TERESA GIUDICE, KIM ZOLCIAK: Tree’s Milania Hair Care…NephCure Award… Kim’s Parents Writing “Tell-All”

December 2, 2012

RHONJ Milania Hair

Tree Joodice has gotten a rave review from this guy on her “MilaniaHairCare”…

… after checking out his site, there is not a hair product that he doesn’t like!!

got juice pg

Speakin’ of Tree… caught the last WendyShow and Wendy is all for Tree dumpin’ Juicy as soon as that door closes on his jail cell.   Uh… OK, Wendy… even if Tree gets the maximum TEN years (some first degree murderers don’t get TEN years!) for a phony driver’s license, Tree ain’t leavin’ Juicy!

Tree looks pretty happy with Juicy… Tree got some award from NephCure..

Tree Juicy NephCure

RHONJ Tree NephCure award


KimZ SH Watermark

TMZ is reporting that Kim Zolciak has asked the Judge to issue a gag order in her lawsuit against her parents.  The most interesting part of the TMZ item is this:

Kim claims her parents are exploiting the family drama for “their own selfish reasons” — like inking a $50,000 tell-all book deal.

NOTE:  Seriously???  If Kim’s parents ARE shopping a book deal… shame on them.  That is really messed up!

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68 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, KIM ZOLCIAK: Tree’s Milania Hair Care…NephCure Award… Kim’s Parents Writing “Tell-All”

  1. Daughter Dearest, that’s just plain horrible for a parent to write anything about their child. They are not only hurting her but all of their grandchildren just for $50,000. This they will live to regret. Come on Momma and Pappa cut her a break….it’s your child.

    That guy with the hair products looks like a real wachaloon, perhaps he and jacaloon could cut a deal for black sludge.

    • I agree. There is nothing to be gained from that book deal. The things some people will even consider for moolah. Disgusting! I really hope this rumor is nothing but blah, blah, blah….

      • If kids can write tell all books about their parents for profit why cant a parent cash in to (yes I am going to hell)

        as for Tre getting honored Good for her…

        • I won’t allow you to go to hell. Plus, I don’t believe in hell. I believe in Jamaica and you can go there :D (hehe)

          I’m wondering what this “tell-all” would tell us about Kim that we don’t already know…

          • IMO it’s probably all bravo drama to hype Kim’s spin off. How many times can we watch Kim scream at Sweetie. Hugely disappointed that she has reverted to that again) drop the F-bomb, moan about being pregnant, moan about being tired…..I suppose viewers can now watch more hillbilly fights with Meth lookin’ Mama and tongue swapping Daddy.

        • BTW, Lisa, I was trying to be funny with my Jamaica joke. (just to clarify) I’ll join you there! Bring the piggie and I’ll bring the bird. They can make a music video and we can make bazillions. Anyone else that would like to go can join.

        • I don’t see a problem with them writing a book. Kim has nothing to hide, so what would they have to say that would hurt her! She has no problem blasting them in public so why shouldn’t they defend themselves in public too!

          • I agree. She decided to not let her parents even see their grandkids then she decided to turn the oldest two against them. You could see in episodes that those kids loved their grandparents and they had been an important part of their life. I don’t believe in PARENTS of any age dragging kids into an argument. Teresa did the same thing with her kids and its WRONG.

        • For the people who think this is made up via Bravo, no way. Kim and her mother are fighting in court for the right for them to see their grandchildren and Kim has said many times that they are unfit and etc. etc.. The reason why Kim is quick about the tell all not coming out and wanting a gag order is real simple, KROY. She doesn’t want Kroy to hear or read about all the men she slept with and what she really is like and to be honest with you I bet anything that Kim lied and lied and lied to Kroy about her relationships saying she was just dating when in reality she was escorting. Hell her old publicists got on the radio when Kim was on an Atlanta radio station and essentially called her out for her lies. He said that he would be used to talk to Big Poppa and tell him she was doing this or that when in reality she was away with another guy/client. When the radio people said that could be liable and asked Kim about if she was going to sue him she said I don’t want to talk about it or say his name.

