are laughing at them and they are probably all in stitches laughing at us.

            • I love a good conspiracy theory. The ‘wives do post on here and I am always looking for trends to figure out who is who. I can see how that would get old as a MeGo lover. I watched someone accuse Lisa of being MeGo (or Jax). I’ve seen people accuse madepiley and Hers of being Amy Hanley (from Sin City Rules) and her mama. Ruth (Where is Ruth btw) has the best conspiracy theories.

              Where is Ruth??? :(

            • Well I have been here for awhile, never posted much because Melissa fans are not well liked. Thats ok I am tough skinned. Originally from MD and now in CA. I am a big girl, I can take it. I can dish it too. HAHA

        • But even you dont think Tree is hateful or rude do you? I cant remember you ever saying that. But if you agree that she is hateful, please give an example from the last two seasons.

          • I do think she is hateful and rude at TIMES is she all the time no but she has had her moments just like the rest of the cast. and No MP i am not going to give examples because all people do is offer excuses asd to why its ok she said or did it that is Tiresome IMO
            so lets just leave to the fact My Opnion is she is rude and hateful at times

            • There is no fact. only opinion then. And that’s fine. I can only go on what I have seen and I have not seen rude or hateful from Tree in the last two seasons. You haven’t either. Its ok if you are not ready to eggmit it.

            • Sorry I wont see the light or admitt something I do not feel. Teresa is rude and hateful at times I am not going to change my mind about it and I see the show and her behavior the way i see it and yes I have see it the past 2 seasons thank you very much I am just finished justifying my opnion because it does no good.

            • I can I choose not to because I know how it will end a bunch of excuses as to why its ok she said what she said or did what she did…sorry not taking the bait I have hear dit all before.

            • I cant recall what it was though from the last two seasons. I don’t remember what you said. Refresh my memory. :)

            • Is that not what you have over and over said about Melissa and Jac. Its your opinion, not fact. We just see it differently. I thnk there is plently of instances that Tre has been hateful and rude. I think what she has done to her brother and wife is beyond hateful. I feel that she is so jealous of the love and respect they have. She is shackeled to a troll. He might have been a good catch 20 yrs ago, today he is a liability. She has to be mortified when stories come out about his cheating or the forgeries. Sorry but I see her as just player who has lost her game. As you said earlier, children are very perseptive, I guess thats why they called him a troll.

            • How in gods green earth would you know what the other thousand kids watching Dora the explorer are saying…YOU WROTE ..”.Not a one are calling their dad trolls” ..Milania also said Melissa stinks so does that mean Teresa and Joe go around using the word “STINK” all the time? PLEASE!!! And just because Joe and Teresa laughed in way means they encouraged her to slam their Aunt, I have a 4 yr. old granddaughter with a such a strong personality, My daughter (her mother) is very strict (too strict IMO) a very good mother, but my granddaughter has still said things that just made my jaw drop and yes laugh at times not because i was-encouraging bad behavior but because IT WAS FUNNY because it came out of the innocence of a child..We went through the poop word stage for months everybody and everything was poopy and think goodness that stage has passed but in no way did we encourage her to call the cashier, bank teller, cable guy, aunts, uncles, me the grandma etc etc all poopy, But we didn’t make to big of a deal of it because only then would she have been encouraged…Also kids pick up words every where daycares, school,, friends houses, TV ….So by saying Tre made her call her dad a troll because Tre calls Joe that is ridicules and even if she did so what Troll is not a bad word…I thought it was so funny and out of the mouth of a normal 4 yr. old…

            • I have 3 kids of my own who were big Dora fans, many nieces and nephews and multiple friends with kids. Wow, not one of them ever called their dad a troll. I have no doubt Teresa callls Joe an old troll all the time. It sounds like something she would say and ofcourse those little ears think if its ok for mom, it has to be true. Its like when the kids say, daddy has his own bedroom. I am sorry, any 4 year old calling there dad an old troll isn’t funny.

            • Your right calling there dad an old troll isn’t funny, it’s hilarious ….And JMO how petty this topic is..I bet their are 20 parents who would give anything to hear their kids call them old trolls..I dont know of one kid at Milanias age who hasn’t said silly maybe even a little innopropriate words a time or two except yours of course…I really doubt Teresa calls Joe a troll but even if she did WHO CARES!!!

            • That was a reference to Dora the Explorer. MeGo would not know that since she rarely spends time with her children. Joey and MeGo are awful to his parents. All this is backed up via proof. Tree would never spend one of her children’s’ birthdays away from them MeGo “born to be a mommy” did. You still haven’t given me an instance where Tree was rude or hateful from the last two seasons.

            • Besides, I think old troll is a funny name. I cracked up when Milania called Juicy that. Sense of humor is key.

            • MeGo would never allow her children to steal any of her limelight so we will never get to see any of their personalities.

            • Yes! The “old troll” comment is hilarious!!!! LOL Laughter is good for kids and I think Juicy found it to be funny and Juicy loves his girls. The Fathers Day footage with Juicy practically in tears still has me misty eyed.

            • Nope thats someones excuse. I think thats what Teresa calls her husband. My 3 kids watched Dora and not one called their dad a troll. I think Melissa is 3 times the mom and spends alot more time with her kids than Tre every has. She was hateful to Melissa. She was hateful to everyone for whatshe sid in the cook book. It was a cook book, not a book to crap on your friends, and they were her friends at that time. Its hateful to make your kids hate their uncle, his wife and their kids. She wants er parents to hate them too So so sad.

            • You think Tresa calls her husband a troll? really? I am sure she has much more colorful names that she calls him. So lets just be real. Old Troll DOES come from Dora the Explorer. Its not an excuse. Its fact. No real mother chooses to spend their child’s birthday parting it up out of town. MeGo did. She is a joke of a mother. Speaking of which, I have a theory of why Jax has chosen to keep MeGo close to her. Just a hunch. I will keep this theory to myself until it all comes out. No one makes the kids or the parents hate. They draw their own conclusions based on what they witness on a day to day basis.And really MeGo doesn’t warrant the effort it would take to hate. They are just embarrassed of her. When was Tree hateful to Mego? sprinkle cookie-gate? That was retaliation for the viscous and catty re-done home card. MeGo is and always has been jealous of Tree. Tree tried to except her into the family even though CLEARLY MeGo come from wrong side of the strip joint. And she still to this day is unable to rise above her raising. She is trash. The cookbook 10% Italian thing is silly and no one was ever really mad about that so dont fall for that Bravo spin.

