SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Nene Leakes “TheView”… Adrienne Maloof QUITS RHOBH “Bravo Waves Contract In Her Face!”… Camille Grammer “StayOutOfHouse, Kelsey!”… UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump Asks “WHAT Verbal Hit List?”… UPDATE: Camille Grammer Says “No Court Order” For Kelsey!!

Nene Leakes on “The View”…


Adrienne Maloof gets into a huge fight with Brandi Glanville over Adrienne’s broken marriage… and Adrienne threatened to QUIT the RHOBH if MissAndy aired the fight!  Adrienne suspects that Lisa Vanderpump is behind the vitriolic Brandi!

Adrienne [Maloof] and Brandi [Glanville] get into a HUGE fight about Adrienne and Paul [Nassif]’s marriage,” the show source reveals to NYDailyVewsConfidenti@l.

“Adrienne has been very controlling about what she allows the cameras to film because she wants to project a certain image of having the perfect life,” says the insider, adding that Maloof went “ballistic” over the filmed fight with Glanville.

“[Maloof] held in her rage but when she walked off camera she screamed at Brandi and the production staff.”  Maloof was so mad, the source says she “called Bravo and quit the show but they held her to her contract and forced her to come back.”

“Adrienne feels Lisa [Vanderpump] put Brandi up to this,” says the source, adding the only reason Maloof, who began feuding with Vanderpump in season 2, mended the relationship was to get off Vanderpump’s verbal “hit list.”

RHOBH Reunion… January 2012…

UPDATE:  Lisa Vanderpump wants to know “WHAT Verbal Hit List?”

NOTE:  This source at the NYDailyNews is the same source which threw out the item re DonCaro and Tree Joodice turning down a critically ill child’s invitation to appear at the child’s fundraiser.   SH gave the item the side eye when it was first published… and it was later found that both DonCaro and Tree were unaware of the child, the invitation, the fundraising event and were shocked that the item was published.  From SH October 22, 2012… 

Therefore, it seems that Lisa Vanderpump’s question “What verbal hit list?”  could be another ‘hint’ that this source is questionable!


Kelsey Grammer wants to move back into the Malibu house which Camille Grammer is tryin’ to sell… and Camille has gotten a court order to stop Kelsey!

From TMZ

Camille Grammer rushed to court Wednesday for an emergency order to keep Kelsey Grammer and his new family out of the home he once shared with the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star …

For some reason, Kelsey wants to move back into the 10,657 sq ft. mansion, even though he just bought another house in the same zip code.   House details at ColdwellBanker

NOTE:  Camille Grammer tells SH that she did NOT get a court order… and the information is incorrect…

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71 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Nene Leakes “TheView”… Adrienne Maloof QUITS RHOBH “Bravo Waves Contract In Her Face!”… Camille Grammer “StayOutOfHouse, Kelsey!”… UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump Asks “WHAT Verbal Hit List?”… UPDATE: Camille Grammer Says “No Court Order” For Kelsey!!

  1. Why is Lisa always to blame for everything gone wrong in Adrianne’s life. I mean come on Adrianne take some responsabiltiy for whats going on. You were friends with Brandi, until Brandi got wise to the fact you brought her on the show because she was friends with Cederic and you wanted to stick it to Lisa. It backfired and Lisa and Brandi became friends, so you accuse Lisa of selling stories. That also backfired, so now the new thing is Lisa is putting Brandi up to starting Shit with you. Adrianne that dog just wont hunt. If you knew Brandi at all, which we know you do, you would know that no one needs to tell Brandi anything, she’s always ready to go on her own accord. Yes Brandi is full of drama. but she knows thats what makes a good show, IMO if you dont want your dirty laundry aired then leave the show, but dont blame others for your failures.

