BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Kyle’s Jealous of Yolanda/Kim Friendship… Shana’s Book “In Poor Taste”… Apologies to Kim… ANOTHER “Wait ‘Til Next Week”!!!


RHOBH Brandi Gerard

The episode starts out with Lisa  defending me at the dinner table for STFU-gate. It’s funny that all of these women act like the f-bomb is the end of the world, yet they all rock it out on a lot of occasions.

I believe Kyle is more upset that Lisa is defending me then she is upset about what I said. Kyle seems jealous of the friendship between myself and Lisa and wants Lisa back as her BFF. Besides Lisa, Yolanda and Kim, I see a lot of competitiveness among this group of gals. They may all have books and millions of dollars but I don’t have either and this book deal is a huge accomplishment for me.

Taylor’s issue with me having a book is just off because the last time I checked its been four years since my split, and my ex is fully capable of defending himself if need be.

Taylor wrote a book immediately after her husband’s death, and I believe the timing was in poor taste.  NOTE:  We are ALL in total agreeance witchu, Brandi!

Now back to the drunk gymnastics. One thing I have always been able to do is put certain issues on a shelf to deal with at a later time for the sake of a situation or the others around me, so that’s what I did so we could all have a little drama free fun.

Finally viewers get to see us girls happy and letting loose and really understand that at times we really do like each other.   NOTE:  We’d rather watch Carole Radziwill play croquet on a continuous loop than watch the RHOBH chicks play badminton.

I do regret not being a little more sensitive to Kim’s sobriety with all of our wine, shots, and shenanigans, but after the night before I think we all really needed some drama-free fun. I apologize Kim.

I really enjoyed letting loose with this group because in general I am a really fun happy person and don’t like drama-filled BS that usually comes with these women. But as we all know I have the Glanville temper and sometimes (most of the time) just can’t help myself.

The ride home from Ojaii was going fine until Kyle brought up the STFU-gate. . .I wasn’t in the mood to argue and I tried my best to put it to bed before it got out of hand.

RHOBH lisav shana limo

Well it gets out of hand but that is next week.

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  1. Right on, Brandi! How is calling Camille a f***ing liar at dinner any different from telling Saw to STFU? Kyle is a jealous attention ho!


  2. I agree with Brandi. Why did Kyle have to spoil the peace they were enjoying on the ride back by bringing up the F-BombGate. I felt for Brandi right there and then. I could feel her heart almost a la Teresa Guidice…. feel my heart. On the other hand, Brandi, really you have to pick your fights. I know you are on the side of right and justice, but sometimes our advantage is not always advantageous. Get it? Hang tight.


  3. Kyle is just plain jealous of anyone whose happier than her i/m/o. Jealousy is an U.G.L.Y. thang! It does ugly things to unhappy people. & when you think about it , that’s one of the funniest things. Even with Kim’s (past) drinking problem, Kyle still seems to be jealous of her. How bad does your life have to be to be jealous of your sister – with a drinking problem? I’m sure she loves Kim in her own way, but it’s amazing what envy will cost you.


  4. It is so obvious Kyle is jealous of Brandy. She is young, pretty, fun, likable and BFF with Lisa. I see why she hates you!


    • Kyle is just plain jelly. Kyle chose Shana over Lisa. Birds of a feather stick together. Kyle’s schtick of starting arguments in the back of limos on the way home from events is so old.


  5. The way Brandi admits to not having a ton of money is so refreshing. The women from all of the seasons spend SO much time and effort acting as if they are made of money when most of them aren’t. Take a lesson ladies. Viewers admire honesty more than money (at least this one does).


  6. The mere mention someone made on the Bravo site that BH was being taken out by Atlanta, is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Talk about no class, talk about Atlanta. You’ve got three or four decent women, but that large white blonde woman, aint one of them. I love Brandy, and our latest woman, Yo…..well she’s not brought a lot of drama and even if her husband has a million golden globes, he’s still weird…………keep BRANDY! Do not let her ex and his new wife take over BH, they dont’ own the damned city!


  7. i like Adriene and her husband. I dont mind Brandi but she is a bit strange in her reactions from time to time. Short fuse etc…
    But dislike Selfish Kyle and Old Fart Lisa and the big lipped mouth old woman.
    Oddly enough I like Camille, she seems so normal. And the new woman is just so nice…almost too nice for this group
    Just sayin ..had to get it off my cheat lol


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