SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: PT Housewife “FaceFixin”… Melissa Gorga… Joanna Krupa “BelovedPierogiePrincess”… RHOC Lynne Curtin “DoomedDesigns”

December 1, 2012  

PT Housewife is praising the work of Dr. Ellen Marmur… a dermatologist…

NOTE:  Any bets on seeing Dr. Marmur on RHONY… IF PT returns?

PT Housewife tweet Ellen Marmur

This is PT Housewife… “on screen”!


PT Housewife is gettin’ her face fixed… but no doctor can help her personality!

PT Housewife arrow

PT gif

PT gif


Melissa Gorga Groucho Marx pg


joanno krupa

They LOVE PierogiePrincess Joanna Krupa in Poland!!

Joanna Krupa stała się bohaterką kolejnego skandalu. Tym razem modelka rzekomo romansowała z Mohamedem Hadidem i rozbiła jego małżeństwo z Yolandą Foster. Jak myślicie, czy pogłoski o życiu erotycznym Dżoany są prawdziwe, czy po prostu ktoś próbuje jej zaszkodzić?

TRANSLATION…Polish press is on the side of their PierogiePrincess!

Joanna Krupa became the subject of another scandal. This time the model allegedly affair with Mohamed Hadid and broke his marriage to Yolanda Foster. How do you think the rumors about the love life Dżoany are real, or just someone trying to harm her?


How Nene REALLY stepped up…

Nene Carson pg


Poor Lynne Curtin!  She is still tryin’ to push her overpriced “designs”…

… including dog “colars”… on her jewelry site

lynn curtin RHOC jewelry

Unfortunately, Lynne has yet to seal that deal with ShopNBC

(Thanks to SH readers “Girlfriend” “PMG” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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99 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: PT Housewife “FaceFixin”… Melissa Gorga… Joanna Krupa “BelovedPierogiePrincess”… RHOC Lynne Curtin “DoomedDesigns”

  1. Lynn Curtain designs are nothing more than cuff blanks ordered by the case from China and then she gets stoned and hot glues junk on them. Please. ‘Designing’ was the occupation of every stoner chick I knew it the 70’s. I am so sick of these idiots thinking they do or know anything about what they’re selling, I could throw up. Total junk I could buy at the dollar store.

    • I guess trashy minds like Tamballs and Lynn think alike!! I don’t know what’s funnier…Tamballs selling cheap A$$ wine glasses with a (hypocrite) cross glued on-them, or Lynn selling cheap A$$ dog collars with stones glued on them! Wretchen deserves to be thrown right in the mix with those two. Oh… the days when the O.C. was actually decent to watch. Those days are long GONE! You couldn’t pay me to watch the O.C.!!!

      • The first two seasons was the shit, now it can’t be compared to the original and first season. Also Lynn should wonder what her daughters are doing, they are all over thedirty and did she get a divorce from her husband are they still together.

    • The pictures of Lynn on her website “handbag” page are hilarious. What is she, like 50? She’s dressed like she’s 19, complete with the long medusa weave. I’d be embarrassed if that were my mother.

  2. Oh, dear – PT’s face is awful. Is that from too much Florida sun? She looks like she could be part of Lynne Curtain’s leather dog collars. Aaarrfff!

  3. Sorry but PT skin is not flawless! Looks older & even worse up close… Yikes! TY DDisher, Cosign on your comment!! Makes me annoyed @ all these “designers”! Some people(like me) actually go to fashion school& LEARN how to design.. Not just putting their name to a brand.. Alexis from OC sent me into a frenzy w her treatment of her designer.. Still have not gotten over that! Made my blood boil! Do they realize how much work goes into designing ?? Would not buy any fashion pieces from any Housewive as most of them have NO STYLE!

  4. love how Lynn never turns the cuff around to really see it, just the dumb design logo everything she picks up she holds it so she can see it but never makes sure the camera sees it. stoopid

    • You took the words right outta my mouth.Do people REALLY pay that kind of money for that crap? I DID spend 20 bucks on my dogs collar,however I know it will last him, his whole life. Trust me, that is THE most I would ever spend on a collar.

  5. Lynn left her hubby because he ran out of money. PT and Jax should have a dinner date. Im sure by the end of the dinner jax will voluntarily give PT her drinks.

  6. I have an Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) credential from The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It’s both my personal and professional opinion, that these cuffs are outrageously overpriced and, quite frankly, really ugly. I’m not a fan of bags either. Who would buy that junk at those prices!? #JMO I do however think Lynne is nicer than Gretchen. So If I had to choose, it would be Lynne, but still. :/

    • Awesome for you–didn’t know you had those credentials. I have always been interested in gems and “rocks” but have never studied much about them. Sapphires and amethyst are my favorites.

