TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Divorcing Juicy Joe?… Keeping Calm Until AFTER Christmas… Take Poll… UPDATE: Teresa Responds… Says “NOT True”…

November 28, 2012   ROL…  NOTE: This item COULD be another item which is based on total conjecture!  Take the SH poll asking whether you believe Tree will divorce Juicy!  

A few minutes after Teresa’s tweet was added to this item, issued their statement on TheDish.  Pretty coincidental… or is it?  Does Bravo read SH??  Of course they do!

In a new issue being released tomorrow, the NationalEnquirer says that Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice will definitely be divorcing JuicyJoe.

A new report claims Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is set to divorce her husband, Joe, after the holidays, no matter how his trial on charges of possessing a fraudulent ID goes. 

“But to keep up appearances, they’ll play happy family until that time,” the National Enquirer quotes a show insider saying.  The Enquirer‘s own full report will be published Thursday.

“Her game plan is to make nice with Joe over Thanksgiving and Christmas, dress up their girls — Gabriella, Audriana, Milania and Gia — in their finest party clothes, plaster a fake smile on her face and act as if all is well.”

The report says Joe Guidice’s alleged cheating and inability to maintain a stable income played a role in the couple’s tensions.

But it says when Joe Guidice called his wife harsh names in a phone call captured on air, that was the last straw.

From the RHONJ reunion show…

UPDATE:  SH went directly to the source and asked Tree about this item…

…this is Tree’s response:

(Thanks to SH readers “Stef” and “CoGo”!!!)

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326 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Divorcing Juicy Joe?… Keeping Calm Until AFTER Christmas… Take Poll… UPDATE: Teresa Responds… Says “NOT True”…

  1. hummmm ” plaster a fake smile ” Now where have I heard that before? Exact same words. And who is in need of National Inquirer money now?

        • Its my impression sainted Teresa can do no wrong in her Papa”s eyes including having a rotten spouse then Divrcing him.

              • I don’t know. MeGo doesn’t talk to Tre or even see her so how would MeGo get the inside scoop? I highly doubt the Senior Gorgas would confide in their POS son. The article doesn’t reveal anything substantial. Don’t get me wrong, I hate MeGo so if I could blame her for something I would but the story doesn’t have any solid details. Anyway, I do hope Tre leaves his sorry ass b/c she deserves sooo much better.

              • We are totally forgetting all about snake in the grass Kathy. She has a vendetta toward Tree and specifically regarding rumors of marriages ending.

            • I wouldn’t put it past her .. after all, they’ve got bills to pay and neither she nor the midget have any marketable skills now that his credit and his name have gone down the toilet

              • I thought the same thing..MeGo or even Stumpy or Jac selling this story. Believe it when I see it. Tree is old school when it comes to marriage.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Let the “planting stories begin.”

      Although If it’s true I’m not mad a Tree…do what ya gotta do. Juicy is a tool at times per editing, per Bravo, not sure in real life.

      • It just occurred to me that Don/Jax/Mego were so pissed at Tree for telling her OWN FRIDGGUN STORY to the magazines because she beat them to it. They wanted to be the ones to be a “inside source” and disclose how terrified Tree was of being poor and whatnot. She ruined….wait for it… business transactions… for them by beating them to the punch and also not “opening up ….like friends do about her problems”
        This time they think they beat her to the punch but people don’t continue to pay for false stories so when this turns out to be not true(heard it here first) their asking price will plummet.
        Enjoy your one shot yall.


        • Or just maybe the Nat’l enquire makes the story up and no one planted anything..
          I mean really folks thats what they do.

          • Yeah you gotta a point there…didn’t they quote a “source.” Maybe the source is the voices in their head.

            To be fair the NE does get some stories right. Some meaning a small few.

            • well i dont think its true Teresa will never divorce Juicy she is to busy arranging the deck chairs on the USS DENIAL

              • Isn’t it the Gorga family that contributed ten K a month to their support? Joe may not be able to bring in a steady income but his family can.

        • Made, that makes so much sense!! I just thought that all the ladies were just jelly of all the exposure she was getting in the ragmags but they were really mad that Tre was beatin’ em to the punch! Daggon Tre- taking money outta their pockets again. That is Legend…wait for it…dary!!!

    • She won’t divorce him, she would have done it long time ago. She knows he runs around, but she is brought up old school and probably is told that men will have a mistress. So as long as he keeps you and you keep your home it’s alright.

      • I dont know about that Barb. The life Teresa leads now she could not have imagined 10 years ago. Her new found fame and business success may be a game changer. My attitude is that she will do what is right for her and her daughters.I wish her the best no matter what she chooses.

  2. I would never believe this unless Teresa said herself on her blog, twitter etc. I believe nothing that comes from National Enquirer, they get their stories from desperate people like wacky Jacki and Meho.

    • Good call laidbackmoneyonmymind! I do tend to believe that the wording sounds like MeGo-Ho-Ho, especially the dig about dressing up her girls-taking Christmas photos. It could very well explain “money-for-Jamaica-man.” MeGo-Ho could also use their being away as “her-exscuse” they didn’t plant story as “source” BUT that still leaves Me-Ho’s wicked sisters selling them some B.S.story to A: hurt Tre. B: make them some “cash” C: doing Mego’s dirty work–while MeHo’s away! I still think MeGo was pissed at Joey for saying in some interview about hurricane Sandy–Joey..”it’s really sad..we played their as kids…a lot of memories,” obviously talking about Tre. Looked to me like MeGo was giving him the eye..over that comment. Of course, I also wouldn’t doubt for one second that Jac-a-loon or lap-band could of done this!

    • And its funny how all of the sudden the focus is on Tre and Joe instead of Melvin and Blow-Me-Joe? I mean way to go Mel. Deflecting is another fine trick you have learned in trying to be a fame whore…..

      • True…but “source” could also be Jac-a-loon, trying to deflect attention from the Signature clothing “Legal” lawsuit going on right now. Heck, MeHo, Jacko and the wicked sisters could all be in on this. The trouble with it being both, MeHo & Jacko, would create friction on how to split what ever N.E. paid for the nasty rumor!They’re both So…vindictive of Tre. I wouldn’t but it past either one of them! If I could place only one bet…it would be on “MeHo and Jo-Blow!l”

  3. I really don’t know how Teresa hasn’t divorced Joe already. I think Joe is funny as hell when he’s making fun of Caroline, Melissa, Kathy, Jac, and Joey. But the way he talks to Teresa and disrespects her on national TV is just gross. Regardless of how much I love someone, if they ever disrespected me the way Juicy does to Teresa, their ass would be out the door so fast. God bless her for putting up with him.

