JAX LAURITA: Latest In Signature Apparel Bankruptcy…

November 29, 2012

           I don’t care what you think, Columbo… I’m takin’ the fifth!  Any fifth… the liquid kind OR the court kind!

As mentioned yesterday, there has been activity on the BubbaJax/ChrisLaurita/SignatureApparel bankruptcy case.   The  Bankruptcy Judge assigned to this case, Judge Peck, has to be on top of his game to deal with all the delays, alleged fraud and total inaccuracies which have crossed his desk in re to this case.

After spending hours yesterday … and a few hours this morning… reviewing all the documents, in a nutshell, the Laurita Brothers are tryin’ their hardest to continue delaying the proceedings.   The documents say that the Laurita’s lied about a license, which would have been one of the assets worth millions… and using that license continued to pillage the company.

NOTE:  The “responsible party” mentioned in the documents is Anthony Labrosciano.  Mr. Labrosciano put up $1.5 million back in August, 2010 to make sure that creditors were not being given preferential treatment…

The following excerpts are from a an eight page document which was filed November 26, 2012… if you are REALLY interested in reading more,  the link to a 29-page document is included in the first paragraph above.

Depositions of all involved parties are not expected to conclude any time soon…

NOTE:  There will be more re the Laurita/Signaure Apparel bankruptcy… WHAT A MESS!!!

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208 comments on “JAX LAURITA: Latest In Signature Apparel Bankruptcy…

        • Why is this Illuminati thing relevant to point out. I have never understood why people peg this on him and other urban rap superstars.

          • Its not just him. I think this NJ crew dances with the devil in a big way. Jay Z is relevant because the Laurita have ties to him….. in fact JayZ ALSO has ties to the RHBH bunch and also the RHDC too is memory serves. All evil people. Heavens to Betsy MeGo’s pr person went by the Illuminati tag and also…du.du.du(dramtic build up) Johnny the Greek who wants on RHONJ so bad he can taste it has started to retweeet illuninati stuff.

            • She should put some saltpeter in that edible toenail polish for that priapic husband of hers. Eeeww! He is just so gross.

            • His poolside boner was really disgusting, too. What is he, 12? He can’t control his erections even in front of the Kinder.

            • Forgive me for thinking this is a whole huge conspiracy theory. That’s my personal opinion. The fact that references are made in the songs to me are just the actual stars laughing at people who believe it so they are using cheekily overt Illuminati references. They are laughing their way to the bank. This is the same type of conspiracy used when Dave Chappelle abandoned Comedy Central. Do I believe that there are people with money and power and use that to bend the rest of the world to their will? Sure. But I think that’s been the case for EONS. Be it illumnati, scientology, masons, cults, occult worship, mormons, some modern extreme cristian sects, etc. At the core of it all the issue isn’t a secret society. It is greed, power and attention that is the core issue in my opinion.

            • Oh and Burning Man. Lets not forget that. Too many groups of confused people looking for some sort of meaning and direction in life. Too many people with way time on their hands to make the ridiculous possible and even more people ignorant enough to believe it.

              As I grow older I worry more about the world.

            • Thank you Made!!! Tell it!!! It’s shocking that some people chose not to understand that the world is headed in a bad direction. Some people just want to put their heads in the sand. I guess that’s their right and their choice. Personally, I’d rather be informed.

            • I feel the same way. Now granted there is tons of misinformation in the conspiracy theory community. For instance birthers, Remember Hilary Clinton was the first one to put that out there.

            • Its totally understand where you are coming from . Consider this though, greed power and attention is the core issue that the devil uses entice people. And you are right that HAS been going on for forever. And its the devil’s doing. It won’t continue to go on though. In the end God will prevail. And no doubt some of the Illuminati are snickering all the way to the bank. Secure in the knowledge that if the pretend think its a joke then no one would get wise to it REAL purpose…..til its too late.

            • Sounds like we got the same religion. I’m feeling like I need to pick up my Bible after watching that video!

            • I’m a roman catholic by belief but a realist. I think my church is in dire need of growing up. I also respect people’s opinion of things and Made, I’ve learned to totally respect your viewponts here on SH.

              So I’ll respectfully agree to disagree. Media and even youtubers (which I just roll into media because let’s be honest – our media outlets now don’t really reseach much of anything anymore) can make the devout and the cynical doubt their most core beliefs. Yet I highly doubt that a ‘new world order’ is anything more then blasphamist theory. People believe what they want to believe. We have to accept that. AND agree to disagree. But to just disavow a person because they doubt the sincerity of your opinioin is flat our wrong. It is afterall opinon. At the end of the day there are only 2 things in this world. Flat out point blank fact (which even the majority of people will choose to repute) and subjective opinion (by far the choice of the majority of the world and subject (get it subjective) to personal beliefs, location, exposure, etc.)

