JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Reasons For Bein’ A Housewife… It’s All About The Cash… AND… Kim DePaola Cast

November 27, 2012    ROL

Signing up for more yelling, name calling and spats with Teresa Giudice was a yes for Jacqueline for a simple reason: money.

“Several things make me stay… contracts and the money of course.”

BubbaJax also wants to use the RHONJ as her PLATFORM for autism…

“I know my son will get so much help and support from others. And as much as much as it helps us, we can help others in a big way. We can use the platform to raise awareness and do so much good.”

NOTE:  “Contracts and the MONEY”??  What would be included in the contract which would attract BubbaJax to sign?  Givin’ this item from ROL the side eye.  Filming for the RHONJ has begun; however, the Bravo cameras are known for following several Housewives and/or potential Housewives and not using the footage.  


This is old news to those of you keeping track of the casting of the RHONJ… and if you were paying attention, you would know that the NYDailyNews once again only got this partially correct!

An inside source close to the show tells us there’s a new cast-member on the block for season five, but fans of the reality show may already know her name: Kim [D] DePaola.

“She’s already signed her [full-time] contract,” says the source, who adds that DePaola begins filming for season five on Tuesday.

NOTE:  WHY is this partially correct?  According to the majority of “inside sources” close to KimD… KimD signed on, but NOT as a full-time Housewife.

The New Jersey crew are sub-humans…

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138 comments on “JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Reasons For Bein’ A Housewife… It’s All About The Cash… AND… Kim DePaola Cast

  1. I agree with her some of them are sub human. JaxAss is back I’m gone, I will not watch her exploit a child who I feel has made such a miraculous recovery in such a short time. JMO thank you. Mouth shut….

      • How easy it is to throw words around like platform and help autism, etc. as a justification for choosing famewhoring over the love of a child. A real mother, would do what is best for the one responsibility that she truly does have in this world, her child. But, we saw what kind of mother she was with Ashley who will forever have one foot stuck under the bus so her mother could make a buck. How tragic life is for the innocent children on these reality t.v. shows. I for one, will not be watching this upcoming season. Bravo never has the guts to really clean house.

    • They talk about it a lot but every time we see a still of them congregating there is never a bottle of blk to be seen!

      • I can’t recall seeing any of them drinking it either. I have however seen lots of “clear” water bottles.

    • Haven’t you heard that BLK is the new miracle cure for autism? Those bottles will be flying off the shelves once word gets out that BLK cures autism. Oh, wait, BubbaJax needs RHONJ to showcase her son’s BLK induced miraculous recovery from autism. Shame on the Manzo/Laurita snake oil salesman cabal and shame on Bravo.



    • I agree, this show is not a positive forum to spread awareness for autism, and she does not have the intelligence to be rep. for such a serious issue.

      • ITA. Autism awareness should not be spread by an emotionally disturbed, bloated alcoholic pill popper, freak of plastic surgery with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. She will do the cause more damage than good. The only thing that crazy b*tch can bring awareness to is just how effed up she really is.

        • You said it Anna. I am waiting for the c word to be bandied about. C as in cure. There is no cure just remediation.

          • I look for Nick to be miraculously “cured” with in the next season or whenever the SA bankruptcy is over. She is already dangerously close to the “c” word.
            Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

            I have2thank Nicks home therapist Lisa Gold @AutismAvenger (new2twitter)4teaching me how2teach Nick2talk&break thru.Saying a few words now
            And then this also:
            Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

            Nick just grabbed an oven mitt&walked me 2the oven,then grabbed himself a paper plate,took it 2the table&sat in his!#communication

              • Hate is too soft a word. Im sure all the free alcohol Bravo supplies didnt weaken the lure for this lush to return. Through all the drinking n drama how much time wil truly be given to autism awareness?

              • Forget autism awareness. Jac-a-loon should develop a little self-awareness and realize that she should get off RHONJ and check herself into the nearest mental health/detox clinic.

              • I find it disturbing on so many levels. Has Jax ever stated his diagnosis ? Is Aspbergers? PDD NOS? Is it adhd combined with communication disorder or is he simply on the spectrum. How would a physician or a pediatrician diagnose it with accuracy? What tests were performed? Were the tests administered by a panel or a psychologist ?
                I am very concerned because Jax is giving false hope to those who are struggling. Nic seems very young to be accurately diagnosed. IMO.
                Someone please make her stop. She is not an advocate she is a loony tunes.

