TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs All Proud… Tamballs Podcast Favored By “Stitcher”…For a Hot Minute!!

December 1, 2012   NOTE:  For some reason this item was in “draft” mode!!  Excuse the delay!

Stitcher Awards Tamra


That Housewife role model, the Housewife to which all should aspire to become, the HoneyBooBoo of the OC… Tamballs Barney… was super excited that her podcast actually beat out Ryan Seacrest, according to “Stitcher”…

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Not so fast, Tamballs!!!

“Stitcher” is simply an app… an app used to stream shows and/or radio on demand! “Stitcher” is by no means Arbitron or any other verifiable, reliable source of rating radio or podcasts.

Tamballs hasn’t even made it on to “Stitcher’s Top 100 Shows“… unfortunately for Tamballs, her poscast was beat out in the “Top 100″ by a bunch of NPR shows… and a show called “The Moth Podcast”!!

Per the sophisticated mind of Tamballs, her latest podcast was in-depth and revealing… Tamballs had a discussion with her guest re vaginas…

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Oh… what can one expect from the HoneyBooBoo of the OC!

NOTE:  If you were wondering… Tamballs has secured her job as an OC Housewife by proceeding with her wedding to Ellie.  Tamballs went wedding dress shopping and recently dragged her RHOC cast mates along with her for a dress fitting appointment.

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One of the funniest RHOC scenes… Tamballs and Ellie tryin’ to ignore the train flyin’ past them during a “serious” conversation in a restaurant…



18 comments on “TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs All Proud… Tamballs Podcast Favored By “Stitcher”…For a Hot Minute!!

  1. I didnt listen to the podcast..but wasnt there a blind item awhile back about which HW had surgery “down there” to keep her wondering eyed man?


  2. Don’t knock “The Moth” a huge nationally popular podcast very similar to This American Life. They fill auditoriums all over with people who tell great stories that each segment focus on one topic. Try it! It’s free!


  3. I wasn’t in her marriage with Simon-but I think he really loved her. As someone said on here- I think it was Made Piley, Simon was trying to save her from herself. I think she is messy, just from watching her on the few seasons of OC. I cant really tell if she is going through a midlife crisis or if she was putting on a facade in the first couple seasons. As a person you are not suppose to lose yourself even when you have kids. Her antics, I feel will only affect her kids if its displayed at home(I dont think it is);but in the years ahead I think she will feel bad about her actions the most and letting bravo pimp her dry, because at the end of the day what you present to others is what they will remember about you when you’re gone.


    • Very good point…He seemed controlling, but she really made sure he looked like an idiot the last couple of seasons. The more her fame grew – the less she needed him. Their life seemd to spiral out of control all caused by her need to live like a rich celebrity.
      You have to feel sorry for her kids.


      • I do. Hollyweird is making it all to easy for regular peeps to become stars.I thought a star had talent. oops I guess not.


  4. I dont want to be petty but I want to add- She sure has put in some new bubbies. I remember a call-in on WWHL..asking if she got her bubbies done again-she said no. I think she did!.


    • She looks like she’s channeling Bad Mother Laurie’s lips. It’s distracting to see everyone’s new body parts for each new season. They think we won’t notice???


  5. Good 4 ya but for me I feel stupid foe even wasting my ten minutes Omg if this is what others enjoy our country is so sad I sure would love call in questions about current world events and hear TRASHBALLS TRY AND string a thought together on the fly I’m sure it will give.her all the fame and relevance she needs just so not for me..I DO LOVE THAT SHE RE DESIGNED THE RING BRAVO paid for


  6. i think she may take the prize as the grossest housewife ever. just the thought of this woman makes my skin crawl.


  7. I read somewhere last year that she and Ellie were in Las Vegas and got married, on the down low. This wedding is a Bravo paid for wedding but they are posers acting as if they are getting married. Can’t stand her at all. She lied about her cancer, pre-cancer condition last year and I am shocked nobody raised hell. She is a short KimZ all the way – a lying, jealous, fake golddigger. That is why she lost interest in Simon second season and on – he was running out of money.


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