              Like it was mentioned before. Anyone can make a movie, claim, website that makes a certain belief a credible fact. it is on the viewer to decide what is in factt a subjective opinion and what is a reputable scientific reality.

              The houseives are a great sociological experiment in this. People see a portion, choose a side and then SWEAR up down and to their own diety that their opinion is right. But what really is the truth?

            • I agree about agreeing to disagree. I certainly didn’t mean to disavow anyone. I had to look up the meaning of the word disavow. teehee. Anyways I certainly don’t believe all the conspiracies out there . Birthers, 911 truthers and are two that come to mind that I don’t believe. I think the birther movement was a deliberate disinformation plant by folks with a global agenda that doesn’t square with America’s best interests so I guess you could say I think its a conspiracy within a conspiracy. Now regarding the NWO, are you saying that the theory itself is blasphemous? In a sense the NWO conspiracy doesnt go far enough. The entity pulling the strings is the DEVIL and these “powerful” families are just pawns in his game one he will lose according to my bible. To hear the NWO people tell it these families are to be feared but I actually see them as weak. So does the devil. Also the NWO people tend to paint it in such a way that the source of all evil can be traced back to these families. I dont believe that. It implies that evil can be contained and avoided when the REAL truth is everyone of us is faced with evil everyday. The devil does his best work when he influences everyday people to not act right. In small ways and in big ways.
              Aside from that I enjoy conspiracy theories in general just to get my brain a workin. I truly apologize if you or anyone thought I was trying to disavow Di for having a different opinion. I respect her a great deal and just wanted to dialoged with her.

            • 9-11 conspriracy people drive me insane and the Birthers are right behind them.
              I read conspriacy books as a hobby I dont believe them all of course but the subject fasinates me for some reason

            • I wanted to back up Made’s responses here about the NWO. I recommend all to read up on the UN’s Agenda 21 plan (and the local infiltration of ICLEI) and also the Georgia Guidestones. There is plenty of substantial evidence of the big wig players out there publicly running the show. Henry Kissinger and George Soros to name two.

            • Also my papaw is a freemason so THATS what got me started in my research. Still dont have a clue what they did. Neither does my granny and she dont know or wont say who initiated him. She will only say that it was not someone from work and it was not someone from church. I cant wrap my mind around the idea that my papaw would be involved in something as sinister as with some youtubers claim so I totally see your point that anyone can make a video saying anything. My papaw is a good man. So I dont buy into all that anti-free mason stuff either. I just think that knowledge is power so if the info is out there I want know what is being said and then make up my own mind,

            • No. I was 13 when he died. Apparently, my grandmother didn’t like him being a part of it because she felt it kept them tied down to the small town where they lived. She had an adventurous spirit and traveled overseas with my aunt after he passed away. My grandfather would take my brother and I to a duck pond next to a cemetary where the masons were buried. There was a big stone monument with all the Masonic symbols, but I was little so I didn’t ask about them.

            • I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but my papaw was supremely interested in genealogy , even published a book on our family. And he spent countless house cemetery hoppin. His den is floor to ceiling book shelves along all walls crammed to the max with deed , documents, old wills.ect ect.

            • Wow. You are lucky to have access to those documents! I have my great grandmother’s diary, but is is pretty boring….went to church, visited neighbors, made peach butter etc.

            • Yeah its neat. I used to try to fill in the bans and make up my own stories about why some documents were the way they were. Papaw was a stickler for just the facts. So he would get on me about my imagination. lol But it was weird to me how many 1800s divorces my family had. So I thought it would explain it if all the first wife’s went stark raving mad (prolly due to a bad birthing experience) had to be put away. :) We have Melungeon ties too so I had a field day with that.

            • Agenda 21 is very real and very scary-it’s hard to believe where we are heading, the NWO IS coming. At one time I thought all that believed this was just a loon-now I know better. It’s all about population control, and it is horrible.

            • Agree 100%. It’s PR and the little minions ooh and aah and someone sets up the silly choreography and runs the cameras. These dumbass rappers are led by their greed to do anything. Sorta like a real housewife.

            • So true, difromnye. I believe its just another way of keeping their names in the public’s mouth and all the while having a big laugh at our expense. Or those caught up, anyway.

            • Made: If you remember that little video of Jax and Don Caro in the wedding shop( when Jax was trying on dresses) As she was running out and throwing her hands in the air she made the devil horn sign. Also, take a look at the all seeing eye “evil eye” necklace Caroline wears-not to mention that hat that the OC crew was wearing at the one brunch with the eye on it. Vicki has thrown up the sign in a picture at Brianas wedding.I totally believe Mego sold her soul as it is required to reach a level of fame….just watch Snooki’s video of her admitting she sold her soul…or Katy Perrys video. Most of Hollywood is in it. Even old Jay-Z, I have to say that the Housewives are angels compared to him… one wants to know what he may be capable of….

