ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Lisa Vanderpump “High School-ish”… Brandi Glanville “Overreacted”



I asked Lisa to meet me so we could settle our issue once and for all. Of course I am sorry for saying something that upset her; but we’ve both said hurtful things to each other in the past. Friendships aren’t perfect and people make mistakes.

Adrienne tells LisaV she’s “beautiful” too many times…

I don’t know how many different ways a person can apologize. For the record, several apologies have now been said, an extremely large floral arrangement has been sent and it’s really time for us to move on. There are more important things in life to worry about — the whole thing has been a little bit high school-ish in my opinion. Regardless I am moving forward with my life in a positive direction and I hope my friendship with Lisa moves forward in a positive direction as well.

Kim organized a girls’ weekend in Ojai, and we all came to show our support for her. I really admire her strength in confronting her problems head on.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get through dinner without Brandi overreacting. Kim is a good friend and of course when you see a friend crying it’s normal to ask if they are “OK.”

For  Brandi to react the way she did is just ridiculous; she is way too quick to attack and judge. Come on Brandi, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, it’s time to lighten up!

Until next week. . .Sayonara!

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75 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Lisa Vanderpump “High School-ish”… Brandi Glanville “Overreacted”

    • Everyone around Adrienne is High schoolish uh?! Seems to be a unifying person in that trend.

      ZOMG! That B&W photo of Adry above looks like a younger Joan Rivers!!! *creepy*

      • Seems she is trying to use some sort of deflective technique. Only one firmly planted in her past high school ways is miz maloof herself. She knows it and wants desperately to shed that truth.

  1. Adrienne is 100% correct! ………… that it’s okay to ask a friend who’s crying if they are okay.

    But that’s not what this tired drag queen did. She was smirking and calling out “uh oh! someone’s CRYIIIING” …. “Somone is CRYINGGGG” how inappropriate was that? I was really impressed with the progress / maturity from Brandi & Kim, but of course this bitch had to ruin it.

    Not to mention, I’m pretty sure everyone NOTICED Kim was crying, but they also noticed that she was in a personal conversation with Brandi so of course they aren’t going to address it and make a huge scene out of it. Adrienne acted like an idiot, I was happy Brandi put her in check.

  2. Yeah but F Brandi. So tired of this trailer trash b-tch acting better than everyone. She’s the slut pig who slashed Eddie’s tires, falsely accused Kim of hardcore drugs, routinely hits on Lisa’s husband as a joke (as if he was that undesirable), told Taylor off when the poor girl (grifter or not) had no other way of providing for her kid (given her celebrity), and continues taunting the emotionally fragile Leann Rimes. Not that any of these other people are victims per se but Brandi takes sick pleasure in humiliating everybody and pointing out their flaws.

    • ITA… Brandi’s unfiltered attitude has bored me now. The woman scorned card has been played a few too many times and I just find her to be so super insecure that she bites and then expects the world to understand and be fine with it. I don’t get her anymore. She overreacts out of pure insecurity and paranoia.

      • Per Brandi “Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money”, but Brandi lacks both class and money. She over reacted to Adrienne’s inept remark, unclassy of her to drop the f bomb. I give Adrienne a pass, because she was the kindest to Kim of all the women.
        Lisa was 100% part of the mean Vyle posse, right there with her bitch face on backing Vyle up on everything. I could care less about Lisa’s D list celebrity customers, or Lisa, she is a calculating user of people.

    • Umm, I’m not sure Brabpndi’s accusation of Kim doing “hard drugs” was quite as inaccurate as you say – Kim has tried a number of substances in order to numb her painful past. I’m not blaming Kim, just saying that Brandi was probably more on target than you seem to think. Also, I don’t think Brandi is making a joke about Ken’s being undesirable – I think she finds Ken very attractive, enjoys innocent flirting with him, and thinks he’s quite loveable – nowhere have I seen her indicate or insinuate that her joking is so mean spirited as to be making fun of him. I doubt Lisa would find it so funny were that the case. Lisa may joke about her sex life, or lack of it, with Ken, but when it comes down to it, she adores her husband, and wouldn’t find anyone making a joke of Ken to be funny. Lastly, if Leann Rimes is “emotionally fragile”, as you say, then maybe she needs to learn to keep her hands off married men with children. It’s Rimes’ own guilt, combined with the judgement she’s received by the public, which has made her emotionally fragile – grow up Leann, if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. I doubt Brandi would ever have initiated anything with Leann Rimes had Rimes not had an affair with Brandi’s husband, and flaunted it in the press. You seem to want to take up for the instigators of problems, instead of placing blame where it belongs. Facts are facts, and if people instigate problems, they shouldn’t be surprised when the people who are hurt by their actions, retaliate.