              • Ain’t–I loved your comment and agree 100%. Especially “she is not an advocate she is looney tunes” LOL.

  3. Maybe she meant contacts and cash unless she’s still bound by her previous contract. I used to like Jax and dare I say it Caroline, but this whole Tre bashing has really shined the light on their true character.

  4. Oh crap..not Jac. Bravo needs to realize that people don’t like her or her nut job ideas. If Bravo puts her on next season then they are complicit in exploiting poor little Nick.

  5. I dont watch these shows to see them constantly dealing with children. Here and there, fine. But if I have to sit and watch her go to doctors appointments (only if insurance approves, of course)….I will totally lose interest. I can watch myself do that. Or the neighbor across the street…every time her daughter coughs. Not interesting. Maybe it is to others…not me. But if Jac is back…Im out anyways. I can never take her seriously again…after all the fake drama she created last season. I would feel like every thing she does, says, is contrived for the show. If she goes to the grocery store, I wont believe its legit. Every word would be suspect. And Im not so sure I wouldnt feel the same about the other ladies, too. Yeah…Im probably out. NJ is just soooooooo fake.

    • Doesn’t everyone on all the RHW show’s contrive things for the show? It’s not just her it’s the culture of this scary freakin’ enterprise. I use to look foward to the shows. Not anymore. I don’t set my reminder on my iphone anymore. Bravo lost me when they brought back that scary witch Mama Elsa. Orange County is really the only one I still like. I just want to watch Hurricane Vicki hit when the hammer comes down on her so-called boyfriend Crook’s, who fills her love tank that must be real small if he fills it. Plus I like Brianna.

      • Yes, all the housewives conjure up situations to film. I think the reason why I find Jac to be the worst is because she has repeatedly out and out lied to all of us on camera…about the Signature Apparel bankruptcy. She KNOWS it is NOT “fine”. She knows that WE KNOW it is not “fine”. And that it is no more morally correct than a personal bankruptcy. Yet she repeatedly denies it. She could have said…I cant talk about it…like Teresa did. She is soooo comfortable with lying…then wants us to believe her when she makes claims against Teresa. Oh I guess NOW shes going to tell the truth? Does she think we are stupid? The audacity. People are forgiving when you admit your mistakes…Teresa only became more popular AFTER the bankruptcy news broke. She did not deny having overspent and mismanaged money. Yet Jac continues to talk about Teresas bk like she isnt in the middle of one herself! Unbelievable. Besides maybe Heidi and Spencer, I dont think I have seen a reality “star” fall so far as Jacqueline Laurita.

        • True. And you know what, I would have been just fine with her claiming it was “fine” on camera if she hadn’t road Tree so dang hard to “be honest” and “share her true feelings” like “real friends do” ON CAMERA.

        • Uh yes Teresa denied she overspent and mismangaged money, she blames all the issues on the The renters who rent in Juicys buildings who didnt pay their rents .
          Furthermore she hasnt cut back or even tried to downsize its business as usual for Teresa including the big spending habits.. Not once have i heard Teresa admit she overspent or mismanaged their money. In Teresaland its never her fault just ask her fans.

          • I still don’t get how electric was cut off to those peoples apartments. Shouldn’t they be paying their own individual ‘lectic bills? I never lived in a place where power was included in the rent. Water yes but not power. And who in the sam hill pays cash for ANYTHING without getting a receipt. anyways. Just plain dumb.

            • Some places the landlord pays ,here in Hawaii its not uncommon for the landlord to pay the electricity and cable (basic) on top of water,sewage and garbage pickup. Some people who rent in my building the landlord pays up to 50 dollars(or some amount) and you pay whats over that. Our Condo assso pays the Bill to heco and then the bill the individual owners who pay or bill the rentor.

            • From what I understand it was subsidized housing and the utilities would be included in the rent. To be fair he may have paid the utility bills for this building but could have got shut down for past due bills on a business or past buildings.

