CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro on AndersonShow… Don Caro Talks About “Death Threats”… AND About The New RHONJ Season!

DonCaro from the Real Housewives of New Jersey was the co-host on today’s AndersonShow.

Caro on Anderson blk arrow

DaDon was there with bottles of that black stuff front and center!

RHONJ blk pg

DaDon explained that during last season of the RHONJ that the Don seen was not her… that was the “bad” DonCaro!

AND… of course, DaDon can’t go nowhere without her BOYZ!

BEFORE and AFTER the AndersonShow..


DonCaro was pushin’ her book, too…

caro book

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179 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro on AndersonShow… Don Caro Talks About “Death Threats”… AND About The New RHONJ Season!

  1. Who sends death threats over a silly show? I guess people who idolize Turdesa do, but still… it’s just a show.

    • I have seen death threats over a show not with the cast but with fans who didnt like what a Producer did to a character and they sent death threats, or death threats to a actor who played a character. Case in point on Law and Order SVU when Mariska Haregety when on Maternity leave her temp replacement(the Actress) got Death threats in snail mail, she left after 8 episodes and still recieved threats for a time after.

    • Anderson must really be desperate for a co-host for the few remaining episodes of his cancelled show!

      But don’t worry, Hoosha! Nobody would have made any threats against DonCaro — she’s obviously just made that up in a desperate attempt for sympathy after her disgusting behavior last season.

      In truth, the only person who may want her dead is Fat Albert (apologies, Bill Cosby). Hmm . . . I wonder why there’s no “Brownstone Sauce” sitting in front of her?!?

    • Who sends death threats, and violent threats about little girls over a silly show? I guess people who idolize Carolies and MeHo-ho’s do, but still…it’s just a show.

      • You would be surprised who sends death threats, Its a new word since Twitter and FB are now the Norm.

      • Caroline is so crazy. Seriously this woman has very serious issues. To call others out regarding the twitter fights and social media bashes. Look to your own backyard hypocrite! Doesn’t Lauren engage with folks on twitter and get involved in twitter fights?
        What about the Don and mini D making racist remarks on twitter? Practice what you preach Caroline Manzo.

        • FYI Hoosha in case you were referring to my comments watch the vid clip (labeled death threats and go to 31 second mark) . Caroline discusses social media. what a hypocrite!

      • This comment here (of Mine) was a response to Hoosha up top. The point is…don’t you realize that those that have sent threats about Teresa and her little girls, and I would be willing to bet death threats also–to Teresa, come from those who idolize MeHo-Ho and Jaco and Caro-lie-n???

        • Exactly..I’m sure Teresa and her family receive threats..but she doesn’t go crying to Anderson Cooper about it…Chuck is such an annoying whiner..I can’t believe people buy her tough Italian mama crap.UGH

        • Sending Death threats are wrong period but unfortunitly is it very common
          Some fans take things to the extreme sometimes..I have seen it with the HW and other Fandoms.

          • I think the death threat thing is a bunch of hogwarsh. I doubt very seriously that her youngins lives were threaten. Just like Danielle’s wasn’t when Ashlee told her she would go to hell. A death threat starts with “I will…..” All the rest of it is just wishful thinking.

            Knock it off Don.

            • well if she is in fact making it up then yea she needs to stop. But if I recall correctly i do think there was a issue with Lauren but i dont recall it the specifics. I SMH when i see death threats.

              • I dont follow The majority of them what I see is retweets or the outrage of the people I do follow.

              • Social media death threats? Holy macaroni (and cheese). Wanting to kill over a stoopid show (or any show) is ridiculous.

              • Anyone who makes a death threat on social media is a wackadoodle. Making a death threat over a silly TV show is crazy and stupid. The type of person who would make death threats isn’t going to suddenly see the light ‘cuz Chuckie wags her chubby finger and tsk tsks them on Anderson Cooper’s show. I think it was a total sympathy/attention ploy on Chuckie’s part.

