TERESA GIUDICE: National Enquirer Item… Details… Says Teresa’s a “FameJunkie”…Wants Spinoff Show…

NOTE:  The National Enquirer item is out today.    Apparently, there are several “sources” who contributed to this item.   However, there is no NEW information… all of these “rumors” have been bandied about since Juicy’s license debacle.

Teresa Giudice stated yesterday that the National Enquirer item is not true:

Because yesterday’s item re Tree was based on today’s National Enquirer piece, wanted to include the actual NationalEnquirer item… which is not too different than that of yesterday:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” TERESA GIUDICE is making plans to divorce her cheating hubby JOE for the New Year!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that Teresa wants to call it quits after Joe’s ongoing criminal case is settled, even if he’s proven innocent.

But in a desperate bid to fool fans, she’ll act like everything is hunky-dory with her short, dumpy, troublemaking hubby through the holidays, insiders say.

“Teresa will leave Joe regard­less of the outcome of his court case,” a friend revealed. “But to keep up appearances, they’ll play happy family  until that time.

“Her game plan is to make nice with Joe over Thanksgiving and Christ­mas, dress up their girls – Gabriella, Audriana , Milania and Gia – in their finest party clothes, plas­ter a fake smile on her face and act as if all is well.

“But in reality, things couldn’t be worse between them!”

A close pal added: “Teresa is counting the days until she can divorce Joe and then launch a spinoff show featuring her and the girls as they try to rebuild their lives.

“She’s a fame junkie!”

Joe has dodged jail for now, sources say he hasn’t dodged his wife’s razor-sharp tongue.

“Although Teresa doesn’t criticize Joe in public, she gives him holy hell at home,” said the first source.  “When their girls are either out of earshot or at school, she rants and raves about everything from his legal mess to his inability to be the family breadwinner to his cheating.

“It’s like World War III at their place!”

But sources say 40-year-old Teresa’s biggest beef is Joe’s wandering eye.

His alleged cheating has been a hot topic ever since a “RHONJ” episode in August when he walked away from his wife and a table full of pals to use his cell phone.

Sources say the person on the phone was his hot young mistress, whose name is being withheld by The ENQUIRER – and when Teresa went over to check on him, Joe referred to her us­ing an extremely vulgar term.

“As much as Teresa says she’s forgiven Joe for trash-talking about her, nothing is further from the truth,” said the source.

“To have all of America hear his dirty remarks about her was totally humiliating. That’s when the curtain came down on their marriage.

“For now Teresa plans to go ahead with holiday get-togethers, and even step out with Joe while putting on a brave front. But whether he’s hauled off to prison or acquitted, Joe’s fate will be the same. In 2013, their mar­riage will go bust.”

NOTE:  SH readers find the Tree/Juicy breakup item hard to believe…


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64 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: National Enquirer Item… Details… Says Teresa’s a “FameJunkie”…Wants Spinoff Show…

  1. Not buying this story! Melissa aka source needs $$$.. Way it’s written IMO has Mego all over it ! Part about dressing up her girls& taking pics? Dumb comment & smells like Katfish or Melissa!

    • Thats what I was thinking. Cant rule out Katfish at all. And the “dumpy” comment. Katfish would say something like that. Because she was highly pissed off that Tree made the gaggy face over her husband.

      • You had to laugh when Tree said that women would prefer her husband over hers. Isn’t that the problem! Kathy will never have that problem.

        • Kathy has hated Teresa because her husband wants to get into her pants and thats no lie. In fact you saw the way she freaked out on the reunion when it was brought up by Teresa about Kathy and Richie almost getting a divorce, what was the divorce about?

  2. This is just regurgitated crap No one called the Enquirer to tip them off all one has to do i watch the show and come up with this My Piggie could have done it. Its fun to blame Melissa but frankly this isnt some top secret info why would they pay for something thats is common knowledge and written about dozens of times. If it were a real secret that only she would know then I may agree with you that someone tipped them off.

