VICKI GUNVALSON: Crooks And Vicki Are Officially Over!… A-List “RealityStar” UPSET!!

Well, who didn’t know this!  Crooks and Vicki are done…

RHOC Vicki Brooks over

We kinda smelled the burn from Vicki’s tires racin’ away from Crooks back in July, but REALLY knew it two months ago!

Ya just know that all the “reality stars” are sending their condolences!

Kim K Brooks Vicki pg

AND… other “reality” Z-listers are gloating over the news…

RHOC Tamballs Crooks pg

We will remember Vicki and Crooks… ah, good times!!  

Ryan POS tweet


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79 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Crooks And Vicki Are Officially Over!… A-List “RealityStar” UPSET!!

  1. Now I can enjoy my holidays. ;)

    Me thinks she picked her grandson over Crooksie. Can’t wait to see what madepiley will post :) :)

  2. I guess Bravo didn’t offer Crooks any money to be on the show…so he beat feet away. I think Vicki is better off without him. His presence caused conflict with her daughter, she should pay attention to that.

    Poor Icki her love tank is going to be empty for a while.

    • LOL. I think that was a rental but It would be par for the course if Crooksy regifted that to… babymomma.

  3. Please allow me to clear my throat and recite my poem….

    He came from Mississippi,
    To fill up a love tank…
    He found a crazy housewife,
    Who had a lot of bank…
    Along the way things faltered,
    And didn’t go his way…
    At least he got some new teeth,
    That’s all I have to say….
    (Thank you, Thank you…as I exit the stage to thundering applause…)
    Hey – I think I’m dreaming…lol

    • Hers you are on fire to nite am loving your posts girl! Little jewels one right after the other cracking me up. And I so agree.

      • Thanks, Aint! I must be at my best when fighting the temptation to crack into the hidden Christmas stocking candy because I need to lose a few pounds.

    • In addition to the bald trait, now men with jacked-up teeth should also run for the hills. Unless, of course, they want to have a veneer makeover financed by Icki.

    • You know Crooksy is probably going to try to come out with his own line of greeting cards. He’s such a creeper!

  4. Aha, I am glad Vicki is not that stupid after all! Now I hope she either doesn’t date at all, or looks for sane men with real jobs and real intentions…

  5. Poor Icky. Maybe she’ll meet a new swarmy bald guy with a whole new passel of platitudes in the new year to fill up her love tank. I want to thank her for coming up with such romantic imagery as “love tank.” Whenever I picture her love life, I imagine a gas station and self-service. Maybe Kandi can give her some of those kegel bawls…..

  6. Love is blind
    but she finally realized
    we were all right
    she saw the light
    and kicked his azz to the curb


  7. How could she not seen he was a grifter and a user from day one. Now, I am looking forward to the show. Sort of. No woman should be that desperate.

    • I just watched the reruns and it was very sad knowing what we know now. When she was crying to Tamra about a man to pray with, blah, blah, blah. Knowing full well she was icing Donn out and talking about Crooks, specifically. She did look desperate. I felt bad for her. For a minute I looked forward to the new shows but then I don’t know if I can handle her spin on the situation. She really bought everything he sold.

  8. Stan, you said it all and much more entertaining-ly than I ever could! Vicki wants her teeth back, Brooksie!!!

  9. I wonder if he got a nose job out of her before he split. He needed one especially since he got the new teeth. I would love to know how much money he swindled her out of.

  10. IMHO, until Vickster gets professional help for her “alone” problems (meaning she can’t stand herself for any period of time), there will always be a string of new full service gas stations in her future. I am positive she did not pull outta the Crookster gas station until a new Pilot one was opened. Bigger, more offerings, and a “dump” site just in case the new one doesn’t work out.

    • Very true. I get it if she’s just attracted to him & wanted to spend a little time at that um station ;P but to bring him on the show just didn’t make any sense. He’s the type she should have kept in the background, he didn’t belong in her storyline on the show.

      • And forcing him down her daughter’s throat borders on unforgivable. Crooksy HAD to attend Briana’s wedding regardless of how THE BRIDE felt about it.

  11. isn’t it interesting how she decided to call it quitz as the new season just started filming. Could it be, as stated sbove, that Bravo wanted nothing to do with that slimy grifter, AND that is why the “breakup”‘. My guess is he’s still filling her love tank(ICK), but on the DL.

  12. Looking forward to her incessant hawking of VIcki’s Vodka on Bravo next season. “Screw the wine and limos, ladies…let’s all suck down some Vodka and stumble around the OC like our Russia friends.”

  13. Will be interesting to see how she & Tamara make amends. They were pretty blunt with each other last season.

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