NENE LEAKES: Nene’s BravoBlog… Nene Says She’ll “StaySilent” Re This Episode… BUT…Goes After Kandi!


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Silence is golden, speaking out can be freeing, lies can be damaging, and laughter makes the heart grow fonder, which is what I like to do with these ladies, but I can’t say they do the same. Some of them take themselves too seriously and others, well, you have two good eyes, so I know you can see these ladies for who they really are!

I’m choosing to be silent about most of this episode, because there’s a few things about NeNe that you might already know, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m very loyal to those that are loyal to me, I will keep it real with you because there’s no reason to lie, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I can honestly tell you that I wake up every morning with my heart in the right place and that is why I always land on my feet!

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There are things that were shown in this episode that I don’t agree with. Kandi speaks negatively about me once again: lies can sometimes be damaging! Kandi has no idea who my friends are other than Cynthia, what business relationships I have, and to be honest, she doesn’t even know me that well. It’s simply human nature for two people to meet one another and not really click, but let’s not speak about things we truly have no knowledge of!

Kandi can’t name one person I’ve ever befriended for a reason, because there are none.    I’m the type of lady that doesn’t look for friendship. If one develops, then I welcome it. Kandi loves to say she’s been in the business for 19 years and has accomplished so much.  I wonder why I didn’t befriend her. Kim befriended her for a song!  Maybe I should have befriended her so I could walk around all day with balls stuck in my vagina!

Kim storms out of the brunch: free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last!

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43 comments on “NENE LEAKES: Nene’s BravoBlog… Nene Says She’ll “StaySilent” Re This Episode… BUT…Goes After Kandi!

  1. Bless the poor child, NeNe’s done got Carowhine-itis, she’s writing about herself in the third person. Gimme the damn shotgun, so I can put her down before it spreads to the rest of the cast…..

  2. Nene girl who are you trying to fool, it is you who takes yourself too seriously, which is why you talk a certain way around your black friends, but around Andy or Ryan Murphy, you talk another way…oh that’s just you being fake again. And you do befriend people you want to be Team Nene. Exhibit A: convicted felon Marlo Hampton, and you dump people who don’t declare themselves your friends and your friends only, ie Sheree and Derek I, not to mention you’re jealous of women who are richer than you, in money and life, like Phaedra and Kandi, who actually had an actual resume pre Housewives. I know for sure Nene has a ghost writer now. She can’t even get through a whole sentence without screaming, let alone type her. I can not take her seriously.

  3. I think this new found hollywood fame has gotten to Nene’s head. She needs to simmer down with the ego and be humble. The higher the climb the quicker the fall. THe new normal can be cancelled or she could be written out at anytime. Nothing is forever honey. Keep your ego in check Nene… should take what happened to Kim as a lesson instead of vindication…bloop bloop.

    One need only look at Jill Zarin to see what one becomes when the lights are off boo.

    • Amen to this, ITA. She does NOT have her ego in check, and quite frankly she’s driving me crazy.

  4. Kandi is a hater the only difference is she is sneaky with it just like Phaedra. This season both Kandi and Phaedra are getting on my nerves, Kandi with that fixed (Joker) shit eating grin she has permanently plastered on her face and her constant sex talk is making me feel sick. Phaedra when she outright lied to cynthia instead of apologizing immediatley they both sneaky biotches.
    I agree that Nene is getting a little above herself but no more than that monkey with a wig on Kim who is just a greedy lazy self entitled heffer.
    Cynthia I am liking this season, I really do not like Gregg he is seriously over doing it in his wooing of Nene it almost seems fake and when he was kissing her toes I almost threw up. ( There is now way he would a get a key!!) he seems to be getting on nene’s nerves too.
    As for Porsha there are no words she has taken Cynthia’s place as being the dimmest housewife.
    Kenya is straight nauseating, Walter looked embarrassed when she went on and on about Apollo, I noticed Apollo seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. My advice to Kenya is get another make-up artist as she looks to me as though she could fry a bucket of chicken with the amount of grease that is on her face.

    • Yep. I used to like Kandi more than any of them. But she turning out to be one of those people who says whatever she wants with a big smile on her face. Pay attention to those types. It takes a long time to realize their faces are nice but their words are not. And lady, Bravo is making you look like a fool with all the sex talk nonsense. Being a lady suits Kandi so much better…leave the trash talking to Kim.

