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Hello everyone! I got so many tweets during last night’s episode. I’ll try to address as much as I can.

First let’s talk about the fun stuff! BEDROOM KANDI! Well, our BK kegel balls are called “Hold On To Me”. You can get them here:

I do my best to try out all of our products. It’s not about being some sex-crazed maniac. Bedroom Kandi is a business and as a business woman I want to be able to answer a question if someone asks me about it.  Phaedra is someone that I consider a friend, and she’s open-minded so she’s definitely a person I can ask for help, advice, or an opinion that I would respect. On top of all that she keeps me laughing! Love her!

OK so let’s talk about the drama  stuff that I can’t seem to avoid. First, my comments abou Nene.  All of NeNe’s fans were mad at me. They were saying I’m jealous, I’m two-faced, I’m hating, etc. LOL! Whatever! I am not jealous of Nene at all. I’m very happy for her success. I’m definitely not two-faced, because I have been very honest about my feelings towards NeNe all along.

RHOA Cynthia Dummy arrow

Clearly NeNe knows how I feel, because you heard Cynthia say that, “NeNe doesn’t understand why you don’t like her.” I think it’s a bit much to say that I don’t like her, because I don’t have any dislike for her. I just think that I’m very guarded when it comes to her.

Kandi on Anderson 11.12.12

I hate to even blog about this, because I’m sure it will do nothing but cause more drama, but I’ll try to give you some insight on where I’m coming from. I think she plays the women of this show just like chess. NOTE:  If anyone has played a game of chess with Nene, please send details!!  Nene is more of a “checkers” player… “King Me, biatch… I’m rich, VERY rich”… I’m an observer. I just sit back and watch. When people think I’m not paying attention, I am. NeNe is a smart woman and she plays a game to benefit her at all times. There’s nothing wrong with that. I find it funny how over the years she’ll dog somebody out for doing the same exact thing she has already done or said, as if she has never done or said it. And then everyone starts siding with her as if they don’t remember the bullsh– she did or said.

It frustrates me when I get people tweeting me asking, “Why do you feel that way about Nene?” I’m like, did you just start watching RHOA or something? She’s been making snide remarks about me since I first came on the show. I’m one of those people that if we start off on the wrong foot, then you’ve pretty much set the tone for how it’s going to be, and clearly she and I started on the wrong foot. I try to be cool, because we are in the same circle. I know that we’re going to be around each other a lot, so I’m always cordial. Overall I respect NeNe, I just don’t deal with her too much.

marlo hampton  charles grant  rhoa

Anyway with all that said, when I made the comment about her having motives when she befriends people, well, that’s how I feel. I’ve come to that conclusion over the years. Example: when she first heard about Marlo coming around, she was highly upset. I saw it with my own eyes. She was pissed. It had been in the blogs about her possibly dating Charles Grant (Marlo’s ex-boyfriend), which was something NeNe always denied. I guess she felt someone was trying to be messy by bringing Marlo around, and I understood why she could feel that way. Anyway NeNe went from being highly pissed to befriending Marlo overnight. It was clear she didn’t want that Charles situation brought up. So befriending Marlo would definitely stop any drama  before it starts. Smart move. As I said, she plays chess with these women. I could add more examples, but no need. You should get my point. I actually felt like at some point she and I were getting along a lot better. You’ll have to keep watching to see it.

kimz kramer

OK let’s move on to Kim. I haven’t talked to or seen Kim at all since what you saw on last night’s episode. Kim and I have had a shaky relationship ever since the whole Tardy for the Party drama. People always ask, “Why do you never go hard on Kim like you do with NeNe?” Well Kim and I started off on the right foot. We became close quickly. Our daughters  had become good friends, and we were taking multiple trips together and had lots of fun. I have made a vow to myself that I will never fall out with friends/family about money. So when she first came to me and said her attorney felt she didn’t have to split the royalties with Don Vito (the producer) and me, I was caught off guard. We never signed an agreement giving her rights to release the song. We could have easily had the song pulled, but I was like whatever at the time. I didn’t want to fall out about money. The problem was this became the topic of every discussion. So of course it became a problem. Then when she asked me to do the next song, Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing, I did it, but I was going to charge her up front instead of just agreeing to split whatever came from sales, which is what we said we were going to do the first time. She didn’t want to pay up front. You may get over once, but never twice. So I would never allow her to release the song. That’s why you never heard any more about it. That for me made the relationship more awkward. So the communication became less and less.

