KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog…Kim Says Adrienne Did NOT Mean To Cause Problems… Totally Relates To Brandi…


Hi everyone. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

In watching this episode as you can see there was a little drama but all in all we had a good time.

  Hurry up, YoFo!!  The cameras are rollin’!!

Going to Yolanda’s  was nice. It was a beautiful at the beach that day and it was so nice to visit and get to know her a little bit better. Ojai is special to me, and I guess it has a special place in her heart as well.

                      Did you really flunk your drivers test nine times, Mom??

Watching Kyle and Alexia at the DMV brought pack a lot of memories. Oh how I’ve been there! Waiting for your child to come out of that testing room is such a big deal. I have been through this four times. My heart was right there with her and Alexia while waiting for the results! As I watched Kyle tear up and discuss Alexia getting her driver’s license and becoming more independent, I had a flashback to when I was tearing up because my daughter was moving out. I remember Kyle saying something like “It’s part of life Kim. You need to find your own life now.” LOL. As I watched Kyle, I thought. . .it’s just a driver’s license, little sister. She’s just going down the street! Haha! She’ll be back In 15 minutes! Bye-bye! My heartfelt so huge for her because I completely understand! Well Alexia passed and she’s off to college in Kyle’s Maserati. YAY!

I was really looking forward to trip to Ojai. Friendships, growth, and moving forward was the goal for the girls and I! Riding up to Ojai, of course, the scenery was beautiful, and the company was good and entertaining.

Whenever all of us get together in a car and Camille  is with us, it seems like there’s always some sort of discussion about bleaching or tattooing. . .mmmm! Interesting right? As long as it’s not before a meal! Right?

Arriving at the house it was absolutely beautiful! When we took the tour and Sean dropped “five-bedrooms for seven girls bomb” on us everyone froze. I knew we’d figure it out as the house and the room were so beautiful. When  Lisa and Brandi arrived it was definitely uncomfortable for a moment. A bit tension in the room. But that went away quickly and we were off to dinner!

I wanted this dinner to be different with no special seating. Everyone got to sit next to who they wanted to sit next to! And it created an opportunity for Brandi and I to sit across from one an another. No it wasn’t planned this way, it’s just the way it ended up! This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other a little.   NOTE:  It’s “whom” not “who”… and of course, another Housewife who does not know the super-simple English language usage of “I” and “me.”   But, Kim’s gonna get some slack…  don’t want any of this to spark a relapse!

In talking with Brandi, I felt like I really began to understand her and that we were connecting! She started talking about how when she’s alone in her home that she drinks, and I did too.

And then she said when her kids  are gone she’s lonely and she drinks, and I said I did too. And then she said all her friends are married and she’s lonely and she hasn’t had a lot of people to talk to and she drinks, and I said I did too!

I completely related to her in this whole conversation! And it triggered some real emotions in me, reminding me of how painful some of these experiences have been.

But when she brought up Game Night, that’s when I put my hand up. I wasn’t angry at her at the dinner table, but it took me back to a place that was way too too painful for me. I just didn’t want to talk about it. When she brought it up again, it was just one of those moments what was just too painful and hurtful and too much for me! I don’t think that Adrienne was trying to cause problems. I think she saw me crying and was truly concerned. Nor do i think Brandy meant to yell “f—” at the table! I think she didn’t want me to be embarrassed for crying! I don’t think anyone that night was trying to make a problem. I didn’t mean to cry!

I think this is the beginning for Brandi and I. And I really do get to know her a lot better! Everyone of these women are beautiful and have sensitive sides. I’m truly thankful for this experience in growing with them and learning more about who they are. I’m growing every day and learning more about myself!

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49 comments on “KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog…Kim Says Adrienne Did NOT Mean To Cause Problems… Totally Relates To Brandi…

  1. Awww, I’m just lovin’ sober Kim! There’s no famewhore there. I think she had WAY too much attention as a child, and unlike her sister, is a bit embarassed by it.

  2. It’s hard to relate to these idiots. You take a vacation WITH friends, then you freak out over the prospect of sharing a room? Really?

  3. Looking at that picture of Kim at the top of the page makes me think her face looks so frozen. I just don’t like it. Is there something on her arm. Perhaps it’s a tattoo? Maybe just a lot of freckles. I must say her blog was very good. :-)

  4. To me, Kim’s blog is truly an insight into her genuine thoughts (unlike some of the other blogs from these women). True, she’s a bit quirky, but so what? I get the sense that she’s had to struggle with a number of issues in her past (and present for that matter) and is doing the best she can. Prob not a good idea to be on a show with these other phonies, but whatever…I wish her well.

    • She’s in the same boat as brandi and swine. They need the paycheck to maintain the BH lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to.