    • I think anytime you film a couple and splice it together u can make it look anyway you want. Tre has repeatedly used the same nasty words Juicy does, so I see no disrespect there at all. It’s unfortunate, I wouldn’t want it on national tv, but I have said far worse in private moments to my guy.

      • If you had kids would you do it in front of the kids? I would hope not.
        I was called names for yrs I took it until i felt i didnt have to no more ,everyone is different i suppose. Nice to see you posting again.

  4. Yup, somebody wanted a trip to Jamiaca. Teresa may have marital problems , but I wouldn’t believe a anything Mego said. After everything we’ve seen on the show & the phony way she comes accross, I can’t see how anyone could have any respect left for her. & no matter what’s going on with the JuiceyJ if you don’t respect her , how can you take anything she says seriously??

  5. TreeStump is never responsible for anything is she? At least not no this site. I do not think any of this cast is without fault including her. If she were to divorce JoeGoondice I wouldn’t blame her either but she is not a saint.

  6. Well I for one wont believe it until i see it in IN TOUCH,OK,LIFE & STYLE AND maybe Star..thats just the way I roll.

    • I agree with u. The National Enquirer is not a reliable source to make allegations on someone…they are trying to sell their magazine. So we would just have to wait and see but I would not surprised if she did.

      • I bet the farm no one planted anything and whoever wrote the story watched episode of the show and decided it was a good story to fake (people would believe it to) But I guess its more fun to blame Melissa for everything.

          • Me to, but then other Magazines have written the same thing, the same magazines Teresa poses for.

              • Yes I have seen it in InTouch and the rest of them at least once ….yes I read them I am a slug.

              • I agree, it is not the first time I’ve seen a story about them divorcing. I think InTouch did one back when Teresa was doing all those covers saying that if he went to prison she would NOT divorce him but the cover said something like “Teresa leaving Joe if he goes to prison?” then inside she says no but it catches your attention. I felt ripped off when I bought that! lol That is when I realized that anything housewives we get the real deal here. All those rags have secondhand reguritated crap.

            • Hello Lisa Are you and I the only people who see TreeStump and JoeGoondice for what they are? Not everyone is out to get Saint TreeStump. She is no better than the rest of this cast in fact in some ways she is worse. At least the others take responsibility some of the time for some things. Besides the divorce talk keeps them in the lime light and that is what really matters to them all.

              • The others never take responsibility for anything ever….every time something happens…the words that always leave their lips are “it’s teresa’s fault”….honestly the Don, wacko, meho, and Katfish are the ones who try to come off as “saintly”….considering that ON THE SHOW Meho has said lies about teresa and about their (meho and tre’s) relationship (that they weren’t talking before meho joined the show….that has been proven false through pictures and posts on fb (from meho’s sis) the past… why would it be hard to believe meho would give false stories to the press now?

              • MeGo has given a false story to the press. Remember the time she claimed that Teresa roughed her up at Gia’s birthday party? Looker’s is a lying POS who has no problem bearing false witness, while doing the sign of the cross backwards and saying, “thank you, Jesus”.

              • Teresa could be caught on tape beating the crap out of Juicy and her fans would some how find a way to blame Melissa. It’s a lose, lose.

              • retailcrazyworld we may be in the minority on this issue but if the world around you has a problem with you the problem is you.

              • Well it seems one cannot say anything bad or call Teresa by a nickname if Meliisa can be called whore,slut and golddigger then teresa can be called something to.

              • I do not like to call people names but I can’t use one of affection if I don’t feel it. I think TreStump fits She can be so dense sometimes. I also feel Goondice fits his drunken barbaric behavior. Justsid it

    • Lisa, I concur! My beloved grandpa (rest his soul) used to read all the trashy papers and mags every week. He loved it, said it was better than stand-up comedy.

  7. I agree — the story’s definitely a plant.

    From the sheer meanspiritedness of the story, I think it’s Wacko Jacko. She just “leaked” a “story” about herself to ROL through her mouthpiece, Tom Murro, yesterday.

    Both Wacko and MeHo seem quite desperate for money, though, so it could well be either of them. Certainly, Tre’s contentedness with her life — and in despite of big challenges — drives them both nuts!

    • It’s funny. That saying “Misery loves company.” I didn’t pay it much attention when I was young, but the older I get the more I realize it’s true. Odd , but true.

    • Also the fact that “dressing the girls up in their finest party clothes” was mentioned just screams frickin jealousy.

      • Actually, if I had to pick someone that planted that story, I would have to say Chucky. Didn’t she say “Tre will pull herself up by the bootstraps and say I had to divorce Joe and I am strong and can raise these girls by myself. You heard it here first folks.” LOL totally Chucky

        • I’m voting Jaxass since the the SA Bankruptcy is getting really ugly as per FE. Deny and distract that’s Jax hallmark.

          • As I recall Jackass,as a talking head, mentioned how Tre would never let her girls leave home without matching dresses and hairbows. Jackass talked like that so I think she planted this. But who in their right mind would stay with Juicy? It can’t be too far of a stretch to think Tre is thinking about divorce. Tre’s girls have already spilled the beans that their parents don’t sleep together.

      • Personally I think it was Lisa’s Guinea Pig. I think it’s a little too coincidental that she gets him this new addition and suddenly the Tree’s divorcing Joe hits the tabloids again! LOL

  8. Someone needs a little Christmas cash and NE just put a little jingle in their pocket. LOL. Haters gonna hate.

          • Hers, I also say Wenchie Williams and was sick to my stomach….Peta if ya wanted to make people look couldn’t you have picked someone else? How old is Wenchie anyways? I also have to say that the only magazine I really read and believe in is MAD Magazine! Now that’s some reality for ya….lol…

        • So true. :P It’s like watching a bunch of 4th grade girls get all huffy with each other, except funnier. I really think most 4th graders take themselves wayyy less seriously. Plus you can actually trust them to be alone for a few minutes :P unlike this NJ crew!

