JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Reasons For Bein’ A Housewife… It’s All About The Cash… AND… Kim DePaola Cast

November 27, 2012    ROL

Signing up for more yelling, name calling and spats with Teresa Giudice was a yes for Jacqueline for a simple reason: money.

“Several things make me stay… contracts and the money of course.”

BubbaJax also wants to use the RHONJ as her PLATFORM for autism…

“I know my son will get so much help and support from others. And as much as much as it helps us, we can help others in a big way. We can use the platform to raise awareness and do so much good.”

NOTE:  “Contracts and the MONEY”??  What would be included in the contract which would attract BubbaJax to sign?  Givin’ this item from ROL the side eye.  Filming for the RHONJ has begun; however, the Bravo cameras are known for following several Housewives and/or potential Housewives and not using the footage.  


This is old news to those of you keeping track of the casting of the RHONJ… and if you were paying attention, you would know that the NYDailyNews once again only got this partially correct!

An inside source close to the show tells us there’s a new cast-member on the block for season five, but fans of the reality show may already know her name: Kim [D] DePaola.

“She’s already signed her [full-time] contract,” says the source, who adds that DePaola begins filming for season five on Tuesday.

NOTE:  WHY is this partially correct?  According to the majority of “inside sources” close to KimD… KimD signed on, but NOT as a full-time Housewife.

The New Jersey crew are sub-humans…

138 comments on “JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Reasons For Bein’ A Housewife… It’s All About The Cash… AND… Kim DePaola Cast

  1. Hi LIsa..I am one that thinks that someone like Joe should have to do mandatory community service like Lindsay Lohan did (although she will never catch a clue) at the morgue or something. Him sitting in jail will just cost tax payers money and he isn’t a huge offender with this crime. I think the crime should fit the punishment and him having to do a ton of community service would be better fitting to the community. I dont’ want to pay a fortune for a prison guard to keep watch on him..I would rather pay the guard to keep watch on someone like Chris and Jaq who have bilked companies out of 50 million, lied to federal prosecutors, destroyed evidence.,..and maybe the both of them work a chain gang together..that would be a great reality show. How about all the law breakers on reality tv have to work a chain gang to pay off society. That would be worth watching the lot of them.


    • How many timeas should he be able to break the law and get away with it by doing cummunity service and Fines..he has already proved to be a liar,cheating and now a fraud..should we wait until he maybe kills someone?


      • lisa..I have always had huge respect for you, but that is a ridiculous way out of bounds leap between using his brothers drivers license and murder. Let’s get real here.


        • I didnt say he would murder someone…he however has a history of drunk driving its only dumb luck he hasn’t killed someone or himself driving drunk. he wasn’t using his brother license he had a fraudulent one made using his brother info and his picture.


          • I’m a big T supporter, but I have a hard time disagreeing with you on this one, Lisa. Years ago, I was on the receiving end of a hit from a drunk driver (uninsured, of course). To this day, I still have issues with my back and neck. If I would have had my baby in the back seat, she would have been killed instantly.

            Having said that, I just hope he is treated like anyone else. I don’t think it would be fair if his appearance on the show affects his case positively or negatively. I’m not sure what the normal punishment is for this offense. If he does “go away”, I’m sure T will step up to the plate and make the best of it.

            Once Joe is held accountable, I hope Jax is up next. They are criminals.


  2. Public service for Joe would be great. Make him clean public toilets in the transportation stations, paying rent on that salary while living in one of the shitholes his tenants were made to live in. No heat, no utilities, crumbling building while Teresa bought onyx countertops. Those people were completely violated.


  3. Seriously, ALL the people on these housewives shows have huge character flaws, including Tre and Juicy. Otherwise, Bravo wouldn’t have selected them. Debating who is worse seems a little like fighting over the deck chairs on the Titanic – what’s the point when RHNJ keeps sinking to new lows each season? Just let the show go down with the whole cast aboard.


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