TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs All Proud… Tamballs Podcast Favored By “Stitcher”…For a Hot Minute!!

December 1, 2012   NOTE:  For some reason this item was in “draft” mode!!  Excuse the delay!

Stitcher Awards Tamra


That Housewife role model, the Housewife to which all should aspire to become, the HoneyBooBoo of the OC… Tamballs Barney… was super excited that her podcast actually beat out Ryan Seacrest, according to “Stitcher”…

Tamra podcast arrow

Not so fast, Tamballs!!!

“Stitcher” is simply an app… an app used to stream shows and/or radio on demand! “Stitcher” is by no means Arbitron or any other verifiable, reliable source of rating radio or podcasts.

Tamballs hasn’t even made it on to “Stitcher’s Top 100 Shows“… unfortunately for Tamballs, her poscast was beat out in the “Top 100” by a bunch of NPR shows… and a show called “The Moth Podcast”!!

Per the sophisticated mind of Tamballs, her latest podcast was in-depth and revealing… Tamballs had a discussion with her guest re vaginas…

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Oh… what can one expect from the HoneyBooBoo of the OC!

NOTE:  If you were wondering… Tamballs has secured her job as an OC Housewife by proceeding with her wedding to Ellie.  Tamballs went wedding dress shopping and recently dragged her RHOC cast mates along with her for a dress fitting appointment.

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One of the funniest RHOC scenes… Tamballs and Ellie tryin’ to ignore the train flyin’ past them during a “serious” conversation in a restaurant…