  2. Carowhine STFU you are such a liar it’s a shame and AC you are an instigator, Why does Teresa’s name have to be brought into every conversation? It is what it is Carowhine and your true colors came out last year. You are bad. Giving the middle finger all the time really gathered you some points. It seems you recovered real fast from your illness. BTW do something with your hair. Get a new stylist if you have one.

    Ms.SH I thought my eyes were going wacky when I saw those little white spots coming down but no, it’s snow LOL. Thanks for that. :-)

  3. Caroline has been all over the tabloids since the reunion.And now, she’s on the talkshow circuit.I guess she’s doing it all gratis! She is still a judgemental hypocrite.

    • She’s desperately trying to get gullible people to forget how her true character came out last season!!!!!

    • Please explain why Teresa cannot sell stories to the tabloids but Jax and MeGo can. How is it ok for Caro to bash Teresa on Anderson. Pot/black much Caroline?

      • Maybe she just posed for Pictures and the Magazine asked some questions and then made up the rest, Isnt that the excuse Teresa used. ;)

  4. Of course Caro doesn’t like what she saw of herself on screen last season because now mama has a book to sell! And is that snow floating across the top of this website or do I need to get my eyes checked? LOL!

  5. First let me say I wish nothing bad on this woman, her titty baby sons or her arrogant mini me daughter. I hate we keep talking about them n keeping them relevant cause they think they are ALIST celebs. She’s so fake she is exactly who we saw last season. She’s jealous of Teresa n she has caused so much friction for that family. And I didn’t like T until they ALL bullied her.
    Another thing that makes me sick about her is how she tries to kiss celeb ass. I loved when she texted Miss Andy to invite Mike Tyson to her house to Sunday dinner and Tyson says write the check. He’s famous Don now why would be want to have lunch with your old troll sour a$$ n your entitled kids and wacko sister in law?
    Go AWAY!!!!

    • Loved when Mike Tyson brought the home truth to her. I guess the Manzo’s get a false sense of themselves when bimbos like the model with the last name that starts with a T come hang out at da crib free of charge.

  6. I guess I’m the odd woman out on this. I do agree that she was not a likeable person/character last season but I think she has a lot of great advice and is actually a very nice person. I don’t hate Tre so it’s not a Caroline vs. Tre thing; I just think Caroline is a loving mother and very compassionate person. Just my 2 cents.

    • The thing is, Mel, her (frequently unsolicited) advice comes with strings attached — she expects you to DO what she tells you to do and that’s her way of controlling people. Her controlling nature may have been appropriate when her children were little, but it doesn’t even serve THEM now — in fact, it’s made them a national laughingstock.

      Can you provide any examples of the “great advice” you think she’s given?

    • Hi Mel — Caroline’s advice is basic that it’s laughable. Instructing us that fambly is the most important thing is just a step above reminding us to breathe and blink.

      • @Hers–That was a good one Hers! Really, why in the world would she think that anyone would want, or value, her advice? She should take her own advice…”shut-up and listen.” Maybe she should have shut her mouth and opened her ears and taken a little advice from viewers. Carowhine started the fire of Hate on the show and she just kept fanning those flames. In her own words “LISTEN.” Viewers repeatedly asked her to “Please stop with the Hate–the bullying!” SHE got viewers riled up to jump on the “Hate Teresa train” then when it backfired, and she received a backlash, she had the audacity to say “stop the hate on public forums.” What does she think reality television is?
        I’ve lost all respect for Mandersen. It was a joke to hear him say…I don’t take sides.

  7. So CAro is still singing “teresa took my sister away from me” story. I think it is funy how Caroline loves to judge and preach to others about owning their part/bad behavior….YET she never owns up to her part in ANYTHING. You are the reason your siste wants nothing to do with you boo. Dina has said it herslf tat T is not the reason for the rift.

