BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Talks “Book Deal” At Dinner Table… Next RHOBH…VIDEO

Bravo On the next RHOBH, Brandi mentions her book deal during dinner and someone is pissed…

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141 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Talks “Book Deal” At Dinner Table… Next RHOBH…VIDEO

  1. SWINE is such an angry, violent, bitter, jealous lizard-fish. Kyle is an immature Cee You Next Tuesday and a total “never was”. Adrienne is an attention whore and Yofo said it right.

  2. Oh god! This is just painful to watch, trashy T is not only disgusting but unbelievably dumb too, I hope B will tell her that a big different between her book deal than hers is that first of all is not about her husband who PUBLICLY cheated on her and left her but about her experience how to deal with divorce and most importantly her ex husband is still ALIVE. I think B doing pretty well after her divorce while T has nothing interesting to say, she didn’t left her husband or made it by her own. She asked him to leave which I found very odd cause I though abuser’s wife suppose to run for their life not to stay at home and ask their husband to leave! And her way out was going after another rich guy so what the hell does that Trashbag try to share or teach the others?

  3. Does this delusional woman not understand the difference between divorce and suicide? Between slandering the deceased and reflecting on a failed marriage?

    • I thought my opinion of her could be NO lower and yet as she sat meditating and then proceeded to pontificate I literally felt my stomach turn and I can no longer even view her as human….please make her go away and NEVer return….bravo?? anybody??

    • thank you! And, as usual, Kyle takes it on herself to back Shana up by misleading pretending that the two books are the same. Well, maybe to that dum-dum they are..after all they both wrote books, right?!

      • Kylie’s book consisted of two things “Pantene” and “ha ha”. My stylist told me that Pantene is bad for your hair anyway. Partly because it contains the same kind of wax that they polish cars with, thus increasing split ends. Also, sulfates make hair fall out, so I’m pretty sure Kylie is lying about using it. She has the emotional depth of a mud puddle and the maturity of a Pomeranian. If she were my mom, I would feel beyond embarrassed. I won’t even dignify SHAFT’S “book” with a comment.

        • “she has the emotional depth of a mud puddle and the maturity of a Pomeranian.” Ha! At least poms are cute

  4. Sorry there is a HUGE difference! When a proven liar scam artist is speaking ill of someone who is not able to defend himself and writing horrible things about him, which her daughter will someday read is very different then speaking about your experience going through a divorce. Furthermore Brandi waited almost 3 years to publish the book where as Taylor waited as Brandi so eloquently put it “a hot minute” to write hers. Taylor’s book was written, published, book tour dome and the book is not in the discount bin prior to the 1 year anniversary of her husband’s suicide. Taylor is a PIG!

    • From what Brandi has said her Ex is only included for the back story not to bash him or Leanne. It’s a book about how she handled the situation, how it effected her and her mistakes. It’s not a fairytale about a dead man!

    • EXACTLY! There was no grieving or reflection time at all on Taylor’s part. I am not one to tell people how to grieve, but I don’t know if a high profile suicide in the public eye needs a book released about it within the year. It is one thing to write privately, but a book has that down forever and she has a daughter who could read that. =( It may have been a relief if it was such a stressful marriage/situation, but even then, there is still time to process all of that, especially when you have such a young child.

    • Agreed. If I recall, Russell died in September and a book deal was announced in December.

  5. The difference here Trashy is someone didn’t commit suicide…oh I forgot! You’re being noble and saving lives by your book… she admitted to needing the money. Yolanda did state it right… Kyle no one wants to listen to it anymore….Trashy is burning because it was a right on comment made by Brandi at the time…truth hurts. How is Trashy earning a living now?

  6. Is it just me or has BRAVO completely been MINIMISING TRAYLOR’S ALCOHOLISM? It was widely reported that the fraudster got smashed at Vyle’s birthday party for Portia and there was no footage of that in the episode. I hope they will be showing that b**** off her face in Ojai……

    Am I the only one who has noticed this???

    • No you are not, and I am disappointed Bravo is depriving me of the pleasure of seeing Swine humiliate herself, the rest of this FAKE drama is boring.

  7. Yo was absolutely right “just be happy for Brandi, you will all be miserable, let it go.” and hey Kyle…dah-ling, no one is listening to you. (and stop trying to be Lisa by saying “darling” you buttmunch) Trashbox wrote a book on her supposed domestic violence she endured but has been proven it was a big ‘ole lie. At least we know Brandi’s story is true. BTW, if Brandi wants to write a book on divorce than that’s her choice. I think everything has already been said but more power to her if she got a publishing co. that will pay her. I’m actually reading “Divorce Sucks” by the ex-wife of Dean Mcdermott who left his wife w/ 2 kids and ran off w/ Tori Spelling after knowing her 3 weeks. I’m not sure if Brandi’s book can top that.