            • Look, Thousands and thousands of kids watch Dora and not one would call daddy a troll unless mommy was. I can see her calling him that. Remember the kids said, daddy has is own room. Tre’s home life is hell living with the drunk. He cheats on her, forges papers, puts his photo on his brothers license, calls her filthy names on tv. Do we want more? He is trash and he has drug her down with him. Her life is based on lies and deceit. She is deceitful herself. She lies. She wants her brother and sisterinlaw to have the same problems as she has. She is jealous of their relationship and every other woman on the show who has a man who loves them. She has a man who is a joke and makes a joke out of her. I don’t care what you think of Melissa. I like her. I have been out of town for my childs birthday. You have no idea for all the reasons Melissa was do you. Maybe there was other reasons. I am sure with all the touring Teresa does, she has too. I am sure she has missed soccer games, birthdays and all kinds of things.

            • That cracks me up that you think the girls picked up troll form her mom calling her dad that. That is silly. Melissa CHOSE to go away for her child’s birthday. Tree would never do that. The children are CLEARLY not a priority for Mego.

            • oh please how many childern books have troll in them.some things stick to kids.about the room i bet its a man cave or all the girls pile in his room with tres room,its just a place milian just a kid it can just b a room he spends time in calls it my dads shed

            • True. “troll” is not something I picture Tree calling her husband. Its asinine. But if we gonna claim that every ting a child does and says is due to mimicking their parents then I have to ask where in the sam hill did lil Joey pick up smacking his daddy up side the head? Also agree with you about thed ads own room thing I refer to the closet in our master bedroom as “daddy’s closet” since his clothes are in there whereas the one in the spare bedroom is “my closet” since non of husbands clothes are in there.

            • I will wait to see what you come up with. There wont be any. Tree loves her girls. Birthdays are important. She aint MeGo.

            • Yeah there was, lol Why do you think Tre had joint parties for Gia and Milania. They had a joint party and they are born in different months Gia, the beginning of Jan and Milania on Feb 2. The party was on Jan 29th. So even SH reported the joint party wih Gabriella (October 4) and Audriana (Sept 16) on October 9th.
              Ok why would have have joint parties for kids born in different months. They cant have a party with their friends? Cause mommy wasnt there

            • Yes she was. She was with each of them on their birthdays. Antonia had to settle for a “rinky-dink” cake with Momma and Poppa Gorga. This was the birthday BEFORE the one that Bravo cameras subsidized.

            • Tre has a lot of kids,really how many times are people going to come out for her girls party.a joint party makes all the senese.did you forget that she has smaller ones with just family on the date of their birthday. seems fun to me.

            • I have 3 kids, 2 are within days of each other. My children each deserve their own party with their own friends present

            • What year was it? I’m sorry but no one is hateful. i know the year she had the bk problem she had the party at the pizzeria because i remember Carolyn and Al there, that may have been when she had the two parties together. There is nothing wrong with that. My grandson’s birthday is in July but he celebrates it in Oct. so he can invite his classmates. Different strokes for different folks. I think it’s time we just stop the nonsense with Teresa.

            • I know Barb,they will find anyway to pick on Tre.Whats the big deal it makes more sense to have a joint party.i am so over this topic.

            • I sat here and read a lot of comments and started to add one then didn’t. I just had to say what I did. You cannot assume about a person unless you are living with them or are related to them and know everything they are doing. Then you are a stalker. I’m done with it because this will never end when you have someone who is so obsessed.

            • I listen to all go on and on about Melissa. I like her so I have the right to my opinion about Teresa right? Is that correct.?

            • Of course you have the right not to like Teresa, however there comes a time when it should end it’s the same thing over and over. People live their lives the way they want to live their lives.

            • But day after day here you guys say the same thing over and over about Melissa too. I like melissa, I am not going to change.

            • Oh please. My kids said bad stuff that I know they didn’t hear from me. Kids pick up on things, and yes, Made, maybe Joey learned hitting from HIS parents?

            • Adding my two cents to birthday party discussions. Point one. Have you tried to schedule a child’s birthday party venue? It is hell on earth! We had to schedule grandson’s two weeks after his birthday on a Sunday at noon. This was planning two months ahead. Also wow y’all haters bitch about Teresa ‘s wild spending like it’s coming out of your pockets. Which is it? Can she be frugal, is that allowed?
              Also trust me I am great Mom. I combined my girls fall birthdays , 4 weeks part, more than once. Guess what they turned out fine.
              And while I am venting comparing MeGo’s inability to plan a birthday party for her child(ren) because she would rather be shaking her ass at a party and pretending to be Jenny from the block. is hardly comparable to Teresa (OMG) combining birthday parties.
              MeGo can only be counted on to plan parties where her children can be up way past their bedtime while adults drink to excess, grope each other in the hot tub and generally pretend it is an episode of Jersey shore with kids in the mix. MS. SH has the video of Richie shoved in the pool and missing Antonia by mere inches. But how dare we call MeGo out? Well I do.

            • My grandchildren call bepa, my husband grumpy old troll when they don’t get there way, and we laugh… Please, it’s funny! And yes it’s from Dora… And my keekee says it in Spanish now… I love it, and so does he..

            • That’s adorable Shelagh! My grandad was really old when I was born and he could be cranky. I used to call him grumpy instead of grandad and he knew it was time to lighten up! We were very close and he always smiled when I shot a grumpy his way!

            • Great memories Ain’t… Put in the corner of you heart… I’m happy you have those memories… Nothing but the best for you..

            • Thank You Shelagh. You are so kind. I love the bepa it sounds so warm and grandmotherly. Blessings to you and yours as well my friend.

    • OH MY GOD Harmony you are my idol!!!!!! You said everything I could almost ever say about this sh*tfest they call entertainment. I love the fact that the ole bitter hag said don’t take it so seriously people when she was balling and screaming and scheming to take down this woman”s business brand , family and marriage. She talked on Bethenny’s show saying she would never have anything to do with Tre again. Backpedal much beyotch. Jax is such a fake and so self absorbed she can’t see what a true joke she is. Now I know why Chris always looked so stressed and pensive, he had a 8 mil dollar lawsuit pending. Theives and liars to the end.
      Andy Coop n Andy Cohen are a couple hate promoting queens. Soon Cohen’s HW ride will halt and he wont crossover to legitimate tv, he’s tainted. That other hyenia should stick to hard news and cont to hide his true colors. You’re right I love Tre but she’s no saint, she may go high school but NEVER did she go for the jugular on these tricks the way I am positive she could. She lied about the mags because she knows they have been sources to tabs also and probably felt pot/kettle. And that fake Andy is always asking questions he knows the answer to..And no girl youre not crazy, I love Juicy too, love him or hate him he is his own man. He’s not fazed by any of them. He loves those girls and he loves Tre too. If he cheated, they all have Im sure. aAgain, HARMONY YOURE MY IDOL! Thanks I

      • Thank you, I just felt very insulted by fact that Caroline and Jacqueline think the fans are stupid, I can except the fact ALL of them have skeletons in their closet whether it be financial, marriage or whatever but I can’t stand people that are straight up hypocritical and Teresa in no way is perfect and hasn’t made stupid decisions, but she and her family did not deserve the intentional bulling..The fact that the other woman TRIED to destroy her character and her reputation backfired because at the end of the day it didn’t destroy Teresa’s Character but it sure did theirs….

