SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Kelly Bensimon “HouseSold”… Kenya Moore on Wendy… Yolanda Foster, Joanna Krupa “MohamedInCommon”…Joanna Back With Romain… Joe Gorga “HandSignals”…

November 30, 2012 

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As mentioned last month, Kelly Bensimon had a buyer for her Hamptons House… the price was dropped from $12 million to $5.5 million.  Well, Kelly has closed the deal…for $5.76 million.     Kelly still got big feet…

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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore was on the Wendy Show.  Kenya dropped some hints about Porsha Stewart… about flirting with Apollo… and about her “boyfriend” Walter.   NOTE:  We all know (said like Phaedra)… that Walter was a “just for show” BF…


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Joanna Krupa, according to Joe Francis, was the reason for Yolanda Foster divorce from her husband, Mohamed…

Krupa was sleeping with real estate developer Mohamed Hadid for about a month while he was still married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster. According to him, Foster caught the two in the act, which led to her divorce from Hadid.

NOTE:  Whether it was PierogiePrincess Joanna Krupa or some other chick, there HAD to be a good reason for the HADid divorce and the more than generous divorce settlement Yolanda procured from CryptKeeper Mohamed!  Bet Lisa Vanderpump has all the juicy details!!!    In case you didn’t know… PierogiePrincess told AccessHollywood that she’s all made up with Romain… YAWN…




“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” delivers record ratings as Bravo Media ranks #1 among cable entertainment networks in the A18-49 demo during the 9pm hour on 11/26/12, according to Nielsen. The episode was the highest-rated of the season and experienced double-digit growth from the previous week among all key demos. This week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was up 30% among A18-49, up 19% among A25-54 and up 26% among total viewers over last week’s episode.


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(Thanks to SH readers “Jozy” “PMG” and “cybraxis”!!!)

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  1. I’ve never been on the JoAnna love train. Couldn’t figure out what was so repellent, but as the season progressed, her snake in the grass qualities became apparent.

    JoAnna, KimZ and SHAFT all share the same the same ‘look right in your eyes and lie’ trait, throwing anyone under the bus for any spur of the moment desire. Family, people who consider themselves friends, doesn’t matter.


  2. Kenya’s sure not very gracious about Porsha. She brought herself down with all those putdowns. But she definitely has the talk show guest role down pat — the witty comment, smiling shyly and batting the eyes almost flirtatiously at the hostess, then turning to the audience for adulation — “thank you, thank you.”


  3. Kenya is unbelievable. How does she think it is okay to come one to Apollo? Then she tries to imply they are having problems so that makes it all right. Disgusting really.


    • Another case of 8 pounds of sausage in a five pound bag. Doesn’t anyone around these ladies have the balls to tell them when they look like stuffed sausages. No need to be mean. Just tell em before the horrible pictures or taping. JMO


      • I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s the new style nowadays. The dress has to be pulling and straining everywhere, showing your bellybutton hole, your private area, cupping the entire curvature of your behind from all angles, etc. Where I come from, a skirt hangs down from your behind; it doesn’t curve over and under it, then hug your legs like a straightjacket all the way down. How can these idiots even move in these clothes. It’s pretty vulgar.


  4. Can we talk about Romain’s cute lil face when he oops dropped the f-bomb last night in front of Joanna’s mom? I could just eat him up. Bless his heart.


    • Yes! He’s cute! I like her mom too. Her and R seem to have a good relationship. I think Joanna doesn’t know how to deal with emotions and even her good intentions end up blowing up in her face. I don’t think she’s a terrible person , just needs to mature a bit. But I may change my mind since we are talking about stoopid housewives here lol!


    • Roman is so sexy. It’s refreshing to see a man who allows himself to age and doesn’t have the need to fill every line with botox or get veneers on his teeth. Lisa’s husband Lenny looks as bad as some of the housewives. His veneers are distracting along with his over-botoxed, chemically-peeled face. Lisa, too has way to much botox, esp. those lips. Would love to see a pic of her before all that work. Her wedding photo still has her face enhanced. Maybe her senior pic? Her teeth aren’t even real. Girl, you’ve got too many enhancements in that face. Love the way Joanna shovels food in her face. No small lady bites for her. Just throws the entire chunk of food in and chews away. She’s definately comfortable in front of the cameras.


    • Romain is gorgeous. I don’t know how he tolerates Elmo’s consistent drunken tirades but to each his/her own. Hopefully Elmo’s in therapy over whatever the issue is because it’s clear she has a dark past with a gigantic chip on her shoulder. If Romain can’t see what that image is doing to his night club, then hopefully Elmo loves him enough to manage herself so that he can still be successful with his business ventures.


      • He is sooooo frickin cute. The only reason I want Elmo so hang on to him is so we can see more of him. IRL I would say he needs to show her da door.


  5. Kenya is such a factress. :(

    Regarding Joanna…woah! Can we believe anything JoeHo Francis implies? Makes her little pitty party act on Romain seem half baked. Note: I ain’t saying she a gold digga…

    Feel nothing but pity for JoeGorga. When he digests all of this (if ever, that bulb is dim) he’s gonna have a Piper to Pay! And you know MeGo won’t be there for him. Yikes.

    How does a house go from $15,000,000 to $5.7 ? Seriously overpriced to begin with!? Did she think someone would pay extra for the celeb part? Crazy. That doesn’t even happen in New Jersey! ;)

    At least Kim Z. went after Troy cuz he was fine. Dat Booty! :)


  6. OMG SH! That last picture cracked me up! (The new list of man hand signals) I literally spit out the pretzel I had just taken a bite out of (because I laughed so hard) – it just caught me completely by surprise for some reason. Thanks for making me laugh!! :>


  7. With the exception of her apparent work ethic in building her empire Kenya Moore is disgusting inside and out … I totally loved watching her have a meltdown when her bf told her Kandy turned him down and thoroughly enjoy watching her try to strong arm him into marrying her


  8. You may not agree, but I think Brandi Glanville is the spice so needed for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . She’s brash, she’s offensive, she’s everything her counterparts want to be but pretend that they’re not. You add in the fact that Brandi’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian couldn’t keep it in his pants, and she proceeds to run into his former mistresses throughout 90210, and you’ve got a great reality recipe for drama.


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