MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: An EX-Housewife, Trying To Stay Relevant… Porsha Stewart “VideoVampin”…Tamra Barney “BUY My Stuff”… Melissa Gorga “BikiniBaby”

November 26, 2012

Once a national ANY news item hits, you can be sure that the Housewives are spending their time letting anyone who will listen know of their personal ‘deep concern’ for all touched by the incident.  The majority of Housewives will spread their very thoughtful thoughts via twitter… and any of the Housewives who decide to get themselves involved will make sure that everyone knows of their involvement!

So, who is the latest Housewife to get involved?

It’s “Whiner-Extrodinaire”, “You can’t fire me, I’m JillZ!”… the original RHONY who wants to stay relevant at all costs… the Housewife who simply will not go away…


If you live in the NYC area, YOU can see Jillz tomorrow only… from 6:30 to 8:30!  Details at LowerEastSideNY


Porsha Williams Stewart, wife of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Kordell Stewart, was in this video… from Trillville.   Gasp!! Whatever would her **clutching pearls** grandfather think?? Porsha appears around the 1:19 mark…


Speaking of explicit and staying relevant… Tamballs Barney is still tryin’ to keep her WivesWines goin’!  Tamballs wants YOU to buy her, IMO, outlandishly-priced wine glasses… Tamballs, what a lady!

Looks like the trinkets pressed on to flea market find glassware might be leftovers from Lynne Curtin’s old cuff jewelry!


Melissa Gorga even has the paps takin’ her photos while in Jamaica…. she’s holdin’ her kid hostage posin’ with her daughter… DailyMail.

(Thanks to SH readers “Duke” “DuffyDan” “FLPhil” “cybraxis” “CathyFromFtM” and “Knox”!!)

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  1. The ironic part is that Woodmere, Long Island where Jill Z was born and raised is a mere hop away from one of the hardest hit by Sandy, the Rockaways. If Jill really wanted to help she would have been there, four weeks ago. The folks need cold cash. Write a check and allow them to put their lives together. No need to partaaay on their behalf. jmo


  2. I remember this song from back in the day so I knew to play the video on mute!! LOL!! Wow Porsha!! I wonder too what her grandfather would think of this…..Wonder if it comes up on the show. Now that I think about it I doubt it.


        • Hello Gnomey1:

          Your comment … “this video is sooo funny” got me to watch. It is so, so funny. I might have (did) passed it by; as I do not like to be surprised by watching an unsuspecting video. At times I have been offended by videos that I have not found amusing – even if others had. After contemplating your cherry input, I was pleasantly pleased.

          Your icon is also, so, so cute. Thanks, for the heads up!


          • I am glad you liked it WAHI. i am truly sorry if I have ever offended you with a video in the past. Never ever my intent to be offensive.


            • Hello Dear Madepiley:

              It was very kind of you to care enough to jot a sweet note of concern!

              I realized after I posted my note that it was from you and on “SH!” That should have put me at ease. So, I may relax a bit more! I was tired.

              Kindly yours,


            • Awwwe. Thats sweet of you. Have a great night my friend. I just posted a side bloopage video. I don’t see how she kept form smackin his face. I am sure there is a story behind that one.


            • Hello Daring:

              Here I am, awhh, thank-you! Oh, um, how do I find that video that you referenced? I will take a look on brakes. It has peeked my interest.

              Baking now – till Christmas. So, I will be reading on my rest times. I will need a timely diversion now and again! Started baking before Thanksgiving – people are happier with baked goods coming out of the oven. They never frown looking at all those holiday cookies trays!

              Also, it really does keeps the Scrooges and those pesky old Gringhes away! Baking for Christmas is a wonderful holiday dream!

              “Happy Holidays – Happy Baking!”


            • You have inspired me to get to baking. I bet that would kick the Christmas spirit into high gear around my house as I STILL don’t have my tree up yet. So behind this year. Anyways here is the video I was talking about. I cant remember which thread I posted it on. Happy Holidays.


            • Hello!

              There you go! I knew last year we had to get busy fast this season. Last year we rushed and rushed and huffed and puffed and we were all tuckered out. It was a nice Christmas but I would like to relax and enjoy so I may really make happy – those that depend on us to make a little Christmas for them.

              While people think it looks easy. It hurts to work so hard. Just like Santa! So, pace the race and bring on the cheer! Play the Christmas music and remember the cause for this blessed season – and giving till it hurts – to those in need!

              Santa was kind and “SH,” to bring us together this season! While we hold the season’s peace and love in our thoughts and hearts!

              Let us resume decorating and baking, sweetheart!



  3. I was laughing at the Lynn Curtin tie in on the hideous wine glass… And then I laughed at the wine glass…who is wine by wives trying to reach with that? The Pimp market?!…lol


  4. Wow and the line that dude is saying at that 1:19 doesnt help prove that your not a beard. Wow. What it is, yo whats up?


