MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Update On Hurricane Sandy’s Effect On LBI… Shana/SWINE/Shaft’s BravoBlog… Lisa Vanderpump “Divine Addiction” Newsletter

November 28, 2012

There has been activity in the Laurita/Signature Apparel bankruptcy case… more on that later!  Can say for now that the Judge who got the Signature Apparel case has to have his head spinnin’… his eyes crossed… and is pullin’ out his hair.

More important than the Laurita sub-humans clan are the effects of Hurricane Sandy and how New Jersey/New York residents are trying to crawl out from under the devastation.  The majority of residents don’t have the option of takin’ off to Jamaica, as da Gorga’s did..

… but are trying to rebuild their homes (if they are lucky enough to STILL have a home) and their lives.

SH reader “SpaBabe” sent this video, which shows how residents have weathered Hurricane Sandy…


If you haven’t noticed, Shana/SWINE/Shaft has been fulfilling her contractual obligations with Bravo by writing her review of the RHOBH episodes.  This is her latest…in FULL:

I am so proud of Kim for her recovery and for the healing she has worked so hard for. Ojai is a special place that has many fond memories for her so taking a trip there seemed just perfect for our first big outing of the year.

Ojai has a unique magic to it, beautiful, majestic and tranquil. . .well, so far. But when the Beverly Hills girls roll into any town, you never know what could happen.

Arriving at the house felt like the start of a slumber party from childhood. You will have to wait and see if any pillow fights ensue. Although I was still coping with healing emotionally and not sure how my time away from Kennedy would feel, I was happy to be in a peaceful place with my friends and looking forward to having some fun on our short get away.

Tune in next week when the fun really gets underway. . .for most of us that is.   Speaking of childhood slumber parties, I feel a cartwheel in my future. With all the stress and responsibility of our everyday lives, I love the fact that my friends and I can get away, kick up our heels, and act like kids again just for a moment.

RHOBH preview, which includes “cartwheels”…


NOTE:   More interesting reading are the comments at re Shana’s review…


Speakin’ of Beverly Hills… Lisa VanderpumpRump’s latest newsletter is now available.

Check out Lisa’s “DivineAddiction… this week Lisa is pushin’ a new hair care concept called “TheBROOT”…

NOTE:  Wonder if Lisa invited Kyle-ee to TheBROOT?  Now that Kyle-ee has spent years droppin’ hints to PANTENE with no endorsement deal… Kyle-ee needs to try something else!

38 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Update On Hurricane Sandy’s Effect On LBI… Shana/SWINE/Shaft’s BravoBlog… Lisa Vanderpump “Divine Addiction” Newsletter

  1. Why do ANY of these people feel inclined to do this?: “my friends and I can get away, kick up our heels, and act like kids again just for a moment.” Even if it IS the scum of the earth making this quote, I just don’t get it. You’re a grown adult… acting like kids is STOOPID. Maybe if you want to act 30 when you’re 40 or act 40 when you’re 50… I get that. But this ridiculous nonsense that people want to act like kids… I don’t know… I just don’t get it. I would be embarrassed. Judging by the sneak peek of next week, most of them should be.


    • That was her ass? I thought it was her face. Bwahahahaha

      These people are bafoons being drunk like that around Kim. Talk about truly isolating someone. Can’t these women have fun without booze? They can’t even get through a child’s Bday party without being drunk. Does their Bravo contract dictate they are not allowed to drink anything but booze while being filmed?


      • Traylor Trash making any seemingly kind or supportive remarks towards, or about Kim, was a joke to me! Wasn’t swine one of the meanest, most judgmental biotches towards Kim in season one?!?!
        Maybe it’s just me but it really bugged me when they all got to ojai, and we see Kyle acting in charge, then Swine in her talking head saying “last season we didn’t even know if Kim would show up, or not, so it’s important we show her our support.” WTH…nothing pisses me off more then an idiot oblivious to their own behavior, while passing judgement on another while acting quite the fool themselves and believing that they are somehow better then… I was So happy when the manager kindly said “Who might Kimberly be?” Appropriately addressing Kim. I think Vyle almost choked on her ego! Most of these women couldn’t wait to claim their rooms, but as soon as Brandi and Lisa showed up and Lisa asked about room arrangements…all the women suddenly got quiet and looked to Kim..their chosen scapegoat! Honestly, I commend Kim for how she handled herself. Heck, the best part of the episode was seeing Brandi and Kim have a very rare and “real” moment…before Adrienne screwed it up. I don’t say that to dog Adrienne…just that I, for one, would have liked to have seen that conversation take it’s natural course without any unnecessary interference…..
        Moments like that are very rare and almost Never seen on Blavo….sad we once again missed out on a little reality!