            • Yes and most chilling of all was the Santeria party on RHONJ where everyone was wearing that third eye jewel. Also remember Jax had her meeting with the priestess that was filmed PRIOR to the very unholy shenanigans that took place at the Christening. Not sure if Jax was already seeing signs of Nicholas’ condition (still dont know if he really has one) at the time of the reading with the Santeria priestess but if I remember right she talked about Jax going to a dark place. Also when the Marco sister talk of the “median” and then there was a scene where MeGo was praying but her prayer was directed more toward her dead daddy than God. I missed the evil eye necklace on Don.

            • I didn’t see that episode, but I’ve seen those evil eye necklaces and bracelets. They’re in many fashionable boutiques around here. We steer clear.

            • She was wearing it at a reunion 3 or 4…forgot which one. No amount of money or fame will make me sell my soul. Everything in this life is temporary. What happenes after is an eternity.

            • ok , i have stayed silent i cant no more, Santeria is a old and establish religion its not devil worship or anything evil what was going on at that party was NOT Santeria nor was the lady there a Santeria priestess. i got bitched for comparing teresa as a saint people got offended so why is ok to mock another religion but Christianity is off limits i dont believe in god i dont worship the christian god i find the mocking of earth religions offensive since they are way older then Christianity and still worshiped by some today t there i said it.. so why is it ok? i try and not pull out the offenses card if something offends me i dont say anything usually but i see such a double standard. MP im not directing this to you you are my gal, but i am just venting here, some really believe in the earth religion and take them seriously i find them fascinating .something not to me mocked or belittled.

            • I believe Santeria practices magic, psychics, talking to the dead, stuff like that. According to the Christian/Catholic/Jews etc, I think those things are big no-nos. It is never of God to practice “magic” or any voodoo type mumbo jumbo, nor is it ok to talk to dead people….those things are not of God and considered Satanic.

            • ok and thats fine i respect that . my point is this that was not Santeria, Santeria is a religion brought to this country by slaves . What was going on at the party was probably a wiccan religion which is nothing like Santeria
              and its fine by me if people don’t believe it, but to mock it and make fun of it when i am told i cant call Teresa saint Teresa because its offensive…sorry double standard. I am just venting here i don’t mean to start anything. not everyone is christain i am certainly not yet i am told what verbiage i can use so i dont offend christains.

            • Idk bout the St. Tre, I don’t care who u call anyone as long as u don’t call me late for supper. I’m just saying I think Santeria is creepy, and Wicca is too. Lol. No maybe Wicca is that whole mother earth nature thing, my mom has a Wiccan friend who is really into the nature and women being the power thang…..but anyway, I do think it is ok to call any hw pretty much whatever, they are fair game as they put themselves out there for us to mock. So u go on with “St. Teresa” and I’ll go on with “wacko” n “chuckie” lol.

            • lol..ok..i understand why some would think these earth based religions are creepy some of the traditions are a bit usual. personally i dont get the whole praying to the virgin Mary and confession to a priest instead of praying directly to God but its a religious tradition just like the rites in the wiccan religion. i feel all religions should be respected even if you dont believe them well maybe not all of if they sacrifice virgins i cant get behind that one. im just spouting off here, its late i dont have to work tomorrow you that kinda thing

            • Lisa, that’s something we can agree on. I don’t pray to the Virgin Mary or confess to a priest. As a Protestant Christian, I pray directly to God and confess to Him, in Jesus’ name.

            • Lisa who bitched at you for comparing Teresa to a Saint? If you are referring to my posts you are way of the mark. Apparently I was not clear. Last time I will touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. I have no problem with you or any other posters refer to Teresa as saint Teresa. I am not the post police. Please however do not infer that I think Teresa is a Saint of any kind. She is human and flawed as we are all. My point was I am weary of the Saint Teresa labels hoisted upon anyone who defends her when the term and even the idea that she is a Saint originated with her detractors. I used the term jokingly once.
              Lets hug it out and drop this ok? Cuz you are one of my favorites and would defend your right to criticize Teresa and anyone as you see fit!

            • no it wasn’t you it was another poster who said my calling Teresa saint Teresa offended her because she was catholic and took the word saint serious.

            • i KNOW ms sh I am sorry for my outburst it seems lately people keep trying to tell me what i can post and i just decided to fight back, i took it out on the wrong person.
              Religion is personal to some people but it cracked me up at the time that me calling Teresa a saint was offensive but the liberal use of the words whore,slut ,bitch and the making fun of lauren being fat wasn’t in the least offensive.