              • I’m not sure if they pay a percentage or the whole thing.
                Like I said they could have cut Joe off for any outstanding bill he had. I’m sure he owed them big time from his other buildings. I’m sure they set up a payment schedule and he may have missed a few payments. Who knows anything other than he does pay his bills? Oh don’t forget Tree’s money is Tree’s money so it wouldn’t concern her! LOL.

              • If its section 8 housing I do believe its just the rent that is subsidized not the utilities. The landlord or the rentor is still responsible for the light/heating bills.He wasnt running a Public housing where everything is paid. Some of his properies were comercial buildings not Housing.
                Regruadless of who pays what Juicys did not pay the bill and his rentors went without heat in the dead of Winter.

                But back to the subject Teresa has not once admitted she overspent or mismanaged the family Money, as always it was someone elses fault she never is in the wrong.

              • WI is a bit different. You can’t evict or cut off utilities Nov.-April. It’s a landlords nightmare but cuts down on the homeless in the winter months.

              • I was wondering if NJ had those rules.they must not because its not a rumor this happened it did happen.
                Maybe it was one of his comercial building that got cut off.

              • When I lived in North Jersey they had the rule that they didn’t cut off power between Nov and Apr. I can’t swear if it holds true any longer. I know a lot of people with money who didn’t pay their bill during that time and just left the money to collect the interest.

              • If it is government subsidized housing it is income based. Trust me I have filled out those forms for our family business. There is a formula that the govt uses and it includes how much the tenant will be paying for utilities. The landlord does not pay the utilities. I have never heard of any utility cutting off heat , water or gas to a tenant if the temperature drops below freezing. It is a humanitarian and also CYA for them. Same holds true for the elderly, people with existing health issues. I would be hard pressed to believe this was a tenanted building. A commercial property? It’s very expensive to wire and meter units in a commercial building separately .

              • You are right…I just went back and found the story here and read that the tenants paid their own utilities. The money that was owed to the electric company had nothing to do with that particular building but that was thri way of trying to get money from Joe when this was supposedly included in the BK.

              • Interesting, but the fact remains the power was cut off due to Juicy not paying his bills and his tennets suffered so he could keep his wife in chincilla and diamonds and drive a SUV.

              • I believe you about the rule, but they did shut the Electricty off I wonder how they got past that regulation.

              • I manage rental property for a living. Sometimes unscrupulous landlords will keep the power in their name to avoid the city doing an inspection on the property because the electrical is not up to code

              • That does sound like Joe. Thank God he didn’t kill those people with those generator’s trying to get around the system!

          • How do you know Teresa hasn’t cut back? She has said many times they have to tighten their belts and she is not spending like she did before. I have not seen the extravagant Holiday parties, birthday parties or shopping sprees. She seems to be very busy entertaining at home when she isn’t working. If she downsizes she will lose any equity she has since the market hasn’t recovered. Just ask the Gorgas. Should we all be forced to sell our homes in a bankruptcy? And why does a story about Jax exploiting her son’s autism become about Teresa’s finances ? Oh yeah it’s the vilify Teresa syndrome.

            • I didnt bring the subject of Teresa up someone else did take it up with them.

              and yes if you are in bankruptcy you should have to sell your home esp if you owe 11 million dolllars.Sit in Bankrupct court one day and listen how people lose everything cars,property,homes and everthing they own.
              Please how do you KNOW SHE HAS cut back.
              I still see her in her fancy house with fancy furnature
              i see her in fancy new cloths and driving a huge luxery again want to tell me how she is cutting back.

              • Actually bankruptcy is a protection for many so that they can discharge their debt without losing a home. Florida used to have a loop hole where you could own more than one home and both were excluded and there was no cap on the value. I’m glad people can discharge their debt under bankruptcy and get a fresh start. I stated my reasons above for why I see that Teresa has changed her lifestyle including busting her butt and trying to market her products. Perhaps she should wear rags to her book signings? Or is it ok if she promotes Posche by wearing clothes provided by them? Or maybe she should put the family on a bread and water diet to satisfy her critics?

              • Sounds good to me…J/K I am glad bankruptcy is there to however if you won a magnificant housem drive luxery cars and wear disigner clothes then march into court and stiff all the people you owe because you cant pay your bills you should loss the fancy things and they should be sold to pay your bills. I was prepared to lose what little nice things I had lucky for me my creditors didnt want them. Teresa can cut back she chooses not to and continue living large. Sorry I dont buy her entire life is comped by other people.

