BLIND ITEM: Well, This Is A “Legally Blind” Item!… Guess The Housewife!

From CDAN…  Blind Item… Well, not THAT blind!!

“This real housewife recently went on vacation. She wants the world to think the family has plenty of money and that the luxury vacation proves it.

Reality is that the vacation was paid for by a company in exchange for photos to be sold and the family is more broke than they have ever been and if not for the show would probably be living at the in-laws house.”

NOTE:  In which “in-laws” house would they be livin’… that is the question!

NOTE: Taking a vacation is one sure way to prove to everyone that you’re RICH, VERY RICH!!  Da Gorga’s ditched their New Jersey shore house, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and are havin’ a great time in Jamaica.  More photos from the DailyMail…  

Da Gorga’s right before they took off on vay-cay…

(Thanks to SH readers “Jozy” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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175 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Well, This Is A “Legally Blind” Item!… Guess The Housewife!

  1. Posers!!! Fame Whores!!! I love seeing these trashy people on Blast!!! You reap what you sow Melissa !!! Now go crawl under that bed like you told Teresa to do!! Lol

    • her Photo op rewedding was paid for in extange for Photos so I see no difference between what Teresa did and Melissa did,.

      • The difference is Mel slapped Tre for it and now is doing it herself…..One of many things Mel does and has jumped others for doing…

        • I see no difference both whore themselves out to the tabliods The only diference i see is Teresa gets a free pass as usual.

          • Teresa was raked over the coals all last season for selling pics to the tabloids. Hardly a free pass. The issue is not about selling photos or a story it is about hypocrisy. Melissa has no right to act holier than thou to Teresa and then do exactly what she shamed Teresa for doing.

            • Aint, I have to agree with ya. All the RHONJ talk so much crap about Tre then they do the exact same thing, but NONE of them call each other out on a daggone thing. As long as it’s not Teresa- everything is good.

            • She bitched at Teresa because SHE wanted the same damn thing and wasn’t getting it! Damn jealous ass horsey face low life! Melissa is nothing but a MANIPULATOR and I’ve read her since the very beginning! The girl is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!! NOTHING BUT A DAMN SELF-SERVING NARCISSIST!!!

            • And Teresa has never stopped doing it has she. Melissa probably finally said, guy what, cant beat them join them. I would take a free trip to anywhere, sign me up and give me a seat.

            • Exactly Aint. While we (Tre’s fans) are defending her due to the pummeling she recieved from her castmates, theyre all over the place contradicting their own so-called principles.

        • I wasnt the one who brought up Teresa first,, So just so I get it right, how long is it before they can enjoy a vacation again, have a good meal or even smile a month,6 months a yr perhaps.. shall they never ever enjoy themselves ort relax until all the damage is repaired?

        • She is not allowed to go on vacation with her family? The world halts because New Jersey was hit with a hurricane. I am sorry, many people in the area had tickets to go alot of places for the holidays. I guess everyone is suppose to just not use the tickets. Most tickets today are NON REFUNDABLE. I have a friend who came in from Long Island and spent Thanksgiving with our family. She should have stayed home? I am sorry, I just dont get the concept of throwing away all the money for tickets to please someone in blogland. When Teresa was facing bankruptcy, didn’t she load the family up and go to Italy? My heart goes out to everyone of those people who lost their homes or had them damaged, but if any of them had a vacation scheduled for Jamaica over Thanksgiving, you think they didn’t go?

          • But Tree took her parents with her. Poppa Gorga is sick and this,God forbid, could be his last Thanksgiving and they should have spent the holidays with him. And speaking of that trip to Italy, I am sure MeGo was fit to be tied that she didnt get in on that back then. Steamed. She would have put up with the in-laws that she so obviously despises if a Bravo camera was involved. And JoGo LETS it happen. Shame on him.

            • So, thats the excuse. She went to Italy when they couldn’t pay the bills? She still hasn’t paid the bills. If I had a prepaid Thanksgiving vacation to Jamaica, bet me I would have been in that seat. I am sure when they purchased the tickets, dad wasn’t sick and besides they spent Thanksgiving with Teresa right, Joe and Melissa werent even invited I am sure.

              • I thought the article said that is was an all expense paid trip in exchange for photos. The Gorga’s didnt pay for anything. As per usual.

