BLIND ITEM: Well, This Is A “Legally Blind” Item!… Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN…  Blind Item… Well, not THAT blind!!

“This real housewife recently went on vacation. She wants the world to think the family has plenty of money and that the luxury vacation proves it.

Reality is that the vacation was paid for by a company in exchange for photos to be sold and the family is more broke than they have ever been and if not for the show would probably be living at the in-laws house.”

NOTE:  In which “in-laws” house would they be livin’… that is the question!

NOTE: Taking a vacation is one sure way to prove to everyone that you’re RICH, VERY RICH!!  Da Gorga’s ditched their New Jersey shore house, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and are havin’ a great time in Jamaica.  More photos from the DailyMail…  

Da Gorga’s right before they took off on vay-cay…

(Thanks to SH readers “Jozy” and “FLPhil”!!!)

175 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Well, This Is A “Legally Blind” Item!… Guess The Housewife!

  1. Full clown makeup while vacationing. at the beach. in Jamaica. would be the first thing I think of too. Joe!!! Did you pack my lighting & soft focus filter? I mean my uh bottle of spray tan? Oh look, there’s a photographer taking pictures at the beach, here hold the kid I’m just gonna sit over there on that rock.


  2. I am wishing for a scene from my fav movie, Rocky. You know the scene where Rocky does his job of “collecting” for his boss, the loan shark. Must see TV, Midget Man getting a calling from his loan officer. ROFL


  3. Hey Ainty! Creepy, hilariously ironic anagram of Melissa Gorga’s name. Rearrange the letters and you get AGILE ORGASMS! Kinda describes her career abilities to a T. Spookily accurate that her name, when twisted like her personality, perfectly relates to her greatest talent….bobbing for apples! Thought you’d get a kick out of that. Note- I don’t just sit around thinkin up crap about Meho, do anagrams to keep my mind from turning to jello while recuperating. This one just jumped out to me. (Almost said “popped up”, but didn’t. Restraint ya know)


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