          She knows that if she tries to sue him that real information would come out and he would testify and such about what happened. And if you don’t believe that then remember when the girls and her went to Miami to stay at that douche bag Kramer who is on Miami at his mansion and she stayed in his room for the weekend. Then they came back after the weekend getaway and Big Poppa drove her to the dance thing with Sheree and that was where she met Kroy. You see she was running between rich men even when she met her soon to be husband. She doesn’t want Kroy to know or find out how much of a golddigger she really is.

  2. I have to eggmit Milania smells so so good….
    I can’t stand Kim :/ I guess her parents are learning from their daughter instead of the
    Other way around. She uses people to get money. They all need therapy.

    • Milania smells awesome. I LOVE the serum. I order two gift sets on Monday–one for me and one for a present for someone else. I use the serum on my hands and feet. A little goes a long way. Good stuff!

        • I was thinking the same thing mz…about using it also on my hands and feet….what a great idea! ChemGeek gave me some great info below and answered/addressed what I was curious about-same hair type w/o even knowing. I’m going to order it on line…I thought I might be in New York for the holidays, but I can’t work it out-right now! It would of been a kick to meet Teresa, while purchasing Milania…maybe another time. Happy for all of this info. and that I can order on line at least!

    • Just had to jump on the Milania love train.

      I bought a set for my daughter (of the incredible head of hair) and she loved it so much I bought one for myself (even though my hair is much more like like Wacko’s and Cowoline’s and certainly nothing to write home about)!

      Definitely two thumbs up for us!

  3. Kim’s parents are the last people who should write a book. The ultimate betrayal would be for these two crass folk to write a tell all…seriously ? Who would buy it? The mother is a wack job and the Dad is creepy Mcshady. If this is about creating drama for Kim’s spin-off they all need to consider the damage to the children and put the brakes on.

  4. Congratulations Teresa on Neph Cure honor. My youngest D has kidney issues and it can be debilitating and so scary. Grateful that research in nephrology is providing new solutions for those suffering from kidney ailments. So huge shout out and thanks to all those who volunteer and contribute to Neph Cure.

      • Thanks. She is thankfully recovered but it was scary for about 6 months. Her immune system went into overdrive and she was on the verge of kidney failure. Thankfully we had an excellent nephrologist !

        • I’m also sorry to hear about your D. Aint. Kidney issues are so scary. Thank God she has an excellent nephrologist. I’m so glad to hear she is recovering well!
          I think it’s wonderful Teresa has helped bring so much light to this wonderful cause.
          Congratulations Teresa for being honored by Neph Cure!!

          • Thanks KT. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about kidney failure. people with kidney disease walk a long , hard road.

            • Aint Pittypat: I wish you and your family good health. I am sure you had tremendous stress with your daughter’s health condition. Always love your comments on this site.

            • Hi Aint, I haven’t talked to you in a bit…so nice to see you! Yes, the more you learn about kidney failure/disease, the more devastating it is to process. To think of children facing this just breaks ones heart; it’s already difficult knowing that adults and elderly face this.
              You’ve been through a lot with your loved ones. I think you must be a wonderful person-with a Big heart! I’m so very glad to hear your daughter is now well!I Organizations like Neph Cure do wonderful work. Teresa really did bring a much needed ‘Light” to Neph Cure…which is a wonderful thing. Not many people really had an idea of this organization, and the heart break of this Quiet- and lesser known org. and disease!

            • Thank you all so much. I love my SH friends , I can’t tell you how the kindness everyone shares brightens my day and makes my life better. We were lucky and if D is vigilant she can spot a re-occurrence and get control before it goes to far. We toured a dialysis facility and that is hard to witness. There wasn’t a ton of information back then but has vastly improved. Teresa is doing very important work and I hope she continues. KT Girl you are right knowing children have to endure this breaks my heart.

  5. Kim claims her parents are exploiting the family drama for “their own selfish reasons” — like inking a $50,000 tell-all book deal. Isn’t that what Kim has been doing on the show the last few years.

