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Bravo…   NOTE:  Kenya uses some big words!!



Another holiday season is amongst us and this is my first Thanksgiving as an official Atlantan.  There’s one problem…I missed the meal with my family  because I was having cocktails at Nene’s house! NeNe and her family were warm and kind and one cannot deny the fact that the girl is hilarious!  It’s good to have a genuine person open up their home to make me feel welcome. That’s what the holidays are all about and I appreciate the hospitality and thank NeNe from the bottom of my heart.

I watched RHOA this week in total amazement. There was Kim and her ongoing moving issues; Kandi ready to move forward into her new mansion; the revisionist historian and her intellectual challenges NOTE:  Obviously, Kenya is referring to Porsha Stewart… ; and NeNe and Cynthia catching Phaedra in a boldface lie; and lastly me introducing Walter to my family and conversing about the imminent future.


I’ve only brought one man home to meet my family and this was the second. I was happy to see my family take it fairly easy on him. Trust me… that was them taking it easy!   NOTE:  Being that “Walter” is a throw away boyfriend… he doesn’t count!

A “home-cooked” dinner? Come on, that was funny! I’m a busy girl running a production company, decorating a new house, helping my family, taking care of Velvet, and working everyday on many various projects that pull me in ten different directions. I can cook, and have many times for Walter, but simply didn’t have time that day but still wanted him to have an enjoyable, romantic evening. A modern girl has to be able to improvise!

The beauty of having amazing cooks in the family and being in Atlanta is that I can drop by our restaurant anytime to eat great food courtesy of my cousin Che, the chef and owner, and you can too.  I’m extending a personal invitation to visit us and have a real tasty southern meal made with love and pride to anyone living or visiting Atlanta.  The Georgia Peach Restaurant and Lounge is located in the Underground at 50 Lower Alabama St SW Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 348-4300. You can find the menu at


NeNe and Cynthia’s scene had me rolling on the floor! NeNe is cray cray and I loved seeing her make all those faces and mimic Phaedra — classic NeNe at her best. But Cynthia milked that call for all it was worth, didn’t she?

I watched it over and over and didn’t fully grasp why Phaedra ever said she didn’t “give a f*ck about Cynthia coming to her event” because I thought they were friends. I also didn’t understand why Phaedra denied ever using profanity, because I have definitely have heard her use that type of language before while getting to know her. I’m not judging, because I have said worse.  I don’t know the entire history between these two, but it appears as though Cynthia and Phaedra have always supported each other in the past.

If they are friends, I felt it was duplicitous for Phaedra to speak of her in that manner at all. For someone that prides herself on having proper manners and etiquette, Phaedra’s profanity-laced slight at Cynthia was crass  and unnecessary at best. Phaedra has been welcoming to me thus far, and I truly hope that it has been genuine interactions. Even though I have had my fair exchange of contempt with Cynthia, I hope that we can see more sincere relations between these two and that they can mend any tension they may have with each other and move forward.


I cannot rebut the comments about me made by someone so painfully unintelligent that she does not know how many days of the year there are, the difference between “telling a speech” and reciting or making a speech, and what an actual FREUDIAN SLIP is versus her off-the-cuff made up nonsensical phrase “fraudulent slip”.

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  1. Can’t stand this woman!!! She is not a housewife, she just moved back to town, so she isn’t even a true resident, so why is she on the show? Have I missed something?? Have a great day everyone! Thanks


    • I think Bravo needs someone to bring the extra cray-cray and Kenya will play the roll she’s been assigned. I’m 100% convinced that Kenya’s playing us all for a fool. I also believe she’ll play along and do what needs to be done to maintain her job, including amping up Phaedra’s storyline by lounging all over Apollo like he’s a fainting couch. :D


      • Spoken like the true genius you are! Kenya is an actress and this is only a part written specifically for her. She will stomp , scream. act like a bunny burner and chew the scenery if necessary. Kenya wants that Bravo paycheck. She and Walter have zero chemistry so I’m anxious to see the Phakedra , Apollo and Kenya love triangle. I have a feeling they all want a bigger slice of the pie and are willing to do anything to do it.


      • ITA, ChemGeek. She’s a smart girl, and she’s doing whatever it takes. She used the word “extrapolate” correctly today on Wendy. (No, I don’t watch — just happened to be flipping channels.) Some HW can’t even pronounce words, let alone use them properly in a sentence.


    • Her shirt is sparkly, her bracelet is sparkly, her earrings are sparkly, her headband is sparkly… Phakedra has more bling in this clip than Flavor Flav!


  2. Maybe Kendra used some big words to make herself look more intelligent. Im almost guessing she had to look some of them up 2 make sure she spelled them right. I do believe Thxgiving dinner with my family is more important than having a couple drinks with a fellow, arrogant HW. She could have had 1 cocktail then went on 2 dinner. K says how super busy her days are with her prod co, etc but Ive never heard her say she’s so busy on the show…She tells every1 she has a prod co & a charity etc but thats it. I hate to say it but Porsha gives K all the ammunition she needs…girl is seriously an airhead. Apparently, Kendra & Nene have made up since they came 2 blows during filming if they had cocktails @ Thxgiving & K compliments Nene ALL the time in her blog & elsewhere-Its almost like she wants brownie points so she sucks up 2 Nene by saying all that “nice” stuff.


  3. I’m so curious as to how miss Phaedra will handle Kenya coming on to Apollo. Also the ridiculous blog trying to use big words was hilarious. Are you trying to be a pseudo-intellectual? FAIL! I’m sorry I miss Sheree because she was the only one to stand up to NeNe. It was funny when NeNe and Dumbo were making fun of Phaedra though, but I think NeNe is so full of crap. She is a violent person who only backs down when she knows she will get her ass handed to her and the “cute face” was the only one that could do it. Maybe Candy, because I do recall her threatening to tear her ass up. I miss the “cute face”. Remember when she and Marlo were arguing she said she wasn’t afraid, don’t let the cute face fool ya! Don’t let it fool you! I still laugh about that.


  4. Kenya is desperate, is that a man. This chic is ugly, fake eyes, fake hair,fake ass, bumpy skin. That thing is ugly. Glad you are not in TEXAS, we would hurt your feelings, you are not cute. You were lucky to win whatever your title was, definitely not any comparison to Vanessa Wiliams.


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