              • So why is it ok for Tre to get a expense paid vacation to Italy by bravo and Melissa is cursed and for doing the same for a magazine?

              • Exactly Lisa, it should be ok for anyone. Except it wasn’t ok for Tre, Mego and Jac moaned about it all season… until Mego now I guess decided it is ok for her. What’s good for the goose….

              • Both are wrong for selling out to the tabs for free trips and such. Tre sold out to get a free wedding and Melissa sold out to get a free trip..whats good for the sainted one is good for the unsainted one

              • Teresa lied and lied about doing the stories for pay for how long. You do it, own it. I am sure Melissa and everyone else said, the heck with it, sign me up. Why not.

              • Bravo fronted the trip. Teresa was contractually obligated to go in order to have a storyline and thus a paycheck. The Gorgas cannot afford a vacation unless they sell pics to a magazine like OMG! Teresa did. Pot black much? I’m still waiting for the equal opportunity outrage that was rained down on Teresa………..Tapping my foot and waiting.

              • The Gorgas are so broke and losing everything but where is the liens and forclosures notices? Dont see them. Nothing new. The outrage I had with Teresa was her lies saying “I don’t get paid for the stories” and sure enough, she does and got alot of other “gifts”. In this day and age, own what you do cause it always comes out anyway.

              • The foreclosure comes after they try to sell the homes and can’t. The bank allows you to first try to sell the property, then comes the talk of short sales and foreclosures and ch 7…

              • No. When you are 3 months behind the banks or mortage companies start the forclosure process and its filed with the court. With the first filing, they also have to publish it in the paper. This is all public record. So where is the notices? Where are all the liens? I have checked. Nothing. So is the talk of being broke fact or fiction?

              • I used to work in lending for years. 3 months is a standard for some, other banks will accept partial payments or wait much longer. There is a different standard that each bank or lender follows, and they make exceptions or deals based on different circumstances and the bank’s own current profit and loss projections. And if there is any work on a loan modification, it also suspends any forclosure proceedings. Many things delay filing, it isn’t a cookie cutter procedure.

              • …not yet…I hope for their sake it doesn’t, but if you do the math, and with Joe only doin yard care now, who knows…

              • Well I hope for their sake you are right. It is very difficult to say, as we are not them nor their bank. One can only make educated guesses based on an income of say, 65k a yr, compared to the amount of the mortgage, that something will break somewhere soon enough. But then, Mego could always hit it big on the pop charts and surpass them all in financial security, or start selling wine….lol

              • Melissa is a liar as well. “WE PAY OUR BILLS!”. Uhm no you don’t. It is indeed a matter of public record. The Gorgas are about to take the leap over their own fiscal cliff. The Gorgas are now paid for pictures and I will repeat where is the outrage that they are hypocrites for harping about it with the coven for 2 years. Please, Melissa could not shut up about Teresa and the tabloids. So again Melissa is a liar. Public record that the Gorgas have received loan modifications which are predicated on the fact that the borrower cannot make their loan payments and the loan is not current.

              • So if you have a construction loan and modify it to a regular loan, thats not a modification. You have to modify it once construction is done right? He is a construction company. There are no foreclosure notices, which are also public record correct. Teresa and Joe recinded the bankruptcy to avoid jail and said they would pay the bills.They are not paying them. Mastropole isnt paid, the slumlord judgement for the lady who was hurt on the stairs that collapsed is not paid and even the invitro doctor is still not paid. Hmmmmm. Sounds like the one ready to go off the fiscal cliff is Teresa.

              • Lacey it was modified twice. The first time was the bridge loan from construction to a 3 year term witha balloon. . The Gorgas could not make the balloon payment and it was modified a second time. The correct term for a loan that converts from a speculative construction loan is a bridge loan IIRC. It is granted usually with a balloon payment because the intention is to sell the house not for personal use. The modification occurred when the Gorgas could not meet the balloon.They now are forced to make 14,000 dollar a month payments and have used two other properties as collateral. Never a good plan, considering their Bravo salary will not cover their house payments.I’m never sure why we the discussion always reverts to Teresa when we were discussing the Gorgas loan modification. But color me not surprised.

              • Cracks me up missha50. There are public records . Banks are a business entity not your bff. They don’t offer loan modification to people who pay their bills and are current on their mortgage. Blind I understand but sheer stupidity not so much!

