SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: PT Housewife “FaceFixin”… Melissa Gorga… Joanna Krupa “BelovedPierogiePrincess”… RHOC Lynne Curtin “DoomedDesigns”

December 1, 2012  

PT Housewife is praising the work of Dr. Ellen Marmur… a dermatologist…

NOTE:  Any bets on seeing Dr. Marmur on RHONY… IF PT returns?

PT Housewife tweet Ellen Marmur

This is PT Housewife… “on screen”!


PT Housewife is gettin’ her face fixed… but no doctor can help her personality!

PT Housewife arrow

PT gif

PT gif


Melissa Gorga Groucho Marx pg


joanno krupa

They LOVE PierogiePrincess Joanna Krupa in Poland!!

Joanna Krupa stała się bohaterką kolejnego skandalu. Tym razem modelka rzekomo romansowała z Mohamedem Hadidem i rozbiła jego małżeństwo z Yolandą Foster. Jak myślicie, czy pogłoski o życiu erotycznym Dżoany są prawdziwe, czy po prostu ktoś próbuje jej zaszkodzić?

TRANSLATION…Polish press is on the side of their PierogiePrincess!

Joanna Krupa became the subject of another scandal. This time the model allegedly affair with Mohamed Hadid and broke his marriage to Yolanda Foster. How do you think the rumors about the love life Dżoany are real, or just someone trying to harm her?


How Nene REALLY stepped up…

Nene Carson pg


Poor Lynne Curtin!  She is still tryin’ to push her overpriced “designs”…

… including dog “colars”… on her jewelry site

lynn curtin RHOC jewelry

Unfortunately, Lynne has yet to seal that deal with ShopNBC

(Thanks to SH readers “Girlfriend” “PMG” and “FLPhil”!!!)