    • I think Caro lives in her own world the only way she knows how. With a finger pointing at someone else , I suspect it’s the only way she can be comfortable with herself. Pitiful really, but I guess being one of 11 kids isn’t as fun as she tried (the first season or so) to make it look. You never know, maybe something came to light , once they were on a national show, regarding Al Sr. & why he stays away from home so much? Sumpin’s up & I think she suspects it , but tries to avoid it.

  8. I I loved where anderson brought in a Doctor to discuss the guest on the panel and DOnc talks over the Doctor and preaches her judgements and unsolicated advice. She can’t even stop herself when she is on someone elses show lol. DonC….no one wants or needs your unsolicited advice. Please fix your own house before sticking ur nose into someone elses.

    Teresa….i know you and your castmasts read SH religiously so listen up.
    DO NOT engage in ANY conversations with Waco Jax. Please don’t let this broad jump on ur back to keep relevant again this season. Let Jacqueline exploit yet another one of her children for a storyline and continue to sip her BLK swamp water. Again T….keep your distance from Waco……don’t even say hi to her as that will invite her to swarm her way into converstation. Smile at her and nod a hello and keep it movin. DOn’t trust that botoxed biatch.

  9. Caroline,
    Your kids maybe not Albie,Chris and ESPECIALLY Lauren, loooooooove the fights on social media. So can it. Also you are full of the poo about Tree. But the most DISTURBING part is that you have raised Chris in such a way that he thought that the 50 shades reading TO HIS MOM was even remotely appropriate. gag a maggot. TO HIS MOM. You get that? You are HIS MOM and you are giggling like a school girl at him reading 50 Shades of Grey to you. Sumpin wrong. sumpin really really wrong.
    And BTW the shtick has been done. Chris aint the next Ellen and again… YOU ARE HIS MOM. Creep factor times ten


  10. Caroline is desperately trying to rehabilitate her “image”. She thinks we’re idiots and don’t realize that what we saw of her on the show last season is the REAL Caroline! She’s such a fake when she tries to be nice…makes me want to vomit. I’ll never change my opinion of this vile woman.

    ITA with Made about her SON reading 50 Shades to her and how inappropriate that was!!! In fact it was sickening and just proves the damage she’s done to her children imo. Anderson Cooper has stooped to an all time low having this on his show.

    • You’re right, she’s frantically trying to do pr rehab.

      No one can forget what a sicko she is, no matter how much she tries. Too bad Carowhine!

      • You would think if Anderson really didn’t take sides…he would of played a clip of Carolie-n, like he did to Teresa. Just one clip of mean Carowhine….Anderson-pick one, any one, just pick ONE! Why not give Don Caro. the 3rd degree? He’s biased…just like Mandy and Windy. He condones Carowhines bullying behavior, but gives Teresa the 3rd degree–like a bully? I use to really like Andersen…Before he got into bed with the likes of Mandy and Kathy gag-me Griffin! How K.G. ever got any recognition in comedy is mind boggling…I guess that’s why she has ended up on Blavo! Anderson has become a trash-talk show wannabee….. NOW, I can’t watch him doing news of any sort since we’ve seen what he’s really like! Maybe he should just stop doing real news, and get himself another biased trash-talk show…..

    • Wow, she’s worse than I thougt. Geeezzz, why can’t these folks ever tell there’s something wrong? I know ego is a strong thing , especially if it’s a false ego , like a narcissistic personality has, but wow! You would think, the ones close to her that aren’t as messed up, if there are any, would say something. I get people that don’t know her well throwing their hands up & thinking she’ll never get it, & there is a good chance she won’t. But if you care for someone don’t you at least try? Geeezz.

    • How could Chris not be embarrassed? SOOO weird!! Caro admitting that he reads that to her to everyone on TV just shows how really strange they all are. She is TOO close to her son. Also her admitting on TV that she did all of Albie’s homework while he was in college is just amazing to me. She emasculates them by making them look foolish and weird. I think she does it subconsciously.

  11. The woman is mentally ill. She apologizes for her behavior and then puts conditions on the apology. Caroline tries to explain it away. Doesn’t seem genuine or sincere to me. How does that shoe feel on the other foot Caroline? You are a bully. You called your daughter an asshole. So I’m pretty sure the public has the nasty slugs number.

