BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s Parenting Squabbles… Forcing Hospital For A Bed

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville has been having some difficulties… Brandi tweeted her concern with LeAnn Rimes’ parenting and tweeted about her grandmother’s illness.

Brandi’s tweets about her on-going parenting rivalry with LeAnn Rimes

Brandi tweet leannbrandi tweet leann

brandi tweet grandma

LeAnn went to bed “blessed”…

leann tweet

Brandi went to bed attacking her pillows…

Brandi tweet leann

Brandi tweeted her concern about her grandmother’s inability to get into a hospital for treatment…

brandi tweet grandma

Apparently, someone contacted the hospital after someone else suggested a petition to get Brandi’s grandmother a bed at Mercy General… and voila!  Brandi’s grandmother suddenly and immediately was admitted!   NOTE:  Just wait until new healthcare rules take effect!  There will be no “special” treatment… and no admitting patients because of a threatened petition!  

(Thanks to SH reader “CathyFromFtM”!!)

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113 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s Parenting Squabbles… Forcing Hospital For A Bed

  1. Brandi and Lee Ann need to stop with the twitter. It solves absolutely nothing…….If two grown azz women want to spat , keep it private.

    • I agree. What is the problem with Lee ann saying my boys, if she wasn’t warm towards them, Brandi would BITCH. The boys have a good step mother (even though i don’t agree with Lee ann and eddie’s action) that obviously cares for them. While they are living their lives, Brandi is being bitter…ON TWITTER….Girl get up, save your earnings and GET THERAPY. There is a BIG difference between postings pics on twitter and being featured in a reality show (re: the children)

      • This would be resolved in therapy with far less damage to her boys. I am not condoning Lee Ann and Eddie but Brandi does not get a pass either in this particular issue. How would she feel if Eddie simply abandoned the boys? Or Lee Ann resented them? I’m sure it’s painful for Lee Ann to call them “her boys” but drop her an email or express it privately. Same rules apply to Lee Ann be sensitive to Brandi’s feelings. Sheesh go to family therapy.

        • But we dont know if she`s tried that already. This is not the first time Leeann has done this and why would she keep on doing it, when she already knows that it causes problems with the mother of the children she claims to love so much?
          I think she does it on purpose to annoy Brandi and I think that makes her pretty sick.
          Maybe Brandi does not see any other way than to make it public, to make it stop. It seems like the only weapon against all the bs Leann and Eddie throws her way and I dont think that with a woman like Leann, U would have any other choice but to fight, bc shes not satisfied before she gets total control over Eddie AND HIS KIDS.
          I really think its naive to believe, that if Brandi just keeps it private, then everything will be OK . If she keeps it private, they will use it to their advantage, when they are trying to get full custody over her children.
          Shes been to terapi with them, for gods sake. I couldnt imagine myself doing THAT with my ex and the skank he cheated on me with. I would definitely need terapi after that.

        • I’m sure Brandi has spoken privately to her about that. I have been in the same situation and it is very, very difficult to have a woman claim your children as their own. How long do you think Leann will be in “her boys” life once Eddie dumps her? Leeann is crossing a line and she knows it. Give Brandi a break. If you haven’t gone through this, you don’t realize just how painful this can be.

      • it’s not over Leanne calling them “her boys” its the fact that Leanne let Brandi’s 5 year old ride a bike with no training wheels and no helmet down a busy street in LA!

        • Then call the police ! Send the video to your ex, summon your attorney and file an emergency motion to remove the boys. Don’t get sucked into the drama , take action if your child is in harms way. Put down the phone s, stop baiting each other and defend your child.

          • I thought there was a law requiring kids to wear helmets. The ones I see riding their bikes to school on my street, always have them on.

  2. I read somewhere that Brandi tweeted that she just saw something and try not to tweet about it. So i went and check and that was her respond to someone who asked about it, @BrandiGlanville: @babysue123 a friend just sent me a video of MY 5 yr old riding his bike on a busy st without his training wheels & without a F’ING Helmet

    • I can understand Brandi being upset about that. That is almost as irresponsible as Kelly Bensimon running while her daughter was riding her bike in NYC traffic!

    • Then call CPS, call your attorney and initiate action. What does twittering about it solve? Does anyone in their right mind think twittering about it takes the child out of jeopardy. Call 911 for criminys sake. How is Brandi anymore responsible than nutjob Lee Ann? IMO they both love the drama and attention. They both pick pick at each other like a pair of scabs. babysue 123 is not your friend Brandi but a potstirrer sticking a match to a powder keg. babysue could have called child protective services or the po-po since that situation spells imminent danger. Oh and PS Brandi you can have it written into any custody agreement that you can physically remove your child from the other parties visitation if the child is in danger. Lets work on something positive that will help you and your endangered children.