  9. I hope to God this is true because Theresa and her girls can do SOOO much better. Theresa is obviously the breadwinner now and I think she deserves (we all do) someone who adores her and the kids and would never call her names or push her away, basically be a jackass like her husband seems to be. I don’t hate Joe and I don’t loooove Theresa, but I think once a spouse makes it more than obvious they don’t respect you, have disdain for you, they gotta go.

    • I disagree. Teresa and Juicy may need counseling to learn out to treat each other and how to act in front of the kids, but unless Juicy’s abusive, then those kids need their own dad.

      • Hers, I think Juicy is definitely verbally abusive. And that’s what we see, imagine when cameras are off? She deserves someone that treats her well and respects her. Shoot, everyone deserves that.

        • I don’t think Tre should have to take verbal abuse (if that’s what it is — I tend to agree with those that think that’s just how they talk to each other). I said they need counseling to learn how to interact, so they can stay together and be a happy family for the kids.

          • I dont doubt they go at each other If they didnt have kids to overhear I wouldnt care but she has 4 little girls who are going to grow up thinking being called cu next tusday is fine and dandy and its not.

            • Agreed, Lisa. Those words are not acceptable. That’s why I keep saying they need counseling to learn how to interact.

        • I don’t think Joe thinks much about the cameras being there. With him it’s what you see is what you get. And Bravo will always show us the worst of the worst. We’re never going to see them enjoying each other because that’s obviously not how they roll with TeJoGu. What we’ve seen however is already enough to cause worry in a relationship. I know I would never put up with it especially if I had four daughters watching and learning.

      • Divorce won’t change the fact that the girls have a father of their own (Joe). I have a feeling that both Tree and Joe talk to each other roughly and they think nothing of it. It may not be normal for us but it does seem to be for them. If Tree leaves Joe it will because he was publicly outed for cheating and a woman steps forward or a baby is made.

        • Something tells me Tre wouldnt divorce him even then, she will do what she always does climb aboard the USS Denial and go for a cruise.

          • If by ‘going into denial” you mean, she knows exactly what’s going on , chooses to accept it and opts to keep her trap shut to the public then I totally agree

            • Well that and the fact she sits and says in public its not happening ,its false, its fake haters, shut up and lies about the situation.

              • Well I don’t think she needs to explain everything in her personal life to the public. I don’t go to work, church, etc and tell everyone I know about everything going on in my life. I don’t know why its expected of celebrities or pseudo celebs. Teresa is simply traditional and loyal.

              • Being loyal is a good quality no doubt until you start being stomped on and played becaus eof your Loyality. Juicy is no fool he knows he can cheat all he wants and call her any name he wishes and the Always Loyal Teresa wont say BOO about it

              • So that’s their marriage. If it works for them, what is the problem? All marriages have problems, but if you speeak the vows “for better or worse, till death…” than you should at least try to mean it. I for one have never been married, because of the level of commitment but I cant knock a couple who tries to make it work. I have yet to see a definative reason for Teresa to leave him and vice versa

              • well true. If she wants to live that way that fine frankly I did for yrs until one day I realised i did have to be called fat and ugly and have a spouse that rubbed his mistresses in my face. If teresa has no problem with being called a cu next tuesday and being belittled in front of her daughters and have her spouse cheats and is a fraud who cant support her or her kids then who am I to question that. I just think its sad when a women puts with that because she thinks she has to.

              • I have to ask …is this about you or about Teresa Guidice. Cuz if its about you I am more than willing to load up the 1967 Black Chevy Hearse and collect Made and Cyn and go do an all out azz kicking for the ages. Course you may have to front me some bail money as my hearse and azz kickin’s are dang LEGENDARY. But that is how much I love ya Lisa. Only a select few including my children are allowed to benefit when the hearse and I go on an epic road trip to exact vengeance. It is so wrong that it is right Lisa. I’m sure Made and Chem and O Cyn and I can actually personalize the retribution so the offending party gets the message. Let me know soon because it’s almost Christmas and I hesitate to offend Baby Jesus but I will make an exception.Oh and i would be more than willing to suspend my no pets rule and take Dear Pig if he wants to take a nasty chunk out of he who shall not be named.

              • Once again you nailed it Made. Hubs used to see the girls and I settling in to watch the Southern Classics , Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Yaya sisterhood and he would say “Are y’all going to cry again?” Affirmative. Ok I better go stock up on popcorn and chocolate. Later he added wine. He is a Prince among men, I tell ya!

              • One of the benefits of being old and well to do is that I can now pay people to do my butt kicking for me.. I vote for taking the hearse out, grabbing the gang,some lawn chairs and watching the show. I promise to bring the popcorn and plenty of cash! Who’s bringing the Martini’s?

              • Well Cyn , I like the personal satisfaction of handling some problems personally buy I am counting you to ride shottie in the jumpsuit. Your choice of apparel but I have a darling little black catsuit, vintage of course, and pearls. Am thinking Holly Golightly hair and make up. I love gimlets, they do go down a right treat so count me in on adult libations..

        • I would imagine that Tree verbally gives back old Joe as good as she gets. I don’t think it’s one-sided, or that she doesn’t stand up for herself. If there were any hoes loitering in the background, I would think they’d have made themselves known by now.

          • Yes I agree and I think you can tell that she does respond differently knowing she is being filmed, where Joe just says whatever he wants whenever. Teresa always pauses to think, I’m sure censoring herself.

  10. I don’t believe it, I agree Melissa probably planted it because she is worried Danielle will come back and expose her, that is a story I pray is true!! That Danielle comes back!

  11. I heard this on the radio today, but I am in “I will believe it when I see it” mode with stories like these. Sometimes they are correct, sometimes not.

  12. Let’s put this bad boy to rest – per Teresa:
    Teresa Giudice @Teresa_Giudice 9m
    Sorry tabloids, Joe & I are not getting divorced, now or ever! The only thing the Natl Enquirer is good for is lining a bird cage. #truth

    Ya know what, I believe her.

    • I believe her to, shame though Juicy really dosnt treat her right I do hope however he only acts this way for the Cameras but something tells me he dosnt and I do believe he does cheat.
      Oh wait the i dont believe the nat’l enquirer is only good for Bird cages..i wouldnt even line my Piggie’s cage with it.

      • I disagree. The NE is good for killing some time in line at the market and for some great photos of celebrity cellulite on the beach.

