SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”: Baby, Let’s Cruise… Scammin’ On The High Seas!!… With Shana… UPDATE: Cruise Cancelled!

July 22, 2012  9:30 am   UPDATE December 3, 2012

If you were planning on sharing intimate moments with Shana/SWINE/Shaft on her March 2, 2013 cruise… along with her Mother and Dr. NoSocks… you’re outta luck!

Shana’s very exciting cruise plans have been cancelled postponed!    Received the following from a SH reader:

Thank you for your interest in the sailing with Taylor but unfortunately we had to postpone. I will keep your information and should things change I will be happy to contact you.

As mentioned on SH July 24, 2012… Shana was tryin’ to get her cast mates to join her.  Guess that plan tanked, too…



From SH reader “skidly”… sung to the theme of “Love Boat”…

Scams, exciting and new
Come Aboard. We will be grifting you.
Scams, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats away from you.Scam Boat soon will be making another run
The Scam Boat grifts something from everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.

Love won’t hurt anymore
It’s an shady deal on a friendly shore.

Shana is now taking the route of has-been TV sitcom ‘stars’… hosting a cruise!

                                                                         Lisa Vanderpump, Shana…

As a Participant of this Special Group with Taylor Armstrong you will receive:

  •  Readings from Taylor’s New York Times Bestselling Novel “Hiding From Reality”
  • Taylor Armstrong will take you behind the scenes of her reality television series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
  • Taylor discusses Beverly Hills on a Budget/Living in Luxury without Breaking the Bank
  • Beauty Tips with Taylor
  • Fitness and Dieting Tips
  • Private Cocktail Reception
  • Photo Op with Taylor Armstrong
  • Taylor’s Book signing Personalized for all participating passengers

From the official release:

The week-long cruise hosted by Armstrong focuses on wellness, fitness, empowerment, enhancing friendship, family ties and personal relationships and takes a look behind-the-scenes at reality TV and the Beverly Hills lifestyle.  Each participating passenger will receive a complimentary copy of Armstrong’s Hiding from Reality, personally autographed by Armstrong.  Armstrong’s interactive activities with participating passengers include discussions, readings from Hiding from Reality, workshops, small-group breakout sessions, group onshore excursion and cocktail reception.  The once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience makes stops at exotic Mexican Riviera ports of call Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas.

 Armstrong said in an official statement:

“Come sail with me on this fabulous seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the ms Zaandam to work on our tans, learn how to get in shape, talk about last season on my TV show, enjoy the savory meals an activities on board and actively discuss and explore our personal growth, so we’re living well and loving it!”

Jamie Unger, Group Sales Manager at CruisesOnly added, “It is an exciting opportunity to work with Taylor Armstrong to offer participating passengers the chance to share in Taylor’s experiences while focusing on many avenues of personal growth,” said Jamie Unger, Group Sales Manager for CruisesOnly.  “It is always rewarding to be able to plan and promote unique cruises, especially offering travelers “backstage” access to the world of Hollywood and the opportunity of empowerment to enhance relationships.”

(Thanks to SH readers “KateH” “PDM” “Jonquil” and “S” and “anon”!!!)

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  1. How else would she isolate a bunch of dumb people into one place? What a great way to round up a bunch of shana sympathizers (aka easy marks) w/ $$ to throw away, so she can con them w/ her sob stories. She probably figures at least a few of them will end up investing in her schemes, or maybe a rich husband.


  2. This piece of shite, grifter will continue to scam, steal, LIE and manipulate as long as there is somone that will pay for crap like this! Shanna is Not charitable, this weekend in Denver she is scamming money by being the keynote speaker at event that supports True Victims of Abuse. She is being paid a Healthy Sum of Money to sell her nasty, book full of lies that is nothing more than a plea for sympathy and money. She is NO ONE to Give Advice to Anyone on Anything, Period!

    How to live the Beverly Hills Life Style on a Budget?? Are you Freakin Kidding me??
    1. Rent a House in the 90210 Zip Code, Rent Furniture to Look the Part. (Don’t worry about paying for it, you will figure out a way.
    2. Beg Wealthy BH women to be your friend. They will invite you to wonderful parties, take you on lavish trips and connect you with people who will help you scam the money you want! (wink wink)
    3. Through a lavish party for your 5 year old…$60 Thousand should do it! This will make you look like a great mom! Look sad because your husband is treating you badly (trust me on this…it will pay of later!)
    4.Buy counterfeit Berkin bags and other fake designer labels…so you look the part
    5. Hire a publicist, booking agent, psychiatrist and get on a Reality show to build your brand
    6. Rember to scam it and fake it until you make it


    • No doubt that while she’s in Denver, she’s having fun with her newly separated lawyer John Bluher. She’s such a snake, and he must be an idiot. I feel sorry for his family and the humiliation they’re going through.


  3. OH GEEEEE what do you suppose happened to cause the cancellation…better yet what lame excuse will Swine come up with.


  4. Obviously, there was little to no interest in people wanting to spend any time with Traylor-Park. If Tayliar cared at all about domestic abuse and her charity, she would take all of the abused women from the 1736 house on the cruise for free. They could use a vacation in the sun to get away from their troubles…


  5. Do you think she would have given a class on how to fit into a suitcase?
    Beauty tips? From a butt-ugly inside and out person? No thanks.


  6. I would be interested(well maybe not) to see if people would pay to see her speak in a forum or something and pay that 200 bucks. Frankly i would pay 2 cents to.


  7. I usually look at Taylor and think “I despise that woman……”.and I could go on and on, tearing her apart, chewing her up and spitting her out . Then sometimes I just stare at her and ALMOST feel sorry for her,sorry as in -MY GOD, WHAT A LOST SOUL!


    • lol. I guess so. I need to go on a cruise but would never ever go on a cruise with SWINE. My papaw is funny when my dad and step mom come back from all their cruises with pictures and stories talking it up and telling him how he oughta go sometime. He just scoffs ” Why would I want to go on a ship? I aint never lost nothin on a ship” I reckon it is sorta silly for them to think he would want to entertain himself on such a vessel seeing as how he was on a submarine during the Korean war. Yep, I reckon he has just bout seen enough of ocean. No matter how bad a day he is having with his dementia he never forgets how much he hated his Navy submarine experience. He did tell me once about the nekkid girls on the island. I don’t think he minded that near as much.


    • Day One, Cruise Schedule.
      Beauty Tip # 1: At any of our port-of-calls in beautiful Mexico, why not drop in at a cosmetic surgery shop and get a few injections in your face, lips, neck, wherever you want. I find it much more affordable than Beverley Hills and no request is ever turned down! Make sure you’ve had all your shots first, tequila that is … to take off the edge. Then come back on the ship and show off your new fabulous look. We’ll take pictures. Promise!


  8. Wellness Tip # 1: Always carry a good pair of running shoes with you (a soft pair can easily be stuffed in a Birkin bag …. I know, I know it doesn’t have to be a real Birkin, I get it). Once while visiting a park in San Diego I was literally chased by a group of baby ducks or ducklings. It was ridiculous, and I nearly sprained my ankle. The worst part is I almost (emphasize almost .. whew!) broke a heel of one of my beloved Jimmy Choos. Yes, real Jimmy Choos. Gosh, you guys are a tough crowd. People at the park were murmuring something about IMPRINTING. Anyhow, long story short … Ducks behave erratically around me and if it can happen to me … Just saying.


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