      • Like they would`nt begin to play even more dirty against her if she did that. Leann is only held back by the publics opinion of her. so I dont blame Brandi to use the only thing shes got. I dont think its that simple or uncomplicated.
        In my coutry U cant get the children removed from one parent, fore riding a bike without a whelmet, but I dont know about the US?
        I think that the reason Brandi is careful about that, is bc it would be like starting a real war against somebody who will stand better in a custedy case, bc they are a couple and have money and is not a part of RHOBH. Leann have been trying for ages to make her look like an unstabel alcoholic, so shes already been doing the ground work for that.

        • If Brandi can show a pattern of irresponsibility she can have new stipulations written into her custody agreement. Considering that Lee Ann is risking that little boys health and safety I would not hesitate. Do you know how many children die or are seriously injured because they weren’t wearing safety helmets? It is the equivalent of not wearing a seat belt ! Is your child’s safety not worth starting a war? If you can twitter about it you can phone your attorney and get something done about it! A couple can just as easily endanger a child as a single parent.If Lee Ann is comfortable allowing the child to ride a bike without a helmet what goes on that Brandi does not know about?

          • I think u misunderstood me, but I can see why, when i re-read my post.
            I believe that the reason Brandi has been hesitating about taking legal action in the past is bc no matter what they did to her, she didnt have any reason to fear for her sons safety until now. We dont know if shes in contact with her lawyer about this matter. Just bc she writes on twitter, dosent mean shes cant take legal action too.
            And I totally think its worth the war, but I know that it would mean very little in a custodycase in my country, unfortunately, especially if it where the only incidient or proof of danger. Its desgusting how parents can get away with doing terrible things to their children and not even loose their visitation rights. I have heard of many children who is forced kicking and screaming, with the polices help, to be with parents who abuse or neglect them, bc the parents rights is more protected than then poor child.
            Dont u think that leann and Eddie stands better in a custodycase? Dosent Leeann have a whole legalteam of expensive laywers or does it not make any difference to the outcome of the case at all? I would still be thinking alot about it before taking action, if it meant that Id risk loosing them even more to somebody who dosent take proper care of them. But dont know how these things really work in the US. Only have my ideas about from what I`ve read or heard.

            • By the way, I actually think its worse to let a child ride without a helmet in traffic than driving without a carseat, bc I consider the risk to be bigger. A child falls more often than a car crashes, just to mention one of the dangers in that.

            • Exactly. Leann can afford attorneys to keep this going, on and on and on. No resolve for Brandi. It’s a losing battle that takes it’s toll.

            • Not if Brandi has video proof. It is a simple matter of Brandi’s attorney taking it directly to the court if the child is in immediate danger. Lee Ann’s recent stint in rehab isn’t exactly stellar either. If Brandi would click ignore and let Lee Ann bring on the crazy that would certainly add even more merit to her case.

            • Maybe in California, that might work. ??? I don’t know. It won’t in Florida, I know that. :( It just gets dragged out, continued until next time…. as long as the kids are still breathing, it’s all good. (And there is documented, photographic evidence in my case, from the pediatrician)

            • That’s infuriating. Its almost like “they” want children abused and damaged so they will grow up to lash out and thus job security for “them.” in the form of institutions, court costs…. Sick world.

            • I was told, and I quote, “she didn’t threaten his life, right?” Um, no. She didn’t. My answer was, “so, I can get an order of protection AFTER she kills him? That doesn’t work for me.” and I hung up. That’s Florida.

            • Why should it ever get to the point of threatening a life? There is no need for that. The system is corrupt in spots. Particularly in this case. WTH? I am so sorry.

            • Thanks ChemGeek, I have the same question and no answer. And that phone call was before my youngest son came home with chemical burns, and with the substance used to cause the burns! And before he came home with scabies. Excuse me, I mean “flea bites”. yeah…. it’s all documented and does not matter. My kids haven’t seen or talked to their dad since may. And he’s suing me again. His attorney is his family friend, (read good ole boys club member), who is employed at the law firm that represents our state’s dept of revenue…..The people who go after back owed child support. I thought he should be my attorney under these circumstances, I’m owed support. ???? It does not make sense. But my kids are still breathing, so there’s that. And my kids are older now. They have mouths on them, I made sure of that,

            • “Lee Ann’s recent stint in rehab isn’t exactly stellar either”

              That actually works in her favor. The court looks at it as she is recognizing a need for help and getting it. As opposed to being in denial. LeAnn may be a lot of things but dumb and poor are not two of them.

