ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… A “Why Bother”… Promises NEXT Episode Is “Intense”


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What an episode! First of all, it was nice to get away with the ladies and connect outside of Los Angeles to celebrate Kim’s sobriety.

The dinner party in Ojai was a bit tense and heated after Brandi told me to “shut the f— up.” My intentions were to simply ask Kim why she was upset.  Brandi’s language was completely inappropriate and made everyone feel uncomfortable, however, I accepted her apology and we moved on with the weekend.

I must say, it was nice for all of us to spend the day driving around the grounds and racing with each other in the golf carts, it was really fun and a great way to enjoy the day without any bickering. Also, a mud bath with seven other women is not exactly my idea of a relaxing spa day, but Kim did say it was the “clay from God” who can say no to that!?!

Conversation over dinner was a little unusual, but at least we were all getting along. By the end of the night we were even letting loose and having some fun arm wrestling, doing gymnastics — it felt like a real slumber party.

Unfortunately, Brandi is looking for a fight and I am her target of the moment. I’ve been trying to get along with her and not engage in unnecessary drama.

Next episode is intense, stay tuned.

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27 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… A “Why Bother”… Promises NEXT Episode Is “Intense”

  1. I think Adrienne is full of it she is super sneaky and devious her jealousy of Lisa is plain for all to see and she plays her husband Paul like a fiddle I was horrified by what he says to Brandi next week.


    • completely agree duchess… although i am pretty sure paul is now getting a good look at her true colours in their nasty divorce….


  2. Okay I know Camille used a surrogate and for some reason I was under the impression that Adrienne used surrogates too. In the episode Adrienne said she had c-sections. Anyone know if this is true?


  3. oh yes Lets celebrate sobriety but going to a place getting stone drunk and doing cartwheeels and showing our Suzies for the camera Yup thats how I would celebrate a friends sobriety.


  4. I still maintain for someone to be raised in opulence and high social situations, Adrienne sure does not know what’s appropriate behavior.


  5. Well, I wonder how long her book will be. I was feeling uncomfortable at home in my PJs on my own sofa after she announced to the ladies that she had a book deal too! …nothing … crickets … Even showed her holding out her glass but no one was willing to toast. Ad’s getting the bad edit for certain.


  6. @april & @cherrylipgloss-I read some comments on here & I believe other blogs about Adrienne using surrogates but I read an interview with her (a while back) & she said she had c-sections & discussed her pregnancies so I guess it was ppl just assuming or something. Anyway, Im getting sick of all these HW’s writing 2paragraphs&calling it a blog. There are a couple tht write decent blogs but dang! Ik Bravo edits them but by the look at most of’em-they dont need2edit PERIOD. Adrienne seems2try&portray herself as the 1who every1attacks or is against for 1reason or another-I dont like that about her-Ive always liked her til these past couple episodes.I didnt understand why she thought Lisa should apologize2her.Im sure some1told her Lisa sold stories2ROL&she totally believed it bt she shouldnt have aired it @the reunion. For heavens sake, Lisa was her neighbor-She could have walked over2 Ls house&saved all this drama.Idk wht Brandi’s prob is w/A-A got her on the show bt I dont understand wht happened after that.


  7. I bet Adrienne is mad as heck to know that Brandi & Paul are getting along now! B tweeted Paul a couple hrs ago about a Dr referral he gave her 4 a “boobie problem” (which she has the surgery on the 12th-I believe).


  8. Saying Uh-Oh, someones crying isn’t the same as asking Kim why she was upset. If her intention was to check on Kim, then why not quitely ask Kim to go to the ladies room instead of making a scene? Ad didn’t seem to concerned when Kim did go to the ladies room! The fact that she can’t own up to starting this whole stfu-gate, and take some responsibilty for her own actions by being a buttinski, makes me dislike her even more.

    Reasonable people – maybe I wouldn’t have been told to stfu had I minded to my own business.

    Ad – Brandi telling me to stfu made everyone uncomfortable and came out of nowhere! I didn’t deserve that! How rude! All I was doing was checking on my “friend” by loudly announcing that she was crying and implying that Brandi was being mean! Nothing inappropriate about that!! Brandi OWES me an apology!!! I didn’t do anything!!! I’m Ad Maloof! Queen of the world!!


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