    • Caroline’s Motto .. I’M SORRY…BUT…. I have never seen her take any accountability for her actions. Empty apologies.! Isn’t that what she crucified Teresa for?

  12. Didn’t Lauren or Caroline make a comment/threat about a hanging from a tree in her yard to a black woman on twitter not so long ago and insinuate that the woman had AIDS? And, if I remember correctly, DonCaro makes threats herself when she threatened to ruin Juicy Joe. May not be a death threat, but it was a threat.

    It is really sick of people to send her death threats if that is what’s happening, though. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • Yes she sure did about the black woman. She’s a racist and I remember people calling out Miss Andy on it also. Yes she did make a threat to Juicy. I guess she has selected remembering.

      • Yes and now Caroline has amnesia as she attempts to play Miss Manners and lecture about the proper use of social media. This from a woman who verbally attacked a friends child. Threatened a black woman. Threatened Juicy by telling viewers that her husband would destroy Juicy.

        • She needs to save her lectures about social media for her own rotten brood of overgrown sucklings and her dipsomaniac sister-in-law.

          • Ana, I have the flu so I am unable to muster up any witty words for Caro. Thanks for making me laugh/hack/cough! Makes me feel a lil better :)

            • Well, you know, laughter is the best medicine. (I got that off of one of Caro’s motivational posters.)

              • Caroline’s book is prolly a rehash of every chicken soup book written plus Dr Phil platitudes thrown in for good measure.

              • Caroline has nothing to offer. If she were a mature person capable of writing a a book on parenting then she should have had the maturity to act with restraint and control her impulse to scream and bash Teresa. She is under the delusion that mothers look up to her and in reality we do not. She doesn’t have time nor is she capable of rehabilitating her image at this point. Caroline needs to slink away quietly and take her brood of grown tots with her.

    • Hi TV Junkie, not a Caroline fan here but I read those twitter exchanges and Caroline did not suggest hanging anyone from a tree in her backyard. Lauren DID however wish AIDS on the woman who’d been rude to her. The woman made a remark about the Manzos money and Caroline said she had a tree in the backyard. She was referring to having a money tree in her backyard, not a tree to hang the woman. The woman took immediate offense and things got blown WAY out of proportion. Caroline’s innocent on this one, but guilty on so many others :)

    • This is how it went down:

      Lauren Manzo ? @Laurenmanzo
      @gossipguru86 @chris_manzo @carolineManzo time for bed!So happy I can sleep knowing I dont have aids-wish gossip guru could say the same

      Caroline Manzo @carolineManzo@Laurenmanzo @gossipguru86 @chris_manzo not rich have a HUGE tree in yard realtor really knew what she was doing when she sold us the lot!

      gossipguru86?@gossip guru86
      @carolineManzo @Laurenmanzo @chris_manzo U RACIST BITCH so u wanna HANG me from A tree HUH!!!! U WHITE FAT PIG!!!

      • OK, I interpreted Caroline’s remark about the HUGE tree to be related to the “not rich” comment, i.e. money tree.

  13. I can’t stand any pompous tool that refers to herself in the third person…..but it’s really funny watching her trying to backpedal so the “wise” all-knowing, bloviating, Caroline can write her book and have a fat-chance of selling it…..not.

    • Sick of how she talks about herself in the third person. She has been called out for it and she either refuses or is unable to stop doing it. It is seriously weird. What a megalomaniac.

  14. Speaking of BLK water, about a “fulvic acid study” that was sent to some people who had children with autism by the Lauritas. Was this study legal? And it seems like they are positioning themselves to claim that BLK cures autism.