    • Tre reminds me of the type of person who would cut off their nose to spite their face. She is so bullheaded and will stay with Juicy than have everyone point the finger and say “I told you so.” I do like Tre so I wish her family the best and hope she’s in it for the right reasons and what we see of Juicy is not the real Juicy.

    • I’m going with Teresa. Sorry NE it’s the holidays can we please lay off the divorce rumors? Very cruel to children who have enough to worry about. If this was a plant shame on the person who would stoop to this garbage. Teresa’s school age children are old enough to read this in the check out line. Enough!

    • Me too. How does that song go- People throw rocks at thing that shine- Her upbeat personality is going to attract the negative. It could be a jealous cast member or it could just be tabloids being tabloids.

  13. theresa is old school italian. She is not going to divorce Joe, even if he cheats, etc. They have kind of an old school mouthy relationship – going both ways, but they love each other and I don’t think will divorce ever. Theresa is loyal. Look at all the crap she did not divulge about Jax and her hubby, and Joe and melissa. She had all the dirt and pretty much kept quiet about it at the reunion. Nope..not divorcing. It was probably Melissa or Jax trying to ruin Theresa’s holiday, because they are so unhappy themselves.

    • I agree Nancy. In a group of ill-behaved bozos, Tree did behave with the most class and didn’t spill the beans. If she’d only managed not to lower herself to their level for the whole reunion. But she’s only human. Jackass disgusted me the most. She is really a twisted pinhead, with that shrill yammering. Some friend. So if Tree just realizes that keeping quiet and happily going about her business is what inflames those harpies the most. She wins.

      • If their marriage works for them than great. It’d far from perfect but how many are? Marriage is about Loyalty, even when it gets terrible. I cant believe how many people seem to think that a divorced, working, single mother of four, is going to fair better and be happier than working through the rough times and raising her girls with their father and her first love.

    • Its funny how when something negative is in the papers about the Gorgas/lauritas or manzos no one ever accuses Teresa of planting the story..she isnt above such behavior im not sure why people think she is, She very well maybe planting seeds of her own even this divorce story maybe a attempt to get attention from her fans.
      Teresa can be a snake to she is just more good at cocking her head and smiling so she is believed.

  14. okay lisa..when has there ever been anything negative about the Gorga’s in the papers. It is always negative stuff about Theresa. I never see anything negative about the Manzo Laurita, etc…even with this huge lawsuit hanging over Chris, I have not seen one negative word about them.

    • Granted there is a lot but I have seen some in the Tabliods, even the bad stuff about Teresa could be coming from her or her PR people, Teresa isnt above being a attention Junkie either.

    • Teresa’s Dad just got out of the way she planted this story. Unlike Stumpy & his trashy wife ..she treats her Dad right.

      • Yes Teresa such a sainted women would never be so downright dirty and evil…Nope she is such a private person……….dang I almost choked on that

        • I never said she was a private person. I said she would never sell a story that would upset her Dad. Don’t choke Lisa it’s only a comment LOL.

  15. it could be coming from Theresa..but it doesn’t suit her poor parents to have this in the news, and I really don’t think she is putting somethign that would harm her parents out there. AGain though Theresa..I would love you to even find one report of something negative about the Manzo Laurita, Gorga clan. I have been looking for 6 months and never seen one bad thing.

  16. I don’t think anyone has to leak anything for NE to write a story. I think the NE just writes stories to sell papers. Period.


  17. I’ve never really understood Teresa’s fan base either, even though she has quite a large one. Because of this I’ve tried to be really objective. Still, at the end of the day I don’t get it. I think Teresa has a very strong sense of survival and I think more of her as Teresa the Tiger. Do I think Teresa would plant something in a tabloid to ensure her survival? Absolutely, in a blink of an eye. Teresa is going to do what she’s is going to do and she is no victim, although she seems to play it well. Of course, none of these ladies hands are clean, but neither are Teresa’s and that’s really all I’m trying to say.

      • all of the other housewives are totally broke, and Theresa is doing really well on the scale. How does it help Theresa to plant this story that she knows would really hurt her parents and upset her kids and christmas…it makes 0 sense. It makes all the sense inthe world for anyone else to plant this story to upset theresa though. You have to look at the reasonable person standard. There is no benefit to Theresa to plant this, and the money would not be worth her time to upset her kids and parents. But it would be worth about 20 other people’s time to do it.

        • ITA Nancy. NE doesn’t pay much for these stories probably less than a thousand bucks if that much. The motivation to sell this story is twofold a bit of the readies (cash) and to hurt her and Joe. If the Guidice girls are upset my guess is this person probably considers that a bonus.

          • Agree Aint except for the pay. NE paid 5,000 for my sister’s story over ten years ago. She is the ex-wife of a famous director/producer.

            • I stand corrected . I find it difficult to compare a housewife to an ex-wife of famous director producer, kind of like comparing the basement to the penthouse. Plus Housewives are a dime a dozen these days and the divorce rumors are a tabloid staple practically interchangeable IMO. just switch the names out , add a couple pertinent details an unnamed source and voila!

    • Well said I could not agree more. I don’t know why the majority of people on this site view TreeStump as a victim or a saint. I don’t feel she is either and she does just as much if not more than the rest.

      • IMO, your observation of “I don’t know why the majority of people on this site view TreeStump as a victim or a saint.” is nothing but perception. I eggmit I haven’t been around SH very long. However, I fail to recall anyone calling TreeStump a “saint” or “victim”. The only person from RHONJ that has called him/herself anything close to a saint was Stumpy in his “Angel from God” reference and MeGo in her “I’m the victim!” speech.

        Every Whorga vs Joooodice thread makes these claims and yet, I am still waiting for someone to actually use those words. The only use of “saint” or “victim” comes from the anti-Jooooooodice camp.

      • P.S. Not trying to be nasty. I’ve been searching for someone to call Tree a “saint” or “victim” from the get-go.

              • My reference to TreStump has nothing to do with her figure but her inability to see beyond herself ever. People have drawn her a picture of a event or circumstance and I have never seen her get it. I am not saying I agree one way or the other but one occasion that comes to mind was the fight in Napa when Kathy tried to explain how Caro did not find her joke funny even tho T says she meant on harm neither did Kathy appreciate being slammed because T didn’t find Rich funny when he teased T about going to the mall.