    • what show do you watch? your comment made me feel like i was in the twilight zne for a brief second… eddie cheated on brandi with another married woman who proceeded to harass brandi on twitter incessantly, copy her, mother her sons publicly (calling the press) and all brandi did was slash eddie’s tires. not one episode do i think brandi hits on ken because she thinks he is ugly. that’s purely mean spirited & while brandi may be a lot of things she is not hateful…and where in the world do you come off saying she taunts the “emotionally fragile” taylor? what has she said about SWINE? traylor has been trashing her openly in every single episode this season while brandi has said nothing to her or about her. you seem to live in another dimension, or you are just determined to hate her. leann… that you????

    • Who ARE you beverlyhillswhatathrill?!?! Brandi’s husband screwed around on her destroying their family with an ‘emotionally fragile’ MARRIED woman! She’s not fragile, she is eaten up with the knowledge that she is a terrible, destructive human being! As is he! Slashing his tires is bad? Are you kidding me?! Have YOU ever been betrayed, hurt, and left alone to mend your children’s broken hearts after their Daddy turned his back on them to chase a skirt? Oh, and lest we forget, she immediately called him and told him because she didn’t want him to get on the bike and hurt himself. It was an emotional reaction. Those two publicly humiliated her family. They flaunted their indiscretions. My best friend’s husband left in the night and no one knew where he was for 7 weeks! NO ONE! She was calling hospitals, morgues, everything. She finally found him. Shacked up with another woman. Let me tell you, her children (now 19 & 22) are still scarred. He just turned his back on all of them. Even his own mother feared he was dead. Sick. So, slashed tires?? Give me an effing break. And, don’t even get me started on your comment about Taylor.

      Your post was wrong on SO many levels.

      • LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. You guys are ridiculous. I am one of the biggest Taylor haters on the planet. I just can’t take Brandi’s immature sucker punches anymore. She behaves like a violent 12 year old punk and is incredibly irresponsible. Anyone ever wonder WHY Eddie cheated on her for years? Leann was an easy target to channel because she’s a celeb. No one cares about Schaena Marie the waitress who’s slept with everyone from Eddie to John Mayer and sells her stories to US Wkly etc.

        • You mean the SINGLE Schaena? Oh. Right.
          Like I said. Leann AND Eddie are home wreckers! And, if you WERE the biggest Trailer hater on the planet you would know just how ridiculous your comment was. Enough said.

        • SWINE needs to have her kid taken away from her. Someone more WORTHY and less psychopathic can provide for Kennedy. So I applaud Brandi for calling it like she saw it. SWINE is ALWAYS using that kid as a shield (literally still carts her around on her hip at 5-6 years old)to prevent people from from questioning her too close. Brandi was spot on with SWINE, Dana AND Kim. And she has always had LeeAnn’s number from jump.

    • I dont understand the taunting Leann part. Seem to me like it was the other way around for a long time. Leeann got sick twisted pleasure in every detailed tweet. Taylor could go smoke a turd in hell for all I care. Leeann taint no good. Never was never will be. If that FACT is taunting her then so be it. Tweet pictures of playing mommy with my kids after you stole my man and see if I don’t put my foot up some ass and wear it around like a flipflop. Brandi has been tame.

      • And if Brandi makes a buck off of LeeAnn’s “fragility” then she deserves every last cent.
        Keep losing your mind.
        Cha—-ching baby!!!!

        p.s. Go have your own kids you ole dried up goat. (there that orta do it) -you’re welcome Brandi. :)

      • The image of the flip flop as a necklace took away my appetite I just save a couple hundred calories this morning. I think I’ll check out Swine’s backside around lunch time. This is going to be the best diet I have ever been on! LOL

      • Made – THANK you! Toting my kids around?! It’s bad enough that your ex left you for another ex, but to have her playing mommy?! Mama bear claws..coming OUT!!

        • Yes ma’am. Brandi outa look into limiting the mentally fragile Leeann’s access to her kids. Clearly their sleaze of a father don’t give a rat’s long tail. If a blogger can get her so tore out the frame can you imagine what a glass glass of split milk would do? Dirty clothes not put in hamper? Nope. She would prolly come unglued. Ms LeeAnn aint good step-mommy material at all.

  3. So Lisa can call Adrienne’s shoes “FAT SHOES” and Adrienne is meant to fine with that. Everyone defends Lisa’s business VILLA BLANCA but Adrienne’s business venture can be called a hoof? Remember how protective the women are when it comes to their business and how hurt Lisa was by the selling stories brouhaha… Its actually quite bizarre how hurt she was by something she would just need to deny and nobody gives a crap about. Everybody knows (Phaedra?) that housewives have deals with the trash mags and Lisa loves being in the thick of it as she builds her lifestyle brand of pink and diamonds and rose… So why was she so hurt if she didn’t do anything… Maybe she didn’t sell but maybe she gave… Her new show looks like a fake, acted mess.

