MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Back From Jamaica… Now Pushin’ Coffee!.. VIDEO

November 29, 2012   Melissa Gorga is as useful as a car crash dummy in this infomercial for Tyler’sCoffee.  Oh, you never heard of Tyler’sCoffee?  By the looks of MeGo’s body language, it appears that she hasn’t either!   Take the appearance fee money and run, MeGo…

Really… is anyone gonna buy this coffee simply because a Housewife shows up?  Poor Tyler!

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67 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Back From Jamaica… Now Pushin’ Coffee!.. VIDEO

  1. Thank you but I will stick to my Keurig with my many flavored Krups cups. This stuff is way to expensive for my taste. 20 packs each pack will make approx 3 pots and the sum for 20 packs is $89.99. Sorry Melissa.

    • I’d like to say that I Have No Words. But, this is a committee of morons. That screwball on the left (did someone call him Eye-On?) gives me the hebee jebees. Mel and the lady MC there make me feel icky, too. The Tyler dude is so stupid.

      I have extreme issues with stomach acid….have had to suppress it completely and take great care after a bleed out that needed 7 units whole blood, 1 unit platelets and 3 clips clamped on a juicy gastric Artery. Mexican, Central and South American, and Carribean coffees are no-no’s for me, as my Doc told me. African and SE Asian are fine. No blends with the no-no’s included either. His goofy Jamaican coffee could harm someone.

  2. TIme for my favorite vintage coffee commercial with the a-hole’s signature “well see ya later” I tell ya. He cracks me up… after he pisses me off ;)

  3. I just found it funny that the camera was more focused on Hostess asking the questions about the coffee rather than Melissa. When the hostess introduced that she is a household name and your favourite..I was like who is that ? Teresa ? Right? Then she says Melissa Gorga name, I was like who the hell is that (In sacrastic tone). Melissa kept her eyes on the young lad probably having those money dollar signs in her eyes. If Tyler Coffee really wanted to do some good PR, they could have done it several ways: radio announcement, newspaper advertisement, television commerical, a show that is well known for promoting food and beverages (Food Network). I know all those methods require money but I have not even heard of Tyler Coffee in my life. The only household coffee places I know are Tim Hortons and Starbucks.

  4. Give this coffee to Camille! It’s supposed to be good for IBS folks (…but the “chemistry” of this coffee is total is b.s.)

  5. I wonder how much she was paid? Their PR person needs to be fired. Just a waste of money hiring MeGo. Hey Tyler no one would buy your coffee just b/c an ex stripper endorsed it. Idiots.

    • It’s call Tyler Cawfee if you pronounce the way MeGo does. No shame in an accent, I have one but as a spokes person it might matter.

  6. The pH level of your stomach is ~1-3. I think it can handle an “acidic” coffee with a pH of 5.18 or 5.53. (There’s also no such thing as an “acid free” coffee. I’m still sifting through the science b.s. on this website)

    Didn’t Bunn already revolutionize the idea of the right temperature, pressure and time for the brewing for the best tasting coffee (i.e extracting the most desirable components).

  7. Poor ole Mego , still climbing that ladder to success. To bad she’s struggling to hang on to the lowest rung. The Flea Market gig was lower but this pathetic coffee Gig with Nerd 1 and Nerd 2 is just short of career suicide. Go back to Lookers MeGo! Teresa made it look so easy MeGo thought she was going to be an instant star. bless her heart.

  8. actually, I worked on a commercial for this brand at the university of arizona as more of a resume builder aka I did not get paid I just worked on it for experience. A high school student thought of the idea in tucson and I guess his parents helped him out. it is still a small brand and frankly I do not think this commercial does it justice I don’t drink coffee, but I do know people who have GERD who swear by this stuff. again, I think they are just starting to roll out nationally and they probably could only afford mego at this point.

    • What a great experience for you! I love coffee. There are health benefits with caffeine (not too much) and there is a true science to a good bean and brew. I eggmit I can be a beer, coffee and chemistry snob at times. Is this kid underage? EEEEEK if he is. I feel like an arse for saying anything about the chemistry b.s. If this is a young pup doing it all on his own (for the most part) that’s good. We need motivated people in the universe.

      • i know i have a better focus and attention span when i am hopped up on caffeine, since cutting back on my caffeine its been hell on my focus and concentration issues.

  9. If there is one thing I know a lot about….It’s coffee – I roast my own at home – and I can spot a douche from a mile away…and there are two douches sitting next to MEGO. You can roast green coffee with warm air using a hot air popcorn popper at home. There is no bitter taste when you do this. By the way – if your coffee has a bitter taste – you’re probably drinking crap….to go along with the crap you watch on BRAVO…lol I watch that crap too…but I drink good coffee….Stay away from the stuff that MEGO and the Double Douches are promoting. OK, I’m done preaching….lol

    • LOL Stan. I know coffee and I know douche bags and that coffee probably sucks.
      What I found interesting is that they weren’t even smart enough to have actual coffee so that MeGo and the dorky hostess could sip it and talk about how great it tasted and how amazing the aroma is, blah blah blah. Geez, are they trying to sell coffee or put us all to sleep???

      • YES! Why weren’t they sitting around a kitchen table with a delicious looking coffee cake in the middle, pouring cups of coffee and commenting on the great aroma and great taste?! Duh.

          • I know, it’s common sense. They came out with the generic bags of coffee, (and didn’t even have a close-up of the bag). That’s not appetizing. They should show the crystals or the beans and then have a fresh pot sitting there, and pour the stripper and hostess a nice pippin’ hot cup of their crappy coffee. Then this is where MeGo’s acting chops can come into play and she say “Oh my gawd, that’s some good tastin’ cawfee!” and then smile her fake ass smile to the camera. Pfft what idiots.

  10. Well, Ill have 2 say, the infomercial is along the ranks as Tre’s commercial for tanning (low budget). So, MG gets a pass from me. Every1 keeps saying her & Joey are broke & struggling just like alot of ppl have said about T & Jughead Joe. So, I dont blame or knock her for doing infomercial.

  11. @Lisa That’s exactly what I think!! I dont rem 2 much about the D class commercial Tre did about a tanning salon, tanning or whatever it was….I mean, if we wanna nit pick, tanning is being discouraged & has been for a while now due to it causing cancer. Ive not heard that big of an uproar about coffee :)

  12. mEGO says she can’t drink strong acidic coffee in the morning, it hurts her tummy. She can pound away the wine, though.

  13. Put Tres name to al these trips and products Id buy. Put MeHo Croline Jax or Kathy no way will I even give it a chance. Sad for the business but after wht Caroline pulled in her interview really pissed me off.

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