            • I hope she follows your advice, but still about the Tweehab: Leeann blames Brandi for that little “vacation”, as she is trying to make it seem like nothing is wrong with her, aside from Brandifans who torment her online all day long. This woman is just so sneaky, manipulative and calculating.

            • Maya, she is that. And she can claim since Brandi hasn’t gone to rehab, she is in denial. The truth is only one person is unstable and it’s the one who can afford to pretend like she is.

  3. I side with Brandi on this one. She should have handled it privately, but Leeann is crazy and unstable. She’s pathologically insecure about herself and her “loving” marriage. A stable women would not need to constantly profess her bond with her stepchildren and marginalize their mother in the process. Brandi loves her sons and Leeann needs to stop acting like her stepsons don’t have a mother. That is psychologically going to impact the children far greater than Brandi venting about it on twitter. Brandi respects the fact Leeann is the boys stepmom even though she doesn’t like leeann. That is how someone who is actually concerned with the children behaves.

      • I sympathize with Brandi. I can’t imagine losing my husband to another women and being so publically humiliated. Brandi survived that only to have Leeann’s constant digs to contend with. I think Brandi can handle the personal digs but Leeann crosses the line when it comes to the children and acting like the boys are “hers”. It’s bizarre she wants to own everything to do with eddy the creeper.

        • If Brandi refuses to participate and does not rise to the bait then there is no pay off for Lee Ann and she will stop. However that would require someone to act like an adult. How does twittering remove that 5 year old from harm’s way?

          • It doesn’t change anything but I understand Brandi being pissed and venting. Would I handle my personal business on twitter? Ha-ell no, but I an understand Brandi being upset and lashing back at loony Leeann. Productive? No. Mature? No. Understandable? Yes.
            I think Leeann is so sick and has almost an unhealthy obsession with Brandi. I don’t think
            Leeann will stop until she finally ends up in a padded room.

            • Agreed, Bubbies! Leann won’t stop no matter how Brandi reacts. Maybe she will stop when Eddie leaves her but not a minute before that. And that minute will be the worst, the last ditch effort. There’s no real way for anyone to “win”.

            • IMO they are obsessed with keeping it going. I can’t stand Lee Ann but she can’t play games if Brandi refuses to participate. The kids suffer more than these two supposedly adult women ever will. I saw an interview with Brandi and was quite impressed with her wit and charm until she started talking about Lee Ann. Brandi did not do herself any favors and would be better off responding with a no comment. Brandi may be the only sane adult in this trio so she is the only one who can put an end to it. They both look like crazies and it makes me sick that Eddies ego is swelling over the latest chick fight.

            • You may be right, Ain’t. It’s a very logical conclusion. I totally agree Eddie is getting off on this and the kids pay the price for it. If you knew me in real life, I dare to say you would think the same of me. I’m pretty normal and people enjoy being around me but when out of the blue–wham!– I get hit by my ex husband, who only hits when he is seeing his favorite felon, I lose it. She won’t stop and she refuses to communicate with me when I try to act mature about whatever she slings my way. I’ve had my share of immature outbursts, too. It’s exhausting and frustrating. I see Brandi feeling the same way.

            • I am sorry Nuna. That is really crappy. Wishing you all the best. I hope things get better. I appreciate and respect your point of view.

            • Thank you, Aint. I appreciate and respect your view, as well. As a matter of fact, I totally agree with you. In a normal situation, a logical situation, that is exactly how it should/would play out. It just so happens though, in a crazy situation, it just doesn’t always work. I wish it did.

            • I am a big leann rhimes fan, but I got to go with the flow on this one. Although she did say my boys meaning all three of them, it wasn’t necessary at all, that would piss me off as a mother, too. I don’t understand what the hell she did in twitter rehab. I thought they were going to teach her to give up her obsession with it, and stop with all this bonus mom stuff. Yet she gets out and goes right back at it. I cannot defend the indefensible.

    • I have to side with Brandi on this one too. I find it quite amusing that Eddie (what a prize he is) will not let the kids be on the RHOBH and be filmed but the wack job he is married to tweets pictures of them all over. Wonder how long it will take for him to take her to the cleaners and move on to another victim. I think she was even stupid enough fo marry him without a prenup.

      • Agreed. My divorce decree has a clause that no photos of our minor children can be posted online in any forum. I’m surprised Brandi doesn’t insist on the same thing. That’d be hilarious if Leeann couldn’t call the paps every time she had the boys. Haha.