Nene Kimz arrow

When we had the disagreement about the trip, it wasn’t about the fact that she couldn’t go overseas. I don’t want you guys thinking we’re crazy for wanting an 8 month pregnant lady to go overseas. That wasn’t the frustration. The frustration was because SHE gave those dates that were supposed to be approved by her doctor. So a few of us passed up on other opportunities to make those dates work. On top of it all, she was still going on vacation on those dates, just not with us. It would have been better for her to just be honest and say she didn’t want to go from the beginning. Clearly she doesn’t want to be around us. Whenever she does come, she’s barely there. At that point we were all done. Why keep asking someone to be a part of something that they really don’t want to be a part of?

kimz baby
So like I said, I haven’t talked to her since then. As far as the name Kash was concerned, I didn’t even know until it came out in the press that she named her son Kash. I didn’t talk to her  about it, because I haven’t talked to her period. I don’t know where she got the name, but I definitely know I didn’t get it from her. Everybody in my circle was shocked to hear she named her son Kash. Of course they all felt she stole it from me. I was hot about it at first, but then I thought why care about a name for a baby  you don’t even have yet. So it was kind of silly. A friend of mine that knows both Kim and I was saying that she didn’t get the name from me, and that it was just a crazy coincidence. Who knew we thought that much alike? I guess it’s a Taurus thing. #TeamTaurus LOL!

Much Love,


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55 comments on “KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi’s BravoBlog… Nene Plays The RHOA “LikeChessPieces”…Nene Plays Games “AtALLTimes”… ‘Splains Kim’s Record Deal…And Baby Name

  1. I love Kandi, and I love the snowflakes even more SH LOL.

    Kandi shouldn’t have to explain herself about Nene, simply because Nene hates on Kandi. Just like on the finale of S4 and on the reunion: the situation was never about Nene trying out BK, it was about Nene showing her support for Kandi, but when someone doesn’t support her, oh, they’re a hater, well excuse me Ms. All of the Sudden Boogie, that’s something you’ve been since Kandi got on this show, a hater. Kandi has her opinions, apparently Nene does too, since she can’t help but to have something negative to say about everyone who doesn’t kiss her behind like Cynthia, so it is what it is.

    • I have to agree with you about NeNe. She hates everyone who doesnt do or act the way she demands. NeNe is a self centered, egotistical ass. If someone doesnt agree, she just tries to talk over them. I like Kandi. I am not really fond of the sex toys but atleast Kandi is pleasant and NeNe is always attacking her co-stars verbally. She says terrible things about them while only praising herself. As NeNe now says, I have arrived. NeNe, don’t let the door hit you were the good lord split you.

      • Me too Laceys. She has talked smac about everybody except Marlo because she was afraid of her, and here she comes again. I am so over her and someday somebody is gonna smack her upside her head and I am going to lmao at that!…I know it sounds mean & I am not…but I cant help it lol.

  2. As always Kandi leads with class, something NeNe knows nothing about. I agree with Kandi, NeNe does nothing unless it benefits her. And with all her success she still hasn’t learned the meaning of humility. Her constant put downs of the other girls, is getting very old, & just makes her look like she is just really envious & a lowlife. I hope they don’t renew her contracts n The New Normal or Glee, this is not a woman that should be representing anything to a younger generation.