              • Here is the difference and I say it with all due respect for your opinion. Kathy should stay out of the fight. Teresa felt attacked and was in no mood for an inept Kathy trying to explain it away. Teresa shuts down when she feels attacked as do many people with poor speech and communication skills. Let’s not forget how brutal and verbally abusive Caroline was to Teresa. Two years later and Caroline is still holding a grudge and goes after Teresa guns blazing? Teresa did apologize many times. I don’t recall Teresa slamming Kathy but simply voicing her objection. Frankly Richie is obsessively creepy and I give Teresa props for not giving him an smack down long ago. Teresa knows these people far better than we do. Kathy is her relative and apparently came on the show to bash her cousin since that was 90 percent of Kathy’s function on the show. That being said I do not ind Teresa a saint. I find her to be a complex person with good traits, bad traits and with the same problems we have all had at some point in our lives. Teresa is not without fault but she did not deserve two years of bully beat down.She was loyal to friends and family while they paraded her family secrets and the confidences of a friend out for public consumption. Teresa kept her mouth shut far longer than I would have done.

              • Thank you for your well thought out response..I think the reason some people feel Teresa is a saint is because no one ever says its her fault and they only offer excuses as to why her behavior is ok, its Melissa fault, its Caroline fault Teresa was only XYZ . Its easy to come to the conclusion that people think Teresa is A saint because everything she does is explained away and given a excuse. so its easy to think Teresa is never wrong because Frankly i dont remember anyone saying lately ..Teresa was wrong in doing that. as for the 2 yrs of Bullying weither or not I think its wrong or right I do think she is getting what she sowed back AND YES i do hope her castmates get whats coming to them to.

              • Yes she treated Danielle poorly and karma has brought it back to her, however, unlike many she seems to be growing and changing from her experiences. She has becomelikable and Proven to be the type of friend we all want. Someone who is completely loyal to us and a little fun and crazy. Maybe karma is paying her back with a most loyal following?

              • I wouldnt like Tre as a friend but you are right she has grown somewhat but Imo she is far from likeable but thats just me, I understand why people like her.

              • I respect you opinion but my point is T should acknowledge Kathy had a valid point that other people feel hurt or upset by her “jokes” as well. If she would ever acknowledge she made a mistake or misspoke I could respect her but when you excuse and explain away her self centered attitude I think it reenforces the Saint T perception.

              • There you said it. Saint Teresa. That is your perception but not mine. The posters who call Teresa need to own that and stop projecting on others who have a positive opinion about Teresa. Y’all seem to be downright obsessed with this Saint Teresa moniker that you all bestow on her. And PS …Kathy is an azz licker of the first water. I wouldn’t listen to that shallow bitch if she told me my house was on fire. She doesn’t have an opinion unless her buddies tell her she can. This is the same woman who’s husband said Teresa should be burned at the stake. I’d be burning something alright any ties I had to Kathy.

              • I think T trashing Kathy to the press is her business. I don’t deny the rest of the cast has issues but so does T

              • Kathy was minding her own business T trashed her to the press about something Kathy did not say. T didn’t deny it or apologize for it

              • I have to say T may know the cast better than we do and the same is true for them they know her far better than we do. It is the justification or excuse for everything she does that gives the impression she’s Saint T.

              • Again obsessed with the St Teresa moniker and again projecting it on others. If you use it own it. Simple as that!

              • I appreciate your respect and it is reciprocated but it is this defending T at all times that earns her sainthood. My point is not about Kathy or how T was feeling or why she felt the way she did. It is one example of many where if T acknowledge Kathy’s point I could respect her but she will not even come close to that let alone apologize to anyone. She is so self absorbed she has no empathy. She doesn’t even have to agree but at least acknowledge others have feelings she may not have intended harm but she is not perfect. We all make mistakes even T.

              • You mean like the way people are obcessed with the GOLDDIGGER,WHORE SLUT AND STRIPPER monikor Melissa gets..Personally I like melissa a whole lot better then Teresa

            • True ChemGeek. No one on SH that supports Teresa, claims Teresa as being a “saint” or a “victim.” The only ones who ever say that Tre. supporters believe her to be a saint, or victim…come from the anti Giudice camp!. IMO, it’s a twisted use of misplaced psychology, in a failed attempt, to try to claim blind adoration for our like and or support of Teresa.

              • So tell me If she isnt a saint when was the last time you think Tre did something wrong and not have a excuse as to why it is ok. she did it. I dont think i have heard anyone here say Tre was wrong in what she did and not say it was ok or offer a excuse as to why it was ok. at least not in the past 2 seasons frankly last time I heard someone flat out sayTre was wrong was the bullying of Danielle and yet even some say that was ok because caroline forced her to do it

              • I personally cannot stand the way teresa yells (or shrieks) and loses it because she cannot think quickly enough to verbally (and calmly) defend herself, which then gets her into situations she could’ve avoided. I don’t think she should’ve written anything about the housewives in her book because jokes and sarcasm are hard to “read” when not said outloud…I don’t think that Teresa should’ve had a conversation on camera with Rosie about her relationship with Kathy, I wish she would get counseling with Juicy or leave his ass, and I don’t believe that Teresa should’ve agreed to do as many covers for intouch as she did (making money or not) all it did was stir the pot for the other ladies who seem green with envy…..whether or not Teresa hates her SIL and told her brother about rumors Meho would leave him for a richer man (as messed up as that is)…she didn’t go on camera to do it they were the ones to bring that out on the show, she doesn’t out the other housewives with the dirt she knows on camera, they do to her all the time…Meho has lied many times about her relationship with Teresa, Wacko couldn’t wait to push the focus on Teresa’s personal bankruptcy so no one would notice the crap she and her husband are into….Caroline tried blaming her broken relationship with Dina on Teresa….Kathy tries to play the nice card to Teresa’s face, but then as soon as she walks away will talk about her to the other castmates who aren’t “fambly” nor are they her best friends……Teresa is not…nor will ever be a saint….but when 4 women gang up on her for 2 years (pretending to be friendly half the time to her face…and then sh*t talking behind her back) of course we will bring how she defends herself against them and how we are behind her on that…..if they were all nice to her and kind and never said one word, and she was attacking them…then she would be the bad guy….but they jumped on her…..and couldn’t give us any real reasons as to why…..

              • Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. T is not a saint and there have been many times where I wish she would have just not said anything or just not deflect, stay on point. But the last two seasons have been brutal, the others have just piled on, one can’t help but root (sp) for the underdog (dare I use “bullied to some extent”).

              • Thank you for your answer About the past 2 yrS of bullying is Karma comes to get us eventually and our dirty secrets and lies get exposed esp when you sign up for a reality show Teresa is finding this out, as are her Casts mates . Thats why lying is never a good idea because in the end they get exposed somehow some way when Karma come a knocking. and I am talking about the whole cast not just Teresa.

              • I find it odd that the entire cast and production as well as Andy seems to have Issues with Teresa. It makes me believe that the Teresa we see on the show and she shows her fans is not the real Teresa. Is it bullying if they have real issues with her behavior? Is reacting to someone’s behavior bullying. I don’t think that anyone of them is without character flaws but Teresa seems to have more than her fair share.

              • Yea I agree Cyn, If this many peopel dont like her and have issues there must be something we are not seeing on the show. I have always had the opnion that Teresa is good and that head cocking smile act and fools a lot of people. Sorry I dont buy the “they are just jealous” excuse..its much much more then jealosy working here.

              • Right Lisa, but I wanna hear what she did! Not the crap about magazines, or stuff about her brother, which really doesn’t affect Jax n Caro, but what she did to them that warranted all of this. Idk if there are things they couldn’t say? It just seemed like they had no good reasons to hate on her, so it looks like jealousy. But if there are things she did I wish they would have articulated them better. I’m not sayin she didn’t do anything, but we didn’t see it, so maybe Bravo really did them crappy too by not making it clear…idk if that makes sense?

              • The entire production has problems with Tre? Like with things she does to them during filming, or just dislike her?

              • From what has been written Tree doesn’t get along with the crew and they don’t interact other than on the show. The other cast members seem to have a relationship with them off camera as well. For all I know it’s Tree’s choice not theirs.

              • Oh I was just wondering if you had heard of stuff she did, I like to hear juicy gossip about her shenanigans as much as the others’

              • Lisa you know my opinion about Teresa . I am not going to justify my opinion to you or anyone else. I have expressed why I feel as I do about Teresa and if you can’t respect that then it’s on you.

              • I am not asking you to justify anything, My opnion on Teresa isnt respected i get attack all the time over it.

              • It’s up to you , own it or not. Your opinion is not my problem. I have stated my opinions numerous times clearly and succinctly. We can play semantics all day long but kind of silly -IMO. If you can’t respect my opinion and clearly you can’t, again that’s on you. I stand behind my opinions on Teresa and I post them so therefore am not going to play games. Are we good now? Or are we going to belabor this issue to death. I have no desire to play 20 questions with anyone.

              • I can respect anyone opnion I get questioned non stop about my opnion all the time its clear my opnion isnt respect either. I asked a simple qiestion you choose not to answer it which is fine with me you are not upsetting me in the least. I am just tired of being painted as the bad guy because I dont like teresa and never will and I think she is a liar and a cheat not to mention so far in denial i dont think she will ever be right again.

              • Lisa I don’ think you need it but I am on your team. It seems to me that some people on this site feel if you don’t agree about T then you are blind to the faults of the rest of the cast. Trestump is the only HW I can think of that has a nickname that isn’t brutal. The stump refers to her being dense as in unable to see beyound herself.

              • I think Tre is selfish and the major cause of issues in her brother and hers relationship thats my opnion and I am not going to change people jump all over me and ask me to justify why i feel the way I feel i either answer or I dont then i get blasted because I pick on poor poor teresa and not the others.

              • I have never attacked you, it’s not my style….the part that bothers me is every other “anti-tre” writes that those who support tre are “blindly following” her…..that is not the case….we are not her sheep…..I’ve never purchased a single thing she’s done (or any other hw’s for that matter)….as someone who has been ganged up on, when I was younger (and how it can feel when you have no one on your side…or when people pretend to be your friend just to make fun of you or betray you somehow) I truly feel for her with that….when wacko was crying at the reunion about her son, did someone have her back? definitely!!….those 4 women all were there to support each other…and attack Teresa..that was their one goal..aside from her husband (who I personally don’t like) who was on her side? She’s thick-headed and dense….but everyone coming at her like that (esp her own family) is cruel….if her family has beef with her…do it in private…that’s where it belongs…If they feel that Teresa has changed or is such a horrible person, then maybe instead of airing dirty laundry for Bravo they should have a private intervention….

              • Hey now Dont forget I have a piggie who will do my bidding for nothing more then a cherry mater and he does bite hard me

      • So I probably shouldn’t mention my St Teresa altar or my daily prayers for her beautification? Ok lips zipped.

  18. IMO as many have pointed out Teresa would not hurt her parents or her children with this story.
    NE could have made it up out of thin air for all I know but I think the widening investigation regarding the bankruptcy is motivation for Jack a loony tunes. Its about to get real for The Lauritas. …….

    • Really, she has no problem with being called names in front of her kids, or dicussing Juicys cheating in front of her kids or having cameras shoved in their faces whil;e they have meltdowns.. Teresa may love her kids but she does plenty to hurt them.

      • I disagree. I think Teresa and Joe both say whatever is on their minds and do not hide things from their kids. It’s not necessarily my way but it’s their decision. I have seen sheltered kids with as many hang ups as kids like Teresa and Joe’s. I do not believe for a moment that Teresa would do this to her children.

      • I agree TreeStump does do plenty to hurt her kids. I don’t doubt she loves them but if she was more concerned about Gia and less about being the victim she would not ask her if she could see mommy is trying her uncle is not.

        • I don’t recall Teresa saying Joey was not trying. IIRC she was very reassuring to Gia and explaining that she would never give up trying to have a relationship with her brother. I don’t see Teresa as a victim but completely the opposite … a survivor.
          I have to give credence to posters who believe this is MeGo after all didn’t she have to move because of bullying that may or may not happen in the future. Way to blame your nieces rather than own your financial problems.

          • ITA about being reassuring. That was my interpretation as well.

            I am still trying to wrap my head around the bullying thing MeGo said.

            • Barb I respectfully disagree. TreStump may not use the word victim but she sure gets her point across. I can’t count how many times she has said her family came on the show behind her back 2 years later but she doesn’t hold a grudge. She whines about everyone bashing her even thou she doesn’t know a compliment when she is given one like when Melissa said she (T) faced the world with a smile while M could not do it. I do not think any of this cast is without fault but TreStump is excused or given a pass by most on this site for everything .

