MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: RHOBH Producer Feels Bad For “Hoarders” Crew!…Brandi Glanville, Camille Grammer “On 90201″… Ramona Singer “OpenDoorForSonja”… Dr. NoSocks… Housewives OT Detour…

November 27, 2012   NOTE:  Check out “Zeen“!!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ long-time executive producer, Dave Rupel, made comments re the RHOBH episode which aired last night!  We like Dave RuPaul here at SH… and this lil blurb about his thinkin’ of other “reality” show crews made him even more likable!

— On the Ladies’ Homes: “I sometimes think about the crews of shows like “Hoarders” and realize how lucky we are to shoot in the beautiful homes of BH.”

NOTE:  Check out the rest of DaveRuPaul’s thoughts at TheDish!  Hmmmm… it would probably be hellish for the RHOBH crew to be “demoted” to another Housewives franchise… and pure hell to be “banished” from the RHOBH to “Hoarders”!!



Ramoaner Singer tells that Sonja Morgan is the ONLY Housewife comin’ to her house for Christmas!

Q: We are dying to know: Which of your fellow “Housewives” stars are you inviting to your holiday party this year?

A: Sonja Morgan.

Q: Only Sonja?

A: That’s it. The other ones, I am friendly with, but they are not my close, close friends. I am entertaining constantly. I am all about intimacy in groups of like 10, 15, or 20, and Sonja is a close friend of mine. She has an open invitation at home. We have fun together. We enjoy our lives and we enjoy each other. We accept each other and embrace each other.


If you were wondering if NoSocks is still around, well, he is!  And, if you are you having sleep problems… he wants to hear from you for his weekly podcast!

“Please call 1-855-SOPHY-NOW and leave a message with your question or comment for Dr. Sophy to address on air.”

NOTE:  NoSocks most famous client… digitally “enhanced”!


Just a bit OT… something to remind everyone that Christmas is just weeks away and that google has tracked everyone’s address!  See your house in a snow globe

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(Thanks to SH readers “cybraxis” “fewcities” and “PDM”!!)

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  1. Great stuff, Ms SH…..I am reminded of Emily Latila (SNL-Gilda Radner)….”whats all this talk of Presidental erections?”….”um, its presidential elections”….”oh…never mind!”…..”whats all this talk about busting school children?”…..”its busing school children”….”oh, never mind”…………..ha ha!


  2. I feel so bad for the crew of Hoarders. I get claustrophobia just watching those shows, but they also have to deal with the stench.


    • Yeah, I had to turn it off once when the poor clean up guy was trying to spend the night in the house, to have the same experience as the homeowner, and he was complaining about the heat and the stench.


    • I just saw him on another Bravo show last nite, “Flipping Out,” counseling Jeff and Gage about adopting a child (too bad they don’t take Kennedy). And I’ve also seen him on shows on the History Channel. That creep makes me sick. He needs to concentrate on his REAL job and stay off TV.


      • I agree. Actually he needs to be replaced in his REAL job. The thought of children’s fates being in that man’s hands is chilling.


      • Yes, there’s no telling how that poor kid will end up as an adult. Sad that people don’t put more thought into how the child will turn out while they can still do something about it. Very selfish really, but I guess you need one of those to insure you get his money hmmm? But that get a REAL job & stay off TV- funny.


    • MADEPILEY: You are funny. Dr. No-Socks should hide in shame – his record for saving marriages and fixing personality disorders is not very successful. Especially after he ordered an ON Air intervention at Lisa’s launch party last season. By escorting his grifter patient, he promoted that it’s “OK to be YOU and ME”. Weirdo!


  3. Loved that snowglobe app. The stuff I learn on SH. lol. As for Hoarders, every time my house needs a good purging, I watch a couple of episodes. Works like a charm.


    • Me too, Sparkle!!! One of my friends had the good fortune to be at my house once after I watched, and she went home with a car full of loot.


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