    • ITA. Kandi is too classy to just say Nene is ghetto. Kandi has seen Nene’s scary behavior and has correctly decided to stay away as much as possible. Kandi is the smartest chick on this show.

    • Yeah, that Kandi’s pure class. Always talking about dildos and kegel balls and other vulgar sex talk. Her mama must be right proud. Pure Southern refinement.

      • Her Bedroom Kandi site is pretty unoffensive. Nothing there is anatomically correct looking which means there is nothing that looks as NeNe would say, like a huge double-headed DEEL-dough wagglin’ at chu. The raciest named item is “Tickle His Pickle by Dr. Sandi Allison” in a tasteful purple and black box with gold lettering, so I have no damn idea what it is. I’d say that would appeal to Phaedra. Didn’t she do those pregnancy photos with dill pickles? The site is all very tastefully done and tres, tres chic, which means it ain’t cheap.

        • Well, we do have sweet tea which but I must eggmit that Kandi learned me something I’d never heard of, putting sugar in a snatch……I think I’ll retire quietly now

          • Sex toys may not be your thing, but I dont think Kandi’s interest or sale of sex toys extends to being classless. I always thought of class as the way you treat others or how you carry yourself in certain situations. I have always seen Kandi treat others with respect and she always seems to be truthful and honest in her dealings. Kandi lets the unimportant stuff go. She never gets to loud in any situation, Imo I would say she’s classy.

      • What is wrong with dildos and kegel balls? Class has nothing to do with it. Can she talk about feminine hygiene? Periods? Bras? where do you draw the line. It’s her new business so of course she will talk about it.

        • There’s a time and a place for all of that talk. Nene understands that, and Kandi doesn’t. All Kandi’s talk about sex just makes her look tacky and desperate. JMO, and I’m sticking to it.

          • Hers,
            Would you say the Africa Safari trip was the time & place to talk about nothing but & wear nothing but high end fashion & Louboutins (sp?)? Nene’s talk of it in front of people who had real issues on their plate just looked tacky & desperate IMO. YMMV.

            • @SDHS86 — No, a safari is not the place for high end fashion and shoes, I agree with you. But my comments were about Kandi’s sex talk, not about safari, fashion, and shoes. ???

              • I dont wanna hear about the bedroom gadgets either. The shoes, clothes, etc…thats kinda why I started watching these shows. See how the other half lives. ‘Cept I didnt know at the time…most of the other half is in bankruptcy. Seems like a good time to say I found a pair of gorgeous, real Jimmy Choo sandals in a thrift store for $2.95. Apparently the other half gives away alot if good stuff.

  3. Kandi, we as viewers do not know the behind the scenes story regarding you and NeNe. We only see what Bravo wants us to see. Therefore; this is why most viewers (me included) feel why are you hating on NeNe when it clear that NeNe is attempting to move forward and make situations work.

    Now, I say this to you the SAME way you give Kim a chance you should give NeNe a chance to “change” but, it doesn’t (well what we have witness from these episodes you are not) look as if you want to try (I don’t know, are we missing things). If Kim is “suppose” to be your friend, which I believe she was ONLY your firiend so you can write her a hit song (looks like that part of her plan worked) she would have split the money without having an Attorney speak on her behalf.

    However, Kim is the one who got you and not NeNe…because when you said that NeNe befriends people who can do things for her…well, it’s look that is Kim’s MO. At least with NeNe you know what you get…with Kim…you get constant lies….after lies…after lies! And what’s sad you know how Kim rolls! However, you still want to call NeNe out; as a result, it’s hard to me to believe there is something deeper on why you won’t give her the passes you give Kim.