    • Something about Kandi has been really really annoying me this season too and I can’t put my finger on it. I just kinda tune out her sex talk but I found myself being really annoyed when she invited Kenya on the trip. And the way she grins no matter what she says is driving me crazy. Now when I see her all I see is Ms.Lawrence doing his Kandi impersonation. I don’t see anything too bad about the new man unless Ms.SH had some info on him that I missed. But I do hate the fact that she thinks she is so reasonable and smart yet when you just look at her track record with men she doesn’t always make the best decisions.

  5. Oh and I gotta give Nene points for comment on not befriending Kandi. Love Nene…hate Nene…shes right about that one.

  6. I CANNOT stand people who refer to themselves in 3rd person. It is such a blatant way of trying to be above everyone else. YUCK. I must admit though, Nene is funny at times and has some pretty good one-liners. Kandi and them ‘kegel balls’ GROSS…how the hell do you get em out??? That is just wrong!!!

    • Right or wrong, I kinda like Nene too. But I dont care enough to defend her. Im sure she has done some sucky things, too. But personally, Id rather spend my lunch hour with her than any other AHW. I dont think she has taken this silly show too seriously. And I dont watch the New Normal, but at least acting is a career and a goal. Its easy to have someone invent a certain kind of condom then slap your somewhat famous name across the front of the wrapper. Kandi should stick to music…she is super talented. I wish she had never gone down the whole sex toy road. Why, Kand? Just why? Does the world need more of that crap?

  7. Maybe I should have befriended her so I could walk around all day with balls stuck in my vagina!

    That was funny. Sit yo ass down, Kandi!

  8. Nene always cracks me up. Yes she’s become more fake as her hollywood career has taken off, but I love her damn commentaries! lol and the face she made when Porsha said “265 days” was priceless. She’s right about Kandi and always right about that trashy hooker Kim.

    I do also like Kandi and I think it’s amusing that she and Nene just don’t mesh well together. I don’t like how kind she has been to Kim, though Kim said last night on WWHL that she and Kandi aren’t even speaking now. Kandi apparently “really upset” Kim by accusing her of stealing the baby name “Kash”. I totally believe Kandi, as Kim lies about EVERYTHING. You all know Kim probably told the ladies way in advance incorrect dates of when she could still travel.

  9. I still love NeNe. Yes, she’s changed- I see her five minutes of fame has gone to her head and it’s disappointing, but I still like to cock my head and squint and look and search and sometimes find (and love)the old, real NeNe!

  10. Kandi , she can not talk about anyone with a motive .
    Kandi has had sex with the producer that was over the group she was in too get a head ,please
    and with married men as well .
    Kandi is so fake and would do any thing for a doller .

  11. NeNe needs to look in the mirror and see what a jerk she has become. She says she has arrived, I am wishing she would pack it in and leave. I am tired of the huge ego and the screaming over everyone when they talk. She isn’t a star of anything. The new normal is in the bottom of the ratings and its NOT THAT GOOD. She also needs to wear shoes that fit her huge feet. Its disgusting to see her wearing heels that are too small and her feet are hanging over the front and back. She just has no class

  12. No way did Ghetto Nene write that blog; she can’t even think without using her ghetto talk. Of course she hates Kandi; Kandi is extremely happy right now and successful and has a great guy in her life plus a paid-for home.Nene can only dream and hate.

  13. I still look forward to watching NeNe & her one-liners & those funny facial expressions. I was never crazy about Kandi & this sex toy business just made me like her LESS! Eeeeeeewwwwww
    As far as Kim, her laziness really gets on my last nerve. I never see her lift a finger!!! This is her 4th pregnancy for pity-sake!!! Did some fool tell her that she shouldn’t do anything the whole pregnancy!? Fakedra, I new she was phony from day 1. I get a real kick from Cynthia calling her out on that lie. LMAO!!!!!!

    • I agree with most everything you said, except I did used to like Kandi before her sex obsession. Just weird. What’s with Phakedra’s new hairstyle?

  14. it’s very interesting to read nene’s blog and kandi’s blog together. very classic example of two different perspectives of a situation too bad they can’t realize that!

    • Good idea. But they may both be the types that can only see things from where they stand. They may not even have the desire to see anything from the other’s perspective. Some personality types only understand (or even want to understand) what fits them, their ego or their agenda at the time. But you make a very good point.

  15. I don’t understand why NeNe is still doing this show, but then again, I wonder why Kim left the show and why Bravo gave Kim her own show. All these ladies seem like one-woman-shows and they can’t stand it when they are together and have to share the fame sandbox.

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