    • I don’t think Kim is exploiting the Zolciak’s but on the season 5 premiere they gave KJ a $25 check and Kim said that they can’t afford anything. So both of them need to stop taking about each other, we had enough of that B.S. with NJ,

    • The turd doesn’t fall far from the assholes ass IMO. Kim has been spreading her legs for years for money and so if her parents write a book then it’s par for the course in that family. They are all trash.

  6. The more I learn about Kim and her parents, the more squeamish I become. There is something slimy about dad, mom and Kim obviously resent each other. You really never know what happens behind closed doors but I’m over Kim anyway and quickly losing respect for Kroy. I thought he was a really nice guy but he’s morphed into Kim’s partner in crime and I find him weak. No ‘Don’t be Tardy’ for me…just don’t want to support their dysfunction anymore.

      • Yes it is the infusion serum and I like it better than the Morracan Oil I had been using for about 3 years. Amazing product!

        • I’ve been anxious to try Milania Hair care myself. I’ve heard great things about this line! No doubt, it’s listed in good company!
          I like nice things, but I’m a simple jeans and pony tail kind a gal, and not a big spender. The good part is, that being this way allows me to be involved with “what’s important” and treating myself, on occasion to certain things. My hair is one of those things I’m picky about. I know keratin is wonderful for the hair and it’s a real plus if it smells Good!

          • I like the argan oil serum–use it on my hair, hands and feet. My hair is blonde, wavy and fine so it’s hard to find a serum that works without weighing hair down, but this does the trick.The argan oil serum smells awesome but not overpowering (I am sensitive to smells). This is honesty the first ‘wive product I have ever purchased.

            • That is so good to know. My hair is light brown and I do highlight a little, but it’s also fine so it IS tricky to find a serum that works well, w/o being too heavy, plus I too am very sensitive to smells. Thanks for the heads up ChemGeek! Honestly, my one concern was exactly what you addressed :)!

  7. CHEERS TRE! I for one truly believe your CA experience impacted you a great deal. Those so-called women are back, so sad. You just keep your head up,keep lovin your man, your girls n parents and keep it moving forward. Love you girl!

  8. I don’t see how that tell all book is gonna do the Zociaks any good. Children are a reflection of their parents raising sooooo if they trash her in a book then thats on them. Sluts aint born they are created. Poppa Z needs to think long and hard about that. It was HIS job to raise her secure enough in herself not to feel the need to turn her vagina into a 7-11 for any joeblow with a few dollars to rub together.

    • “It was HIS job to raise her secure enough in herself not to feel the need to turn her vagina into a 7-11 for any joeblow with a few dollars to rub together.”

      Amen to this! Also, LOL at ‘turn her vagina into a 7-11″.

    • ITA Made and very well stated. Kim’s girls are teenagers and at the age when a tell all book ( and I am quite sure there is PLENTY to tell!!!!) would be devastating to them. Kim can hide out in her McMansion and play Lady to the Manor born but the girls don’t have a choice. I don’t have a dog in this hunt but I am concerned about Kim’s daughters. They did not ask for any of this. ……

      • I feel so bad for those girls. Their fathers obviously aint part of their lives and Kim’s show is gonna show how Kroy will be adopting them. Biological fathers have to give the go-ahead on that for someone to adopt.. Translation=formally telling them they dont give a dang.

  9. Without knowing for sure, I’d be willing to bet that Kim’s mother has a book in the making and her father is shooting himself in the foot with one hand and endorsing teeny tiny book deal checks with the other hand.

    Theresa and her douche husband, I’m over both of them. She’s as fake as a 3 dollar bill and he can’t be trusted to save his own life. They’re both just sickening. I wish jail for the two of them and the four daughters to be raised by actual normal people.

    • Why do you say Tre’s fake, Delia? She is quite genuine at her book signings; she’s really patient and truly listens to what people say to her and responds accordingly. She’s interested and engaged when it comes to her Twitter account, retweeting or sending special wishes when they’re requested. And she’s been a real warrior for NephCure and continues to mention and work for the charity long after Celebrity Apprentice. Pictures illustrate that she’s obviously a hard worker who remains actively involved in the lives of all four of her children as well as her parents, to whom she is unfailingly respectful.

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