TERESA GIUDICE: Filming Real Housewives of New Jersey…

December 2, 2012  

From SH September 4, 2012… 

Seems that Elvira thought that her businesses were going to be big moneymakers… party planning and SpaceOdyssey.   Apparently, things did not go as planned for Elvira…

Elvira Grau, the Englewood-based party planner who appeared on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and her husband have lost their $3 million Cresskill home to foreclosure.  It’s one of a growing number of high-end foreclosures — a sign that housing distress is not limited to lower-income neighborhoods.

Elvira and James Grau own Space Odyssey, a former warehouse in Englewood that they bought in 2005 and turned into a 26,000-square-foot entertainment venue. Elvira Grau made an appearance on “The Real Housewives” reality show in 2010, planning a party for one of the show’s stars, Teresa Giudice. But the Graus were apparently not able to keep up with the $17,500 monthly payments.

Back in 2010… Tree visits Elvira’s home to see how Elvira lives…  

UPDATE:   Elvira Grau is back on the RHONJ.  WHY?  ‘Cause Elvira got on the Hurricane Sandy train and held a fundraiser at Space Odyssey…

grau RHONJ fundraiser

RHONJ Tree KimD   Tree Joodice, Elvira, KimD, Jennifer Dalton…

NOTE:  If every person claiming to be a NEW Housewife in the New Jersey franchise were REALLY a NEW Housewife, there wouldn’t be any room in the cast photo!

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57 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Filming Real Housewives of New Jersey…

        • So according to the ignorant NJ website mentioned above….all these damn foreclosures aren’t just trashy folk in “lower income neighborhoods”. Even the elite arse holes need our sympathy over their BS fake financial playacting.

          • Speaking of dresses…. this is so cute. Usually my husband gets aggravated when I get a wild hair up my but over no sew shirt into dresses youtube videos because his shirts are the first to get sacrificed but he might not mind this one since no cutting is involved

            • What a great video made…loved what this girl could do with a mans button down shirt! These dresses were too cute!! Also, that other clip of ‘bra tips’ for a backless dress was great…would love to know where she picked up the ‘new bra.’ I love a cute backless dress but it’s always impossible to find a bra that works w/o showing. I double checked and she doesn’t where she found it?

            • OMG! I looooove that video! I love to sew dresses but its takes a long time to finish them. This is perfect for instant gratification. Sooo cute!

              Thanks for sharing MP!

            • JUST FOR AN UPDATE: I finally got to play with my husband’s shirts and all I can say is that this girl must weigh about 90 lbs!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty little (5′, 118 lbs) and my husband is a big guy (6′, 240 lbs) and there’s no way I could do what she did. Her man must be a tall monkey and she must be really tiny!!! Damn!

            • Lisa, no it’s a friggin Venetian Parisian Roman Catholic palace! It is really classy, all da gold stuffs screams classy! Lol! I wonder if they even have a porcelain fountain! (Like the snl

            • Lmao, no it’s a skit from snl a year or two ago with Scarlet Johanson where she is all dressed up in a tacky cocktail dress and talkin like a NJ girl sellin porcelain fountains her fambily makes, so you too can class up you’s Italian

        • I want edbassmaster to take a tour of Tree’s house. And I want Juciy to be that target. Make it happen Tree :)

    • Juicy must have spilt wine on it and Milania to the rescue with some kitchen sheers. :) Jennifer got the legs for it though.

    • Her name is Jennifer Danton or Dalton. She appeared on Pregnant in Heels, Tree was at her baby shower.

      Of topic: I can’t wait to see Kim D kiss Tree’s ass. She’s pathetic.

    • The picture of Jennifer in the event promo and the actual pic of her w/ Tre looks nothing alike. That must be an old promo pic.

    • ITA Barb. Lovely to have all these events but want to see the proceeds actually benefit folks. Money is to dear and people are in dire need to allow or participate in profiteering in the form of charity.

  1. Is that a ice skating costume? Slutty wedding cake topper? She wanted to wear her Vegas wedding dress one last time?

  2. I have to give props to Teresa on her fashion, ive notice she stepped it up a notch since the last year, except for that chicken feather jacket she had on the interview. LOL that was awfull.

    • Bwahahahahaha! That owl costume was absolutely hideous! She would have looked better in anything, including a burlap sack.

  3. My question here is, I wonder how much money that is raised will actually go to the Hurricane Sandy relief and how much will end up in their pockets??? I will only send my $$ to the Red Cross and other reputable charities and not some famewhores who appear on a reality show for their 15 mins…. Hello Chris and Jacqueline, Yes I’m also talking about them…..

  4. I love Teresa’s dress, very classy and appropriate. I approve-LOL! I’m not a fan of her interior decorating just a bit, a wa-a-ay bit, much for my taste.

    • This is one of the few times that I dont like Tree’s dress. Usually I love her style. I just don’t think this particular dress is very flattering. The designer was sadistic to put a wide white stripe right across the hip area.

      • I love the dress but thought boots were a poor choice, to heavy and clunky for this dress.
        I love the gray and cream combo.

        • She sure can pull it off. But that look would never work for me. It makes Tree look short waisted and she really isn’t. I am so I automatically dismiss this look for myself since I am short waisted.

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