      • I didnt know that! What an idiot she is! OMG, its gonna HURT big time when he leaves her. How rich is she? Superrich or what?

        • She has alot of money. Eddie is no prize. His looks is about all he is worth. But hey, LeAnn knew his wife was 8 months pregnant when she was sleeping iwth him. Karma

      • So true. You know when Vyle was making the big deal about Brandi’s kid peeing on the grass? I am sure that doofus Eddie used that as leverage to keep them off the show. He ought not let his wife tweet picture of them or mention them on twitter.

    • Yep–“That is how someone who is actually concerned with the children behaves.” Brandi is concerned about her children, Leann is concerned about taking, what she perceives as, Brandi’s place. She (leann) doesn’t want what she has done, to be done to her. Guilt is biatch to live with.

      • I agree. Unfortunately LeeAnn will never ever experience the pain of some dumb beech trying to take her place as a mother because she aint and never will be a mother. But she WILL know what its like to be cheated on…so there’s that

        • If only that were enough. I’d bet SHE has cheated at this point. Guilt, I tell ya, Guilt…..or something, there is something unraveling. And Leann knows full well what it is, she’s just trying not to see it.

          • OIC. could be. Whats she gonna do when the genital warts show up? Check herself into tweethab until they go away? bahahahahahaha

  4. If anyone thinks for a moment that LR is tweeting that bologna purely out of love for the boys? I have a beach house in Idaho for sale.

    • ITA. It is very hard for a loving mother to have to hand over your young children to a verified crazy step mother and uninvolved ex. It will drive you crazy – I know. And you really don’t care what people say – your children’s safety is just too important.

    • I think she does love the boys and Eddie, I also think she should have a child of her own. Marriages break up all the time, especially in Hollywood. Brandi has said many times that Eddie is a good father, and the judge saw it that way, too. I just don’t see why Leann has to rub her face in the joint custody thing. Nor do I see why Brandi is writing a book about it, opening herself to slander charges. At the very least she is continuing on the battle. Neither one of them is playing this game very smart. They need to keep their shit off of twitter. It is very unflattering to both of them.

      • If she loved the boys she wouldn’t take sick demented pleasure in tormenting Brandi. She is really not capable of love. Deep in her cold dark heart she secretly wishes they were not there. And it Eddie managed to impregnate her malnourished ass she would set about making sure they didnt feel comfortable coming around…. like Swine did to Russel’s boys.

  5. Well I just have one thing to say about the end of the article-I hope all the idiots who voted for Obama enjoy the new healthcare system!!! As much as Sandy survivors are enjoying all their government aid while Mr. President whisks his family off to Hawaii.

    • She`d get another mental breakdown and would realise she`d have to go back to tweehab. Then Brandi and the kids could enjoy X-mas and Eddie could spend some qualitytime with his latest mistress. A win-win situation! Ok not for Leeann, but 2 out of 3 aint bad.

        • Im actually surprised that Brandi has`nt feared for their safety before now. I would with a loonie like that. :/
          Leeann always makes me think of Glenn Close in Fatal attraction

          • So true. If Brandi aint allowed to have the kids on the show them LeeAnn should not be tweeting pictures of them ….especially considering how leeann is trying so hard to sell her “blogger terrorizes me online” story. You listening Brandi?

          • I’ve had that same thought, Maya. LR’s obsession with Brandi and Eddie is chilling. Eddie is one sick twit for creating this situation. He must really hate Brandi or love LR’s money to let it go on.

            Made, you make a great point about using the “blogger terrorizes me online” story as a way to get LR to drop the twitpics.

  6. I wish Brandi and LeSkank would stop it now. They’re both acting like five year old kids. LeSkank should get pregnant that would solve the problem and take her focus off Brandi’s kids.

    • I don’t think Leann will get pregnant because she doesn’t want to gain weight and risk being undesirable to Eddie. I read that he gave Brandi a hard time over the weight she gained during her pregnancies.

  7. I would just like to know why Brandi didn’t/doesn’t hire a really good attorney and take Eddie and Leeanne to the cleaners, like other women in her position have done, in the past…

    • I didn’t follow all the details and am too lazy to research it but I’m remembering something about her basically losing in the divorce settlement. She doesn’t have the money Leeann does. These types of family issues cost tens of thousands just to scratch the surface.

  8. i know lots of people just loveeeee brandi, but honestly, i cant stand her, just something about her grates on my nerves ….she seems like the kind of chick i would just want to slap after meeting her and having to deal with her smug lil faces and comments….so not impressed with her thou I do feel bad for her situation with leann and her ex, but gurlllllllll, get over it! why give her the satisfaction! she wants leann to grow up but she gots to grow up too….there, i said it lol….

