SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Nene Leakes “TheView”… Adrienne Maloof QUITS RHOBH “Bravo Waves Contract In Her Face!”… Camille Grammer “StayOutOfHouse, Kelsey!”… UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump Asks “WHAT Verbal Hit List?”… UPDATE: Camille Grammer Says “No Court Order” For Kelsey!!

Nene Leakes on “The View”…


Adrienne Maloof gets into a huge fight with Brandi Glanville over Adrienne’s broken marriage… and Adrienne threatened to QUIT the RHOBH if MissAndy aired the fight!  Adrienne suspects that Lisa Vanderpump is behind the vitriolic Brandi!

Adrienne [Maloof] and Brandi [Glanville] get into a HUGE fight about Adrienne and Paul [Nassif]’s marriage,” the show source reveals to NYDailyVewsConfidenti@l.

“Adrienne has been very controlling about what she allows the cameras to film because she wants to project a certain image of having the perfect life,” says the insider, adding that Maloof went “ballistic” over the filmed fight with Glanville.

“[Maloof] held in her rage but when she walked off camera she screamed at Brandi and the production staff.”  Maloof was so mad, the source says she “called Bravo and quit the show but they held her to her contract and forced her to come back.”

“Adrienne feels Lisa [Vanderpump] put Brandi up to this,” says the source, adding the only reason Maloof, who began feuding with Vanderpump in season 2, mended the relationship was to get off Vanderpump’s verbal “hit list.”

RHOBH Reunion… January 2012…

UPDATE:  Lisa Vanderpump wants to know “WHAT Verbal Hit List?”

NOTE:  This source at the NYDailyNews is the same source which threw out the item re DonCaro and Tree Joodice turning down a critically ill child’s invitation to appear at the child’s fundraiser.   SH gave the item the side eye when it was first published… and it was later found that both DonCaro and Tree were unaware of the child, the invitation, the fundraising event and were shocked that the item was published.  From SH October 22, 2012… 

Therefore, it seems that Lisa Vanderpump’s question “What verbal hit list?”  could be another ‘hint’ that this source is questionable!


Kelsey Grammer wants to move back into the Malibu house which Camille Grammer is tryin’ to sell… and Camille has gotten a court order to stop Kelsey!

From TMZ

Camille Grammer rushed to court Wednesday for an emergency order to keep Kelsey Grammer and his new family out of the home he once shared with the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star …

For some reason, Kelsey wants to move back into the 10,657 sq ft. mansion, even though he just bought another house in the same zip code.   House details at ColdwellBanker

NOTE:  Camille Grammer tells SH that she did NOT get a court order… and the information is incorrect…