MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: An EX-Housewife, Trying To Stay Relevant… Porsha Stewart “VideoVampin”…Tamra Barney “BUY My Stuff”… Melissa Gorga “BikiniBaby”

November 26, 2012

Once a national ANY news item hits, you can be sure that the Housewives are spending their time letting anyone who will listen know of their personal ‘deep concern’ for all touched by the incident.  The majority of Housewives will spread their very thoughtful thoughts via twitter… and any of the Housewives who decide to get themselves involved will make sure that everyone knows of their involvement!

So, who is the latest Housewife to get involved?

It’s “Whiner-Extrodinaire”, “You can’t fire me, I’m JillZ!”… the original RHONY who wants to stay relevant at all costs… the Housewife who simply will not go away…


If you live in the NYC area, YOU can see Jillz tomorrow only… from 6:30 to 8:30!  Details at LowerEastSideNY


Porsha Williams Stewart, wife of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Kordell Stewart, was in this video… from Trillville.   Gasp!! Whatever would her **clutching pearls** grandfather think?? Porsha appears around the 1:19 mark…


Speaking of explicit and staying relevant… Tamballs Barney is still tryin’ to keep her WivesWines goin’!  Tamballs wants YOU to buy her, IMO, outlandishly-priced wine glasses… Tamballs, what a lady!

Looks like the trinkets pressed on to flea market find glassware might be leftovers from Lynne Curtin’s old cuff jewelry!


Melissa Gorga even has the paps takin’ her photos while in Jamaica…. she’s holdin’ her kid hostage posin’ with her daughter… DailyMail.

(Thanks to SH readers “Duke” “DuffyDan” “FLPhil” “cybraxis” “CathyFromFtM” and “Knox”!!)