  2. Yes, not a big surprise. From what I’ve read lil’Joe took alot of big chances with money, loans, building homes with no set buyer… So what did he expect. Taking a chance is a good thing in many cases , but when the downside is to end up stone broke & having a huge debt… I would think he could have done this line of work , but on a much smaller scale. & you know Mego. I suspect as long as she gets the attention she wil swear, swear , swear the truth is the truth. Who knows maybe she’s one of these that can’t deal with the truth herself, so she might believe everything is ok no matter the facts.

  3. Maybe Meho is in Jamaica getting a REAL tan on her knees so when she has to go back to “work” the color won’t wear off like the spray on stuff.

  4. I can just see the insurance fraud they will be commiting to get insurance money from the shore house damage and probably the montville house too!!

  5. When I saw her vacation photos, I figured that was what was happening. Thanks for confirming. What sleezebags.

      • Well when I was in the Army we had girls who put all there make up on every morning when we were on Field exersizes..they packed thier make up in thier duffel bags and would sit each morning next to their cots balencing the make up mirror to aplly the blue eyeshadow and lipstick. So seeing Melissa beach side with make up dosnt faze me.

  6. LOL I love love love the comments on here. They are truly priceless and no surprise the broke ass Gorgas are off in Jamaica. From what I am hearing from FRE and other avenues…the Gorgas are basically living day to day with no steady income except whatever they whore themselves out for. I cant wait to see them fall and seriously I never wish something like that on anyone but after what they have done to Teresa the last 2 seasons they deserve whatever they get ten fold!

  7. The Gorgas are so sleazy. I bet they laughed at all the dopes who buy their happy family routine. I feel sorry for their kids.

  8. I can’t believe noone from Ms. Fame Whorga’s past has come forward and outed her for the fraud she is. There had to be other people working at the club that could set the record straight. They are both fronters and I can’t believe no one has called them out on their BS in real life.

  9. Good for her. She came on the show saying “We pay our bills”!! Iam confused though, if she is so broke how does she pay for all her crap clothes, make up artist, etc

    • Stay, good question. Does anyone know if they have income from the buildings they own? I seriously do not understand what income they have. Can anyone answer my question? Where does their money come from?

  10. I think in terms of people coming forward, unless they get paid for their story I doubt anyone will. Why bother if they don’t benefit? You know what they say about birds of a feather? I doubt anyone with any integrity or need to tell the truth would hang with Mego or Lil’Joe, what would they have in common?

  11. I have a question why did Melissa keep looking on Joe every time she was speaking? Maybe she was afraid that he would embarrass her by dropping his pants to show his tiny.

    Wait did Joe said that he meant his wife in Puerto Rico or Punta Canta on RHONJ? Of course, he cannot own to his own lies probably does not enough screws in the brain to do so.

    I noticed that in entire video clip Melissa does not even say we had memories there as family it was more of I grew up there, I took my daughter there on rides…I this and I that. You can tell that she seems annoyed Joe beside her like why does he have to be so ugh…I could have done better than this.

  12. That is actually a nice picture of Melissa (whom I cannot abide). I think her best scenes on the show are with the kids, and I mean her daughter and their Giudice cousins. Melissa always seems to have a nice expression on her face and a sense of humor during those episodes. I wonder why she can’t see that and adjust her demeanor to show her best side rather than her worst side.

    • Hi Carol! Maybe because in her opinion her best side is her ass and since is suppose to be family style cant show that…lol…or boobies….ok never mind she has no best side…

    • In all fairness…. who is ALL bad? Even the worst of people have SOME good qualities. Some people just tend to have more bad than good and in that case it is almost impossible to show off your good side.

  13. Now if mammary serves, I seem to remember Don saying that Tree was”pimping” her kids out for magazine covers. And MeGo being the day late and dolla short that she is this isnt even for a cover. Its for dinner n dranks. Come on Antonia say cheese daddy needs a new pair of platform boots.

  14. I had a feeling that they were there comp’ed by a sponsor, since it’s blatantly obvious they do not have any viable income beyond the Bravo paycheck, and they are so in debt they cannot cover their payments fast enough.
    I feel for their children. They must see so much that we do not see.

