November 27, 2012

Were you watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night?  How closely were you watching?  If you blinked, you may have missed some of the most phony important and interesting scenes!

Howz about Yolanda posin’ in her laundry room….

… ’cause ya know YoFo ain’t familiar with the laundry room!

The REAL person who does YoFo’s laundry tried to sneak by… TRIED…

YoFo tells Kim Richards that she’s not been on a “girl’s trip.”   Uh, OK… but didn’t YoFo spend lotsa girl time on her Dutch reality show?

YoFo is friends with RHONY’s Carole Radziwill… Carole’s book is on YoFo’s book wall… Carole and YoFo tweet each other a lot!

Brandi’s modeling shots…

Lisa Vanderpump’s new hat…

Lisa bein’ snarky about Adrienne’s shoe line in the limo with new BFF Brandi…

Kyle-ee’s new lipstick…

Kyle-ee’s fashion choices…

Kyle-ee’s REAL reaction to sharing a room in Ojai…

Adrienne’s reaction to Kyle-ee’s reaction…

AND… of course, the obligatory BUTT shot.

The “BUTT” shot is usually of a HouseHusband, but they settled for SWINE…

Mauricio’s “butt” shot:



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35 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What You Missed On RHOBH…

  1. I thought the California girl look had always been the natural, the young Cybil Shpd look, and Cheryl Tiegs in her young modeling days… not looking like you weren’t wearing every bit of your grandmother’s make-up. Now it seems the CA look is gigantic fake boobs that must look fake, they want them to look fake and out of sync with their body types (Camille and others), big trout lips that look very awkward (even Kyle’s make me cringe), clothes that emphasize one is wearing a couple of sizes too small in everything and more make-up than a drag queen, IMHO making all these women look a decade older than they probably are. I live in the east and so maybe I was always mistaken?


    • It’s not just you who feels this way. I have long wondered do these broads not realize they don’t look younger, but simply desperate? Yikes, between Adrienne’s ridiculously overdone extensions, alien-like face work & trout pout and Shana’s, well, EVERYTHING, each episode is a lesson in cosmetic don’ts. (Is “don’ts” a word?)


  2. the last shot of brandi’s modeling looks JUST like Carmen Carrera (apologies to Carmen)– and the bum shot?? who wears a shorty nightgown and no chonies on a filmed for tv girls trip?? stinks of skank. nice image of a mother to a young daughter, huh?– i’m sorry if i came off of judgmental, just my opinion.


    • Is it just me but Brandy is really not that great looking.even in those modeling shots i just don’t get it.But she does have an awsome body.To this day i still think Lisa is the best looking out of all of them,my husband whi is only 45 said the same thing.I would think he would say Brandy but no.And please Kyle ,you dress up so gross.


      • dosi i agree with you. i’ve always thought brandi was just kinda “meh” looking. her face wouldn’t turn my head at all. i suppose if someone likes stick thin girls, she has a nice figure. she does look nice in clothes (when she wears them ;) ) i have no issue with her, just don’t really care for her looks.


  3. Coupla things… Is the red top Yofo is wearing designed that way? Or are buttons popping at the seams cuz it’s 2 sizes too small? Either way… yuck. And I know you guys say Vyle has man hands but Kim’s hands on Yofos back look like OLD MAN hands. Seriously! The forearm too. Especially the second pic. And are you sure Vyle and Adrienne are actually reacting to sharing a room or did they get a booster shot of Botox for the trip and are really trying to frown and are just unable to? …Vyle’s new lipstick looks like it’s applied by (and belongs in) a grease gun. Ewwww. Ok, I’m done.


      • OMG I know Cherry. I just can’t wrap my head around some of these women. I know they think they are fashion forward and they spend a fortune on their appearance, but I don’t really think they look any better for it. Their looks are forced. I know lots of women who look better at that age without half the effort and much less money. I started to watch these shows to see “how the other half lived” and I guess I’m just surprised at how unimpressed I am. I didn’t expect their personalities to make me want to pick them apart. These housewives cured me of my envy, that’s for sure. I DO think Lisa is a class act. She is who I envisioned would inhabit these shows. That’s the fluff entertainment I expected- not a bunch of women with the same mundane problems as everyone else. Granted they are magnified and much more exaggerated than the people I know, but the same general problems as the rest of us. They just have the money to paint over them with a bigger brush. Turned out this franchise is not an escape into a carefree lifestyle but an immersion in the dark side of faking the “good life”. So, since I tuned in to have some fun and Bravo didn’t provide it, I get to provide my own by pointing out the silliness of what I see. And their is plenty of that. Done….again.


  4. I actually like Yolanda, she’s real cute but your right that shirt was a little small for her and that is why it looked like it was about to burst. But Lisa is the best looking out of the original. What gets me is I looked at Brandi’s old modeling photos and her now and they are almost like two different people. She must have had work done over the years because they don’t look at all but by a very passing to Brandi.

    Oh here’s something that people may not have seen but will not forget.


  5. I never noticed that Vyle was cross-eyed before. Also, if anyone needs a stylist it is her because she is obviously incapable of picking out clothes that she looks good wearing.


    • You really think so? I have to eggmit I thought it looked pretty good, even thought I would rather not have seen it in the first place.


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