      • Oh like I said I could write a book on the BS, But to insult the fans was a rookie move because we are the reason there is a show….

  4. I almost died when I saw Ashlee in the first photo. Hilarious!

    Jacqueline is a manipulative woman, who should be wearing a monogrammed dunce-cap in every episode. Bravo will focus on her debt, her lies, her family’s fraud, not her child. She is a naive child IMO. And the only reason she is concerned about Bravo making a spectacle of her child is because this is child #2 that she has suggested Bravo focus on as her story-line. Way to avoid getting into her own dirty laundry, huh? Ashlee was shown to be a useless, arrogant, brat with the social skills of a rat. Who’s fault was that? Her mothers. Her mother raised her to be exactly what we saw, and her mother asked for that disrespectful behavior to be broadcast for our entertainment.. What her mother did not want was to accept responsibility for raising her.

    Can someone please tell me who in their right mind would donate to any charity fundraiser that Jacqueline is involved in? I support Autism, but I do not support private planes, trains, automobiles, botox and fillers for Free-laurita’s (loaders). This woman disgust me. And since she has SOOO-MUCH knowledge to share about Autism, she should probably apply that one tip that is well known to all mothers – your time would be better spent off twitter and with your child!

  5. Anyone else notice how Jax mentioned getting the “kids” backbacks ready for school and she takes the “kids” to school? Why is Nicholas going to school? He’s a baby, she doesn’t have a job and he is autistic and requires special care. Now we know how she has so much time to tweet. I think she sucks.

    • Nicholas is probably in an Early Intervention class. My son had a speech delay and went to a preschool for speech therapy. It was a great program and I can’t say enough good things about it. His speech got back on track and he is now enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program in high school. But, yeah, you are right, Jacaloon sucks.

      • Ana, if you read it, she says he goes to therapy AFTER school while she helps CJ with his homework.
        ps, Good for your son! :)

        • Better Nicholas should be at preschool, or whatever, than home with Jacaloon’s drunk, unstable @ss. The less influence that woman has on her child, the better off he will be. I know that sounds harsh, but Jacaloon sucks. She sucks as a mother and she sucks as a human being.

          • Ana: So sad, but true. Jac does not realize that the precious time with her little one can never be recovered. What I wouldn’t give to go back and have those precious moments again. And I did spend every moment possible with mine. BIG pats on the back to your son! I know how demanding that IB schedule is. After living through some horrific challenges early on, my son, with constant support of his family, has surpassed even his own wildest dreams and will be attending Harvard and playing football for them next fall. Ana, how proud you must be!

            JAC: Please BE THERE for your son. It’s YOU he needs. Whatever outside therapy he receives (all good), it is still YOU, his mom, that he needs to feel unqualified support and love from. So WAKE UP and keep the cameras off him. Don’t “have faith that Bravo will be sensitive,” because they are in the business to draw viewers and make money. The only way they’ll do that is with controversy. You cannot rely on them to keep your son out of it.

            • Harvard. WOW. Congrats Hohohoboken. Football too. Just WOW. Also good job Ana.That is so impressive. I know you must be so proud.

            • I’m always touched to hear about commenter’s children from here and all that they are up to. Some very amazing stuff. Musicians, children working through the challenges of autism, Nasa, Harvard.

              You mamas have worked very hard for many years, and poured your all into some very lucky boys and girls. Ladies, you are wonderful!

            • Huge congratulations to your son, hoho!! And how right you are about spending every possible moment with our babies….they are grown and gone in a heartbeat. My middle son had difficulties as well and we did all we could to help him along. You just have to be there for them from the second they are born…..only get one chance to do it right. I don’t claim to know what Jac is or isn’t doing with regards to sweet Nicholas. But she will forever regret it (if she ever has the self awareness to recognize) that she is wasting his precious early years being preoccupies with this famewhoring show.

            • ITA Abby. The time passes all to quickly. Cherish every moment because there are no do-overs and we cannot go back in time.

    • My son and daughter started school early because of LD’s .One at 2 the other at 3. Where we live it’s early childhood.Wonderful program.

    • My nephew goes to a class that his ped md put him in. Its 5 hrs and they work on diet, excercise, speech and they play educational games. He has been in the classes since he was 3. The doctor said its better to put in the class because the child tends to participate more without mom there and with autism they need the social skills boosted. My sister is a wonderful mom and sometimes you have to do what is better for the child. My sister would rather worked with him at home but has realized that he is progressing much faster and enjoying himself at the classes.

    • I noticed that, and her phrase about “recovering” him.

      Strange choice of words. It must be how she thinks.

      • Yes interesting about the “recovering “. She already has it planned out to be seen as the mother with all the answers that can “cure ” autism. Blk water, special exercises, and some special beauty powder, maybe?

        • Episode by episode, it’s planned out.

          It’s amazing! It’s fantastic! It’s a fricking Bravo miracle!

          Now let’s see if they can schedule the episode for next Christmas Eve. Better than Tiny Tim!


          • Yes. If Jax was actually fluent she would be using the term remediation not recovery. It will play out exactly as mentioned by your post. Jax is using qualifiers to describe his condition. Huge red flag is ” the seems to be”. It is very black and white when a child loses speech and never points or makes eye contact. There are variables in severity and behavior, even regression. I smell a rat named Bravo.

    • I’m not buying this regression bs she puts out there. Our son never regressed, he just simply didn’t progress like my other kids.

  6. “I’m not comfortable, however, with making a spectacle out of my son, so I would hope that Bravo would be sensitive and respectful regarding how they present and expose him in front of the camera”
    What??? She would HOPE that Bravo is respectful in how they expose her child??? I am absolutely outraged by this statement. It shows she signed that contract w/out putting her childs’ needs first. NO WAY should her child be exposed in an insensitive manner period. She just sickens me. She needs to get off the show and focus on her child.

    • When I read that it sounded to me like a “read between the lines” statement. I took it to mean if Bravo makes her look bad next season that she will throw her autistic baby’s plight in their face. In light of her court case and the way the fans feel about her after the reunion it seems to me that she is hiding behind Nicholas like a human shield in a hostage situation!