              • I was disappointed at the reunion that both Tree and Joe said that Tree’s money is her own and he pays the bills. I was under the impression that Tree was working her but off to pay off all her debt. I thought the comment that Joe was buying her diamonds when they still were so much in debt was wrong.

              • IA about buying diamonds when they are still paying off debt, paying attorney fees, and considering that Joe may go to jail. Also, isn’t Teresa making Joe buy the diamonds (he said it himself at the reunion) seem a little shallow? Kinda like ” you disrespected me on national TV, so buy me diamonds and I’ll forgive you” To me it seems like “buying” forgiveness.

              • Idk, I think Tre just said that to look like Joe is tryin. I really doubt he spent too much, u can get crappy diamonds for cheap nowadays..

              • So if you have a home not paying the mortgage and you are declaring bankruptcy you shouldnt have to sell it to pay your creditors? I can see both sides i guess.

              • Ya, because there are times, like now, when selling the home would take too long due to a market saturated with foreclosures, and the loss in value would be staggering. And economy wise, it makes more sense to let folks reaffirm on their mortgage and pay the note and keep the home, rather than have the bank take a loss and have a family put out.

              • Unless I am mistaken, Teresa is not in bankruptcy. After they were accused of falsifying their bankruptcy papers, she and Joe withdrew their petitions. She reached agreements with her creditors without bankruptcy protection. So whatever the settlements are, they are between the Giudices’ and their creditors. The repayment plan must be satisfactory to their creditors because absent the protection of bankruptcy, they could sue them at any time. As far as I know, none of the creditors have sued them so they must be satisfying the debts.

                I wonder if Jacquelines banruptcy will draw the same level of scrutiny. It is FAR worse than Teresas.

              • Life: You are correct re Tree’s bankruptcy. As for BubbaJax’ bankruptcy, SH has been scrutinizing their bankruptcy for over a year… put “signature apparel” in the search bar for all the posts. TFC!! SH

            • Teresa has said that she should have been more careful with money. She says she has cut back. And I dont see where she is having lavish parties or buying new stuff all the time. Vacations? Only if you call speaking and promoting vacation. But at this point, she has to pay it all back and if she fails to do so then thats on her. Of course It is her and Joes fault. Of course. And if joes ex business partner isnt getting paid back then he should be doing something about that… Besides talking to the tabloids. What? Juicy just doesnt pay him… And thats it? Something is fishy there. He must have some legal recourse. And if hes telling the truth I 100% support him going after his money. Now I want the Lauritas to pay the piper too. But that must be because im such a huge Teresa fan, ya know. Not because I hate those who mooch off others and the abuse the legal system.

  6. The only platform RHONJ is appropriate for is anger management or re-hab. Yes please let’s drag the spectre of autism into the bashing, name calling, cursing, shoving , stalking, vulgar sex talk , male displaying his tattooed butt hole, bodyshots, penis wagging, face grabbing, psycho screaming matches. Can we all say inappropriate? Let’s respect autism and leave it to those who are genuinely and capably dealing with it on a daily basis . Jax drunken twitter advice does not make her an expert but does make her an opportunist. I hope Bravo Mandy is actually capable of rational judgement and calls a halt to this stupidity before the outrage of parents everywhere finds him. Autism is a difficult and sensitive issue and should never be addressed in such a tawdry venue and pedestrian manner.

    • You said it, sister!

      There’s something about her hackneyed claims to be doing it for “autism awareness”. Awareness abounds. She’s an opportunist without equal.

      • Amen Candace. So true..Jax is an opportunist without equal. She is either stupid or insensitive if she thinks exploiting her son is going to endear her to anyone. She isn’t raising awareness as much as she is attempting to remain relevant.

        • She is both stupid and insensitive, she has the mind of a 14 year old girl. I’m sure she does indeed think this will endear her to viewers, and in turn make Tre look like Satan every time she so much as gives her a hard look. She has nothing else going for her, her entire storyline has been Tre, so now that there’s a reason to film her alone she is going to milk it. I expect fake spastic crying every other episode….