    • ITA made! BTW, Great choice and befitting video clip! From what I know…alcoholics in recovery don’t take issue with those around them that may drink. It’s _like you said…the Sloppy, swine swigging–out of control–ones that leave one wondering? How do any of us make sense out of the senseless…


    • Agree, as usual, made. These drunks are the worst possible companions for anyone, let alone a woman (and sister) who was dogged and lied about and lied to for the last 2 seasons of this show and certainly lied about and lied to by her own damn selfish sister. I admit being amused by some of the interactions with her man-pal, Ken; but the Bravo edit most likely showed the worst and I’m ashamed of myself.

      I really wish the whole and true story would be revealed about Kyle and Maury’s theft of Kim’s home. And, shut your cackling piehole, Kyle.


  2. The Broot is a pretty stupid sounding name. Sounds like a blow dry bar with a kitchen to mix up avocado and honey masks for the hair.


    • Reminds me of Brute Aftershave and Joe Namorh’s hairy body. I must not be English enough to make the connection. Bananna shampoo sounds gross and Bananna soap has been covered by Lush Products


      • Bananas literally make me want to puke. I don’t know what it is about them, but they gross me out. I can’t walk by a display of them in the grocery store without holding my nose. I can walk into someone’s house and I can smell if they have bananas in the house or even a banana peel in the trash. I have a VERY keen sense of smell.

        The thought of banana shampoo makes me dry heave.


          • Do you share my horror of bananas? My mom and a few of my cousins are the same way. I don’t know what it is. And thanks for the image of the “just ripe enough” stage, I am moving up from dry heaves to the real deal. Blech! What I hate is when the supermarket tries the cross selling technique of putting bananas in the cereal aisle. I don’t know how many times I have reeled at the unexpected olfactory assault of a banana display in the cereal aisle.


            • @Ana…yes! Unripe bananas are ok, but not ripe and ripe plus. I like banana bread, but the identity of the banana is gone. I feel the same way about fish. I can not eat fish if it still has eyes and tail attached. TMI. And I won’t even go NEAR the green bananas if they are mixed in with ripe ones….trickery!


  3. Ms SH, Thank you for the LBI update video clip. It’s these clips, the ones of endearing hope and small communities, our youth, the unknown and unrecognizable, pulling together and actively doing what ever needs to be done_THAT is America!!


  4. Adrienne seemed so petty and immature in her comments about Lisa in this episode. Kyle was her usual snarky self. I thought Yolanda was so nice when she had Kim over to visit. Yolanda seems pretty perceptive about Kim and Kyle’s relationship and how Kyle isn’t really supportive of Kim. Plus, I love how Yolanda is sooo self confident so she she doesn’t plaster on the make up and over dress!


  5. Holy Hannah!! I wandered over to the Bravo site to read the comments on Shana’s blog; people have got her number alright! Yikes! You know she reads them, wonder what’s going through her mind right now.


    • Wow! I was shocked that Bravo published those comments. I have always thought they only showed positive comments that support the blogger in some way.
      If viewer feedback is any clue this has to be her last season.
      Maybe she can team up with Dana on her reality show :-P


  6. So, it’s fair to say that SWINE is a delusional freak. She likes to blow smoke, yet trot out the “woe is me” card. While Traylor Park is chasing rainbows and is not home to care for her daughter, Kennedy is probably better off without that thing around.


  7. is Traylor tryin for her own reaity show ? HouseHos of BH, with that buttshot. Disgusting. Her boyfriends soon to be ex wife and their family and friends must think he went off the deep end, or got sucked in by those garantuan lips. His poor kids having to do visitation with that skank. I hope if the soon to be ex has a daughter she files for primary custody and cleans his clock financially. What an idiot. What half respecting intelligent man wants to marry a woman with this many psych problems. Well, the soon to be ex has one consolation he is going to live with his decision for the rest of his life or till Traylor bankrupts him or worse.


  8. arent there suppose to be better laws on the books for lawsuits for infidility…..adulterers?…..Surely, that would be another deterent from cheating. Even if Traylor herself doesnt have any money……HE would stop from the stoopidity….In Brandi’s case…..geewhiz she found evidence all over town ……Why shouldnt she be able to go after Lee Ann for HER involvement?


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