            • lisa: No problem! And, there IS a real “Saint Teresa”… maybe more than one! Saint Teresa of Avila is very interesting. Guess Teresa could be “Saint Teresa of Towaco”!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

            • Lisa, I do remember someone getting really upset at you about the saint issue. Glad SH intervened here and cleared it up.

            • Since I have noticed a Bible theme by a bunch of posters, Im going to point out that scripturaly speaking, ALL Christians are “saints”. Set apart, Gods people. You are a Christian? You are a saint. Anyone needs scriptural referrence…let me know. So if Teresa is a Christian…she is a saint. And Melissa? Same applies. Saint Teresa. Saint Melissa. Saint Parkview.

            • Lisa she was a santreria priestess, She said so herself. Santeria claims to use saints(coincidence?) in their magic or worship.Its not a earth religion. I want to make it clear that I am not mocking it or poking fun. I am flat out saying its of the devil and as such is not something that should be toyed with.

            • i respect your right to think its from the devil, imo it wasn’t santeria im not expert of course
              it looked to Me as if the producers opened a book of folklore and picked a religion and faked it. i dont think Santeria uses the third eye concept as Hinduism and Taoism does.

            • just like i thought she dosnt practice Santeria she practices wicca all her symbols are wiccan in nature and sage is used big in wicca . Santeria has African origins and symbols. i do not think Santerians do tarot card readings and have love potions. I wonder why she said she was a santerian priestess when clearly she isn’t. a No wonder i was confused

            • She said she was initiated into santeria on her home page. She be trippin. Noticed she sells bath salts. I hope its not the face eating bath salts :)

            • Doubtful, she clearly practices wicca. She probably says it to make people ohh and ahhh.
              she probably just read a book of folklore.

            • MP, wasn’t there an evil eye party on RHOC? The bust-up between Tamra and maybe Alexis. They were wearing evil eye baseball hats or something silly. Bravo pushes anything to so with what is referred to as Spiritualism, a term dating to the early 20th century, frauds then and frauds now. But you are correct–play with this and you are playing with fire. I have known many a freak in my life, and all of the folks who rejected light and ran instead to darkness have ended up with their lives destroyed, every last one of them. THAT IS WHY WHEN THE DEMOCRATS AT THEIR CONVENTION REJECTED THE MENTION OF GOD IN THEIR PLATFORM THREE TIMES, IT WAS A SIGN THAT BAD THINGS ARE COMING TO THE UNITED STATES. And yes, all caps means I am yelling.

              I have to add another point: the image of Taylor this season in the intro with her face distorted is horrifying. That is the face of the devil!!!

            • Yes its bad, What happened at UN yesterday was down right SHOCKING. And to have Hilary give it just luke warm lip service and call it “unfortunate” scares the crap out of me.
              You might like this guys youtube channel.

          • You should really read vigilantcitizen dot com. This is a whole lot bigger than Beyonce, Jay Z or that idiot Kanye and his ilk. This is GLOBAL. They are just pleasing the people they work for. Also, nobody is pegging anything on anybody. He’s proud to say he’s a part of it.

            • Love that site. I have learned so much from it. They give details, not opinions. It is very refreshing. And yes the Lauritas got what is coming to them, hence the next story line about her son. Took a page from Messy Jessy Jackson Jr….or maybe the other way around.

            • It’s obvious Jax is insane and obsessed with Tree and twitter. The fact that she would/will capitalize in her precious child (or any child) makes me think of her, as not even human. I think she’s possessed. Who ignores their children to drunk tweet!? She doesn’t deserve those babies.

            • Mk Ultra. Scary stuff. FACT. The video is 47 minutes long so I wont post it here but look up MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research “Human Experiments in the U.S. on YouTube.

            • Made, if you see this, we need to be praying for DoneWithBravo’s husband. He was having surgery on Tuesday to check his liver (I think) for tumors. I’m worried that the result wasn’t good, since we haven’t heard from her.

            • The rock band Suicidal Tendencies wrote a song back in the early ’90s about not signing a deal with the devil. He didn’t mean it as an expression either. You want the fame the glory and the money you gotta sign on the dotted line. Time for peole to start looking behind the curtain. You do have to use your brain to sort through all of the disinformation or “conspiracy theories”. The people in control are very good at what they do.

            • Katy Perry was very blatant about it. She said “I sold my soul to the devil.” She meant it too. It’s on YouTube. So did Beyonce and all the others. If you want to play the “game”, then you have to join the “team”. Ke$ha was recently on stage, drinking blood from a heart. Google it or check it out on vigilantcitizen dot com. They all sign up for it, unfortunately.