      • Oh, I agree, however I just don’t think it’s a good idea for her mental health to be on a show with these other loons. I’m glad I don’t have the problem of having to bare my scheiss for the world to see in order to ‘maintain the BH lifesyle’.on a regular basis, year after year. I’ll take my PRIVATE life and very modest lifestyle any day over that crapola.

  5. Kim seems really sweet and I wish her the best of luck in her sobriety. I think I’m really going to enjoy her this season. I really liked Yolanda although she came off as a stage mom during her daughter’s photo session. I also think Brandi and Lisa’s friendship is adorable. They seem like a lot of fun together. Can’t stand any of the rest of these women!

  6. Vyle’s so self-conscious about her height that she can’t even wear flats to the DMV. Never seen her in anything but very tall heels.

  7. I loved Kim’s blog! I am glad that she is in a better place this season and is working through her problems. I also like the fact that she is finally starting to see that Brandi really is sorry and I also liked that she defended Adrienne even though I can’t stand Adrienne this season. Kim really does have a kind heart. It is starting to show now that she isn’t under the influence of alcohol.

  8. I like her too. I hope with her being sober she won’t be a puppet for her sister to blame. Kyle acts like Kim owes her something i/m/o , she needs to get over that. Kim doesn’t need to explain herself to her i/m/o much more messed up sister. It’s funny to see the Carow & Jax dance (puppet style) but not someone who seems so likeable (Kim) , totally different feelings about that.

    • Yea, Kim! Onward and with strength and sobriety. I think she’s showing herself to be a fine role model, even with as little as we see and with the Bravo BS edit. I pray she’s still sober (and recovering onward) in realtime, now.

      If these bitches stir the crap with Kim to bring drama, I hope there’s a breaking of contracts, enmasse. This control that Andy and his jackels wield over these women is sick.

  9. I’m glad to see Kim and Brandi getting along. I think they will be good friends. I’ll take Kim any day over manhands. She makes me sick but of course no one can top Shana. That woman is not human. Can’t wait until she gets the boot fromt he show.

  10. Ms SH….you forgot to call kim out on her improper usage of ‘I’ vs ‘me’….or maybe you’ve finally resigned yourself to the fact that not one of them will ever get it….(groan)

    • cherry: Having “technical” issues! One being disappearing sentences… another being that many comments are going directly into spam! Am almost reluctant to post an item… lost TWO today. Have no idea where the posts are… out in cyberspace, probably! So, if you happen to see an item re Tamballs and one about Shana’s cruise, let me know! Have to re-do them… what a pain! LOL!! TFC!! SH

    • Cherry, I noticed a boat load of errors, grammatical, punctuation, etc. But I figure Kim should be given a wide berth on these as it seems clear that she didn’t have much formal education as she was supporting Mommy Dearest Big Kathy and ungrateful Kyle throughout her formative years.

  11. Kim is certainly a softer, forgiving person when she is sober. She still seems fragile and unsteady. It shows such selfishness to attend her dinner and drink alcohol. It just isn’t necessary to always drink with your meal. These women are not supportive ad I hope Kim has her eyes open to their shenanigans.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Her sister is so incredibly unsupportive of her recovery. Kim really needs to cut Kyle out of her life, as she is toxic. At least Kim has Yollanda there to tag team on the water cocktails at diner.

  12. I just read that Brandi’s pre-order book sales sky rocketed after the show Monday because of her heart felt talk with Kim. I bet Leann wont like that at all ;) ALSO…It said Adrienne said she had NO idea the pics of her all beaten & bruised were going public…HMMMM….IDK if I believe that at all! Who would let some1, who is on your payroll, take pics of u (even if the beatings were true)…Im sure she had a few, close girl friends who could have taken them. That whole story doesnt add up 2 me!

  13. I feel bad for Kim sittin alone drinking. Unlike Swin, who likes to be drunk in public, Kim was feeling real pain and isolation. This explains why she was never on time or present to a lot of stuff last season. And instead of being supportive and helping her sister, Kyle was just always angry and full of disdain. She was mad when Kim wasn’t there for the cameras. She is still nasty and demanding, the way she reacted in front of everyone when Kim said she wasn’t sure if she could make it to Portia’s party was childish. I don’t think it is too far fetched to say that a lot of Kim’s problems stem from her nasty sister, and I do think she stole her house or screwed her over in the past.

    • I agree. And talk about codependent enabler with a sadistic bent. I can imagine Kyle using Kim’s impaired mental capacity as an excuse to “help” her with her assets. More like help herself to them.

  14. I think Adrienne feels on the outside and that is why she keeps trying so hard to bring attention to herself so she feels included. Its clear she is not “in” with the ladies right now

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