  15. Trust me, I think Bravo knows that Joe and Melissa are about to go bust and they want to see it. What happened to his “buildings” he owned or more importantly the bank owned or his new “business partners” who loan him money every week. I checked his website and he makes no mention to his building construction and achievments doing this. In fact I think that he can’t go any further with the big home construction anymore because he is in debt to the banks and every body else. He’s now focused on landscaping to be honest with you including pool installation (backyard and frontyard work). In the construction business this is essentially one step up from the garbage picker uppers who take away construction garbage from sites.

    This guy has came down in the world and will go down further. I know he doesn’t own those buildings because if he did why wouldn’t he put images of them in the gallery of his website showing that he remodelled and did work on these buildings for sale?

  16. I wonder which in-laws it would be? That is the interesting question. And as far as whoring out for photos as the Juice said your stupid to not take the money. Kids gotta have food, shoes and shelter.

  17. O.M.G kill me now. I’m in shock. The Gorgas don’t pay their bills? What? They are in the pages of ragmag …and they got paid for it? When does the public stoning commence because I am quite sure Teresa spent two dang years getting her hiney dragged over the coals for this by her midget brother and hoe bag wife. The Gorgas are hypocrites.

    • What was it MeGo said about Tree selling pictures/stories? Refresh my memory…. sumpin about “we dont mind to take one for the team if she needs the money” with that “we pay our bills” look on her face.

  18. Mental Midget MeGo has not figured out ya don’t let your mouth write checks your azz can’t pay.
    The Big Spender act Joey put on about helping Tre out if Juicy went to jail? Oh Please he”l be begging his sister to live in the garage. His parents and the Guidices helped him get set up pretty well in life and then he met MeGo. Now he lost that beautiful home traded it for MeGo’s dream home and now he might lose it.

  19. Well, she is selling “Thank You Jesus” t shirts on her homepage. She must be rolling in the dough.
    I know that here in NY, they are begging for reliable contractors to do repairs and rebuild folk’s homes. I’m sure its the same in NJ. I guess midget man doesn’t want to do work that would get his hands dirty.

  20. poor joey g – what happened to your face? balloon man – you look like you’re about to explode! is it food? drink? steroids? STOP IT!

  21. I do not understand WHY little Joey Marco is building spec homes, when there are so MANY dilapitated mansions in NJ, which he can fix and lure New Yorkers to NJ…now THAT’S money…think outside of the box little Joey, i mean you did when you were loonking for a wife…see strippers do make GREAT housewives…#saysnooneever

  22. This tired ass, washed-up, 30ish something narcissistic mother of 3, has posted TONS OF PICTURES of herself in a swimsuit on twitter for the world to see her in Jamaica… WHO DOES THAT?!!! HOW SAD! WHY?!! WHO IN THE HELL CARES?!!! If you’re having so much fun, THEN ENJOY YOURSELF AND LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE, BECAUSE I’M SICK OF SEEING YOUR FACE! No one cares about what your manipulating talentless ass is doing, or wearing…. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP! ENJOY YOUR 15 MINUTES OF NEGATIVE FAME (THE ONLY KIND OF FAME THAT YOU GET), BECAUSE THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP!!! TIC, TOC, TIC, TOC…..

    • Amen Stacie. Please! and people say Teresa is dumb? What magazine is going to continue to pay MeGo for pics when she can’t stop uploading pics of herself on twitter? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  23. Full clown makeup while vacationing. at the beach. in Jamaica. would be the first thing I think of too. Joe!!! Did you pack my lighting & soft focus filter? I mean my uh bottle of spray tan? Oh look, there’s a photographer taking pictures at the beach, here hold the kid I’m just gonna sit over there on that rock.

  24. I am wishing for a scene from my fav movie, Rocky. You know the scene where Rocky does his job of “collecting” for his boss, the loan shark. Must see TV, Midget Man getting a calling from his loan officer. ROFL

  25. Hey Ainty! Creepy, hilariously ironic anagram of Melissa Gorga’s name. Rearrange the letters and you get AGILE ORGASMS! Kinda describes her career abilities to a T. Spookily accurate that her name, when twisted like her personality, perfectly relates to her greatest talent….bobbing for apples! Thought you’d get a kick out of that. Note- I don’t just sit around thinkin up crap about Meho, do anagrams to keep my mind from turning to jello while recuperating. This one just jumped out to me. (Almost said “popped up”, but didn’t. Restraint ya know)

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