YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog… YoFo Wants YOU To Dig Deeper Into Her Personality… Housewives Are A Mystery To YoFo!



Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great week! Thank you all so much for your kind words and, for those of you who weren’t too kind, please take a minute to go to and read my “About” section. It would be nice for you to know a little bit about my background, which is probably very similar to yours, rather than just judging me based on an episode of RHOBH, which just seems so shallow.

Also, please remember, this is all very new to me. I have never been involved with any social media. I understand it goes with my choice of getting on the Bravo train and becoming a Real Housewife, but, in all honesty, I did not get an iPhone, Instagram or Twitter until this past august when David and i went on vacation to Europe. Of course, I have seen our children become pros, but I am an electronically challenged idiot when it comes to that stuff.

Once I got completely stopped in my tracks with a brain virus this past September, I spent most of my days home in bed without any stimulation, so I had all the time in the world to play with my social media outlets and write a blog, which I really learned to enjoy.

Anyway, on to the important stuff: I am glad to finally see Adrienne and Lisa face-to-face. Lisa has rightfully stood her ground. It was so important for them to open their heart, tell each other how they really feel, be acknowledged, accept the apology and move on. You might not be able to be best friends with everyone, but I don’t believe in enemies and I hate leaving unresolved issues floating around in the universe that can poison our lives.

It’s easy to say I don’t care — but we all care and function best when we are in harmony. I had reached out to Kim a couple of times and made previous attempts to see her for a coffee, so I was happy she was finally here. The mom in me really wanted to be a strong source of support for her because I feel in my heart that her recovery is a really lonely road to travel.

I was actually excited to go to Ojai. It’s the perfect place and I was really hoping to connect with all of the women on a deeper level. So far, it has been filled with very shallow conversation because they always end up rehashing the past — but I am hopeful that that will soon change.

Congrats to beautiful Alexia! I think she will be better off asking the driving school for lessons —  Kyle seems a bit uneasy in the passenger seat.

I am really excited to see opportunities come Brandi’s way. She is a beautiful woman and deserves it. I can’t wait to read her book because I am sure it’s going to be in true Brandi form. We come from similar backgrounds (just different cultures) and we make different choices in communication skills. I just really appreciate her directness and honesty. I also respect the fact that she is not sitting on the couch weeping, but working her butt off to make a life for herself while supporting her boys.

It’s endearing to see Lisa care for and support Brandi. I love it!

I felt such sadness when Brandi made a comment about the wrinkles on her thumb because she really means it. Infidelity leaves such a brutal mark on a woman’s psyche and self worth. I know because I was there many summers ago, but it still hits home. You will see our bonding process in the coming episodes.

I can’t help but feel bad for Kelsey Grammar having a bunch of girls discussing his private parts. So disrespectful. . .so high school. . .

I came from Washington, D.C., because David had a show at the Kennedy Center. Even though he was so kind to drop me off close to Ojai, I still got there late and the girls had already settled in and were having cocktails.

I love how Lisa thinks I should have gotten the cupboard. Haha. Honestly, the house is so stunningly beautiful that I would have been fine bunking up with three girls if i had to. I did not come to Ojai for a luxurious vacation but for the camaraderie with the girls.

I love Kim’s speech at the dinner table. It’s so appropriate for this group of women. Unfortunately, they did not hear a word she said because they went straight into rehashing the past and the drama begins there. . .Unfortunately I got off of the plane with a terrible migraine and had a hard time focusing on any of it. All I remember thinking is why do these woman talk to each other this way — which all of you know the answer to better then me.

Have a great week, talk soon,



p.s. (to me): my husband is the most extraordinary human being i have ever met and his kindness, dedication and commitment to philantrophy far exceeds the grammys on the piano and for that i’am honored and thankful to be in his company everyday! and yes in my household, he is king!

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54 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog… YoFo Wants YOU To Dig Deeper Into Her Personality… Housewives Are A Mystery To YoFo!