          • We will have to agree to disagree. We have a very different view of the same scene. I think it was made very clear to Gia that T was the only one trying. I also think there is plenty of occasions that support my observation. T and the Goondice have both made remarks and even laughed at the negative things said about their own family. T says she reprimands the girls for the disrespect but if you laugh out loud then correct them they get your message loud and clear.
            I would like to make it clear I feel ALL of this cast has a part in the drama I’m just tired of the pass T gets no matter what.

          • I think Melissa was talking about the fact that Tree shares her opinions about Melissa with her children and they repeat them and she didn’t want her children exposed to that. I don’t think she meant the kids would be bullying her children only that they would get hurt in the cross fire.

              • That’s a given. I was referring to what she meant about interacting with Teresa’s kids and why it would be a problem.

              • I can see your point, but something tells me that the Gorga kids are exposed to just as much at home about Teresa. They’re just not as outspoken as the Guidice kids, so we don’t hear it back from them.

              • SloJoe doesn’t strike me as someone who would hold back his opinion. They also have the twisted sisters (Marcos) who, it seems, have made it their life’s mission to disparage the Guidices.

              • Gotcha. Right now the kids got to separate schools. That really doesn’t square with MeGo usual MO of coping everything Tree does. You know I have always thought that the missed bus scene was a fake. However that WAS a short bus that was missed. Is it possible that Antonia goes to a different school because of educational needs with the intent on mainstreaming her later on? They said that the schools feed into the same middle school and some public schools have better special education programs than others.

              • It is very sad IMO that the cousins are not allowed to play together. Life is to short and those relationships are so important. MeGo actually used the B word when referring to Teresa’s kids. The letter that Teresa wrote to her niece will hopefully someday reunite them.

              • Maybe the school bus is short because there are not many kids to pick up on the route so they use a smaller bus.

              • Gosh you notice everything! From experience the short bus is used for early childhood classes or ED students that is at least here. They may go to a private school where you pay for the busing. I think it’s the later.

              • Could be. I doubt that Antonia even rides the bus. Momma MeGo sure didnt know enough to get her to the bus stop on time. Especially first day it was a little weird that why I think its a fake scene. When mine were in elementary they rode the bus and on first day especially my daughter was sooo excited we got to bus stop early. Does Antonia go to private school though? I am thinking not since they said that both schools feed into the same middle school. There has to be a reason that MeGo doesnt have Antonia in same school with Tree’s kids since she likes to copy and compete so much.
                Gabe is an IEP student which means he has resource class for math. It used to be half his day was spent in resource but they have him mainstreamed now for everything but math and thankfully it has been successful. But in elementary all the kids KNEW who was leaving class to go to resource. I am wondering if Antonia is in same situation and MeGo is implying that her nieces would bully her daughter. That’s more realistic (not that the girls would) but kids today rarely bully someone with yo momma jokes. When they attack they pick a specific weakness that the other child has and bore down on that. I dont think the Guidice girls would EVER do their cousin like that but it makes sense that MeGo would rationalize that since she bullied Tree and I would imagine in her gut check moments she fears karma.

      • I know many people who rose above some of the darkest childhood circumstances to become beautiful and successful individuals.

        Personally spekaing: My mother is mentally ill and because of this she beat me, and emotionally, mentally and verbally abused me. She abused my father (mentally and emotionally) until the day they divorced (I was 25 at the time). I turned out just fine with a laundry list of accomplishments and I came out the other side still having a relationship with my mother. Textbook-wise, the odds were stacked that I probably should have worked at Lookers and tended bar, but that wasn’t my choice. I know many people who grew up in disgusting circumstances that rose above.

        I suppose my bottom line is this: We can have opinions about the parenting of others but ultimately, there are many factors that influence the perceptions the develop in young adulthood. Hopefully the Joodice girls learn that that c-u-next-Tues word is not cool. I know that one thing they will not likely suffer from is the inability to express emotions. Experiencing their parents having an open and yes, even angry, discussion could teach them that anger is healthy and being open is healthy. It took me many years in therapy to learn healthy anger and expression.

        Just my 1 cent because I’m not a parent :)

        • WOW, what a story, ChemGeek. Thank God you were able to rise above such circumstances. You’re a very intelligent person, and you were able to recognize the benefits of therapy (as many cannot). Sounds like you’re in a good place now. God bless you.

          • Thanks, Hers. Many blessings to you as well :) I am in a very good place. Regardless of what is going on with these children, they have the opportunity to choose their path in life.

        • I wish I had a “Like” button for your comment.
          Your past did not define who you are – it guided you in another direction. Glad that therapy helped you find (for lack of a better phrase) inner peace.

        • I’m sorry for what you experienced as a child, Chem Geek, and very glad you rose above those challenges. Says a lot about your fortitude. I think Teresa’s children are confident and strong. Gia held her own with the two stregas who were trying to tear her down at the Field Day.

          • ITA that Tree’s children are confident and strong and likely will always be that way. That scene with Gia on field day seethes me to the core. Whatever happens, I think Tree’s children will learn, and likely have learned, that in life you have to be a survivor. The rest, the girls will figure out on their own.

            • So all the Nasty names that Juice calls Tre in front of the kids all the Cheating discussing done in front of the kids all the drunken behavior Juicy displays isnt hurting the kids NOW THEY WILL FIGURE it out in the future and be strong…that maybe true but i am concerned for them now. I find it funny people don’t give the same consideration to melissa and what goes on in front of her kids people have doomed them, but the guidice kids will prevail …

              • That is not true. Stop exaggerating. No one said Joey and Melissa’s kids are doomed. (Though one wonders with all the whippits and sexual innuendo, the kind of damage it will do.) They to shall prevail, just like Joe and Teresa’s kids.

              • Wow Chem! I am so impressed and I appreciate your honesty and insight. I cannot express how much I admire your strength and intelligence. God Bless you. I grew up in incredible dysfunction but decided early on that my upbringing would not ever define me.
                Therapy was incredibly important to me and instrumental in helping me make better choices. I agree with your assessment of Teresa’s girls. My father was extremely foul mouthed and angry person but I chose differently and at a very young age. I am so blessed to have a wonderful life and it is my life by design not accident.
                Sending you a huge cyber-hug Chem geek and I appreciate your sharing.