            • Thanks, Gold. Funny you should mention Katy Perry, as I thought of her while reading this thread. She knows exactly what she’s doing. I’d heard about Beyonce, but didn’t know about Ke$ha. They’re playing with fire. I need to bookmark that site.

            • You should also check out vigilant citizen’s “Sinister Sites” section. It will blow your mind!!!

            • Did yall see Britney Spears last night on X factor? Her new song features her with a ridiculous accent. a la Madonna. She looks positively mortified when the camera focused on her face after it was shown.

            • I feel so sorry for her. Brit’s parents sold her into this, as a child. Every man in her life is a handler, including her fiance and her father. Daddy Spears was also Adrienne Maloofs personal chef, before Bernie the bitter queen.

            • I feel very sorry for her, too. These fathers do horrible damage to their poor girls. All for the love of money. Interesting about daddy Spears…

            • The fathers of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga did the same thing. :/ Kesha’s mom sold her out too. Sad.

            • Calling Dr. Faustus. A classic story with chilling warnings. The 16th Century had a few “seers” who wrote for us all.

            • Yes its global. And this entertainment industry is just a piece of it. Can’t discount that they are the ones they tell people to vote the way they do.

            • The entertainment media is just a distraction from the real problem here. It isn’t Satanism, per se, but it is. You want to know who is really running the world & pushing down our (American’s) standard of living? They are called the U.N.

            • I’m here with ya’ll every step of the way. Congress just last week had to pass legislation for the United states to NOT have to obey the European Union’s carbon credit scheme for the airlines, because it would have crippled our economy. That and other instances of global government–which violates the sovereignty of every nation not just ours–is what people mean when they talk about the NWO. Scrapping our constitution in favor of global governance is real. Look at the nations of Europe and the damage the EU has done. Look at the United Nations and their anti-Americanism and anti-Israel agenda. We are on the brink.

            • That site is a Paraniod persons wet Ill have to check it out when i get home Interesting articles i would love to read.

            • I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but it looks like I really don’t want to find out. LOL

          • Because he goes around flashing the pyramid sign for several years now, as his own sort of gang symbol? HE is the one that started the association, not the public or his fans. Him and Kanye.

    • that was Jayz clothing company But I dont think he owns it anymore….I dont understand all the legal mumbo jumbo but it sounds really bad to those involved, if they indeed are guilty I hope they get whats coming to them.

    • Brand of clothing (style-urban) launched by Damon Dash and Jay-Z. The rights to the brand were sold in 2007 but Jay-Z still has a stake in the company.

      • Damon Dash was in Page Six going broke years and years ago. This has been many years in the making. No wonder Chris Laurita looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He runs with a rough crowd. Sure don’t see Puff going broke. My husband bought one of his ties just yesterday, lol. That’s long money, not fast money.

    • They are delaying and delaying in order to not have this junk come out in the media while they are one on the RHONJ and two trying to get his business ventures going. I can’t wait for their comuppance.

      • I can’t decide if they are just optimistic or lucky or crazy because who would want to go into business with them right now? Jax talks about all these secret business projects but one can imagine the loan sharks and meth labs not wanting to deal with their baggage!

      • Yes. There is a psychology to this “brand name” phenomenon. Make a relatively expensive, higher end piece, people notice the quality and the name associated with it (Jay Z). After a couple of years of success, sell the name to a bunch of mass manufacturers (Sig Ap, etc). People will be thrilled that they can buy this “high end” garment…say a tshirt with the name splashed across it…for twenty bucks. Ride out the wave of sales until people notice the quality is no longer there…then fold. Believe me…there are plenty of..shall we say…unobservant folks out there…willing to buy the cheaply made garment just because of the name. For awhile. Eventually the name brand itself goes down the tubes…and that is when the little branch companies file bankruptcy. Or simply abandon the product. But millions have been made from these cheap garments. It is a game that the Lauritas chose to play. Nothing illegal there…until they chose to plunder the company of all its assests. And mess with Jay Z..he cant be happy his name is associated with it.

  1. How on earth are the Lauritas paying their legal bills, which must be astronomical. When I got sued for third party visitation (so-called “grandparent’s rights”), my legal bills were almost $5,000 and all my lawyer did was file a response to the evil cow’s petition and show up for court once. I can’t imagine how much all of these legal wranglings are costing the Laurita clan of crooks.

    • I’ve wondered the same thing myself. Legal bills can mount up FAST. I’ll bet theirs are in the hundreds of thousands, by this point.

        • I thought of that, but this is way too much work to do for free, and how could the friend ever expect to be repaid?

          • Payment scedule? maybe one of the other defendants is paying the bulk of it. I would hate to have that bill to pay I thought the 2 grand i paid for mine was bad enough i cant fathom hundreds of thousands

          • My money is on Mafia lawyers get paid in other ways
            I do believe the whole Laurita clan is as dirty as the mud on my dog’s feet

      • Maybe their lawyers are being paid with blk water and that ginormous ball of provolone cheese from field day.