    • I went to her site using the link she provided and I found her story very interesting. She tells a lot of information about her life. I’m scared almost to use the word “genuine” concerning a Housewife, but she seems pretty…ummmm…genuine. You can watch a video of her wedding if you’ve a mind to. I had a mind to and I’m glad I did. Her dress was gorgeous. At the end of it all, I did feel like I had a better grasp of who Yolanda is. Two thumbs up! So far!!

  1. I didn’t understand the big deal regarding the rooms either. It’s not like you are moving in. Or having to be roomies with SWINE…wait. Maybe I do get the room stress thing now. We all have our limits!

    Glad to see Kim and YoFo get along. Best part of the show featured Kim tonight IMvHO.

    Now that Yolanda is on the outside looking in…I hope she never moves into the crazy house that is reality TV. Unless she wants a divorce or something. Then it seems to be the ticket. ;)

    • I keep wondering what she’s doing on the show. Lisa, I can understand; she has restaurants to promote. But what the heck is Yolanda doing subjecting herself to these “girls”?

  2. Yolanda is a breathe of fresh air but I must disagree on Kim’s speech. It was scattered and inarticulate. It also cracks me up that Kim expected all these woman to support her when she bailed on just about every event last year.

    • When you become sober after years of being efed up it is hard to think straight and reality seems really weird, thoughts are scattered it takes about a year to be able to see the sky again.
      Kim is being so brave and courageous even filming at this point.
      Her speech was sweet and thoughtful.
      It took a lot of guts to do what she did, sitting at that table with all that wine and those ladies and her judgemental sister.
      She is my hero at this point.

  3. I’m pretty sure Yolanda would not have become friends with these women were it not for the show. She seems pretty normal….maybe a little pretentious….noticed she made sure that she mentioned the “Kennedy Center” but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m sure she’s proud of Davids accomplishments and she seems sincere in her blog. I really appreciate how she felt about the genitalia conversation and I’m glad to know we won’t hear her give details of her sex life. Wish ALL the housewives from all franchises would take note of that.

    • Hey Cherry ~ I agree with most of your thoughts ~ I think she is just very very in love & proud of her husband so it was HE was @ the “Kennedy Center” & a touch of Europe but ur always on point! Have a great day!

    • See I just never get that kind of thinking. If he was playing at the Kennedy Center, should she say it was a different venue? What woman isn’t proud of her husband’s accomplishments? Its not bragging.

  4. Maybe I’m shallow, but Yolanda doesn’t seem as “cerebral” (I am quoting Ma. DuhBrow) as she believes.

      • She’s grown on me. I think, of all of them, if I met her she would be the most normal (Brandi, too). She might ask me to take out the trash or clear the table, but I think she’d ask my name first. I really liked it last week when she would get up from the table to do things. Most of the others would never risk losing camera time, but YoFo wanted more to make sure things were taken care of. I thought it was endearing and real.

  5. Yolanda you are a role model to many woman like myself, your intelligent and classy. Kim Richards said your have a beautiful aura. , I believe it to be true, you seem to have a deep understanding of what is really important in life! Thanks for sharing
    -Love from San Francisco

  6. Give me a break!YoYo acts like god almighty,please.I cannot stand women like that.And please stop talking about your husband remember yoyo you are his fourth wife!! She seems to be so stuffed.Have fun geez.All i hear from her is name dropping what a snob

  7. First off, her face is kind of strange.. how many plastic surgerys did she have? Shes fake, just like the res of them in Beverly Hills .. oh darling love of my life, seriously.. who talks like that to their husband after so many years, keep it going Im sure she would be broke w/o him.. take him to the bank YO YO.