  8. Isn’t it possible even probable that Bravo orchestrated the phone call during dinner for Brandi? I think they wanted the ladies to mix it up at dinner, knew this would pluck a nerve for her nemesis who would have her tongue loosened up by then with a few drinks. Yolanda is new to the group and should not try to play housemom. Just sit back and watch the action, Yolanda, because you don’t seem to have a clue.

      • Of couse, I wouldn’t expect anything less. The producers need to stop staging EVERYTHING on some of these shows. I think the real craziness of some of the members of the NJ show is what made it interesting , it wasn’t fake. This totally set up stuff is just dull. Plus it gives some of the ladies a chance to show off their terrible acting skills :P

  9. WOW! Taylor is so freaking nutso & jealous! Byle needs 2 stay out of it! I did understand why Brandi called Taylor out at the reunion 4 writing a book so soon after Russell’s suicide. I mean, dang, all T wanted was every1s attention & sympathy after she drug this man threw the mud! Just like B said, he wasnt there to defend himself. He may have abused her but she went about things in the wrong way. Even if T didnt want 2 congratulate B, why couldnt Byle? What Brandi said2T had nothing 2do with Byle…Byle just puts herself in ppl’s business whn she needs 2keep her mouth shut (no wonder Kim doesnt really care4her!)! Byle’s just as jealous of Brandi’s book deal as Taylor is. Byle&Taylor were definitely mean girls in HS&it carried on into their adult lives. Adrienne was a little mean girl, too&probably because B told her to STFU earlier. How hard is it to congratulate some1&move on instead of acting so freaking childish…whether u mean it or not! Maybe Byle&the others need2listen2 Yo instead of mocking her!

  10. First of all her “gay agent” as she refers to him constantly, is that not disrespectful? Huh, Andy? And second of all, we do not know if Brandi’s book is the “truth” any more than Taylor’s being the “truth”. And, despite the fact that I loathe Taylor, she does have a point. They both are writing books that are not in the best interest of their children and never will be, for money. Should be about as interesting as Don Caro’s book. Advice from nitwits. Oh, and keep bashing your ex-husband. Frankly, I think it is time he sued your ass for defamation. We don’t know him. He may very well be a very nice guy. All we do know is that he didn’t love you. Your book might help some people? Really? Taylor said that, too. Nice excuse. Just say you need the money and you will get tremendous joy out of bashing the Cibrians. Everybody says she tells it like it is. I don’t see her telling it like it is in this instance. She wants to be able to put the down payment on a house. That’s telling it like it is. We have been hearing about your divorce from E.Cibrian for four years now. It is too bad that you let that define who you are. Let’s count all of the housewives who have a divorce or two under their belts shall we? Just on this show, Kyle, Kim, Camille, Yolanda, Brandi and Adrienne, & Ken. Oh, I forgot. Your divorce is your claim to fame.

    • Actually, she doesn’t speak about her divorce so much as it is brought up by the media because of Leann Rimes. And for the record, if you were suddenly ditched and had to deal with as much as Brandi did then you would be hurting big time. Too her credit, you rarely ever hear her say much about leann or Eddie. Quite frankly, a lot of people would have been giving scathing interviews about her. I think someone is jealous here.

    • Addressing the gaygent comment. This is a pet name Brandi has for the man. She uses it on twitter when she talks about him so I’m sure he is 100% ok w/ it or else he would have said something by now. They seem close. If you do recall he was talking about setting her up w/ his friends bc she had a nice pair of “titties” So no reason for you to get all hot and bothered about that. Taylor’s books was full of lies attacking her husband who had only died of suicide a few months before. Brandi’s book is about self-reflection and she talks about all the bad decisions and mistakes she made in dealing w/ her marriage. So you already don’t even have your facts straight. Brandi is actually willing to admit her flaws, while Taylor is living in delusion world and can’t take any responsibility for her bad behavior pre Russell suicide and especially after Russell’s suicide. Brandi readily admits that all work projects she does now is bc she needs money. It doesn’t make those projects inherently evil bc money is involved.. We all work bc we need the money.