    • The Lauritas do not have a single attorney but have hired a firm with one hotshot acting as lead attorney on a team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys. The legal fees have to be astronomical as the lead attorney is probably a partner in the firm. Just paying the law clerks for research would break the average person. The attorneys are playing cat and mouse, delay, delay, delay. Going to be very interesting….especially if the attorneys start demanding payment from the Lauritas . Bubba Jax couldn’t spend less if she opened the fireplace and started throwing cash in , the attorneys are probably burning through it faster. Even if the Lauritas were sitting on 55 million it won’t last long at this rate.

      • Yes, and the associates and paralegals are expected to bill a high number of hours each year and rewarded in bonuses the more they bill. It’s a nightmare scenario for the clients, in terms of legal fees.

        • Exactly a first year attorney is expected to work 70 hours a week. Young attorneys value to the company is based on billable hours.

      • So they prolly paid a hefty retainer and then get billed regularly. Isn’t that SOP? How are they able to pay these legal bills. I know blk is taking the world by storm and all, but come on! These lawyers fees have got to eclipse even the bills from Jac-a-loon’s plastic surgeon.

        • I cannot imagine Ana. Either someone is helping the Lauritas (Jay-Z maybe?) or they are sitting on a pile. This case has no award, money judgement at the end for the Lauritas attorneys to latch on to and claim in lieu of payment. I hope the Lauritas got plenty of cash stowed away in the gun cabinet.

          • Maybe they do, but it sounds like they were spending that Signature Apparel money like it grew on trees–$2 million on AmEx bills, private jets, a dozen or so leased luxury cars, etc., etc. It sure doesn’t sound like they were concerned about squirreling anything away for the future.

            I wonder if when the fit hits the shan (as the saying goes) Chucky will blame BubbaJax for Chris’s financial downfall, the way she blamed Teresa for Juicy’s. Maybe the Bravo cameras will be there to catch that Kodak moment.

        • Not only was I wondering about how they are paying their legal team but also wondered how they are able to pay their mortgage and keep up their lifestyle? They have luxury car payments, private tutors and therapy for Nicholas. No way can the Bravo paycheck be covering everything.

          • Hmmmmm…maybe next season on RHONJ, the rest of the cast mates can sit around gossiping and speculating about this. Yeah, right, who am I kidding.

          • Bravo should focus on covering their ass-ets, and not rehire Jax. It would be very satisfying to see a housewife face real consequences.

          • Guessing the house is in a trust. Probably paid cash and slapped it into what Chris thinks is an unassailable trust tied to his children. The cars are leased so not sure about how long they can hold out. They seem to have little problem with day-to-day expenses since Jax has a nanny, in-home therapist and all the help she needs. Chris may have planned on this litigation, was willing to roll the dice and planned for this eventuality. Stripping a company of it’s assets is deliberate and only time will tell if it payed off. Jax isn’t smart, shockingly, or she would not be twittering about million dollar deals with this going on.

            • I think the Laurita nanny is a relative…like Chris’ niece, I think. Or maybe she is a nephews girlfriend. I think that info is somewhere on this site. Or maybe I saw it somewhere else. But, maybe they have made her some filming promises…or pay her less than they would a pro nanny. Some people, especially those who dont really need the money, will do anything to be connected with a “famous” person. Id bet they dont pay her much…maybe dont even use her that much. I am a fashion junkie…and I remember the beginnings of Rocawear. Not my type of clothing, but when that stuff first hit the shelves, back when it was actually JayZs company, it really took off. As soon as Mr Z became bored with all the work involved in keeping a fashion line current, he sold licenses to several companies, like Sig Ap. I remember reading an article, dont know where, by a top fashion guru…dont remember who….about how all the new Roca licensees ran Artful Dodger into the ground. And now, when you see either of these two brands…usually in a discount store…like a TJ Maxx, the quality of materials is pooh. It was clear to me several years ago…way before I knew what a Laurita was….that that Rocawear had lost its mojo. It was intially sold in Macys, that kind of place. Now, I barely see it on anyones backs. Ever. And its still out there…just not being made by Sig Ap. At least until recently. While I never cared for it personally, the quality was initially there…years ago. Frankly, it makes me wonder if Sig Ap ever intended to keep Roca a profitable line. Or was it their intention in the beginning to do what all the creditors are alleging they have done? Take a credible name brand, make oodles of money, then run it into the ground. You cant take a Walmart tshirt, stamp Gucci on it, then sell it for $600. And it costs alot of money to make a quality line….top designers, top materials…its alot of work. So they run the business on the steam provided from Rocas early success…and when folks eventually realize the quality is crap…shut it down. If Gucci legit advertised purses being sold at Target….people would line up for miles to purchase them. At first. Six months down the road….clearance rack. Because now, they are Target Gucci purses. Thats how it works. Just ask William Rast.