      • Nic autism shouldnt be a story line. when is bravo and the rest of these ladies going to see that having their kids on the show Hurts them. The smartestt ones are the ones who wont let their kids shown.

        • ITA Lisa. How ’bout if Jax doesn’t show Nicholas, CJ or Assley. She signed up to do the show so it should be about her, not her son w/ autism.

          • asswipe is a adult if she wants to be on the show she can. Its the Minor children who can consent like a adult can. Minor children cant understand the reprucussions of being on such a show its to bad the parents dont care,

          • I agree, its not like he has some unknown or rare condition and Bravo is bringing it to light for the first time.. she can help with Autism all she wants ..OFF CAMERA

        • I agree. Its a child and the child cant pick or choose to be on the show. I agree with you Lisa, the smart ones dont have their kids on the show. Personally, I think that none of the kids should be on the show. I think many of the parents will regret it when the little jewels grow up and think they are famous.

    • No one is exposing her SON but HER. SHE IS EXPLOITING HIM FOR HER OWN GAIN. MONEY. Jacaloon you are a POS and I hope you read this. She should never have been asked back. You have a hard life. You live your children with baby sitters more than you are with them.

      • Sorry Barb, I couldnt answer you above because the tread was too thin. I am originally from Maryland. I am now a resident of California. I am a Melissa fan and I dont like Teresa. I am not related to anyone in Jersey. I have seen you ask many this question before. Because I like Melissa, I have to be related to her??????? Me and many of my friends are all Melissa fans. None of us like Teresa. I am the only one of my group who has come on this site but I have noticed that being a Melissa fan is not popular around her but I like her. I have that right. I kind of thought this site was suppose to be a parity about all the housewives. I don’t take it serious but I do like Melissa. I don’t begrudge anyone for their favorites and I will be vocal that I don’t like Teresa. You will never catch me calling any housewife a foul or degrading name. Thats just not me. And I will always try to be polite.

        • Thanks for answering. I am a Teresa fan, the reason I’m not fond of the others is because of the ganging up. We could go on and on and on but there comes a time when the subject should close and we move on. I have decided that I am moving on with Teresa.

  7. As much as I hate that any child has to have an illness or any kind, having a child with this problem doesn’t make you a hero. Some of the press is trying to make out like Jax has done something awe inspiring..? It could bring out the best in a parent (or the worst) but selling your story & yacking to the press about your son’s illness doesn’t make you a hero. Maybe it’s the victim role morphed into the hero role, I don’t know, but the some of the press is acting like Jax did something great.? If she wants to be great, focus on your son not the mags & cameras.

    • Exactly. Parents with special needs children are just like other parents. Some are great, some are just okay, and some (like Jacaloon) are really, really, crappy.

    • By her own account her typical day involves very limited contact with Nicholas and C.J. It certainly doesn’t seem like it has become more hectic or even more involved sice Nick’s diagnosis. This article is in a mag about luxury living right. Where are all the specialists’ appointments? The special teachers? The extra anything and everything their luxurious lifestyle would seem to allow? I’m not saying people without those things aren’t doing all they can for their child.I’m saying JLoon considers herself worthy of an interview in a mag called LuxuryReport, but she waits for insurance permission to get her child treatment. What kind of horsepuckey is that? And what does Chris do all day? Play in the blk dirt box at the bottling plant? JLoon doesn’t mention his interaction with Nick at all. It just doesn’t seem like she’s putting a whole lot of effort and time into her son.Just a lot of time talking about him.

      • True. She mentions the time she spends with her husband at the beginning and the end of the day, but doesn’t really mention spending much time with either child. Unless you count taking them to school or helping CJ with homework. I don’t even think that she helps CJ with homework, I think his 5th grade homework might be too taxing for her room temperature IQ.

        • To be fair, Jacko does mention playing with her children. It’s that 3 minutes in between preparing dinner and eating dinner. (Prepare dinner, play with children, eat dinner,) C’mon now, it’s in the schedule.

          • shes the worst.beuty blogs. if you ask me its a waste their all the same. plus with all her injections sh shouldnt do anything else it can make everything worse.

    • I dont know if you remember when Holly Robinson Peete came out and told everyone her child was autistic but she told everyone in the world and worked on making everyone aware of her child and the resources available to all those who had an autistic child. Not one person stood up and called her a loon or someone trying to call attention to herself. Sorry, Jac is doing nothing different than Holly did a few years ago. I have a nephew who is autistic and my sister is doing the same thing My sister is not a loon or looking for attention, she is wanting those “disbelievers” to wake up and see there is alot of families and children out there suffering due to being unaware of programs available and alot of insurances still do not cover alot of things pertaining to autism. My sister and brother-in-law have to pay for my nephews special classes. They should be covered for all insurances.

      • Jac is craycray shes she does what she does in nj you have aba theapist that come to your house after school,the town pays.its ok to have some time for yourself she cleary takes it to fear and uses what pple tell her to act like she tries it.she isa mom that sits him in front of laptop or tv. sad but very true…nick should not be on tv well then again nether should the manoz or jac

        • I don’t think any of the kids should be on tv. We will see what its like when they are older. Thats one thing with Jac and Chris, you do not see CJ on there except small screen caps. The same with Nick. We seen very little of Nick.

  8. How Jacaloon really spends a typical day:
    Typical day is that I get up, vomit, take a drink to stop my hands from shaking, cyber stalk Teresa, drink alcohol, micromanage the nanny as she packs lunches, fixes breakfast and gets the kids ready for school, snoop through husband’s cell phone, wallet and pockets for evidence of cheating, wave to the kids as nanny drives them to school, block people on twitter, drink, drunk tweet, get alcohol, stash alcohol, drunk tweet, send DMs to people who insult me and then block them, call people to talk about Teresa, supervise the nanny as she helps CJ with homework and does therapy with Nicholas, order takeout, drunk tweet while kids watch TV, drink heavily, hide empty liquor bottles, pop a Xanax, go to laundry room to drink hidden cache of alcohol, review husband’s email account and check browser history, check husband’s GPS system to see where he has been, go on the Internet to troll websites with stories about Teresa, pop some Xanax, pass out in a pool of drool.

        • The minute that you see there’s a difference. If Nick used to say i love you, and suddenly STOPPED, there’s something wrong. I remember a woman was on the view and she was telling how her three year old suddenly STOPPED talking and could no longer walk. She had to TEACH him how to sit and how to walk AGAIN…Very time consuming and she had to quit her job. BUT Jac claimed that they knew, but they were waiting for the insurance..ugh? You tell me you live in a million dollar home, driving Bentleys and can’t take the kid to a doc, with your own money…sheesh

          • Nicholas is what 2 or 3. I don’t know how much earlier they could have diagnosed his problem. I think that as he ages it may even change. I too knew that my child had a problem dragging them from Doctor to Doctor. It took time and insurance to even be seen.