    • Celebrities frequent Villa Blanca and Sur. if they think Lisa sells stories, this will hurt her reputation and business. Trust will be gone.
      Lisa would not have called those ugly shoes hoofs unless it rhymed with Maloof. I was a JOKE. Same as Jackpot aka Crackpot. Dr. Seuss 101- rhymes are funny!

          • HAHAHAHAHAAHA!! Honey Boo Boo major customer at Villa Caca… whoops, I mean Blanca. Other D LIST, I repeat D LIST celebrities go to VILLA BLANCA and SUR to have paps come and take D LIST snaps of people like Wretched. I hardly call promoting your business on national TV to Bravo viewers as trying to get lots of celebrity clientele. If anything, more non celebrities will visit for the cult TV factor like my friends did. They went for a laugh and met Miss V.

    • Seriously… if someone called my shoes fat, my dog fat, ME fat, I’d laugh and say ‘ok’ – as if I care what other people think. I’d be even LESS concerned about my shoes. Now… if someone accused me of doing something I didn’t do (by taking the word of a PHOTOGRAPHER who obviously had ulterior motives) and then when I said I didn’t do it, said “I don’t believe you”…. That thar’s fightin’ words! (in my best Larry voice). You might as well call me a liar and then call me a liar again. Adrienne’s lucky she didn’t say that kind of thing to someone like me – she would’ve needed more plastic surgery and I would’ve needed an attorney. A joke about my fat shoes and my dog? Please…. THAT’S high school and petty.

      • Also… side note… Adrienne’s business is the Palms… not her stupid shoes. Those were a new thing, a nice to have, a look at me option (which failed miserably). So comparing Lisa’s integrity assassination to Maloof Hoof is redundant

        • Not to mention that Jacpot is only in the Maloof household because of Giggy and Adrienne’s insane one ups man ship with Lisa. Last year when they got Jackpot was right after Giggy had drank out of Ad’s glasses and so and I can’t remember word for word it was along the lines of let’s see how Lisa likes Jackpot drinking out of her glasses. If it wasn’t for Giggy and Ad jealousy Jackpot would be in someone else’s home right now. imo

          • yeah, ya’ll are right about the dog controversy. I do remember adrien saying “game on” after she got jackpot….she was being annoyingly competitive….and just where is jackpot now?

        • Oh and Adrienne’s biz is no longer the Palms the Maloof’s only own 2% so she had to start throwing everything but the kitchen sink with her name on it and start selling it. As far as fat shoe you could say phat shoe but I don’t know if Lisa is up in that lingo she might be though.

    • What do you have against hooves? Is Adrienne or anyone else too good for the mother nature’s elegant design? She should be proud to be associated with something so beautiful as a hoof.Lisa did her a huge favor! Sheltered ignorance is not pretty. She needs to be educated on the evolutionary reasons for an existence of a hoof.

  4. The ridiculousness over who was gonna sleep in what room of a luxury resort was a bit much for me. And I usually aint one to get thrown off by the pettiness of the HW’s. But they oughta be ashamed.
    This video puts in in perspective. Homeless people in American that would love to even be invited in from the cold… children.Very sad video but I cant help but think that these women need a reality check when they get caught up in their own petty crapola. So if the HWs think about this the next time then their “problems” wont seem so big.

    • I think the same thing whenever I see a shot of their closets. The excess just blows my mind. For a donation of about $2500 to World Vision, you can buy a well for people in a third world country to have fresh, clean water. I imagine how many wells are in those closets?

    • I didn’t dare watch your video MP, cuz I’m in a good mood and don’t wanna start wailing over the homeless child. ITA w you and HERS the ridiculousness over the beds/rooms was shameful, and it wasn’t an act that’s just how they are. So petty. I bet Yolanda would have been cool either way though.

      • I think so too. And I dont begrudge them their lil play pretties and do-dads. But I just think they should be a lil more gracious about their blessings.
        Here’s a lil misheard lyrics treat guaranteed to brighten your day. Go pee first.

      • Girlfriend – IMO I thought the room should have gone to Kim for putting the event together. But, she was gracious enough to let someone else have it. I think she let Yolanda stay there as a show of friendship. Yo has been nothing but supportive and kind to her. I am sure Kim feels a certain affinity toward her. I understand that she (Yo) has not suffered through the ups and downs of Kim the past seasons, but she does seem to be more sympathetic to her situation. I thought it very kind of her to say they would be ‘water buddies’ at the Villa party. Again, JMO.

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