  2. Adrian is as fake as that plastic face of hers. She is no business mogel – she & her brothers have slowly bled their inheritence and she is and always has been very jealous of Lisa’s wealth, intellegence, and success -which has been earned thru many years of hard work. A just can’t stand that she will never be a Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa would never have her chef plant stories and pictures accusing her husband (of convenience) of abuse. She just married Paul to have some surrogate kids to grab money from the next generation inheritance. She, imo, never loved him-her body language and verbal/emotional abuse to him was nothing short of a Kate Gosslin twin. Adriane is a very poor excuse for a woman. All her ugly plastic surgery cannot hide her petty cruel heart.

    • Solid point about none of the Maloof offspring being the business mogul their father was. Adrienne is the text book example of being “born on third base but thinks she hit a triple.”

    • Your spot on, spot on. First the Maloofs have lost much and continue to lose their inheritance because of their business ventures. In fact many people say that they started going down when they sold their cash cow the beer distributorship (which was taking in 300 million a year, a guaranteed money maker) in order to finance another part of the casino and also the basketball team.. In fact they have lost all but 4% (and I may be wrong on that, it may be lower) of the Palms casino to creditors a take over.

      Adrienne from day one in this series had a disgust look at Paul that drove me crazy. I can’t believe that she had sex with him let alone two kids (I heard those where invitro is that true?) with that much disgust in her face. I bet anything that she yells at Paul 24/7 and physically attacks him. For any woman to actually have her cook to take pictures she shot and place them online calling her husband abusive and dangerous around her kids when he wasn’t tells me she thinks of Paul as a complete stranger.

  3. Oh, Adrienne Maloof …, not sorry for you…this is what happens you lie….and now you want to blame Lisa for Brand’si actions!….Chile Pleeeezzzz! We have all watched Brandi and I don’t believe Lisa or anyone else for that matter can force Brandi to do or say anything.

    Now, as far as Kelsey, he never stops to amazing me with how low he will go to get under Camille’s skin. He is attempting to gain back what he lost: ….SELF-RESPECT AND looking good in the public’s eyes; but, it won’t work! You treated Camille like crap; so deal with it and just move on with your “Soul Mate!”

    • Brandi needs a job and Lisa needs an ally since she is not on very good terms with the other women, this is all fake, so why get all fired up about it? It looks like in the previews, Lisa calls Camille a bitch, so it is tag team Lisa, Brandi and Squint against the other housewives.

      • “Hello Skidly:

        Finally! ITA!

        Brandi is vile and lewd! Needing a stage to flaut her wares. Lisa in direr need of being viable as her place in the series and allowing the insipe plot of her dork husbasd being uses a ploy for a toy of sorts is doable just to keep a scene-spot of them! Pandering in the usual form.

        Lisa palaces and people-pets.. her husband is boring and annoying and he is her “yess-um-man.” Kyle refused to be Lisa’s girl-friend – do as she is told friend – to her credit! Cedric was an enthrawing and exciting and lovely friend! Whom was not allowed finacial, emotiional, or worldly security though he was on call to that bazar assistant-friendship… strangest union ever portraited! brandi is sponging and grouping and seem hell bent on being debased and at least it comes naturally to her!

        “Notarity… shows one’s personality in a very clear light!”

          • Exactly!

            Those saying otherwise, as if they were spouting the truth… is suspect!

            Also, they are not friends of anyone! Especially, of themselves! Bravo series peeps expose themselves as self-absorbed, bittys, back-bitting, egotistical, oh, and party-living – lacking in real emotions. Crying, cold shoulders, screaming, “Prada” – wearing, party going, mega real-estate, whatever-displays, does not constitutes balance, rational, adult behavior.

            To know that people behave like the bravo-series misfits must make others thankful for mature, meaningful and honest relationships. Where boundaries of people and lives are held in the highest regard!

  4. “Brandi felt Adrienne was being inauthentic and disregarded her wishes [to not discuss her marital problems on camera] while the two of them were at dinner” THAT IS NONE OF TRASH BOX BRANDI’S BUSINESS….Can’t stand that stupid HO…How are you married for 13 years and NOT have a single account in your name….#DUMBO. I definitely believe that her and Lisa’s friendship is a FAKE, they all set this up

    • If Lisa and Brandi’s friendship is so “fake” why when Brandi had a health scare recently was Lisa and her husband with her at the hospital then? Camera’s weren’t even filming then! Adrienne is a petty woman and a ice queen! Brandi is no one’s puppet she does whatever the hell she wants!