        • Work at an agency that diagnoses and provides therapy to children with autism. I also have a relative who has an autism diagnosis. Many of our clients are two years old when they’re referred for an assessment. The youngest child who was referred to our agency for services was 14 months. This was an extreme case and the child was diagnosed (not by our staff) early because she had an older sibling with Autism, and mom was hyperaware of the symptoms. In my state, services are easier to obtain if the child is under the age of 3. Once a child turns 3, services become the responsibility of the child’s school system and while some schools provide very good therapy during the child’s school, some sadly are not able to provide adequate services.

      • With all due respect I have 2 children one of which has a disability. When i noticed that something was wrong with him I took him to the Dr. right away, I did not wait around for months wondering if he would be covered by my insurance. My main concern at that time was getting him the help he needed not how much it was going to cost.

        • My grandson had a problem with his eyes and my daughter didn’t have insurance. I offered to pay cash but the specialist he needed to see wouldn’t make him an appointment because he didn’t have insurance. Apparently paying cash upfront isn’t any good any more.

  9. Autism my butt – her son can now speak in sentences/verbally communicate? She tweeted that a couple weeks ago. That is the most suspicious statement yet. That is mighty quick recovery for a small child who was non-verbal & diagnosed autistic. I call bullcrap on his diagnosis and everything that comes out of their mouths. IMO their child may suffer from FAP but certainly not autism.

    • I agree, I just don’t see the autsim when it comes to nick and she blocked me when I called her out on it. I also told her to stop feeling sorry for herself and deal with it like us parents with autistic childern do. I feel bad for nick because his mom is using him to again pull the poor me card like she did with her daughter. Let jak spend a day with my nephew and I’m sure she will stop trying to pull the my son has autsim card.she really makes me sick!!!!

  10. Yeah right that’s what her day is like. I have a daughter with autism and my day is hectic!! I have to wake up 2hrs before she does to have a cup of coffee and prepare myself for the battle that will start when my child wakes’s a fight to brush her hair, teeth and to get her to change her clothes because she has a few outfits that she wants to wear over and over. It’s a fight to get her to put on a bra and deodorant. She’s 10… then after I get her ready it’s off to my mom’s to help her get my 8yo nephew ready for school he also has autsim. Oh and did I say that I am a single mom of 5 kids ages 13 thru 8months. So I have a lot to do getting kids going for the day now back to my nephew he’s a big guy at 108lbs he is super strong too. He’s also violent!! He puts holes in walls with his head my parents really nice house is destroyed because of him. I have to watch his every move because he will go after myself and my kids. Just last night he kicked my baby in the head and knocked her down. Anyways I don’t see how she has all this time to do interviews and hang out with Nick’s autsim??? He must be very high functioning because when my daughter and nephew are home there’s no time for anything other then trying to control their behavior. I do have to say that compared to my nephew I have it easy with my daughter, she isn’t violent unless pushed too far but I have raised her no different then my other kids and I really think that’s made a difference, she was not allowed to act like most autistic kid’s do. Her teachers were surprised when they were told she had it and I’ve managed to keep her in main stream classes because I expect the same from her as I do my other children. Jac is way too selfishness to put in the time with Nick as I have with my Megan!!!! Poor Nick doesn’t stand a chance with her as a mother!! I also don’t buy this regression crap!!!

    • WOW, a full day. That’s hard work. I can’t imagine what you go through. It pisses me off when she said in the reunion that he can’t say words..NOW all of a sudden he can SENTENCES. That was a quick recovery. Thanks for sharing you story.

      • Pardon my ignorence on the subject, I know thereis no cure for autism but can you restart the devolpment once it stops?

        • @Lisa, there are different accounts of experiences parents of autistic children have had. Many years ago, I read that in some Very Rare cases a child can progress, and go on to live a regular life. It’s very-very rare, from what I’ve read. The most compelling accounts of shared stories, were of parents that were endlessly diligent, and endlessly involved, every moment, of every second, of every waking hour with their child. In these very rare cases, however, the child didn’t talk or speak from the get go. This diagnosis of Nick–makes NO sense. Nick use to speak and talk–he then stopped completely–Now Jax is saying he can make a complete sentence. I find it terribly troubling that the diagnosis of ‘Nick’ has been autism. IMO, it’s quite possible, based on Jac-a-loon’s behavior with her children and all the other nonsense, that Nick may have ‘detached’ from his surroundings, or possibly another underlying issue. I fear that Jax may be giving false hope to the face of Autism. If Jax is indeed looking for a ‘diagnosis’ to be used for her poor parenting skills, and her own mental instability, or other reasons… Autism, is one that she may know–that she can not be easily called out on for…SAD.

          • I dont know why Bravo/ Jax would fake something that has no cure Pick something thats gonne can be cured or easly treated or dont fake anything at all.

          • Kt, I agree about the possibility of Nicholas detaching. Trauma can cause that and its a coping mechanism. So what Jax is calling autism could be Nicholas’s wise assessment of his mother and the futility of attempting to communicate with her. And anyone else around her that abides her dysfunction.

            • Ok didnt Nic go see a doctor who diagnoses his Austistic, i mean do you really think she looked it up on WEB MD and came up with it herself

            • Sorry I dont just like you dont see the bad in Teresa I dont see the bad in Jax…well not on this subject anyway.

            • @BARB!!!! Thank you and OMG . The Doctor who diagnosed Nic is an osteopath? So this is the loonie tunes jac is hooked up with. He is associated with the Autism research Institute that sent out sample of BlK water to be sampled and tested by parents with autistic children. Oh Hell No! This is a scam and Jac’s million dollar deal is fronting her autistic child and magically curing him with BLK Water. You can test your child at Dr. Woeller’s online site and get a diagnosis? Are you freaking kidding me? I am beyond outraged, beyond furious. Stop the madness ! This is a charade , a scam a, sham and all for money.

            • Oh my!! Its abusive to diagnosis a child as autistic for profit. So for every child he “diagnoses ” he is getting dolla dolla bills. I wonder if tax dollar fraud has been looked into. I am sure he doesn’t just diagnosis the children of the rich and insured. The Manzo/Laurita group sure knows how to pick the shadiest of doctors.

            • I had to go into my twitter account to find him but I friended him when I saw her talking about him and to him before she blocked me. I feel so loved when I am blocked. LOL :-) Gee I’m glad I could be of help. That’s why I have said from the beginning that I didn’ t think he had autism because of this guy’s diagnosis. You can’t diagnos via twitter. I said that a long time ago. Some way she has to be stopped.