  3. Doesn’t sound like the writer is a real viewer of the show. Go back & watch Teresa when she signs books & greets the public. She is working, making money. You can tell by how they act if their mind is just on the fame & having people fawn over them, or if they are there as part of the job. I don’t think you can see Mego’s hunger for fame & then call Teresa out on that. The need for attention is so much stronger with Mego from what I’ve seen. So much so she doesn’t come across as a real person ,real flawed, yeah but not “real”, if you know what I mean. Teresa can be funny & seems like she is a sweet person overall. Do you get that vibe at all with any of the others? Maybe at her core Koma is ok & I think Jax could be if she weren’t so outta control. But none are any LESS interested in attn. than Tre & some seem to crave it.

    • Maybitsyou…I agree…..I think all the housewives are, that’s why they are on a reality show so I don’t think it’s any big breaking news by calling one of them out on it in an article.

    • the simple fact they are on a Reality show just says Fame whore, some just are more of one then others or they just cant hide it as well and are better at fooling people.

  4. I love Juicy, but what “hot, young” girl would be interested in him? Also, he has an unusually loyal wife. Juicy needs to curb his dislike of the show (which I totally get) enough to be respectful of Teresa.

    • To be honest I can’t but help feeling sorry for Juicy. In all of his financial problems and the show he lost his Identity! He is old school and not that bright, it would be a tough enough adjustment without being in the public eye.

        • but grateful to some degree..Tre not bringing home some bacon things would be even more unbearable. I don’t see it as a stretch that Tre is giving Juicy holy hell…it can’t be easy facing all that have to face + doing it with public scrutiny. Sounds like Don Caro’s dire prediction could be coming true….. ;)

            • What I find funny is the National Enquirer saying the name of Joe’s “hot young mistress” is being “withheld” by them. Yeah, right. If they had anything, seems like they would release the name of this shameless vixon and sells some rag sheets. JMO.

  5. Tree sells magazines that’s what it’s all about…oh and Jac is a blabber mouth and most likely the source IMO. She needs money and boom there’s the ‘Money Tree LOL

  6. True , it’s funny how , hate her or love her , there is something about Teresa that catches people’s attention. They can’t stop watching her. She’s got more of a personality to her. Don’t you know that’s got to bug the daylights out of Mego & Caro & I’m sure in Jax’s current state of mind she’s not too happy about it either. Clearly Teresa means more to the viewers than they do.

  7. Sorry but none of this info is new. Didn’t Caroline say the same thing in her talking head? She did not retract her comment when Andy asked her about this at the reunion? I personally don’t believe that Teresa and Juicy dot on each behind the scenes. I think they are both miserable with each other. I could be wrong. I don’t think that Teresa would ever divorce Juicy but I don’t think Juicy would care either way. He seems like he so over everything.

  8. You do see these folks who stay in a miserable marriage (don’t know why , money maybe?) but I don’t think the other cast members care about the state of Tre’s marriage. I think they just can’t stand that she’s happier than them in her day to day life & gets alot more attention than any of them can inspire. I mean it’s got to bother them to know Tre can inspire that kind of attention & they can’t. I also think Tre really loves Joe. She’s known him since childhood & (maybe) she’s willing to put her ego aside to stay in the marriage. I , like most people, wouldn’t , but some do. Maybe the other factors in her life make it possible to deal with his (possible) cheating & disrespect.

      • Thats so sad too. They are not setting a good example for their kids. You want your kids to be raised in a happy, loving home and if you are together for only the kids, you are sending your kids the wrong message. Some kids will grow up thinking it was all their fault.

        • I never understood why parents stay in misrable marriages for the sake of the children.
          You can be good parents and not be married.

            • I don’t agree, in all cases. I know kids who were products of divorce and absolutely hated being traded from one parent’s house to another’s. If the parents could have sucked it up and stayed together instead of searching for that holy grail, the kids would have been much better off. Not all “unhappy” marriages consist of regular shouting matches and abuse. If there is no abuse, then I think parents should stay together whenever possible. JMO, but it’s based on my beliefs.

