KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Kyle Explains All…Driver’s License to RHOBH Dinner… Says To “Wait Until Next Week”…


This episode I was happy to see my sister Kim initiating plans with the girls. I watch Kim with her kids and know it’s hard on her to see them growing up and knowing that eventually they won’t live at home. I think that it is so important to have your girlfriends as a source of support, especially because she isn’t married. Growing up, my parents were divorced. My Mom always had amazing friends surrounding her and our home was filled with love and laughter. Yes, we have our moments in this group. But we also have a lot of fun and do support each other at the end of the day.

Brandi looked beautiful at the photoshoot. I laughed out loud when she said she didn’t like that her thumb has “wrinkles.” We are so hyper critical of ourselves. With legs like that, a little thumb wrinkle is only fair.

RHOBH Brandi Glanville pg

I was so stressed taking Alexia to the DMV. I wouldn’t have been as stressed if she hadn’t failed twice already. She was scared and so was I.  I knew there would be tears if she failed again. Fortunately, she passed.

RHOBH Kyle driving                         So proud of you… don’t tell anyone, but I had to take the test 47 times!

That’s when it was time for me to get emotional. My Mom used to tell us, as soon as your child gets their license, they’re out the door. Why was she always right about everything? Driving my children around is exhausting at times. Between school, doctors’ appointments, dentists, parties, sleepovers. . .I often feel like a chauffeur. However, it’s also a time that I cherish. We talk, laugh, sing, and share stories. I know that once she is driving completely on her own, she will be home less and those moments in the car will be missed. I have already gone through this with Farrah. I know that the next big milestone is leaving for college. Ugh. Why can’t they stay little forever?

I rarely go away on girls trips, but when I do, I feel like a kid.

NOTE:  YoFo says the same thing!  Hmmmmm….

We laugh nonstop (especially me, I’m realizing) I am always amazed at how we are able to put things aside on these trips. At least sometimes.

Lisa and Adrienne  had only just “made up” but were both still up for going on the trip. We all knew there may be a few awkward moments but I guess we thought we could get past that, which we do. . .for a little while.

There is an ongoing joke with the girls about who gets the best room on these trips. This started way back. Lisa will joke and say to us “How is your hotel room? I don’t know why I got this huge suite. I don’t need five bedrooms,” knowing that we are ALL in the same one bedroom rooms. Then I will say “Don’t you love that we have a piano in our rooms?” To which all the girls would reply in unison “YOU HAVE A PIANO IN YOIUR ROOM?” Kidding!   NOTE:  Obviously Kyle-ee don’t proof her sentences…

RHOBH Kyle own room

Truth is ALL the rooms were beautiful, but don’t think I was going to miss the chance to tease Lisa and Brandi for getting the room with the unusually small twin beds.

I loved watching the girls’ faces when we were told we would be sharing rooms. Everyone was thinking “who am I going to share with?” Some combinations of the women could have been flat-out awkward. At least Lisa and Adrienne didn’t have to share.   NOTE:  The Bravo producers missed a great story line there!  Would like to have seen Adrienne and Lisa share a bedroom!

The dinner started out really nice. I was happy to be out with the girls and really having fun. All the girls were really bonding and getting along. I could not hear what Kim and Brandi were talking about. All I know is all of a sudden I heard “Shut the F— up.” Oh no. . .The fun has just ended. In watching the episode, I see it differently than I did that night. Because now I can see and hear what was going on.

OOPS… Wrong video!  But, will keep it anyway… it’s Kim Richards chicken salad!!


Although I think there was a better choice of words for Brandi to use, I can see where she was annoyed that Adrienne announced that Kim was crying. NOTE:  Interesting that Kyle simply says that Brandi could have chosen better words.  Where was Kyle-ee when Shana/SWINE/Shaft was goin’ all “Oklahoma on Kim Richards’ ass”???  I DON’T think Adrienne meant that to be mean in any way, perhaps it was a lapse in judgment on her part. Whatever it was, the dinner shifted after that. . .You will see next week. . .As far as the previews of us doing gymnastics. . .well . .You’ll see. . .

Until next week!
XO, Kyle

On next week’s RHOBH… Brandi announces her book deal…

… and cartwheels and splits abound!