    • Yah, it’s so annoying to see someone get cheated on, dragged through the courts for custody and awarded nothing for support, then shit on whilst the cheatee gets married to some rich broad that he cheated with and then the ex has ANYTHING at all to say about it and then proceeds to go on and try to live her life. What a bitch.

      You’re a heartless know-it-all. Karma, itself, is a bitch. Know this. ;)

      • I wish nothing but the best for Brandi my God she deserves it. Leann will get cheated on by Eddie *Karma*. I hope Brandi’s book is a best seller ( I will buy it) and I pray she makes a lot of money and her nightmare is over.

  9. It seems to me tht if Brandi remained quiet and kept copies of everything she would have the next round in this sick game LeeAnn is playing. I do like LeeAnns voice but I do think LeeAnn lost herself when she hooked up with Eddie. I used to date a guy who would have me weigh myself each week amonst other things and I lost who I was. I sold my business gave up great jobs etc….. al to please him. Both Brandi and LeeAnn went and going thru this because of him. Brandi is finding her voice. It took my mans death to get me to snap out of it. We broke up and it tok me years to finally get mad. Tht is where Brandi is now. BH is making her stronger and her friendship with Lisa is showing her she can do it on her own. I feel LeeAnn cause trouble to keep Eddie close. My advice Brandi don’t rise to the occaision keep notes and wait for the right time to attack because LeeAnn is breaking and your time wil come. Call the police if fans send you dangereous pics of your sons. Let them answer and keep the dram on their doorstep. I will buy a few copies of your bok so you can bring the freeloader back to court. Her instability wil be her downfall but when you tweet and email thts her excuse but when u don’t. Wht will b her excuse. Eddie is the reason and she knows he is probaly looking again. As to any movie he makes I wil not see it so fame will not b coming his way bc more and more of your fans won’t either. No fans no career. Get to a happy place and always record any and all conversations with them. It worked for me and b4 he died I got our little boy full custody. Trust me

  10. GRRRR The Mama Bear and teacher came out of me when I read this.In divorces like this, it’s always the children who suffer and that makes me so sad. Why can’t adults see this and do everything they can to make it as easy as possible for the children?

    Gah!!! Leann is a moron! Who the hell lets a 5 year old ride a bike without a helmet on a busy street?? A 5 year old is either in pre K or Kindergarten for heaven’s sake! I doubt the little guy even knew how to ride his bike without training wheels yet. Scary!

    IMO Brandi’s friend did her a favor by sending her the video. Brandi should have called the police, her attorney and CPS as soon as she saw it. That’s child endangerment and neglect. I don’t care how much money Leann has, there are laws to protect children. Brandi’s mistake was tweeting about it instead of called the proper authorities. My concern is that if Leann allowed this, then what the hell does she allow these boys to do when they’re in her care?

    As a Mama Bear, I would be pissed at Leann calling my children “her boys” too. Unfortunately we have several broken homes in our family but we’ve been lucky that the new wives never tried to take the place of the real Mom. That’s a mistake. One of my sister-in-laws said from day 1 she never wanted to replace the Mom, she wanted to be their friend. It worked beautifully for all concerned. Leann is trying to take Brandi’s place with those boys and it’s cruel. I can’t imagine how mad I would be if I was Brandi.

    I’ve noticed that as hard as Brandi appears to be on RHBH, when she talks about her boys it’s with love, pride and tenderness. She loves her sons and wants what’s best for them. She’s just going about it in the wrong way. She needs to stop engaging Leann on Twitter and start quietly gathering evidence that Leann is endangering her sons. She needs to let her attorney and law enforcement handle Leann. I suspect Brandi has tried to maintain a civil relationship with Leann for the boy’s sake but she struggles with it. Leann crossed a line by putting this child on a bike without a helmet and Brandi is right to be worried. I would be too.

    It’s sad that just because Leann is rich, Eddie has the upper hand in this custody arrangement. My heart breaks for Brandi and I hope she gets expert advice on how to deal with the safety of her sons. My guess is that as immature as Leann is, the is emotionally trying to turn Brandi’s sons against her too, which is horrible. I say good luck Brandi and fight for what’s right for your boys!

    *rant over* sorry but I had to get my anger out. I can’t stand the thought of children being harmed by morons.

    • Just want to add that Brandi should hire Gloria Alread or her daughter Lisa to represent her. They are very good at representing women in situations like this and often do so pro bono or at a reduced rate when it’s a public figure like Brandi.

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