  15. OMG! Why did I read this today, it made me so mad!!?
    1. Chuck says she hates her behavior last season BUT!! she felt justified. huh? not really an apology
    2.Chuck says she “never, never, never, ever” sells stories, “ever” unless it is positive
    3. Chuck says “it’s only a show, no need for threats” but her own children threaten people on social
    media all the time, even other family members if they don’t like or agree with them.
    4.Chuck thinks it cute and smiles sweetly as her ADULT sons read her favorite pornogrophy??!!
    5. Chuck can’t keep Teresa’s name out of her mouth but obviously made a deal prior to show time
    that she would not be answering questions about her own family’s legal issues.
    6. Chuck accuses Teresa of being greedy but uses this opprotunity to push blk and her dumb book
    7. Chuck is TRYING again. She claims she does’nt care about her appearence but she clearly realizes
    after last year that she needs to revamp her image is she is going to sell her old lady buttinski
    book, so she showed up with an outfit and attempted a hairdo. fail.
    Chuck go away. We know you and your spawn read this and we think you’re full of crap. Don’t go on Andy’s BFF’S show and pretend that your fambily and crew dosen’t start b.s. on twitter all the time. I have seen BBG challange people on twitter before. You’re kids are obnoxious and you have said some really vile things too. This laughing ,sweetie smile, Mommy you tried to portray today is a joke. If it’s only a t.v. show then quit talking about it and stay off of twitter and maybe I’ll belive you.
    Why won’t Anderson ask about Jax bankruptcy or Baby JoGee or The letter Dina wrote about Chuck? I am so sick of only certian people getting the hot seat.

    Chuck you suck!
    Anerson so do you !

        • Sweaty Rosie was truly disturbing with her crazy threats. Andy Colon should have tossed her out of the building on her sweaty ass after her psychotic rant even after LapBand The Lesbian Whisperer calmed her down.

          • Amen Ana. How about Jax screaming I hope you go to jail to Juicy ? Yet the Lauritas dirty dealings are off the table? Caroline literally screamed you are garbage to Teresa?
            Says my husband will destroy Juicy while Big Al snores away ? How about how Caroline treated Gia at game day? She trashes a child? Caroline says Teresa is whoring out Gia at the reunion? Wrong! Caroline is a miserable hag.

            • Carowhine is miserable. She clearly is NOT a happy person. She was clearly miserable this season on RHONJ and it was miserable to watch her. No happy person acts the way she does and says the things she does. She needs to leave the show with her miserable self and take her rotten, useless, annoying offspring with her. OOooooooo, betcha Caro thinks THAT was a threat.

              • I stopped watching last season and am angry that Carowhine’s bad behavior with a Bravo contract. Who wants to watch nasty and vile ? x3 since she has to include her children. I am disgusted.

              • Yes. The Manzoidification of the show is disgusting. Chucky is bad enough, but when you add her band of indolent degenerate progeny and their gay Kato Kaelinesque BFF it is makes me want to puke.

  16. I have lost all respect for Anderson Cooper he used to be a legitimate reporter now he is just the same and Bravo Andy. Once he came out (which I could care less about) he changed to yellow journalism

    • I am wondering if Anderson and Andy are boyfriends or something because why is Anderson suddenly having them on his show ALL the time? Really weird.

      • I thought the same thing, too that they may be boyfriends especially when they went on vacation to Croatia together this summer. I know that Kelly Rippa and her husband were on that trip as well, but it was just too weird. Maybe Kelly and Mark were covering for the Andys? I agree, Anderson Cooper did change. He is morphing into Andy Cohen.

        • Hmmmm. Ms Mandy, Ms Cooper, my husband and me…on a vacation. If I were Ms Ripa..Id be more than a little concerned.

  17. I think her kids are just a symptom of what’s wrong with Caro. If you listen to the things she said over the past seasons, she keeps saying “Thats who we are” or “That’s how I am” or How she’s made…blah blah… Anyway I think she has to define herself with something outward/outside of herself. She’s Big Al’s wife & the kids mom , which when Al isn’t coming home at nights & the “kids” are in their 20′s that becomes a problem. How to define herself now. I think she though she’d like the national spotlight but it’s becoming clear that she can’t really define herself that way anymore. She needs to be something by herself not just something to this little group. For someone like Carowhine, I think that’s a problem. That why she resorted to finger pointing to try & define herself by insulting others (Danielle & Tre).