  4. Im not sure WHAT to make of Kandis having a bigger problem with Nene than Kim. It seems like the Nene issue is much more petty than the whole song royalty/ attorney involved Kim business. What all because Kandi and Nene got off on the wrong foot and Kandi and Kim didnt? Kandi, havent you ever disliked someone at first…only to change your mind after you know them better? I get it…even after you got to know Nene…you didnt like her. Ok. But this whole “off on the wrong foot” excuse is nonsense. Doesnt Kim owe you more respect than Nene considering you two actually liked each other from the start? Nene may have snarked at you from a distance, but Kim flat out betrayed your relationship. I will take the person who snips at me from the start over the one who sweetly smiles then takes me to court. Maybe thats just me.

  5. I like both Nene and Kandi most of the time but it doesn’t bother me that they don’t get along. They just got off on the wrong foot and were never able to fully release the tension between them. It happens. I still think Kandi is too lenient with Kim. I’m hoping the fans can convince her to give Kim a verbal smackdown at the reunion the way she went at it with Marlo last season. Speaking of Marlo, I remember hearing that the producers brought her in because they were hoping she would fight with Nene, but then Nene messed up their plans by “befriending” her and Kandi just confirmed that rumor.

    Kandi should understand a real friend would never screw her out of money and lie to her that way. Kim is shady and a “trashbox” as Nene once called her. Why bother being friends with someone who breaks your trust?

  6. I tweeted kandi last night re her friendship with Kim and she responded that her and kim hadnt spooken since last night episode I found it sad bc Kim disregarded their friendship as if it was nothing bc of a baby’s name…poor kandi I hope she sees the error of kim’s ways..

  7. Kandi I really like you but enough with the sex. I understand it’s a business and HW provides a great platform but use social media or anything else. I think it puts you in a very bad light and you must think so to too some extent or you wouldn’t explain it. Here you sound like the Kandi we know but on the show it comes across as sleaze. It is all in good fun but it has gotten old.

  8. i really like kandi, and i love nene. i was stunned that kandi let kim screw her like that and remained friends with her. friends should never mix business, ever. i think kandi has done very well for herself all on her own from a very young age, she has made wise financial choices and has lived way under her means which is rare in these shows. kim used her and her talent and then tossed her aside. with nene you know what you are getting, and i can say qith all honesty i would love to go party with nene, she would be a hoot. i wish kandi and nene all future happiness and success.

      • Yeah and all the haters are mad because Marlo was brought on to fight with Nene? So Bravo wanted Nene to fight with Marlo…but Nene turned it around and befriended Marlo. I say HA! Its about time someone played Bravo at its own game! Good for her! All you HW oppressed by the slavery that is Bravo should be cheering her on! she didnt let Bravo tell her who to hate! Are you listening, Kandi?

  9. Kim is a user. She made me absolutely sick when she said she felt claustrophobic in a 5000 sq ft home.

  10. Kim tried to blame her bad behavior on Kandi saying she stole the Kash name, That’s crazy. Kim didn’t pop that baby out till after the fact. Also she didnt know that Kandi was gonna mention that till right before it aired.

  11. I’m not sure why anyone could think she is jealous of Nene, doesn’t Kandi have grammys? How could she ever compare her accomplishments to Nene’s and feel anything but superior?

  12. I can’t remember at this point, but wasn’t the fact that NeNe and Kandi got off on the wrong foot due to that song, Tardy for the Party? Because Kim initially wanted NeNe to do a duet with her and then backed out and somehow NeNe blamed Kandi for that too? All their fights are like stoopid junior high school mess.

    • Kim didn’t want to sing DBTFTP, she wanted to sing another country lame song, Nene talked Kim into singing the DBT song and Kim asked her if she could please sing with her on a duet because it would be better and Nene could hit some of the high notes that Kim couldn’t, Nene agreed.
      Kim, being the user she is, aprroached Kandi to ask her her opinion on both songs, Kandi agreeed that DBT would be a better fit and Kim told her that the song was meant to be a duet with Nene, Kandi told her that there was no need for Kim to include Nene at all and that she would help her produce the song by herself. Kim started recording by herself, Nene heard about it and confronted Kim and Kim told her that Kandi has suggested that she do it by herself. Nene was upset because it was the song that she had chosen and Kim had offered her to do them together. Kim told Nene that Kandi didn’t like her and would rather produce the song with her as only singer. nene told Kim that she was not a good singer and would never be able to pull the song off by herself.
      Nene confronted Kandi about the crap she was talking about her and Kandi told her the famous line “I am going to leave before I blow up on your ass”, end of the story.