  5. Tammy is now a copycat off Kandi – sextalk and selling sex toys – ugh – she is so the HoneyBoBo of RHWOOC! She needs to hook up with MeGo & KimZ……now there’s three goldiggers losers. lol


    • That’s right a legend in her own mind and at Zarin’s Fabric Co., those two places, that’s were she is famous.


  6. Hosea will not be having that with Porsha. Her body is amazing though. Tamballs is so crude! Nobody wants to here you talk about your beat up vagina.


  7. The Gorga kids are cute. I love Antonia’s hair.

    BTW, isn’t this the same stuff that MeGo (and everyone) got on Teresa’s arse for? Doing these photo shoots and giving quotes and saying things about the fambbbbly? Or did MeGo just take pictures and not rehash her its already been said blah blah stripper storyline ;)


    • Yes it is. And its WORSE. because they vacationed during Thanksgiving instead of spending time with Joey’s sick father. What an ass.He will regret all of this one day… maybe… if he still has a soul. If the succubus hasn’t stolen it from him.
      Seriously Joey!!!,



  8. Did MeGo’s kid borrow her monokini?? Looks just like it!! And, do these chicks only have those fugly monokinis + the fringe bikinis?? Yikes!! Where do they all shop??????? It’s like there’s one big, ole Housewife factory that churns out the same gross bathing suits, one-shoulder dresses, sky-high-hooker heels and fake Birkins. Bleh!


      • If I had Mama Elsa’s fortune telling ability this picture would tell me a lot. I see a mom sharing the same style swimsuits as her young beautiful daughter- a mini me. In the future I see a beautiful young woman whose mother is too old to be copying her child’s style, but doing it anyway in an attempt to remain “hip”. I see Mego being forever jealous of Antonia’s youth and being that embarrassing mom that dresses inappropriately way past her prime. She will be proud of Antonia while she remains a child but I believe Mego is so wrapped up in competing for attention that she will resent that beauty and youth down the road. I sincerely hope that somewhere in that messed up family is someone who instills some self worth in Antonia, and some ambition to do more than snag a rich husband. Unfortunately, I think Mego would consider that as having a successful career.


        • Hi Ruth Bagwell:

          Yes, comment: ” – young beautiful daughter- a mini me. In the future I see a beautiful young woman whose mother is too old to be copying,” makes a very valid point! Teresa and her mother are family to be depended on! Joe – the dad, may be back with his whole family in the not so distant furture.


    • Hello, Done With Bravo:

      “Yes, it does seem *bizarre* the style of clothing that at least two of them have been sporting from the Jersey shore!” When “T” was wearing it – it seemed hip! When a coping-bimbo took it up, because she wanted to appear fab too. It became too much!

      Your one liner of: “ole Housewife factory” was adorable!


  9. Jill was tweeting Iyanla Vanzant of Fix My Life and indicated she needs her help. Looks like she will try to get on any show that will give her a platform to whine about Andy Cohen and Bethenny. Because you know it really hurt when Bethenny divorced her.


  10. Terrible pic of Tamara. & the cross on the wine glass?! Is she afraid of Vlad coming after her while she’s drinking? Whazzz that about? Mego, let’s see , her f/i/l is sick & her hometown was hit by a huge storm so she posts this pic? It seems like she’s willing to put everything including her own self pride (the real not the phony) on the back burner in favor of attention.


  11. Jill Z: Very sad…soon she will be opening carwashes in Brooklyn. If she is so rich, why doesn’t she donate some of that in a big way to helping Sandy survivors and KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT ABOUT IT!!!! No way would that happen.

    The phrase “She tries too hard” seems to be appropriate for almost all the HWs in every venue, doesn’t it? I guess when you think about it, who but an exhibitionist would allow their personal lives to be examined by having it on TV? Their “talent” seems to be that they have money to burn, and they simply can not show off enough to other people about that talent and so they want fame.. good or bad.


    • “She tries too hard.” Is spot on.& like you said it’s fairly common. Someone who feels like they don’t matter & really needs to will (insecure i/o/w ) do that, same for people like Tamara or Caroline (NJ) when they hit a really unhappy or stressful spot in their lives they try too hard to act like everything’s ok & the problem is outward – but they don’t realize how badly they give themselves away. You would think their own common sense would kick in , but I guess being desperate for attention (Jll Z & Mego) or too stressed (Tamara, Caro & Jax) blinds them to it.


  12. @Dee2 bwaaaahaahaa. How offended would Jill be if you used the glasses ONLY for drinking Ramona’s Pinot Grigio?


  13. OT… But this Blind item screams Gorgasssssss!!! What do you think?
    Blind Item (from Crazydays and nights website):
    “This real housewife recently went on vacation. She wants the world to think the family has plenty of money and that the luxury vacation proves it. Reality is that the vacation was paid for by a company in exchange for photos to be sold and the family is more broke than they have ever been and if not for the show would probably be living at the in-laws house.”


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