          • You’re right, Kel, Maybe not even 14 — more like 11 or 12. That’s why I can’t get as worked up about Jacqueline as others get. I see her as very childlike and childish. She’s pretty inconsequential to me. More like just a minor annoyance and/or source of amusement.

          • I am not saying Tre is a saint but from what I can see the only oppurtunity she took advantage of was to sell some products. Jaco on the other hand has used her children for a storyline and is now saying BLK water is a cure for Autism, now THAT is an opportunist!

          • Opportunists are gooood, that is what this country is based on. Take an opportunity, some hard work, and some luck and work with it as much as you can! And there is a huge difference between doin that and defrauding investors, cough cough Jax n Chrissy…

    • I will not watch if JaxAss is back. Chris Laurita and JaxAss (along with the other Lauritas – Joseph, Adeline and Anthony) ripped off a company and all belong in jail. The Susan G. Komen Charity was ripped off by these thugs – and she wants to assist autistic charities?
      I am not watching.,

      Pittypat: You are correct about the anger management. The tempers (Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, Caroline Manzo, Lauren Manzo (that’s one angry young woman!) are ugly. The alcohol abuse by Jax and Joe Giudice is not entertainment.

      JaxAss and autism? That former Las Vegas stripper should not be allowed to hustle with this very serious health issue.

    • i bet before the season’s over she’ll be hawking products to help parents with kids with autism she makes me sick

    • To forgot vomiting on camera. Crittifur did after ingesting a scrapple / burger that was three pounds and drinking a fifth of vodka!! Lol

    • Ain’t, I love reading everything you write. Be it heartfelt or snarky, you’re words always ring true!! Great stuff. :)

      • Thanks Dub, I am in very esteemed company ! The best comments are on this site and always the humor and intelligence is astounding.

  7. Hi Everyone, I am new here. Love that y’all are not buying into Chris Laurita’s nice guy act. Of course Jax will be back, Chris cannot support his family and how hypocritical it is for the money, isnt this what she hates Teresa for, using the show to make money. Karma is a funny thing.

  8. This is sad…from the the looks of that pic she could be hawking lipo for the neck and cheeks – and if she agreed never to discuss Tre again then I could watch.

    • You know I was just talkin about how that “total transformation” thing that that Janet Lehman is always going on and on about on the radio would be effective. Besides wondering if 20 years old is too old to start(tee hee-just kiddin BrittBritt) I wondered how exactly sumpin like that would work. I imagine a shock collar of some sort is utilized? (tee hee-jokes again BrittBritt) But seriously It might be a useful tool for Jax. Every time she mentions Tree’s name ZAP. Maybe a tazer?

  9. The one thing that I could never reconcile when we were all trying to figure out who was comming back for the next season was the money thing. It was my understanding that all of the housewives need the pay check that bravo can give them, so I assumed that if the entire cast was asked back that they would be back. So I suppose the question really was who could bravo remove. The manzo’s/laurita’s are Miss Andy’s little pets, so they would be asked back. Teresa causes the drama and brings good ratings, so she would be asked back. Melissa is a wolf in sheeps clothing (which gives me the overwhelming urge to “baaaa” at her everytime I see her on TV) and helps facilitate the teresa drama, so she would be asked back. Kathy….hmmmmm…she brings nothing and can go.

    That’s my take anyway. (Which I am pretty sure Ms SH has basically said already so I am adding my support :) )

  10. can someone please kick that platform out from under her, make a crate, stuff her & her jelly roll neck in it & ship her back to Las vegas? She’s Sybal with 23 personalities. Does anyone really fall for her schtick? I did on season one but got a clue by season two.

  11. OK, how many times will we see Nicholas with a bottle of BLK in his hand? Jacqueline, you are gross.

    Apparently, the Lauritas convinced the “Autism Research Institute” to conduct a study with it’s members families. Several families were mailed a case of blk and were asked to report it’s effectiveness in helping their child. I hope this blows up in their faces in a big way.

    • Wow, I hope the FDA gets a hold of this info. It would definitely blow up in their faces if that happened. I’m surprised that the Autism Research Institute would get involved with something like that without checking to see if it is FDA approved study.

      • FameWhorgas–yes, just saw that! Holy crapola! People are, of course, going to be drawn to the promise of a cure. It makes me feel sick when I see people being taken advantage of. I hope there is a cure tomorrow for autism. Right now, management of the symptoms is what we have. I am so scared that these kids will consume BLK and end up with cancer or an autoimmune disease. BLK is the equivalent of drinking compost. I like composts but I don’t want to drink one.