            • My bf use to love RocaWear because they made a lot of big &tall clothing. He told me a couple years ago he couldn’t find it anymore & when I told him about the Rhonj connection, it was the only time he was interested in my show, lol. He still has a problem finding B&T clothing that he likes.

            • The process of ‘busting out’ a business is outlined in great detail in Goodfellas, they do the same thing with the tiki restaurant. It’s a lesson plan on how to do it, so this would be readily available knowledge to folks on the periphery or in the middle of organized/white collar crime. The first thing I thought when Sandy hit was that JoGo was on his way to the shore with a sledgehammer and then promptly filing an insurance claim. If the house was unfinished before, it will be by next summer!

  2. I’m really curious how Chris declared that income if he looted Signature Apparel for personal gain and used it as his personal piggy bank ? The IRS probably not going to play , they don’t have to.

  3. My experience w/ these white collar crimes is this. Lots of lawyer fees. Lots of payments. Lots of legal wrangling. At the end of the day those stolen from will be lucky to get a pittance and those who stole will be subjected to the equivalent of a slap on the wrist and continue living their own imaginary lives using funds diverted and/or hidden.

    The whole thing is disgusting. Don’t believe me, google United States Department of Justice Briefing Room and read the litany of press releases for those who have stolen millions and walk away with little or no jail time and ‘debt repayments’ which many never really be fully fulfilled.

    • Even if they see jail its just CLUB FED no walls no barbed wire and Tennis courts and knitting lessons, Just ask Martha.

      • Actually my cousin had to serve 6 months in the same prison in WV that Martha was sentenced to. While fed. Prison is def. Better than state, I don’t think it was any picnic. Of course I’m sure. Martha got some prefer. Treatment.

        • Oh I totally agree. Prison is prison and at the end of the day it is no picnic. But its total craziness to me that you can pull a white collar crime and steal millions will live freely until pleading or after bond until sentencing and end up sentenced to only say 1-3 years which can be lowered to as little as 6 months with probationary clauses while grand theft auto gets you 3-5 years, you are immediately have a warrent for arrest and brought in and booked.

    • I just got a check from the Bank of America settlement. This was a class action suit that I was included in as a previous BOA customer. BOA was ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. The case took 8 years or so to settle.

      My check?


      The lawyers took their fees prior to the claimants being paid.


  4. Something tells me when this finally does come down, it’s going to smart a bit :D Shame , I always liked Chris L. he seemed very level headed in the past seasons. If they did steal the money, not only could they end up owing a lot but of couse, there’s often jail time for that so… I’m guessing we know the source of alot of Jax’s stress. One question. Why delay it? Do they really think they can come up with enough to cover the loss , if they have more time?

  5. Hopefully they will be able to trace where the Laurita clan stashed that $55 million in order to stiff their creditors. This is sounding like the NJ version of MF Global. Thanks Ms. SH for going through all the legalese and giving us the cliff notes version. Whew!

  6. What a mess! No wonder she stays on NJ. Just like Tree, Jax need that Bravo check.
    Although Jax is certified crazy, IMO, and selling her soul may have a long negative impact on those closest to her.

  7. This case reminds me of an inheritance case I saw on t.v. once. The siblings fought so long and so hard for the money that at the end of it the lawyers walked away with the lion’s share, the siblings had barely anything. The more I read about this case the more flabbergasted I am that Jax would have the nerve to comment on anyone elses bankruptcy! It looks like everything material that they have was purchased with ill begotten gains! Does anyone here watch the Soprano’s? There was a story line about a friend of theirs who owned a sporting goods store. The man was a compulsive gambler and got in very deep with Tony and could not pay his debts. The sporting goods store was in the man’s wife’s name so Tony could not just take it straight out so instead they just raped the store and wrung every last penny out of it. They used the stores creditors to order things they wanted and could sell and used the stores credit cards to buy plane tickets and pay for vacations. They kept at it until the stores creditors started demanding payment and cutting off their lines of credit, by then they had been very busy and taken advantage of the situation, there was nothing left at the end for anyone to recover. This case reminds me of this soooo much but on a much larger scale. I know the Manzo/Lauritas don’t much like those mob references but if the scam fits……

    • Alot of these class action suits end this way as well. If a corporation is sued on behalf of several customers (for example) even if the payoff is in the millions – the people the lawyers represent end up with next to nothing usually, & the lawyers will end up with the lion’s share. I think that really is the whole point of some of these cases.

