ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne Says Paul Nassif “GoodFather” BUT Had Temper Issues… RHOBH Contributing Factor in Adrienne’s Divorce

November 30, 2012   Adrienne Maloof chats with Mario Lopez from Extra about her divorce from Paul Nassif… and explains those “abuse” photos (HUH?!)…



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71 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne Says Paul Nassif “GoodFather” BUT Had Temper Issues… RHOBH Contributing Factor in Adrienne’s Divorce

  1. So gag order means you don’t go on national TV and say Paul has issues with his temper. She claims she didn’t know that items in her deposition wouldn’t be released? In California? Liar. She owns a sports team,a mansion, a casino and Paul has his own medical practice, she has enough experience with lawyers and legal issues to know better. She was rotton to air this out publicly in an attempt to get full custody. She very well could have ruined this man. Not a fan of hers for many reasons, this being just one.

  2. Adrienne’s voice sounds like she has nodules on her vocal chords. So does Vyle and Kim. What’s up wit dat? The smog out there? Yeesh. It sounds like it hurts to talk.

  3. Paul, I hope you get the kids and get away from Adrienne.

    Adrienne, if you read this, give the kids to Paul and give yourself a quiet vacation in Montana or Wyoming — or Kansas since you’re in the Land of Oz anyway. Quit being as immature as you claimed Lisa was, woman-up and represent the American Dream or something.

    Good grief!

  4. haven’t we all had a friend who we thought had a great marriage? to later find out it wasn’t so great? A certainly didn’t marry for money. Why would she make this stuff up?

    • C.H.I.L.D. C.U.S.T.O.D.Y. That’s why she would lie. I never got the impression she was that thrilled with the kids anyway but they do make heer nice accessories if she want the public to beleive she is nice. She’s just one step from mounting the kids on the closet wall like her wedding dress – all for show. She is combative and competitive with everyone. She isn’t about to let Lisa get away with being better liked, hence the silly attempt to discredit Lisa with the selling stories nonsense . And she is not about to let anyone think that Paul is actually the better parent. Its all about image to her. From the moment she appeared on the show I had the creepy crawlys about this chick. She took too much pleasure at other people’s discomfort. Her cackling hysterically everytime crackpot would dookie in Paul’s closet is just a petty example of where her heart is.She never had a kind word to say about Paul and looked like she was actually in physical pain being in the same room as him.

  5. WOW I didn’t realize that a GAG order is only in effect for the questions you don’t want to answer such as why Bernie posted the bogus bruised photos. Saying that Paul is a a a a a “Good Father” then rapidly saying he has anger issues clearly is not part of the GAG order. If Adrienne has 1 decent bone in her body she will STOP slandering Paul and discussing anything for the sake of her children.

  6. Yet she seems so calculating. Clearly trying not to appear so, but not quite pulling it off IMO. The gag order thing was a convenient way to steer the interview. It’ll all come out in the maids wash…eventually. Interesting that she did somewhat blame the media for “all the pressure”. I wouldn’t wanna walk a mile in those hoofs either.

    Still, isn’t she like the 20th+ RH to get a divorce after joining the show?! Par for the course.

    No dating? C’mon Adrienne! SWINE woulda written a book, completed a tour, buried her male spider friend, and been all kinds of inappropriate by now. We can mail Rosie out if you like. Maybe Carmen or whatever her name was from the OC. Those 2 would worship your stumpy little feet and tickle you until you smiled! ;)

    Best of Luck no matter what you decide you calculating little Diva you.

  7. Going back to the statements I made re-Tree; I wonder if the pressure of this show and to keep up appearances/finances is too much? Remember, most men don’t like this much drama, unless you’re Slade. Do these women get too caught up in the fame or the fame in their heads and loose all priorities (i.e. BubbaJax)? Best of luck to these women!

    • I think they were fakin it before they got on the show………. I don’t give any one of em credit for being much more than useless before the tv cameras even started rolling. I think they all thought they’d get sumthin for nuthin and went for it, plus the pseudo-celebrity status which strokes their vanity.

      • I think pauls a famewhore and was dying to get back in front of the cameras since his days on Dr.90210. Now he’s going to NY and prolly pushing a reality show. all of this is for the cameras and the mighty buck. they probably knew a year+ ago that they couldn’t stand each other, but waited to get their names out there beforehand.

  8. i still think that those photos are fake.
    There is no neck at all and the body and head look very disproportionate…if you look at it carefully, it looks like the head is super imposed on the body. I think adrienne got tips from Traylor Trash on this one and Bernie is just the snake in the grass to pull this off. I think he did it, and she didn’t want to throw him under the bus, I bet they were discredited and she isn’t saying anything.

  9. Don’t say anything Adrienne…but you gave the pictures to Bernie to put on his facebook, and now he is gone….no more facebook for him….You lie like a rug lady….tell things about your husband’s temper but not about those phoney pictures. Those aren’t bruises lady. It looks more like sunburn and a rash.

  10. SO dumb. Are we to believe this woman doesn’t have a bodyguard and own a gun? AND didn’t they show an episode of her with Taylor Trash practicing/learning Martial Arts at Maloof Manor? Paul could barely get up on the mechanical bull thing at Kennedy’s last birthday party.

    • Good point. She shall now be refereed to as Adrienne Noproof(she gonna hate that but lest I aint pokin fun of a fat shoe)

  11. ‘i’m under a gag order….but…” What a loser. She’s really got a boner for slamming her ex husband. I’m thinking the theory that Paul found love else where (even though Adrienne wasn’t willing to give love) is looking more viable every day. Geesh, she’s to be pitied, certainly not to be envied.

  12. From day one they rolled their eyes at each other and showed no love. Neither come off as sympathetic creatures. Both seemed to like all the attention and they lived like king and queen. The only real difference is Paul listened to his attorney and kept his mouth shut but that doesn’t make him a great husband or father. Adrienne, unfortunately like a typical hurting woman, cried out loud and let her emotions show. Divorce does not bring out the best in anyone.

    • Thank you!!! That was my take on this couple since season 1. Both wanting lots of attention, both not willing to give any to each other. Career seems to be Numero Uno for both. When Adrienne blew Paul off, according to Paul’s story of when they first met, he should have taken the hint and run the other way.

    • Yes, but listening to his attorney makes Paul a bit smarter, and I have to respect him for not airing his dirty laundry in public. It shows he respects himself and his kids. Advantage Paul.

  13. Observe where she is looking. Wandering and fidgeting eye movements tend to indicate deception. Also, looking down and to the left is an indication of fabrication, while looking down and the the right indicates true remembrance.

    Read more: How to Tell When Someone’s Lying by Their Eye Movements

  14. Paul’s temper with the kids?
    Adrienne seems to be a very non-disciplinary parent.
    So, Paul having a “temper” is probably just the normal, typical type of parent who does use discipline.
    My guess is that she thinks anyone who disciplines their kids has temper issues.
    He’s so much better off without her. I feel sorry for the next guy that winds up with her.

  15. Why does Bernie no longer have a facebook page? It seems to come and go, but is it gone forever now????? Just wondering. He is a major problem.-

  16. Blow up her lips and squeak her voice and I would have thought it was ole Fishlips talking! And wasn’t it Adrienne that didn’t believe Fishlips? Hmm wonder when her book is coming out?

  17. Dear Adrienne, you’re a douche, give it up.
    Fans of the show want Paul to have the kids, as you obviously despise anything and anyone but yourself.
    We’re all sick of your constant ‘who farted’ face.
    Go back into obscurity and pimp your hooves.

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