    • She has all the products she needs in her CATFACE SALON or whatever it’s called. All she has to do is have her lazy daughter bring her some things if she ever goes to work….or she can jump into her high priced vehicle Big Al bought her.

    • I don’t know if it is possible to fix her hair. She is rather, shall we say, follicle challenged? Oh, who am I kidding, the b*tch is about bald. She needs a wig or a weave or something.

  18. I happened upon the comments about Caroline’s book on Amazon last week. If you haven’t read them, do. She is one hated woman. I was shocked by some of the comments and I’m not easily shocked. I think that’s why she’s desperate to change her image. She knows her book is going to be a major flop. Too bad, Chucky! You should have thought about that when you allowed us to see the real you last season. Nobody wants to buy your crap.

  19. I must be delirious because I could swear that I read it here (and elsewhere) that she and Jax were NOT coming back for the next season. What happened??????????????????? These slugs that keep crawling back to the next season (when we were assured they’d be gone———remember hearing that Shana would be “faded out” after about 3 shows? What happened to that? It’s taking far too long to make her go away!!) is irking me to no end.

    • Two things happened:
      1)Nicholas’ “diagnosis”
      Both will be used as story lines next season.

      • Makes me sick that Jacaloon will use that child for a storyline. Something tells me she will also use him as a human shield. Any criticism of her and it will be “oh, how could anyone pick on a poor mother of an autistic child….”

        • It makes me sick that the PRODUCERS and DIRECTORS and ANDY PANDY COHEN are allowing all this CRAP to go on. JACOLOON should be gone. She can fake sleeping on the show and not get called out about it. I’m sorry but I do not think Nick has Autism. I do not think he was evaluated correctly and I DO NOT THINK SHE SHOULD BE GIVING ADVICE to anyone about Autism and especially the effects of BLK SLUDGE. I don’t know why the FDA OR THE AG’S OFFICE has not put a halt to her.

          • Her bloated gin blossom face shoulda been canned after she skipped the Season 3 reunion and drunk tweeted the details of the Season 4 plot line. Autistic child or no autistic child. Hey, hey, ho, ho. BubbaJax has gotta go.

              • ITA Ana Bubba Jax has gotta go. Nothing says concerned mother like totally devoting oneself to twitter and abusing alcohol.

              • Too right Ana. That would be my priority. I scrimped and saved to pay for speech, ballet lessons and violin lessons because a very good friend suggested that D would benefit from all of the above plus private pre-school. (Of course all of this x two since youngest D deserved the same opportunities!) I was lucky if I could afford more than one bra! But know what I wouldn’t change a thing! Jax has very few of the behaviors, qualities and pursuits I associate with Mothers wiho have special needs child(ren) Personal indulgence isn’t on their radar. Yet they deserve it far more than Jacaloon.

          • I totally agree with everything you said. Next time wacjac feins sleeping she should put her thumb in her mouth, that way there is no room for her foot.

      • Those 2 story lines suck. Using your son for your own gain is dispicable and I will not watch it. Using Sandy as a story line is also dispicable. PEOPLE ARE HURTING GET A FREAKEN LIFE COHEN YOU SUCK.

        • I will personally write to anyone and everyone about the autistic storyline. It does not belong on Bravo and Jax is exploiting her son to have a bravo storyline. I truly question the child’s diagnosis and the rather odd timing of the reveal along with the claims regarding BLK water.

          • I just wish these parents would keep thier kids off the show until they reach the age they can sign their own contracts, Nothing good comes from having them on the show or even dicussing them or parading them around for cameras none of them should have a story line period.

          • The Jac storyline should be about her shady 55million dollar bankruptcy, NOT her child’s autism. Jac and her husband are disgusting individuals, They are using their child’s illness as a storyline so they can stay on the show and pay their bills. I don’t understand how these people can sleep at night. Maybe when Nick grows up, he will be mortified that his parents used him this way.