  12. Jacqueline needs her paycheck to pay lawyers to keep her crooked butt out of jail! However, I don’t get paid by BRAVO and will not watch Jacqueline in season 5.

    • Jaco was bragging about signing a MILLION dollar deal on twitter recently. Why would she need the money from Bravo is she was telling the truth? Does this women ever tell the truth? I don’t believe that Nick has full blown Autism. He is recovering too quickly according to bragging on twitter. Now I am hearing that he was never officially dx.

      The only way that I will watch RHONJ again is if Jaco, Caro and Lookers get a taste of what they have been dishing out to Teresa for the past 2 seasons.

      • I am skeptical simply because the diagnosis is to complicated and I would not be satisfied with a single physician and not a panel of specialists performed the testing and diagnosis. Jax is playing with fire and I wouldn’t even trust her with matches. If he stopped talking it sounds as if it could be a communication disorder not full blown autism.

    • I think Bravo is counting on exactly that. They see ratings gold in jax and Meho. Because of their Tre bashing and the viewers outrage Bravo will hang on to see their inevitable downfall. Tre was the train wreck that didn’t happen. I think Bravo wants to keep the cameras rolling on the Lauritas and Gorgas because they’re NOT as resilient as Tre. The writing on the wall says that something big and bad is going to happen this season and for once it won’t be the Giudices that are skewered. Bravo knows that most viewers who watched the past two seasons want to see the karma that is sure to happen soon.

      • Yeah, but now Id be afraid that Bravo will bring in Danielle, create some NEW drama…and never answer the old questions. And even that…would take them the whole season to do. Something stupid like…oh Danielle, you shop at the rival Posche store. And oh Jac, you told so and so that you werent happy to have Danielle back on the show. I dont want to see that nonsense. If Bravo isnt planning on exposing Melissa and Jac for their plot to take down Teresa…it would leave me totally unsatisfied. And I have zero faith in the direction Bravo is going…they have shown time and time again that they dont care about what the viewers want to see. I give them two episodes into next season…and the ratings will plummet.

  13. This is how they need to bring Danielle back. Recreate this scene in an elevator and Danielle will be the creepy girl. Jax will piss her pants.

    • Great idea! Have to admit I still feel a little sorry for Jax. But using her son’s condition to stay on the show? How silly. If anything filming the show will take time away from him. Can’t wait for Danielle’s return though. MEOW!! Here come da’ claws. :D

      • You listening Bravo? You don’t have to do exactly this set up. I know it might be too late for this season but you COULD have camera’s set up in the elevators and waiting areas of your offices for when the women come in to negotiate their contracts and just …oopsie… double book. And action.

        • And lets not leave MeGo and JoGo out. Have a huge gift basket of luxury treats sitting out with a note to not touch that they are for a special visitor. After MeGo and JoGo have sat there a while have Tommy the Greek come in and be ushered back pronto VIP treatment style and then send an assistant back out to retrieve the basket clearly intended for your newest prospect that you are “wooing” and time it just so that both of them have to ride the elevator down at same time. Hidden cameras rolling the entire time.

  14. Jax is doing a grave disservice to the autism community. She is trivializing a very serious issue that affects a great many families. Bravo does not have track record nor a reputation for handling any issue with any degree of tact or sensitivity. Bravo is inviting outrage for allowing Jax to use her son to remain relevant. Sad that Bravo executives, producers and staff do not have a conscience but even worse Jax apparently is not bothered by morals or scruples either.

    • That woman threw her daughter under the bus from season 1. Danielle handled the girl better than her mother did. I can’t even TYPE her name I find her so horrible. Never could stand smirking, simpering, smug J.

    • So true Aint If Bravo had a conscience what so ever, they would buy out Jax contract (assuming she has one more year) and not allow her to use her son’s autism as her story line.