    • YoYo dodo bird, has only been married to David for what a year?Please you are only a number to him.That dinner party was so stupid,If David wanted to sing with his famous people then go rent a hall.Don’t have a dinner party and tell your guest to be quiet.Oh my god how corny.Yes i know Foster is a big name.But Yoland please stop he DID NOT WIN A PEACE NOBLE PRIZE.Oh yeah one more thing if David said he was good friends with mohamed yoyos ex,then how did he not know that Yolanda in the pictures was his ex wife.what a crock

  8. So the 13 yr old Son on tonight’s show is from which husband? He didn’t look much like Mohammed. *headscratch*

  9. I love love Yolanda, she is a confident, intelligent and beautiful woman. A class act! She can teach a few of those airheads some lessons in tact. Most of us don’t want to be reminded of the mean, loud girls from hight school.

  10. YoYo seems pretty cool and balanced for the most part. Just a tad “imperious” when it comes to dear David.

    Did she say she had a brain virus?

  11. So, apparently Yolanda was in the bedroom below with a migraine while the rest of the silly girls were screaming and doing acrobatics while drunk. My friends would never do that. I’ll bet next week Yolanda is not quite so gracious in her blog.

        • wait You are telling me its not normal to get soused and do Cartwheels without panties on (ok it looks like swine was wearing a thong) I mean just the other day I took a swig of Jameson and did cartwheels nekkid in my living room to amuse Clover. I thought it was noarmal behavior…(being sarcastic here)

        • These ladies are so high maintenance. They are only at ease in their own backyards where they have or think they have control over a party or get together. I think every one of them would be happy with their own room and their own personal assistant to serve them. I do think Brandi could wing it and Yolanda seems to be in a class by herself. Despite what Yolanda says about she being a down to earth person, I would still be guarded because she married one heck of an egomaniac IMO.

    • Why are these women drinking at all on Kim’s retreat trip? Perhaps they ALL(‘cept YoLo) have problems with the alkihol if they couldn’t manage to do without it for a few days… for Kim’s sake. That dadburn Evolution!!!

      • I know only one woman my age that drinks like that, and the first time I invited her to a dinner party was also the last time. She arrived with several bottles of wine to add to the few that I had purchased for the small party. She continued to plow through glass after glass, and by the end she was being loud and obnoxious to the other guests. I was embarrassed to have her in my home.

        • I can imagine. I have someone close to me that is alcoholic. I will not purchase it for them, I will not so much as drive them to the store so they can get it. This person has liver disease already. Killing themselves slowly everyday. I can’t have it on my conscience that I was part of that. I know several people who I WILL hold responsible when that day comes. And that’s on them. Anyway if this person is coming over, No one drinks. All alcohol is put away…including my husband’s beer even if its a game night. Its not fair to drink in front of people that can’t/shouldn’t. That’s just so cruel to me.

      • I completely agree. The trashies are drunk like that every single time. It’s like one glass of wine isn’t enough. Plus, most of them fight when drunk.

        RHOA has the “talls” and the “smalls”. RHOBH has the “trashies” and the “classies”.

      • I agree, it seems like they have no respect for Kim’s sobritey. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like they are just having fun and being silly but in the light of their hostess being unable to join them because of the alcohol it kind of goes into mean girl status. No matter what Kim is always on the outside looking in.

      • THANK YOU, Made, for bringing this up. I thought it was unconscionable. Plus, Adrienne is really gross when she drinks. I think her face is pulled so tight, she has to shove her whole mouth over the wine glass and slurp it down. Makes me sick to watch that.

        • oh Inkpop….thank you for mentioning about the way adrien drinks wine. sometimes i know i’m completely and totally superficial and I really don’t want to be alone, but when adrien had her talk with lisa, I gagged at the way her lips engulfed that wine glass each time she took a swig….something was so crude and mannerless….oh yeah…I’m not alone, I’m not alone….whoop whoop

      • Kyle needs to drink to be limber for the splits, Camille needs to drink to make DD feel at home, Lisa needs to drink to be able to talk about her once a year sex life, Brandi needs to drink because she doesn’t wear a bra, Taylor needs to drink to loosen her lips for God knows what…just guessing.

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