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  1. I don’t know in the beginning i really liked Kyle. Thought she was beautiful and fun and witty. The more I watch her, the more my opinion changes. I’m finding her more and more annoying, child like and a trouble maker. I could use a lot less of Kyle on my TV screen.


  2. I did feel for Kyle with the learners test. My babygirl failed two time too. Now she is burnin up the roads. I understand having thoughts of wanting them to stay little forever but I am honestly enjoying the young lady that my daughter has grown to be. So its good to embrace every stage of their lives instead of longing for their babyhood.


  3. Brandi needs to write a tell all about how seriously beechy these woman are and how low life they are behind the scenes. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t buy water from Vile or the others if I was stuck in the Sahara with a suitcase full of gold.


  4. Kyle is shallow and boring. She lives in the very small World of Beverly Hills. Kyle perceives herself to be some sort of royalty there.


  5. Someone needs to tell Kyle that she needs a breast lift or to keep her saggy cleavage covered .. saggy boobies along with an over botoxed face and sanctimonious, er, um, sexy face of hers is not a good look on a woman over 40

    Kyle, if you are reading, did you pick up that face from Paris or did she copy it from you? Either way, it’s revolting and not the least bit cute


  6. I noticed that Vyle waited until all the other blogs were made and the viewers responses came in before she submitted hers. She’s trying really hard to be sugar and spice and all nice. BUT, it’s just a snow job. When she commented that “Brandi could have used better words…”, she forgot that she (Vyle) dropped the “F” bomb about 10 times in the finale of S-1 during that infamous limo ride to HELL. Obviously, she doesn’t practice what she preaches.


  7. OK…. So I caved/relapsed and watched…. I know…I know, but I’m really going to stop watching in the New Year! Until then does anyone else remember in the first season (when Kyle and Camille fight in NY) and she says “Your a F’n liar Camille!” at the dinner table? Funny how in this episode she calls Brandi out for her behavior “Although I think there was a better choice of words for Brandi to use…” (Hypocritical would have been a better word choice then funny:) Have a nice weekend everyone.


    • Kyle never ever takes responsibility for her actions. She always has one set of rules for herself and another for everyone else at any given moment. If you are buddies with her she will play mean girl with you and torture anyone else that she precives to be beneath her, Faye and Shana are her favorite playmates. If she is threatened by you she will find petty stupid things to critize you for:
      1. Camille has more than her she says ” why would they want to film you with out Kelsey there?” and then lie about till Camille looks crazy. s1
      2.Lisa is more popular “trys to ambush her at the tea party for her out of control ego does ambush her at the reunion with the Bobby Fisher comment. s2
      3. Brandi looks hotter than her. Attacks her at a party for her son urinating on the grass making her feel like a bad mom.s2
      4.Kim being more successful as a child actor. She makes her pay any time and any place, stealing her house exposing her as an alcoholic and exploiting her in recovery. s1 s2 s3 and till the end of all time.


      • You rock SD, great post & “ITA”…
        “BTW” I’m still trying to get this SH shorthand/text lingo down..In the meantime, thanks for the ‘BAM’ Made, but does that mean anything other than when Chef Mario B says it? Sorry, just checking:)


  8. One last note…Ms. SH, Thank you and I really enjoy this site…(Even if I don’t always understand the acronym’s)!


    • Welcome, Alexa! Pretty name. If you don’t understand something, just post the question as your comment. That’s what I did when I came out of Lurkerville.


  9. I hate Kyle even more when she’s mean to Kim. Remember the store scene when Vyle was making fun of the way Kim said “salza”. Yet we had to hear a whole season of Kyle saying “houzewives” on the promo. I’m sure this has been mentioned, but I’m having ugly flashbacks.


  10. Kyle is just a snotty biotch. I’m still on “Team Brandi” after she called out that skank Trailortrash at the reunion. Glibly spewing her statistics about spousal abuse, since that was her new platform and Brandi was the only one who had the bawls to call her on it.


  11. Just finished reading Traylor’s trash book and am so irritated by her, and the way Kyle always rushes to defend her. By the way, I received Traylors book for free, would never give her a dime for all her lies and inconsistencies. I just preordered Brandi’s book on Amazon….I hope everyone will so her book sales skyrocket and outsell both Vyle and Traylor!


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