            • Agreed. And everyone else that is allowing her to do this. Abusers every last one of them. I bet Don’s book will have a Nick chapter in it and will be marketed to families members of autistic children too. This sorta thing people ought be thrown under the jail for.

            • These people thrive because idiots believe in them. Just look at her facebook page, people adore her. These people deserve what they get, but that little boy doesn’t. He deserves a normal life, but all we can do is sit back and watch it happen to him. ;-( :-)

            • She has to be reported, but to who. That poor baby is being used. These people are below scum and I hope that everyone here can see that. BRAVO you’re going to get your ass sued if you show one foot of autism with that child.

            • Made, I am very afraid this Doctor is a grade A crook. He sells supplements on the site. He believes methyl B vitamins, advocates using zinc as if these are miracle cures. He is not a child psychiatrist or psychologist. he isn’t a specialist of any sort but a self professed autism expert. He claims he can increase speech and he isn’t a speech therapist. He is advocating some supplements and yet is not recommending allergy testing or testing the child to actually investigate if the child is actually deficient in those minerals or vitamins. He isn’t an allergist, nutritionist or behaviorist, psychologist, psychiatrist or neurologist . My little dear one saw a panel of the specialties I mentioned aa well as pediatric specialists in the field of autism. IMO this is the equivalent of asking your vet to diagnose and treat you for cancer. I urge everyone to go to this site. dr. Kurt Woeller but prepare to be outraged.

            • This sounds like Jax and a very complicit Bravo cooked this up to give Jax a storyline. It reminds me of Shana/Swine and Russel visiting the marriage counselor therapist who is not a psychologist or psychiatrist but playing charades with Bravo cameras and pretending to be one. Then poor Russell commits suicide. I smell another big Bravo instigated rat. This time we are playing the autism card. I am so sick …………

            • Jax and Bravo as sorely underestimated the intelligence, tenacity, and righteous indignation of autism moms. I cant believe they thought this would fly

            • I will ask around and see if I can come up with a plan of action. make no mistake Bravo is complicit and must have a stake in BLK. We have met the devil and he is Bravo.JK. Scary though….poor Nic and poor viewers and fan who are drinking the BLK Jax kool-ade .

            • He diagnosed Nic’s autism? You have to be kidding me! Seriously? how could he? he has the worst credentials I have ever witnessed. I wouldn’t let him diagnose a cold! Yes , IMO,Jax bought a diagnosis.

            • I don’t have as much faith in All Doctors that some do. I think it could be very easy to misdiagnose what ever was, or is, going on with Nick. I also think ‘Jax’ has a screw loose. Maybe it’s the alcohol and xanax, or maybe it’s more serious?!

            • I have faith in some doctors could he be misdiagnosed I suppose but that doesn’t mean it’s Jax fault or she is faking it to stay out of jail.
              If she didnt want to get a second opinion then thats her choice.

            • Let me be clear as I can be. One , if you have enough money you can indeed pay to have your child evaluated for autism. Two, Jax has enough money for plastic surgery booze and a butt load of therapists , some in home, so why would she delay finding not just any MD but the best team of Doctors available who specialize in Autism, Three. Why would she accept a diagnosis from a single physician? Is anyone aware that the latest scam is getting your child diagnosed with autism so you can collect SSI? So yes despicable parents with an agenda can buy a diagnosis.
              There is no cure for autism. There is no “recovery” this isn’t the flu folks and once that label is attached to Nic or any other child that label follows them for LIFE! Therapies,diet and intense intervention can alleviate the symptoms but again there is no recovery from autism.
              Ms. Drunkity HW can use her son as a storyline on Bravo but there is a victim here and it is her son. Did bravo handle Teresa’s bankruptcy sensitively? Lapband’s lapband ? Azzhole.anyone? How about marital difficulties? Nope! would you trust your child’s autism to be handled “sensitively”? Only if you have an IQ in the single digits. Be a real advocate Jax and respect your child. Didn’t the crazy bitch learn anything from Ashlee?

            • This is the online Dr that jacaloon was using when she came up with Nick’s diagnosis, Dr. Kurt Woeller from Southern California an Autism specialist. @Dr.Woeller, check him out…..

            • ANIT what he selling seems very wonky. If he has no specilized training he shouldnt be treating kids with autism or even giving that kind of advice over the internet.
              Granted I dont know much about Autism just what I have read here and there and what i learn at work but even I think something is off on this dude. I hope Jax didnt get diagnosed over the internet and took her son to a doctor locally and see a specialist.

            • Lisa , Made , Barb this is another Swine , Russell but with different outcome. This is wrong. The potential for this storyline is to sell BLk to parents with autistic children. This not about being a fan of anyone. This is about manipulation.

            • made, exactly. Children are very perceptive. Heck, I’m just a viewer and I honestly found myself quite disturbed by Jax’s NOT present interaction with Nick pretending to play blocks with him, while yelling at Ashley in the kitchen. It seemed to me that Nick was aware of this false form of playing. I can’t help but think that he has processed his Moms behavior, the camera’s, the noise, the drama, the drinking and erratic behavior–in the only way he could–at that age. Human beings, babies and children included create ways to cope. I might guess—it’s a primal survival skill.

      • Did you notice how Tree made a point to inquire about that? Nicolas’ verbal skills. She was signalling to the viewers that something was off with Jax story. And Jax was piiiiiiiiisssed. So right after that Jax and Don jumped at the opportunity to deflect when Tree made the comment about Nicholas and Adriana breaking up. On the surface it was a lighthearted comment maybe even a lil sad that the little ones dont see each other anymore because of the rift between Tree and Jax but at that moment Jax desperately needed something divert attention away from the suggestion that she was full of crap about Nihcolas. So she pounced.

        • I recall that well, Made.

          Something relly smells fishy, and I don’t think it’s Kathy, about Nick’s sudden progress. As with anything Laurita, there is a scam involved with this somehow.

          • I agree. Autism is not curable. Fake autism is. And everyone who is in on this bullcrap with her should be ashamed of themselves. Its abusive to Nicholas AND mean spirited and cruel to mothers who actually Do have children with autism.

            • Right on Made. It is abusive. This diagnosis could land Nic in all kinds of situations he does not belong in and that will not aid or educate him in any way. Suppose it is as simple as a communication disorder? What then? He can recover from that diagnosis if it is not severe and without any harm. But why would you insist on autism? Why wouldn’t you move heaven and earth for a very precise diagnosis? If you had breast cancer would you want to be treated for lung cancer? If you were diagnosed with cancer wouldn’t you want a second opinion?