    • I can’t get that Sopranos episode out of my mind SD It was a storyline that continued for many episodes. The Laurita Bankruptcy is almost identical to those episodes Chris benefited but he is also liable..

  8. i do not understand why the Lauritas are fighting. The Feds have all the proof and the goods on them, and the Feds do not like when they have to fight a slam dunk case like this..especially they hate it when people destroy evidence, like Chris did with the company computers. They should throw themselves on the mercy of the court. It would go better for them.

        • The IRS needs to be tipped off if they aren’t already. How do you show filched money as income? How do you write off leased cars, private jet travel and the company American Express charges if those items far exceed your income? Did Jax pay taxes on her salary?
          Just curious…..

      • You can actually earn a reward from the IRS for anything they recover from the cheaters.
        Someone needs to look into Lookers and Stump’s IRS filings. It is my understanding that they just refinanced their home again and pulled out $500,000. 1st. Their home can not be on the market when it is refinanced. 2. He just had a loan modification within the last 18 moths who can he now be making enough to get a mortgage for 3 million. 3. He did pay the taxes of over $52,000 for this year so how where they able to refinance the home? This is all just scream “MORTGAGE FRAUD” TO ME!

  9. You’re not kidding Ms. SH “What a mess.” I just read this 3 times and no doubt I’ll be reading it a fourth or fifth time.
    So…Is this where Jac-a-loon gets her “blame-shifting” B.S. from?!
    This is some serious sh**! Am I understanding correctly “responsible person ‘Anthony L.’ is being used as a scapegoat by the Laurita’s, or was he aware he was mislead by Chris when was appointed sole officer, director of signature? Why did he put up $1.5 million? Did he trust Chris was being honest, or was he hired as a ‘guise’ so-to-speak to help protect their assets in regards to signature from creditors? Was he trying to do the right thing? Only to later learn… thru counsel that in that mess of paper-work from Chris..there was NO documentation/ proof that the license was ever terminated?
    So Chris Laurita was trusted “in good faith” even by Iconix and ACA? Unbeknownst, at the time, that the company was a bust and going under, yet in reality their license had Not been terminated.
    Chris didn’t list his still existed license-worth millions as an asset as he pillaged ALL monies from signature… to line his own, and other family members pockets!
    So is this all coming down to their defense being A: You’s guys (opposing counsel) can’t present certain evidence because OUR guys (attorneys) says so. B: It’s not OUR fault Weez blame Teresa. C: What license..what money? or D: We’re fambily, thick-as-thieves, and…WE’RE above the law!

    • interesting. i don’t know all the details, but it’s hard to believe that they could divert $7mm for personal use in one year w/o anyone noticing.

      i wonder if the $8mm in loans that placed the lauritas in the position of a creditor were funded. my first thought was a bankruptcy scam, but i’m starting to wonder about money laundering.

      the lauritas must think they’re above the law.

  10. that is a good point about the taxes. I bet they did not declare the money they were pocketing from SA as income and pay taxes on it. If they scammed the apparel company and the Feds..I am sure they didn’t think to own up to the IRS on their real tax liability. Yikes

  11. I don’t understand the legal mumbo-jumbo either, but I do know that Chris Laurita has a pair of steel balls for being insulted at being called “shady”. At least Joe Giudice does play all holy and better than others.

  12. It seems like Aslee’s entitlement issues came from her environment. The Lauritas may be involved with other partnerships that could be embarrassed or indited who are keeping them financially above water (no BLK pun intended) in exchange for keeping their mouths shut;mob style. It’s a dirty world out there and it is NJ after all and they don’t seem to be sweating any.

  13. I still am just blown away that these people would ever dream of critizing others when all of this was going on. You’d think that they would keep their lips zipped.

    • SD, are you referring to the the “I hope you go to jail ” at Joe Guidice comment? The irony is rich indeed! Pot/Black much Bubba?

    • Agreed sd. This fraud is so big and this case….I can’t even imagine showing my face if I was involved in this, yet Jax plans on parading back on RHONJ…

      • Jacoloon is off to California with Carowhine for BLK on Saturday….that does cost $$$ guess they are invading this business also. Wow what balls they all have. Cross country for sludge. Who takes care of the children. Again, I think it’s a scam. I’m hoping someone has gotten in touch with the AG. They can add it to the rest of the scams.

        • I wonder if they chartered a private plane? That is one of the accusations, that they chartered private planes for personal use. I would not be suprised if they chartered planes in the name of that buisness to promote their other buisness endevors. My husband is always traveling due to buisness, not even the super high up executives charter private planes. Was this buisness ever big enough and profitable enough to even warrent a private areoplane?

  14. Great now I have Sublime in my head, “I don’t practice Santeria, I don’t got no crystal ball…… I had a million dollars but I, I spent it alllll” lol

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