  13. I am not buying that b.s. Kandi is selling..Kandi is not that clever, I guess she doesn’t remember when Kim put her arse on blast about keeping her daughter following her fiancee;s death. How can she possibly read Nene’s or anyone else’s mind. She wants to really piss Nene off by stating what Nene is thinking and Kandi can’t do that, how can she speak for Nene. One of the personal things I despise is when someone tries to tell me how I am thinking or how I am feeling. Kandi is insulting. My point is she is willing to eat Kim’s shit and I don’t know why. Kandi maybe Nene has evolved and you would do well to get your mind out of the gutter so you can evolve too. Funny how everyone takes shots at Nene but Nene “be” winning.

  14. So let me get this straight.

    Kandi is upset because the producers brought Marlo to mess up with Nene and Nene turn the tables on them and befriended her? LMAO
    Is that all Kandi has against Nene? Of course Nene was upset that production will purposedly try to mess with her but being the smart woman she is, she licked her wounds and turned the table on them and became Marlo’s friend. How does that affect Kandi? why it even bothers her?
    Kandi, if I had a “friend” whom I traveled together with, whom I produced a song for and whom was suppossed to have my back, I would be 100 times more upset with her betraying me a and talking crap about me and my house than with another one who has never claimed to be my friend.
    Kandi, are you mad because when you came to RHOA Nene was the only one who didn’t suck up to you and made you feel special? LOL

    Unbelievable, Kandi’s complain that Nene is playing RHOA like a chess is nothing to be ashamed of, yet all the things that Kim has done to you, including swindling money for a record, are things that you can forgive and forget, Fing unbelievabel!!!

    • Id say thats pretty much what Kandi is saying. Let me ask you this, Kandi…..If you knew Bravo was bringing someone on the show, and you had been on the show since the start, who was coming on to cause you problems….what would YOU do? Is it so wrong for Nene to have befriended Marlo? What, because they dated the same guy once upon a time? If I recall correctly, didnt we see a scene when Marlo first came where Nene invited her to lunch…to nip the whole potential drama in the bud? Whats wrong with that? Ya know…Im starting to think that someone is beginning to regret letting Bravo lead her around by the nose. Why else would this bother her? Kandi, are you mad that YOU let Bravo tell you who to like (Kim) and who not to like (Nene)? Bet it sucks being stuck liking Kim…Kim who had her lawyer screw you out of your hard earned money, Kim who is never around to repay you for having her back, Kim who quit the show. But, somehow, in your Bravo soaked mind….Nene is worse.

      • Exactly!!

        So am I to believe that if the Bravo producers would bring Todd ex girldfriend (the one he was living with before he moved straight up to Kandi’s house) to be the new castmember or housewife friend that Kandi wouldn’t be upset? Of course she would.
        Nene and Marlo turned the tables on production and forced them to redo the story line that they had planned, the one where Nene and Marlo are bitter enemies and fight to death destrying themselves in the process (ala Teresa and Melissa), instead of that Marlo had a problem with Sherre and Kim, not exactly what Phaedra and Kandi were hoping for.
        Kandi is so shady and irrational with Nene, yet she is so forgiving and nice to Kim that is seriously makes me wonder why? why an intelligent woman who doesn’t lack in the cattiness department goes full force against one castmate who hasn’t done absolutely anything personal to her, but on the same token turns a blind eye and minimizes the glaring flaws of another castmate who has messed up with her money to the point that lawyers were involved? It just doesn’t make sense at all. JMO

  15. Kandi, Is upset that NeNe is smart and stays on top. I think NeNe played it smart being Friends with the person who she was suppose to fight with !!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim mad a fool out of Kandi and she still can’t see it – It must be hard being so blind?? Kandi used to take care of the men she dated and she still taking care of her now boy friend. When kandi was in that singing group she was known as the suger mama and still doing the same thing. I say NeNe is a smart business lady and trying to make a good life for herself – good for her. Kandi is jealous of NeNe – but the reason have not been told yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m really sick about her talking about Sex/Toys all the time it’s getting really old! And why does she continue to talk crap behind Nene’s back but not say to her face?