        • goldandkajal: Cool!! My exSIL is also a gemologist and is accredited. She began designing her own jewelry line (looks similar to delicate Tiffany jewelry) and she has sold one of her lines with Saks. I’m impressed. My whole family knows GOOD jewelry. My mom had 5 daughters and we all had our own loupes. My grandfather was a jeweler (from Brooklyn) and we used to have many opportunities to examine loose diamonds, etc. We could spot a VS1 from afar!! I have lots of decent quality pearls and diamonds and beautiful settings, but the resale today is HORRIBLE. I’m holding onto the pretty things!

          • Done, glad to see you back. I know your husband’s surgery was on Tuesday (I think), and I was a bit worried that I hadn’t see you around. Been praying for him. Is he okay?

            • Hers: Thank you SO much for checking. I swear, all of the prayers worked. He’s totally cancer-free at the moment. It went really well. We don’t have to go back for 3 more months and then it’ll be another surgical procedure like this one, to make sure there’s no cancer (and if there is, they take the tumors then and there). Thank you SO much for your positive thoughts. I appreciate it more than I could say!! :)

            • :) We plan on celebrating every minute!! We’re going to NY to be with family for the holidays and just be grateful for decent health (for the moment). Thank you again. You’re a dollie!! xoxo

            • And xoxo to you. It’s so nice to find sweet people who REALLY care here. Love it. Hope you and your family have the happiest of holidays. You deserve the best.

            • You’re welcome my dear. Its a brave fight yall are fighting together and it warms my hear that the news is good and that he has you in his life to see him through it.

            • DONE, Wish you and your husband a long and healthy life together. You got over the worst hump. Since your health conscious to begin with I’m sure youre doing all the right things. Juice fasts etc…….good luck!!!!!

            • Thank you, Girlfriend!! I’m pretty health-conscious (never smoked, never did drugs, don’t even take caffeine, soda,etc…) but DH is the opposite of me. I got him to cut out cigars and he rarely has a cup of coffee these days. It’s too scary when your health is at risk. Thank you for your words. I hope we’ll have a bit of smooth sailing for a while now!!

            • Glad to see you back and I’m so very glad to hear the good news. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2013. Enjoy NY. Take in some shows and don’t forget to See the tree at Rockefeller Centre. :-) :-) :-)

            • Thank you, Barb!! I have a HUGE family, so it might take a few weeks just to see them all first……. but we might make a few excursions to Manhattan too. Depends on how my husband feels. Taking things slowly. Hope you enjoy your holiday too! xoxo

            • cherry, thanks so much. It is heartwarming to read the love and support here. Happy holidays to you too!

            • Thank you so much ChemGeek. It was surprising and wonderfully positive! For now, I’ll take it!! xoxo

          • Amazing!!! Good for her! You’re so right about resale. Hold onto it, honey. Gold just keeps going up, exponentially. Most people don’t realize it, but silver is too. I’m married to a man from India. Gold is really inexpensive over there. They use 24k in all of their gold jewelry. It’s such a bright luscious color! Aside from the 5 carat Burmese ruby ring my grandmother left me, my Indian jewelry are my favorite pieces. It’s so wonderful that you had the chance to enjoy quality jewelry, from an early age! #jealous ;P

            • 24k is so beautiful–you can tell with the naked eye that it’s special. I love platinum too. I did sell enough pieces that I wasn’t wearing, but I kept tons of the special pieces (especially the ones my grandfather made). I will hold onto the rest, and I’ll show this to my husband, who is always encouraging me to just sell it all.

            • Platinum is gorgeous too. With white metals, jewelers and designers have to use higher quality diamonds. Otherwise, the yellow tones in lower quality diamonds would be very noticeable, unless of course they’re canary diamonds. LOL Also, colored diamonds are far more rare than white. BTW so very glad your husband is doing well!!! God bless you both. :D

            • Thanks so much, gold (about my husband). We’re celebrating this break by spending Christmas in NY. As far as colored diamonds, I’m not a fan. Guess I’m old! I never cared for canary diamonds either, but I do like chocolate. I was intrigued with garnet for a while and had my sister-in-law make me some delicate pieces. (we could go on and on about jewelry!! I’d love to hear your opinion on it all!)

  7. Since I’m on a roll. What is wrong with PT’s pants in the pic with the black peplum top? Did she drag the ivory pants out of the dirty clothes hamper or was her bottom half run over by atruck on the way to the event? Maybe she slept in them.IDK but that is atrocious. Her skin is about as baby smooth as a crocodile hand bag.

    • LOL! I think her pants might have a light etching that is supposed to resemble paisley print but I had to squint to see that. My eyes are likely stretching the truth.

        • Thank goodness because I was afraid I was getting into bifocal territory. lol

          They are terribly unflattering. She’s tall and slender so you think she could easily find something form fitting and flattering. After watching SWINE in those MC Hammer pants and seeing this, I’m wondering if the MC Hammer pants and Zubaz are coming back in “style”. I hope Zubaz make a comeback so I can wear PJs to teach class and justify it stating that I am fashion forward.

  8. This is slightly off topic, but there are some pics of season 5 of RHONJ and Lauren Manzoid looks like road kill!! Seriously, she is wearing skin tight leather pants and a short platinum blonde bob hairstyle. Two words “not flattering”.

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