      • You’d think that they’d have other “housewives” lined up since Caro declared she wasn’t coming back and Jax was fired over a year ago. That’s crap that they’re relying on storylines revolving around people that should have been GONE already! (not mad at you, made, of course!!)

      • pj: I’m sure SH has the scoop, but they’ve been all over the internet, blabbing about being filmed already.

  20. Hey Anderson,
    You do know that Don is a Republican dont che? You dont? Well now that I have made you aware of this fact you can go on ahead and climb out of her anus. I wouldn’t want your very public association with a republican to damage (ahem) your career(ahem) as a “respected” journalist.
    You’re Welcome,

    • Her worthless spawn kept saying that nobody knew who they were voting for and that people might be surprised.

      Did Caroline say someplace how she voted?

      If she is, that should make her poison to Anderson, as you said. Right wing views and left wing tv personalities do not mix well.

      • She has been just as tongue n cheek about it as her criddofer and almost as transparent. And you KNOW momma Manzo aint gonna allow one of her spawn to cancel her vote. I think its funny to watch them try to walk that line. Actually its aggravating. Grow a backbone Don. Dont be a’skird.

  21. The Don never expected to fall so far. She really was popular for two seasons. This is what cockiness and arrogance will do to you every time. She had the nerve to say whatever she wanted..not realizing that people were starting to pick up on her biased opinions. Unfortunately for her, she noticed this too late. And Im not sure she gets it now, either. See, she thinks she is dealing with the backlash of Teresas army…but really, its just the general Housewife public. And I dont think she gets this…even now. Its easy to understand why fans of her nemesis would dislike her…thats only natural. But the nonTeresa fans? Ouch. Why would they have a problem with her unless she really fell from grace? I think the only potentially interesting thing this next season could bring…would be to watch the Don try to wiggle back into the viewers good graces. But she cant even do that unless she realizes WHO she has offended. I will say she has been somewhat successful in shoving Jac, albeit willingly, into the negative spotlight. There is always the possibility that Jacs upcoming behavior will be so egregious (sp?) that the Don will look like Mother Theresa….no relation to Saint Teresa BTW.

    • I think you make a great point! I am by no means part of the Teresa Army. I used to really like Caroline, she was a nice change from the bitchy plastic surgery disasters. I used to really love Teresa too, she was silly and had the cutest girls. Both ladies did some really disapointing things. Carolines constant negativity and the way she singles out people for punishment while never truely recognizing her faults is what ultimately turned me against her. Her children , who I thought were really funny at first, started with all that FEBUS stuff turned them off to me. She starts to apologize in a way and always ends up justifying it with “that’s just me”. I think she really belives that statements like that will really pull her through. Like we are going to hear that and say well at least she’s honest. How can she be honest with us when she is not being honest with herself. The honest truth is she’s a mean, spiteful, hateful women who wants to punish anyone who takes the spotlight off her kids. I think it’s funny that in S1 that they tried to portray Teresa as the stage mom when all this time it’s been Chuck. Parkview you’re right! She doesn’t get it, if she did she would never had allowed her BOYZ to read her lady porn to her on the air. If you can’t see something like that is inappropriate then how can you gage anything else in “reality” world?

      • Yeah and I think people used to tell her how much they admired her relationships with her grown children. Hence all the parenting advice. But now, its crossed over into creepy. And really, folks, is it all that shocking to have a good relationship with GROWN children? The three GROWN CHILDREN act like teenagers, so I think in peoples minds they thought of them as teenagers. So if they were teens, maybe a good relationship would be a little more admirable. But shouldnt we expect good relationships with our GROWN children? Now its pretty clear their relationships arent so much good as they are weird….