      • I agree that Lisa and Brandi’s friendship is authentic. They were very much friends during the time the cameras weren’t rolling. That says it all.

  5. I have no idea why Grammer would want to move in to this one if he had another in that same zip, that said, why does Camille care? Unless she stands to lose money she was owed during the divorce, what possible difference could it make? If you recall the divorce got pretty ugly. buts that’s over , why would Camille want to rehash it? Unless of couse it’s for ratings/attention. She needs to move forward with her life.

    • That home is listed for 18 million dollars, would you trust your ex and his new wife to try their hardest to keep the place in showing condition, especially when said ex seems to harbor resentful feelings. Houses in that price range are hard enough to sell plus I would not trust Kelsey or his new wife to work to get it sold. I would do exactly as Camille did plus I have experience with an ex living in property that was to be turned over to me. He didn’t pay the water bill and it was turned off, water bills in that town stay with the property and he left a bunch of trash. Team Camille.

      • I think it speaks volumes about Kelseys new wife too, she’s not bothered where she lives as long as the money is right there it seems. No self respecting woman would live in the same house that her husband shared with his ex wife.

  6. SH, are they still going to air the fight between Brandi and Adrienne?

    Adrienne is stupid also. I mean, even if she did quit, that still means they can air what they want to air. They could of spun it as she leaving the show in a hissy fit, a la Kim Holeziak.

  7. I think Lisa knows exactly what she is doing. I think she has the upper hand because she is obviously the one that cares less about the friendship she once had with Adrienne. Also, I wouldn’t want anyone in my marital business that I did not invite into or I am not close to. Brandi Glanville is playing a role, a shit starter. That’s all she is doing!! Everyone of these housewives has a role to play, and some of them get together and set up other housewives!! That is what keeps these shows interesting. I just don’t understand why women that are filthy rich from Beverly Hills need fame; other than low self esteem, lack of importance within themselves. Adrienne may have her faults, but so does Lisa, and Brandi!!! At this point, it’s just about which housewife you prefer. If Adrienne would just not care and be strong as a successful housewife, and not focus on he said, she said, she would be so much happier!!!

  8. Interesting that Adrienne can even say with a straight face that she didnt wish to discuss her marriage. I seem to remember her AND Paul being right there stirring the “law suit” crap between Camile and Russel. Crap that Evolution prolly instigated in the first place.

    • Good point you made, how come she is against discussing her martial problems yet she had no problem involving herself in Russel’s lawsuit against Camille?! She doesn’t want her dirty laundry aired/discussed yet she involves herself in other’s private issues? what a freakin hypocrite!

      • Especially considering that the Paul thing is a publicity stunt from hell. And Paul is in it up to his eyeballs… just where he wants to be. He might be the worst chit stirrer of them all.

    • The awful common denominator in all the RealHousewife divorces, family breakdowns, estrangement of children and dramatically crushed friendships is the The Bravo Contract.
      Apologies to SH if I stepped over the line with the link.

      Granted, they supposedly understand what they’re getting into, but this is page after page of exchanging your true self for whatever Andy and his buddies see fit. I bet many of these women got sucked in the first season, saw the way they are edited and manipulated, find they truly need the paycheck and want to be vindicated somehow somewhere in another season. I understand there are very significant penalties for quitting and/or breaking terms of the contract, which I can’t find online.

      • Very interesting Ma. Could it be that number 4 was the reason Jay Mahr said “someones gonna get sued” when Kyle brought out those t-shirts plugging a family member’s business?

        • Think so. The contracts must have tremendous penalties for the HW’s to abide them. Makes me curious about who Bravo’s lawyers are that conjure up words that smart folks with their own attorneys sign willingly…at least the first season. I’m confident that each franchise and even player has their own set of of written expectations and penalties. Calling Dr. Faust?