    • Wow i am wore out just reading about your day. Single mom of 5 kids.I am in awe of you. God bless you honey. I think Jax is full of crap. Her insisting on making this a storyline makes me mad. The contrast between her day and yours is mind blowing… also considering that even the mommy stuff she claimed to do is farmed out to a nanny….and more than likely an underpaid nanny too since she is a family member.

    • I am so glad you posted this. My thoughts are with you as well as my admiration. I find Jax’s autism research while she sends her child to daycare is a joke! I don’t belive this woman. I think your post is more reality than all the shows on Bravo combined.

      • Crazygrl00. My heart goes out to you as well as my prayers and admiration. God blessed your children by giving them an angel and a warrior. You are both, and your children will flourish because of your love and commitment.

  11. My son started making all the proper sound until he was 1-1/2. Then he would just make sounds like, UHHH, no words This went on until he was about 3. He was perfectly fine in every way. We took him to doctors and nothing was wrong. Of course, this was the 70s, so autism wasn’t a diagnosis. At 3, he started speaking perfect sentences. My mom said I was the same way. My son is now a Nasa scientist. I’m not saying this is Nicholas, but there are just different levels for different kids.

  12. So, an osteopath diagnosed this baby’s disease? Not a specially trained pediatrician? Not a doctor affiliated with a top rated university hospital? YIKES.
    Remember when DonCaro went to some doctor about menopause symptoms? He lost his license shortly after the show aired and he was not a gynecologist or a physician with some type of hormone specialization.
    With all their bankruptcy frauds and Chris not able to get a real job, they are pushihg this Blk crap. And they are linking this Blk crap to help with autism.
    JAXASS IS GARBAGE. JoeGo, Call the Lauritas/Manzoids garbage – not your sister.

    • The problem is not that he was a Osteopath, I work with osteropaths and they are ecellent drs who do thesame residency as MD. The Problem is as i see it he isnt a Pediatrcian or any kind of specialist in autism or devolpmental spec. I am in agreement this was a BS diagnosis but this dosnt mean Jax is lying or faking it she is being BS’D and to stupid to understand it.

        • Yes she is. She threw Ashlee to the wolves. She is facing serious consequences re:the bankruptcy and Nic is her golden ticket should she face jail time. Autism = get out of jail free pass..

            • Kid looks like he is bout sick o his mommy’s crap.
              27 Nov Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

              Aww! Someone is not feeling so good today. :0( Time lay down & watch a Frosty the Snowman w/Mommy.

            • Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

              Aww! Someone is not feeling so good today. :0( Time lay down & watch a Frosty the Snowman w/Mommy.

            • Hope the original dx was backed up by experts at some point.

              Too bad Bonnie Grippe is private on twitter, because she would be blabbing all over about it. That lady was a trip, blowing Bravo’s practices up all over the net.

            • Oh yes. They got over to her house right quick and in a hurry when she got to talking just a wee bit too much didn’t they. Oh to be a fly on the wall that night. I dare say her husband was fit to be tied for sure. Someone SHOULD do the same for Jax. Let a publicist take over her twitter account.

      • Right, lisa, could be that she is just too dense to question anything. I have such a hard time thinking that someone, especially in the public eye, could purposefully do something so despicable which involves their child. As we know, a true autism dx is a detailed process, involving numerous specialists as many have stated. Jac can’t unring this bell…..where is the Momma Bear in her?

  13. I’m sorry Jax is a mother and she cannot be absolved of her responsibility to do what is best for her child. You are all reasonable women would you allow this person to diagnose your child? If Jax was spending huge amounts of time researching autism she would also by now have learned the optimal method for finding the best diagnosticians. This doctor is not the person who should rigorously test and examine Nic. My advice to any parent is to treat this diagnosis with respect and all due caution. Do not jump into it but treat it with great consideration.First and foremost this is Nic’s diagnosis and should be treated with privacy and respect not trotted out for the Bravo cameras. This is not a subject for entertainment but a child’s future. I say with all due respect for everyone’s opinions but Jax knows better than this and her child deserves the proper attention, testing and diagnosis. IMO this is not some backwoods hillbilly (no offense) but a woman with access to information and in NJ the best autism specialists in the nation. You don’t eat spam when you can afford filet mignon. Jax and hubs can eat out at STK , don’t cast shade and tell me she can’t find a team of Doctors to diagnose Nic. Jax is not gullible as she is shady. This is the NJ equivalent of the marriage counselor who who was helping swine and Russell. Who would take a chance like that with a child?

    • I would insist on seeing a devolpmental Peditrician and other specialist a osteopath or even a Md may know about autism but he/she is not a expert or up on the latest treatment plans.

      and for the record i can afford filet mignon but i lloooooooooooooooove me some fried spam dipped in mayo. When we have natural disasters here or power outages spam,toliet paper and rice fly off the shelves ;)

  14. Chris Laurita ‏@chris_laurita

    Just walked in my house and Nick looked right at me waved and said Hi! He just made my day!

  15. 38 minute s ago
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

    I caught Nick practicing his cry in front of the mirror. I assume they must be practicing emotions at school. ;0) Hmmm

  16. dec 3
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

    It’s really hard2b patient&make my son request things using beginning sound or word 4every little thing he wants ALL day but it is working

      • I dare say children his age that are not autistic don’t use words EVERY time to request things. Especially if they have older siblings around that translates for them. There was always a fair amount of pointing and grunting going on when mine was a toddler. So I would say that an autistic child would get VERY distressed at this tactic. I cant imagine that a specialist would recommend that.

        • You are right MP, my mom use to babysit a 2 yr old when he wanted something he just grunted and pointed at what he wanted. At home that what he did with his mom. His mom didnt try and work with him and get him to say cookie,milk whatever. My mom being who she was(no patience) wouldnt take the grunting and pointing and in a very short time she had him saying the words for what he wanted instead of grunting. His mom was amazed
          she had thought something was wrong with him when in fact that how he communicated because no one worked with him to teach him.

          • My son’s pediatrician tried to say it was my fault when my son was speech delayed. It turned out he had a conductive hearing impairment. It really sucked to be told it is your fault that your child isn’t meeting milestones. He didn’t grunt, though, he made up his own hand signals. So, I started using sign language with him. The speech therapist at the Early Start Program encouraged this. She said that language is language and the development of any language skills builds neural pathways in the brain.

            • Mother’s of autistic children used to be blamed for causing their child’s condition. They even had a term for it: “Refrigerator Mother”. How tragic for these poor women to be blamed and labeled.

            • I havent heard that term before why call them that?
              Its wrong BTW autism is no ones fault I know Im preaching to the choir here.

