TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Divorcing Juicy Joe?… Keeping Calm Until AFTER Christmas… Take Poll… UPDATE: Teresa Responds… Says “NOT True”…

November 28, 2012   ROL…  NOTE: This item COULD be another item which is based on total conjecture!  Take the SH poll asking whether you believe Tree will divorce Juicy!  

A few minutes after Teresa’s tweet was added to this item, issued their statement on TheDish.  Pretty coincidental… or is it?  Does Bravo read SH??  Of course they do!

In a new issue being released tomorrow, the NationalEnquirer says that Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice will definitely be divorcing JuicyJoe.

A new report claims Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is set to divorce her husband, Joe, after the holidays, no matter how his trial on charges of possessing a fraudulent ID goes. 

“But to keep up appearances, they’ll play happy family until that time,” the National Enquirer quotes a show insider saying.  The Enquirer‘s own full report will be published Thursday.

“Her game plan is to make nice with Joe over Thanksgiving and Christmas, dress up their girls — Gabriella, Audriana, Milania and Gia — in their finest party clothes, plaster a fake smile on her face and act as if all is well.”

The report says Joe Guidice’s alleged cheating and inability to maintain a stable income played a role in the couple’s tensions.

But it says when Joe Guidice called his wife harsh names in a phone call captured on air, that was the last straw.

From the RHONJ reunion show…

UPDATE:  SH went directly to the source and asked Tree about this item…

…this is Tree’s response:

(Thanks to SH readers “Stef” and “CoGo”!!!)

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  1. Based on what I have seen on TV, it seems the first season, Joe and Tree seemed happy and your typical family; by end of second season Joe was starting to seem worn, financial and emotionally with Tree, when 3rd season came about with the family throw down; that season Joe, seemed overwelmed financially and I think the drama with Tree and Mego and Tree clinging on to her reality fame seemed a bit too much for him; I am sure with his personal issues and court dates and bankruptcy and Tree’s constant need for this show and the endless battling with her bother and sister in law, it’s seem Tree puts a lot of financial pressure to keep up with her in-laws; it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Would Joe stray? I would not doudt it; to be with someone else that isn’t yapping about her world and drama; men don’t like nags and women that bitch about their friends, coworkers and how the world owes them. My husband thinks when these women air their dirty laundry on TV and their nagging; it’s disrespectful to their families and husbands. Are they getting divorced? Who knows; I think it’s easy for rag mags to plant spies, and gather information from anyone and anywhere. The two of them have the girls to thinks of and I have asked this question before can anyone imagine Tree as a single women trying to date?


    • Funny, I see it as the other way around. I see the Gorgas under a lot of pressure to compete with the Guidices. But I agree that Juicy could be overwhelmed with the situation, that’s for sure.


    • Why is it always the women’s fault? I see Juicy as genuine alpha male who does not kowtow to anyone and would tell Andy or anyone else for that matter. He was the only stand up guy at the reunion and the only male still in possession of his balls. Seriously this isn’t 1950….It is quite clear Juicy is his own man and quite capable of screwing up financially.


      • Well, again I based my blog on what I see on TV, bottom line we don’t know whats behind closed doors? It takes two to tango and Juciy-dice in my opinion based on the rag mags and that episode he called Tree the C word; is not so innocent.


  2. Pretty simple really. Melis knows Teresa has much more to her personality wise & now with her cookbooks doing well… When a phony like Mego knows someone else is above them they have to take swipes , like hanging a string above a cat, they have to swipe at it , it’s in their nature. I know
    Teresa was worried about her brother but I’m sure she has times where she just has to laugh at the jealous nature of alot of this.


  3. If the other cast mates can have nasty names and have nasty things said about them then I wil call teresa what i please and if that means I call her a saint then I can. If you take it personally that is your issue. I dont like Melissa being called a whore,slut or golddiger because personally i dont think she is any of those things i dont like Rich being called a pedofile because he isnt none but I dont tell people to stop calling them names so Stop telling me what i can call teresa.


  4. Hello Aint Pittypat:

    Here to bring you some Christmas cheer! Also, to “cheer you up” and “to cheer you” on! For “holding the line” for the “good fight!” Teresa and her wonderful family need those of us who are able to understand and accept she has been as strong as the mayhem and bedlam would allow her!

    If Teresa were to change adversely for some unknown reason. This is highly unlikely! Though, then we too, would have to cease and desist from our showing public support. It would no more be plausible that MeGo and her troop of rabble-rouser’s were to become righteous, any time soon, either!

    Some of us who feel strongly for those down trodden by life’s struggles. We stand for those who need support. As one read’s the posts here; it is clear that the victor’s crown is still trying to be ripped from the victors! Teresa and her husband and their lovely family were the victors! It was Bravo who through their conquest via a legal biding contract caused acrimony. Perplexing the unsuspecting family and the viewing public.

    ~Read what is in a remark. Now you see the writer’s thought! It is a person baring his heart.~


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