          • I read over that contract and honestly it was pretty straightforward and direct in that you were signing over your being for it to be used as the producers and network see fit. I saw nothing deceiving in it whatsoever… it was blatant. Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes, obviously.

            • ITA. That’s why I’m always so suspicious about every cast mate, on this franchise. Even when they are my favorite. I always wonder what is wrong with them, or why are on this show, if their life is so perfect. LOL

            • I agree; it’s direct and mindbending. Agreeing to be deceived and lied about and be where you’re told to be. Agreeing to be kept in the dark about things others are ready to lie about and shred you. If Bravo’s not ashamed of what they contract for from women with pretty obvious and easily exploitable pasts and presents, I shudder to think what else may be part of the contract that we don’t see. I’d love to see Adrienne bust the contract….I’d love her forever if she did.

  9. Why Brandi, who has never been a wife while on the show, has she, has a place on this RH series is clear to me… she has agreed to stir things up, will say whatever the producers want her to say, has no real talent of her own and is hoping to springboard this show as many others have into something that can make some money. Paul (who looks very ape-like for a plastic surgeon, don’t you think?) has been trying to stick his face into the camera from day 1. Don’t care for either one of them and their divorce is not exactly a shocker.

    • Each franchise has had women that aren’t/weren’t wives. For instance, Bethenny, Kelly B., Cindy whatshername, Gretchen, Karent, Marysol.

  10. I’m amazed at the Bull that slides out these creature’s mouths at time…”inauthentic”????

    And, Brandi exclaiming that Lisa has NEVER said anything bad about Adrienne? They all talk chit about each other, in front of each other, but mostly in TH’s recorded 6 months later so they have a new perspective to stir chit from. I really shouldn’t get so torqued up over over this. I have a migraine from eye rolling.

    • Yup. We have heard Lisa talking badly about Adrienne and ALL the other women, including Brandi (even after they supposedly “became friends”). Brandi lies so much, maybe she’s a pathological liar like Swine.

  11. NeNe should really put away the race card…Say what you want about Kim; but after watching the show for a few years you can easily come to the conclusion that – She ain’t no racist.
    I’m holding a card right now for NeNe…It starts with an “A” and ends with a “hole”

  12. Adrienne was out for Lisa since the first episode of season 2! With Bernie’s nasty comments about her & the deliberate purchase of “Jackpot” to rival Giggy except no one really cared. Adrienne is so jealous of Lisa she can’t see straight and I really thinks it’s unraveling her now. Lisa is a total hit with the crowd, classy and sassy. And when did she talk badly of any of them behind their backs & since when are she & Kyle not friends?

    • That whole Jackpot thing creeped me out a little. I mean, the dog is precious, of course. It’s just the way Adrienne went about it. It was weird and overtly contrived. Why would you use an animal as part of your immature “tit for tat”. Then she referred to it, as being like her child, on the reunion. She’s a complete Lisa stalker. JMO

      • I totally thought that was WEIRD and off putting. Like how obvious could you be Adrienne? Why can’t you just let Lisa have the dog thing? Notice how now Giggy is still the same as before – a permanent fixture now. Yet where is Jackpot?

    • Say whatever you will about NeNe but her comments about Kim were DEAD ON. And People misinterpret comments….nowhere did she say Kim had BAD credit, she just said she didn’t have the credit to buy a house like that. There is most certainly a difference. Kim’s taxable income combined with Kroy’s both don’t exactly gainfully employed. NFL players make money, but it’s never guaranteed & he’s not a key player at this point. She makes a Bravo paycheck. The banks consider them a risk to buy a house They can see the way they spend money. I don’t think that would say they don’t pay their bills or have bad credit. People often get the two mixed up. I’m young, I have amazing credit for my age, I pay every bill on time & keep my credit cards at a low balance. This does not mean I can go out and buy a $200,000 house just yet though. Learn your limits ladies, live within your means!! I sincerely believe if you can live within your means, you are truly wealthy.

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