      • Jax is really stoopid. Nic may or may not have autism. My doubts are growing simply because the timeline fot his “recovery” is preposterous. Jax clearly does not understand that by labeling her son she is doing Nic a very serious disservice. The autism label is now part of his permanent record. Teachers and caregivers are going to look for behaviors from now on and no matter how normal those behaviors are for any little boy it will be attributed to autism. If Nic is indeed just a regular little boy he will carry that label around forever. If the label fits that is fine but if it does not that is terribly unfair and Nic will always shoulder the burden , Jax will not.

  15. I am pulling a Traylor Trash revolt and not watching next year if Jax is on…their bankruptcy was nothing like Tre and Joe’s personally bankruptcy that they are paying off. chris and jax have tampered with evidence by moving and destroying is over $50 million and they are not even trying to pay any back. They used it to rent private jets, etc They had people who were purchasing their clothing lines.and lost everything. There are so many creditors that have lost millions! All the while Jax riding Theresa…She is a criminal, and now with the black water thing! I will not support a criminal of this magnitude…sorry to me Juicy Joe’s crime is one that evolved out of 911. In college, we all used to take drivers license down (before computers) and get a drivers license with our picture and someone elses name so we could get into bars. Joe should have to pay a hefty fine and be on probation, but this is not the crime of the century, like what Jax and Chris are doing…and sadly, I am not positive they are not concocting the claims of their son having autism to get sympathy for their huge federal case.

    • While I agree with you Nancy about the fake Id, Joe didnt get it so he could buy beer he got it to get over on his punishment that lead to him losing his license in the first place.
      He failed the conditions of his sentence and for that he should be punished fines and probation is not helping him he isnt getting the message the law applies to him to. This isnt his first time in court and not his first offense if it was I would agree with fines and probation.

  16. bravo helped traylor trash to drive russell to suicide..don’t think they care one bit about some trumped up autism storyline, or about little nicholas’ well being

  17. Lol! Teresa’s already discredited their story. Again , whoever planted the story, by trying to prove how much they do know they just proved how much they don’t know. Ahhh, funny.

  18. Hi LIsa..I am one that thinks that someone like Joe should have to do mandatory community service like Lindsay Lohan did (although she will never catch a clue) at the morgue or something. Him sitting in jail will just cost tax payers money and he isn’t a huge offender with this crime. I think the crime should fit the punishment and him having to do a ton of community service would be better fitting to the community. I dont’ want to pay a fortune for a prison guard to keep watch on him..I would rather pay the guard to keep watch on someone like Chris and Jaq who have bilked companies out of 50 million, lied to federal prosecutors, destroyed evidence.,..and maybe the both of them work a chain gang together..that would be a great reality show. How about all the law breakers on reality tv have to work a chain gang to pay off society. That would be worth watching the lot of them.

    • How many timeas should he be able to break the law and get away with it by doing cummunity service and Fines..he has already proved to be a liar,cheating and now a fraud..should we wait until he maybe kills someone?

      • lisa..I have always had huge respect for you, but that is a ridiculous way out of bounds leap between using his brothers drivers license and murder. Let’s get real here.

        • I didnt say he would murder someone…he however has a history of drunk driving its only dumb luck he hasn’t killed someone or himself driving drunk. he wasn’t using his brother license he had a fraudulent one made using his brother info and his picture.

          • I’m a big T supporter, but I have a hard time disagreeing with you on this one, Lisa. Years ago, I was on the receiving end of a hit from a drunk driver (uninsured, of course). To this day, I still have issues with my back and neck. If I would have had my baby in the back seat, she would have been killed instantly.

            Having said that, I just hope he is treated like anyone else. I don’t think it would be fair if his appearance on the show affects his case positively or negatively. I’m not sure what the normal punishment is for this offense. If he does “go away”, I’m sure T will step up to the plate and make the best of it.

            Once Joe is held accountable, I hope Jax is up next. They are criminals.

  19. Public service for Joe would be great. Make him clean public toilets in the transportation stations, paying rent on that salary while living in one of the shitholes his tenants were made to live in. No heat, no utilities, crumbling building while Teresa bought onyx countertops. Those people were completely violated.

  20. Seriously, ALL the people on these housewives shows have huge character flaws, including Tre and Juicy. Otherwise, Bravo wouldn’t have selected them. Debating who is worse seems a little like fighting over the deck chairs on the Titanic – what’s the point when RHNJ keeps sinking to new lows each season? Just let the show go down with the whole cast aboard.

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