            • I think Sigmund Freud and his blame mommy first attitude is responsible for this type of thinking. ;-)

            • My co worker who is a nurse got blamed for her Daughters failure to thrive when all the test came back negative The Doctor told her he was going to call CPS on her because obviously she was not feeding her child correctly It never dawned on the Doctor that she and her husband were between 5ft and 5ft 2 and perhaps the child was just going to be short like the mom and dad were.

            • Doctors are sometimes real a-holes. My brother was born 2 1/2 months premature and was plagued with health problems as a child. One Dr. took it upon himself to lecture my mother about the frequency and severity of his illnesses like she was neglecting her child without ever considering that the fact he was a premie baby MIGHT have something to do with his health issues.

            • I agree Lisa, 100%. My daughter was run over, physically run over when she was 7. My neighbor backed up over the top of her when she was retrieving a small plastic car that was floating down the gutter. She was knocked down, the tire ran over her stomach area and she got up and climbed out from the front of the vehicle. The u-joint dug into her head on the right side and left a gapping hole and took off most of her ear. Thank god for the water, mud and leaves in the gutter, they say thats what cushioned the car going over the top of her. She is perfect today but had a head injury and when I told the doctors she was having problems remembering things, he told me it was me who was nuts. Well she had swelling in the brain and yes, she lost her short term and long term memory at 7. He never listened to what I said. He just knew he was right. Thank god I decided to get a 2nd opinion and ended up with a wonderful doctor who dealt with the issued I was explaining. Today, after many reconstructive surgeries to the side of her face and ear, she is healthy and beautiful, inside and out.

            • Oh my gosh, what a horrendous experience, dsuea. I’m so glad your daughter is all right today…bless her heart. There is nothing worse than your children being in pain. Hugs!

            • It was a terrible 2 years of surgeries and neuropsychologists and starting from square one with her I am a single mom so that and working were trying but we all made it and she is perfect today.

            • Dsuea, that is so terrifying. I cannot imagine the fear, trauma and anxiety So happy that your daughter recovered and is doing well.

            • Thanks she is my miracle child. I know that doctors sometimes get it wrong, trust me, my daughters 1st one did. I have a healthy happy daughter today thanks to a great referral from a wonderful nurse.

            • That is a miracle. Also your diligence and refusal to accept less than the best medical care for your daughter was a huge factor. Sometimes we have to keep searching but I am sure being a single mom made handling everything a challenge. Nurses often know the real skinny. I am so happy for you both.

            • Both your daughter and you are very lucky. I’m glad that things turned out the way the did. You did the right thing pushing until you got the right answers about the difficulties she was having. Bless you and your daughter!!

            • In this day and age, if a diagnosis doesnt sound right, get another. Thanks we count our blessings every day

            • OMG. You must have been so afraid. I could never imagine. I am so happy that your daughter is ok. My little one just got out of the hospital tonight after having her appendix out. That seems so small on what you had to endured. God Bless you D

            • That must have been very very scary time for you and your daughter. I am glad everything turned out ok for her. She had angels protecting her that day for sure.

          • My point is that that is NORMAL. And children do not need to be tormented to grow out of that. Your momma was not a miracle worker.

          • Lisa that sounds just like my youngest grandson. He didn’t talk until he was almost 5. He just pointed and made sounds and my daughter and her husband gave him what he wanted. Their other son talked at 2 years old. The Dr. told them he would talk when he was ready. my daughter did try however, he was just stubborn. But he could climb. he was always climbing onto the cabinets and even the frig. Today you can’t shut him up. :-)

      • Jacaloon is absolutely NUTS. You better watch what you say, all mothers have to have PATIENCE. You are no EXCEPTION. You are forcing a child to do something he just doesn’t want to do. Watch out for DYFUSS

    • I don’t get it. She makes it sound like he CAN talk, but WON’T and she can insist that he talk. She makes it sound like a battle of wills or a matter of discipline. I don’t know how autism works, but I didn’t think that it was a matter of a refusal to communicate unless forced to do so. I wonder how she “makes” him use sounds and words.

      • I took it that if he wants something he has to ask for it making the sound of the word. I think that he can’t receive what he wants until he does this. I don’t think she’s using a shock collar or anything.

        • Again pardon my ignorance on autism but can you “make” a child with autism speak and ask for the things they want?

        • The child is only 3 years old, what do they expect of him. Not all children talk at age 3 the same not all children are potty trained at age 3. i think she’s putting too much stress on the child. leave him alone. he will talk when he’s ready. You can never compare one child to another. He’s regressing out of frustration and he has his own mind. JMO

          • You know Barb that makes sense I bet he is shutting down out of frustration hell at 50 I do that. How old was Einstein before he spoke something like 7 and look what he accomplished.

          • This tweet of Jacaloon’s disturbs me. It reminds me of that anecdote that Prince Albie related about the mother of an autistic child (who we all now know was Jacaloon) who gave her autistic child blk and he began to “behave”. They seem to think that autism is a behavioral problem.

            • I only hope that someone extremely knowledgeable with Autism reads some of their crap and rips them a second a——h. How can a parenting magazine allow her to write for them when she knows nothing. For this they should be prosecuted.

  17. I dont know if Teresa really changed deep down in side…considering what she was like in the first two seasons. At one point I found her all those things people say she is. Danielle is not perfect but I feel she is a better person than Teresa from what I see. I dont think Tee is a bad person-atleast not now. But if she is playing it nice for the cameras that would suck, she portrays a different person now and it is nice. The main problem I have with the other women- Caroline turned against her for a cookbook? no,no I dont believe that. Well atleast I dont know anybody that wouldn’t call the person up eventually and let them know how much the comments hurt. Why play chicken and hold your nose up in the air. If it were me and I was that offended by some comments made in a book and magazines, my so called friend would be getting a call from me and it wouldn’t be pretty. To claim that you were friends with someone for 10 years-that friend should mean that much for you to apologize if you offend. And the offended party can give their two cents. Caroline doesn’t have to forgive if she doesn’t want, if she is hurt and she feels she has a right to be then no one can take that away. But if your going to bash someone for hours on tape instead of picking up the phone and letting them know your true feelings- then you have no business walking around like your Al Pacino from scarface. Teresa apologized, maybe she was sincere-maybe she was not. But it takes a big person to swallow their pride after someone has called them all sorts of garbage to get up and apologize. Teresa eventually apologized to Danielle…so this hateful bitter person that everone sees has displayed something that I have not see in any of the women. She has said something that I haven’t heard from any of them either-she apologized. This is why I am feeling T the past couple seasons, she is showing that she is trying. And for some people who think she wants to save face, she is sure doing a good job. Unlike the rest…so hateful and bitter that they would rather focus on destroying another person instead of making theirselves a better one.

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