              • BTW, I NEVER said any of that behavior wasn’t effecting them now, did I?. I think it’s disgusting to twist my words and incorporate violent imagery (knowing I have a history of ABUSE) in attempt to get me to see your viewpoint just so I can agree with you. That’s a low blow and sick IMO.

                I pick my battles in life and this isn’t worth it.

                lisa, you win. you are right.

              • I didnt attack u and call you sick did i
                I talked about my opinion of what is happening to the Guidice kids NOW not in the future. I dint call your opinion names nor did i call you a name.

              • You know what I am sorry you think I attack u or twisted your words It wasnt what I was trying to do, I am not interested in Fighting over a stupid TV show full of idiots.
                I am sorry you had a bad childhood I had one to and My marriage wasnt all roses either Its good we all we all grew into functional adults it was hard work but worth it

              • lisa, Thank you. I am sorry for using the word “sick” and I certainly did not mean to say that you are “sick”. I think you are a lovely and insightful poster and a valued member here. A button was pushed for me when I felt my post was misread and I own that. I should not have assumed you were trying to strong-arm me into agreeing with you. I have no excuse except that I am overtired but that isn’t an excuse to be an arse. I am sorry for attacking you. I can see now why you felt attacked and I agree my post does sound attacking. I am also very sorry for your marriage and childhood difficulties. I hope you will accept my apologies and we can roll on making fun of the stoopids. (Also, sorry this is delayed. I had to step away to clear my head)

        • God bless you ChemGeek. You know there is another common denominator in children that have grown up and prevailed through well various degrees of bullcrap …. we just do what we do and KNOW that the power to rise above it lies in all of us so as a result we aint much for excuses. I get exactly where you are coming from.

    • My vote is that Jacqueline said this to Tom Murro and he is the leak to the Nat’l Enquirer. He put his name on the Jacqueline story – then became a “source” for the NE. Very convenient that both stories hit around the same time. He is trying to amp up the publicity (bad or good) for RHONJ. Wondering if he is angling to work for Bravo too?? Just a thought.

      • Thats a good theory. Now that just got me to thinking… Tom Murro…. Kim G…. Kim D. Eureka! Kim D. Who doesn’t really have the goods on MeGo without Penny(we all got that memo right??) and hasn’t really demonstrated to my satisfaction that she has Tree’s best interest at heart. Also Kim D still talks to Ajax….
        Ok so
        I’m gonna sleep on the Kim D theory tonight. Its worth a closer look.

  19. Tre did NOT plant this!!! There is no way that a woman who could/would keep her mouth shut about the dirt she has on Meho/Stumpy/Jax/Manzos would ever plant this!!! So,her daughters could read it?? No way! NO, I’m not saying shes a saint (as some people like to say) but she would never hurt her 4 beautiful daughters. Nice try meho/Jax!!!

  20. Based on what I have seen on TV, it seems the first season, Joe and Tree seemed happy and your typical family; by end of second season Joe was starting to seem worn, financial and emotionally with Tree, when 3rd season came about with the family throw down; that season Joe, seemed overwelmed financially and I think the drama with Tree and Mego and Tree clinging on to her reality fame seemed a bit too much for him; I am sure with his personal issues and court dates and bankruptcy and Tree’s constant need for this show and the endless battling with her bother and sister in law, it’s seem Tree puts a lot of financial pressure to keep up with her in-laws; it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Would Joe stray? I would not doudt it; to be with someone else that isn’t yapping about her world and drama; men don’t like nags and women that bitch about their friends, coworkers and how the world owes them. My husband thinks when these women air their dirty laundry on TV and their nagging; it’s disrespectful to their families and husbands. Are they getting divorced? Who knows; I think it’s easy for rag mags to plant spies, and gather information from anyone and anywhere. The two of them have the girls to thinks of and I have asked this question before can anyone imagine Tree as a single women trying to date?

    • Funny, I see it as the other way around. I see the Gorgas under a lot of pressure to compete with the Guidices. But I agree that Juicy could be overwhelmed with the situation, that’s for sure.

    • Why is it always the women’s fault? I see Juicy as genuine alpha male who does not kowtow to anyone and would tell Andy or anyone else for that matter. He was the only stand up guy at the reunion and the only male still in possession of his balls. Seriously this isn’t 1950….It is quite clear Juicy is his own man and quite capable of screwing up financially.

      • Well, again I based my blog on what I see on TV, bottom line we don’t know whats behind closed doors? It takes two to tango and Juciy-dice in my opinion based on the rag mags and that episode he called Tree the C word; is not so innocent.

  21. Pretty simple really. Melis knows Teresa has much more to her personality wise & now with her cookbooks doing well… When a phony like Mego knows someone else is above them they have to take swipes , like hanging a string above a cat, they have to swipe at it , it’s in their nature. I know
    Teresa was worried about her brother but I’m sure she has times where she just has to laugh at the jealous nature of alot of this.

  22. If the other cast mates can have nasty names and have nasty things said about them then I wil call teresa what i please and if that means I call her a saint then I can. If you take it personally that is your issue. I dont like Melissa being called a whore,slut or golddiger because personally i dont think she is any of those things i dont like Rich being called a pedofile because he isnt none but I dont tell people to stop calling them names so Stop telling me what i can call teresa.

  23. Hello Aint Pittypat:

    Here to bring you some Christmas cheer! Also, to “cheer you up” and “to cheer you” on! For “holding the line” for the “good fight!” Teresa and her wonderful family need those of us who are able to understand and accept she has been as strong as the mayhem and bedlam would allow her!

    If Teresa were to change adversely for some unknown reason. This is highly unlikely! Though, then we too, would have to cease and desist from our showing public support. It would no more be plausible that MeGo and her troop of rabble-rouser’s were to become righteous, any time soon, either!

    Some of us who feel strongly for those down trodden by life’s struggles. We stand for those who need support. As one read’s the posts here; it is clear that the victor’s crown is still trying to be ripped from the victors! Teresa and her husband and their lovely family were the victors! It was Bravo who through their conquest via a legal biding contract caused acrimony. Perplexing the unsuspecting family and the viewing public.

    ~Read what is in a remark. Now you see the writer’s thought! It is a person baring his heart.~

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