CAMILLE GRAMMER, EX-FRIEND OF HOUSEWIVES: Camille Says Kelsey “Irresponsible”… EX-“Friend” of RHOBH Trying To Stay Relevant… **WARNING** BLEEEECH Photo Included!

November 30, 2012

Camille   Kelsey   rhobh

Camille Grammer was caught by the TMZ cameras and gave her opinion about her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer’s decision to take his three-month old baby for a car ride.  Kelsey’s wife, Kayte, held the baby instead of using a car seat.

Camille says Kelsey was “irresponsible” and she always had car seats!

Kelsey carryin’ baby car seat today…


The BLEEEECH factor has reached a new high!

AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey is tryin’ her hardest to keep herself relevant.  PamDana had the paps take photos of her and her boyfriend “frolicking” in the Atlantic while visiting Miami Beach

Dana RHOBH arrow

Didn’t think the BLEEEECH could get any worse than their video…

(Thanks to SH reader “CathyFromFtM”!!!)

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74 comments on “CAMILLE GRAMMER, EX-FRIEND OF HOUSEWIVES: Camille Says Kelsey “Irresponsible”… EX-“Friend” of RHOBH Trying To Stay Relevant… **WARNING** BLEEEECH Photo Included!

  1. I’m with Flippit – I never really gave Kelsey much credit for being smart of responsible in the first place, so this news does not surprise me. He is such a disgusting wierdo.


    • What is he senile now? The guy is hardly a 20 something year old new dad, he’s old enough to be the baby’s grandfather and didn’t think to get a car seat?

  2. ew, ew, ew, ew … some thing just cannot be unseen and
    it depends on where they were driving. Seriously, most of us in our 40s and beyond made it through life perfectly fine without car seats .. or even seat belts in a lot of cases

    • I’m in my late 20s & apparently my baby seat was a bassinet with nothing more than a zip up vest thing velcro-ed onto the thing holding me there. I don’t think it would have done anything in a crash.

  3. Can someone please pass the eye bleach. Gross. Dana , go away and take your tongue with you.
    Nasty. I have never thought manscaping was important but this dude could use a bath in depilatory and Lysol.

  4. I just don’t understand why Kelsey and his wife would bring the baby for a car ride sans car seat. It’s so incredibly stupid, why why why would you put your child at risk like that?

    Re Pam and her tonguing (is that a word? It looks funny)… gag.

      • OK, totally not related to anything, but I had to mention…the vid at the end of this giraffe one, top right corner ‘Penguin Being Tickled’ is too effin cute for words! Thanks Made…ur the BEST!

      • Made these clips with the animals are ALL SO Beautiful! Watching the woman on the beach, with that one Seal, in particular was So heartwarming. It gives me some hope for the future of wildlife! I’m surprised seals in the wild would trust human beings…given what they have endured by man. Watching one last clip with a seal and calling it a night. Thanks made…I Loved this! kt-out. Such incredible beauty :)……

        • My pleasure KT. Glad you enjoyed them. Nature is beautiful. But that stuff that is going on with Pamdana and her Mr Clean is …. not.

      • This video clip was too funny made! Do you know why when I went to watch another one of your clips on this…it says embedding disabled by request-watch on YouTube?? I’ve seen this before but not sure what it means or why it happens? kt

        • I am not sure why that happens either. Its annoying because I dont know that its gonna happen until it does.

          • Thanks made. I thought maybe it had to do with my computer. I’ve been having So..much trouble with it lately.

  5. Yolanda says there’s nothing worse than a drunken woman, however, there’s nothing more entertaining than a drunken BH housewife. With Swine out the door and kim on the wagon, maybe bravo needs to reconsider Pam/Dana to breakup the stiffness of Yolanda, Adrienne, Lisa and camille,

  6. Kelsey is a moron, but i dont think it was that big of a deal to drive a short distance without the car seat.

  7. You never, ever, drive with a baby not in a car seat. Unless you are running from an attacker or zombies or something, you never put a car in drive without that baby in a seat properly strapped in. You just never know, no matter how short the trip, if some idiot is gonna hit your car and send that baby onto the floor or at the windshield.
    Also, Pamdana has a lot of balls callin Brandi or anyone else a slut, every pic I have seen of her lately has her acting like total trash.

    • ITA about the car seat. It should be the basic mothering instinct to do all you can to protect your child. Not to mention that it’s the law in Cali.

    • Is pamdana EVER with her child? I bet her baby daddy sees this stuff and is sooo glad he stayed the heck out of it. No wonder he was so “elusive” didn’t want to be associated.

  8. Dana has a PR article link in her twitter. The content indicates she is setting up house in London and filming “Rich and ditched” there. Dana commented how her BH friends have dried up. One tweet by dana said “fu BH”. Very interesting, burns thru the human resources faster than clean panties.

  9. omg, my gorge rose at that shapeshifter makeout pic. So gross!!!! ugh ick blergh!!!!! Ask me how I really feel. :p

  10. Ugh Dana is “such a wannabeeee” as Miami Adriana would put it. There’s that fine line of being obnoxious but still entertaining, and obnoxious where you switch the channel. She’s your pox now Ireland, switch the channel!

    • Agreed. On what planet to they even think that is the least bit attractive or erotic? I know I would not appreciate someones hand jammed up in my armpit like that.

  11. My car is never taken out of park without all children secured in their car seats and every passenger secured by their seat belt. Sorry. Not going to happen EVER! What really irritates the heck out of me is when you see adults in the front seat wearing their seat belts and the kids in the back seat obviously not in car seats and not even belted. As long as that car moved, a crime of stupidity was committed. An accident can happen anywhere! I’ll descend from my soapbox now.

    • Just after I typed this I saw on the news that there was a bus accident at Miami airport where a bus slammed into the roof of a roadway and two people died. There is a show on the Travel Channel about Miami International Airport and it seems every episode there is a serious car accident at that airport. Nowhere is safe.

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