  11. I would buy Brandi’s book in a heartbeat. In fact I might even purchase a few extra and give them to my daughters and a couple of their friends. I would love to see Brandi start making some money on her own. Between the modeling and the book deal, I sure hope that she is able to do so. Taylor is so jealous. Brandi is the one who tells it like it is. She is a breath of fresh air compared to Taylor and Kyle. Kyle needs to shut the hell up and quit defending Taylor.

  12. My goodness SWINE is A jealous Beotch it was just oooozing from her pores. Swine Honey whats a matter are you afraid Brandis book will be more well received then Your book of lies and untruths, Put the wine bottle down and cross your legs to the married man you are boinking and understand that there is a difference in waiting one hr after a mans death and waiting 3 yrs after a divorce to write about your experience not to mention her book will be the truth not lies..
    Good for Brandi for discussing it with Eddie, to bad Russell didn’t have that chance.
    SWINE Green dont look good on you, I think even Kyle was jealous her book didn’t do to well either did it? But wait dollface Kyle you can write another when Maricio leaves you for a less shrewish women and in the meantime SHUT UP KYLE.

    • Oh sorry I made a mistake I should have said Good for the fact Eddie can defend himself if needed unlike Russell

      • I think Brandi was hard on Taylor about writing her book becauset she had a chance to speak with Russell before he died. His account of things was very different from the story Swine had told. Brandi mentioned something about it at the reunion. Since Russell wasn’t round to speak she stuck up for him.

        • I remember that, Swine is just green with envy that Brandi got a book deal and her (swines) book was a collosial failure and Brandi only said what most people were thinking anyway
          Brandi has every right to be bitter, hells bells after 26 yrs after divorcing a cheating spouse I still have moments of bitterness I feel I am entitled to feel bitter of the truth Problem is Swine is bitter over something that never happened and she didnt get the sympathy her mental illiness requires so she pouts like a 3 yr old..Meditate my left boobs GROW UP SWINE and Take your pal kyle with you

  13. You have to give her credit – at least if she sticks to her word & the book isn’t just an excuse to call her ex names. That shows that she has her own sense of self & dignity, especially since we know he gave her plenty of stones to throw. If you know what I mean.

  14. These are two women who were drowning. Exception that Brandi was in a situation to provide for her future with her book deal and Taylor is in a position to pay for her joint debts that she can no longer run from. Taylor needs to come up to the plate right away and Brandi can coast cause she is not living high off the hog based on her home.

    • I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around all this debt she (swine) needs to take care of and the fact that she seems to have done nothing to cut expenses. Remember when she hired a caterer for the dinner party of five? Someone on a budget doesn’t do that. Wouldn’t a normal person move into a smaller house or even (gasp) and apartment? Turn in the key to the benz (or whatever) and get herself a VW? It seems like her lifestyle has not been amended to suit her new “difficulties,” so it’s kinda hard for me to believe that it’s all as bad as she lets on.

      • Thats way she had to trick another man by spreading her legs and tricking him, Wanna bet she has a opps and gets pregnant after all that how she trapped russell.

  15. I am gonna buy Brandi’s book. I read all of Chelsea Handler’s books and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I also read Sarah Colona’s book too. Had me in stitches. Bawdy? Yes But I dont mind that at all. If the same guy is responsible for Brandi’s book then I know I am in for a treat. Seriously, I know Brandi can bring the funny.
    I would NEVER buy SWINE’s book. ever.

  16. This is why I do not watch this show. That nasty ass Kyle and the Trashbucket are just ughhhh!! The Trashbucket has to insert herself into everything this season and turn it into something because her only storyline killed himself. Who the f ask Kyle be the voice for Trashy??

  17. I am incredibly annoyed by Adriene and Shaft. Their mannerisms accentuate how disgusting they are not only on the inside but also the outside! What is up with Maloof’s hairstyle? She looks so dirty, cheap, and plain gross! I was gagging when she continued to stir the pot (like a witch that she is) by using that aweful loud voice of hers to coach Shaft on meditation. both women have such ugly faces and personalities. Eww, so much rancid filth …

    • Adrienne does look very oily, grungy and nasty. It’s her soul. A person can hide how evil they are, for only so long. Her vileness is seeping out, through her pores.

    • I couldn’t help but notice when the season started that Shaft is beginning to look like Adrienne. I think it’s in the opening credits.

  18. I just realized what Adrienne reminds me of @goldandkajal. That hair… Lord of the Rings called and wanted their ELF back, lol.

  19. I think Brandi should move on from the LeAnn and Eddie saga. He cheated on her before he even met Leskank. This story is old.

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