            • I dont know. One of my daughters married young. The had 2 little boys right away. The kind of drifted apart after 5 years but decided to stay together for the kids and financial reasons. When the boys were 7, they had a family meeting and the boys said its ok to get divorced. Amazing at 7 they would say that but mom and dad were so miserable that it made them miserable. Today they are good. Mom and dad suck it up and get along, the kids are happy and healthy and love the time with each. My daughter smiles again.

            • My daughter and her ex have remained very cordial to each other which makes it alot easier. Both are in new relationships and they still treat each other with respect for the kids. The kids are doing so good

            • I know my daughter has to bite her tongue at times but she does and the ex does too. They attend soccer games, birthdays and all school functions together and act like respectful adults. Too bad more ex’s cant work like this for the kids

            • I can see both sides, if the parents can work things out thats all the better but sometimes it just cant work and everyone is misrable.

          • Some of us come from a time where we believed in the for better or worse part of our vows. I think you can be unhappy but still remember a time when it wasn’t that way an hope that in time you will get back to that place. I don’t know if staying in a marriage for your children or to keep your family in tack is right or wrong. It seems to depend on which expert you speak to. In the long run we all do the best we can at the time.

            • Truer words Cyn. I don’t know why some people stay and why some go. Life happens and it is not my place to know who or who should not get a divorce. I don’t have to live the consequences. Especially for the kids….maybe it would be better and then again maybe not.

  9. None of us know the truth, but I do not think that Tre is at all happy in her marriage. Who’s to say that Tre is not the “friend” that talked to the rag. She loves to spend money, that’s obvious, but does it feel the same when it’s her money that she worked for and not gotten by her hubby besause he wants to work his ass off to make her happy because he “loves” her? I’m just asking. Nobody likes to be humiliated unless they can make a considerable amount of money so soothe the wounds. That’s the trouble with people that crave the money and attention. Sooner or later, the walls will come tumbling down and they are left with nothing because they sold their soul. Very sad.

    • I have to agree. The man is useless. He embarrassed her in public on the RHONJ by calling her a “B” and a “C”. He broke his tooth in a drunken stooper in his own home with his kids and dinner guests present. He drove drunk and hit a tree and atleast he didn’t hit another car. I can’t understand why anyone who is a Teresa fan would be ok with him. He has had many girlfriends, the fraud with the partner, the fraud with the drivers license and then he doesn’t even want to work to help her pay down the bills. When he had his brothers license, how many times was he out driving around with the kids in the car? When is it enough. She needs to kick the crap to the curb.

  10. True , the kids will figure out what’s going on in these unhappy marriages. They may never confront the parents (at least until years later) but they are smart enough to know. I would hate to think I convinced my kids that was the way to spend your life, unhappy. Happiness is one of the main things most parents want most for their kids. – That said I don’t know that I believe Teresa is unhappy. She seems to be sailing along pretty well , especially when compared to her whiny , stressed out cast mates. Of course her whiny stressed cast mates & their reaction to her success is the main reason I watch ;P Mean sounding I know, but I get bored easily. Need me cray cray gals to watch !! :D

  11. A big problem in the Giudice family was Joe Gorga. Tre chose JoGo over her husband many times. MeGo caused troubles. The night that Juicy Joe broke his tooth was the night he let everybody know about JoGo. Juicy Joe and Tre broke up because of JoGo and later reunited.
    If MeGo and JoGo stay away from the Guidices and Tre shuts her mouth about her brother, they maybe can put the marriage back on track.
    I think if Tre splits from Juicy Joe, Juicy will go on a long downward spiral.
    Another reason for divorce would be debts. If Joe refiles his bankruptcy petition with honesty, they would have to file as Married/Separated and Joe’s business debts would be all Joe’s. Then, when Joe goes to jail and has no income, his business debts would be wiped out. Tre would not be responsible. She would have the mortgage on the house in her name only and have only her debt. If she keeps her income high, she would do okay. But she has to be divorced from Joe in order to get out of his debt. And a phony divorce would be bankruptcy fraud.

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