          • You can have a wonderful adult relationship with your children as they grow into adulthood. They will always be your babies but now they must be treated as adults. She is scary because she can’t seem to keep her hands off the boys. That is sick. She moved to Hoboken to be near them when she has a beautiful home in FL. Something is very wrong with this picture. It’s as though she doesn’t have a husband any longer or did she ever? Gifts, money doesn’t buy happiness Carolyn. You can put up a good front but deep down you are hurting. I suggest before you give advice you seek advice from a counselor. You need it. Your son reading your porn to a National audience today crossed the line. Get help!!!!!

            • Barb you said it so well and I heartily concur. What a wonderful and insightful comment. it is important to have healthy boundaries with adult children and Caroline Manzo does not.

              • Well said. But I don’t think she knows herself well enough to get any of that. Even if it was said to her face. I think she has to hide behind the mom & wife card because that’s all she has. & yeah it’s sad but I really don’t think she knows any other way. Can you imagine being a fly on the wall at the Manzo house. You’d be bored to sleep in a matter of minutes. If your kids tiptoe around you (won’t stand up for themselves) & your hubby finds reasons to stay away, how is that working for you? Funny that she can’t or won’t see that.

            • If Albie and Chris wants to be a man than they should act like one. A woman doesn’t want a titty baby.

              • I think they are afraid to cross Mommy Dearest for fear they will be cut off and have to get jobs to pay their bills. It’s nice when Mommy pays them all. She is compensating for a loveless marriage. That is sad. It seems she has no woman friends her own age. She has to have her hand in every pot. Please people don’t be fooled, she has to give herself advice before she can give it to you.

              • Caroline also can’t take responsibility in her own actions. If you want to be a “boss” than how about taking that smug look off your face and focus on the positives. I always pictured Caroline as un-happy, so if she wants to redeem herself, it’s the right time to do it. And as for Albie and Chris, it’s time to take their balls and do something productive and be independent.

              • Interesting how Chris said “what would you say if you saw me reading this book?” Chris you are 23 You are an adult she should not give a crap what the hell you are reading that is your own business! It is really a womans book, why are her sons shown reading it? She has to stick there faces in everything even a womans show where they don’t belong. They looked really stupid .

  22. So funny. Now she’s a victim. Bwahhahahah this stuff is too funny. Like she seriously thinks she’s (or her kids by proxy) are victims? Hahahahaha, someone needs to ask her which came first. He slamming Teresa (not to mention Danielle) or her having the truth spoken to her. That’s the thing about not seeing your true self or your true motives. The truth ends up being a shock when it comes along.

  23. I just looked at the video again of Chris reading the book and I don’t get that whole scene. Why were Albie and Chris shown at all? Caro is desperate to make them stars. Chris was in the audience ? Doesn’t he have anything better to do like WORK? I feel really sorry for her kids. My kid just started college and I am thrilled that she is out in the world becoming an adult and enjoying herself with kids her own age. She is not supposed to spend every waking moment with me. That Caroline is so controlling her kids will see one day hopefully.

  24. Caroline as the moral arbiter of anything? Hah, I have never seen any adult relatives of mine behave or comport themselves in the manner she did, and on public TV. Can’t take that back. And to raise her children to crudely mouth off to any other adult, no matter what the supposed “crime” was unspeakable behavior and reflected on her and the way she raised her children.

    And this woman is going to write a book and give advice about parenting? I wouldn’t use her advice to raise pigs for slaughter. As everybody on here has stated so well, she is a screaming, frothing-at-the-mouth hypocrite. She can string a bunch of second-rate cliches together, but how is she going to pad a whole book? Pictures of her babies attached to her bubbies? Too bad she only had two, so there wasn’t one for Lapband.

  25. Yeah, it’s a little tough to be the moral arbiter for anything when your own morals come & go depending on how your ego is doing that day. She strikes me as very unhappy & trying to act like she’s not. One question. If you’re that unhappy why not do something about it? I think trying to slam others has become a habit to her, a way to cope with her own unhappiness in life. But it was her choices that lead her to where she’s at …

  26. DonCaro reinventing herself. You were vicious. You lied multiple time and got caught. Your children are a mess. Your marriage is a sham. Get some therapy.

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