    • Smalls vs. Talls Do you remember that?

      Most people with any experience will not speak to a Moose directly in their face. It can get confrontational. Not a pleasant experience for anyone…least of all the wild Moose. ;)

  17. It’s so funny how , with all these HW shows , none of them have women that all get along. Nice to each others faces sometimes yes, but catttty & gossipy like a bucnh of insecure little girls. So few are able to stand up on their own & be themselves with out hating on another. It can get pretty funny, but it doesn’t speak very well for us (females) does it?

  18. Kandi is the only person on the whole show who will actually tell someone what she thinks to their face. I like Kandi. She’s the only truly successful woman on the show. I thought it was smart to start her Bedroom Kandi line. It’s a money maker. She was/is a single mom who has a daughter to raise. Good for her to maker her money and not look for a rich dude to hang on to.

  19. I think Kandi gives NeNe too much credit; NeNe might play checkers with others, but never chess IMO. The NeNe drama stemmed from NeNe wanting to sing with Kim on Tardy for the Party and Kim said no.

  20. If you go back to Kandi and Nene’s first interaction, Kandi was giving her all kinds of crazy looks, Nene even commented on it…Nene also called Kandi ghetto (to her face) which Kandi didn’t like…So between Kandi’s looks and Nene’s mouth they didn’t mesh…It wasn’t one sided as Kandi would like to present…

    Kandi never owns up to her behavior, but wants to provide indepth analysis of Nenes…Kandi if you take ownership of your own hating – I’d take your critiques seriously…

    Between that and the way you’ve allowed yourself to be ridden and dumped by Kim ..and still excuse her behavior – I don’t have any respect for you…

    At least Nene doesn’t allow herself to get played…If what you say of her motives with befriending Marlo are true (which you have no proof of)…that makes Nene a boss – who turned a situation where folks were trying to take her down..completely around.

  21. You have to eggmitt , sometimes when people get played , it’s their own fault. Sometimes it’s just the mean girl in the HW coming out. But once the other HWVS realize they’ve been played, if they keep going back for more, that’s on them. If someone makes you look like a fool once that’s their bad , but you know the saying, “Fool me twice”…The whole birds of a feather thing could apply to that as well. That said I agree NeNe can be pretty funny. Not trying to defend anyone Jus’ sayin.

  22. I don’t think the NeNe and Marlo situation is a good example TBH. She gonna have to come with something better then that one. I do agree NeNe was making snide remarks about Kandi from the get go.

  23. So I guess y’all saw that big sh!t eatin grin on Kandis face when she announced having invited Ms USA on the trip. And again as we watched Cynthia squirm when Ms USA asked her if she was invited. Way to stir the pot, Ms Innocent. So NeNe foiled the plan with befriending her. So you try it again with Cynthia? Now you, Kandi, want us to believe you are innocent in the NeNe conflict? You dont give the viewers enough credit. I think you are going to lose big time on this one. Maybe not Jacqueline/Caroline level lose…but you definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. I would like to know one thing. Who REALLY left NeNe out of that assinine anthem “Tardy for the Party”? Was it Kim or was it Kandi? Ive heard two different stories. Either way, NeNe should be thanking someone here.

    • Bood question Park. Now that you put it thata way…. Kandi iced NeNe and Kim bout got her neck rung on Kandi’s tour bus. It all seems so much more devious now.

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