SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: New “ZEEN”!!…Joanna Krupa “PolishPapsPhotos”… PT Housewife “ThanksgivingMessage”… RHONJ SparkleEvent “Only $20!!”… Yolanda Foster “DavidFoster’s Values”… Shana’s Future Revealed!!!

November 25, 2012

SH was invited to be a part of a beta creator program…the only “Housewives” site… for “ZEEN!  As ZEEN is a new format and not yet public, we at SH are still learning … and will be putting together more “zeens” for fans of “reality” television and Bravo’s Real Housewives!  

Here’s the invitation:

I’ve been researching reality TV, and after getting lost in your site I wanted to reach out and say how much I’ve genuinely enjoyed browsing through “Stoopid Housewives!”

I’m working on Zeen, the new project from YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.  Zeen is a cool new way to bring pictures, words, and videos together in your own eye-catching digital magazine, and I would love it if you’d join our beta creator program. As a beta creator, you’ll establish your footprint in a brand new webspace, have your work featured, and be part of our press outreach as we take the site public.

NOTE:  For now, please give “ZEEN” a visit… if you “like,” please indicate!   AND… ZEEN would not have recognized SH if not for YOU, the SH readers and the intelligent, witty and beautiful SH commenters!  Thank you!


Joanna Krupa is tied for the Housewife who most calls the paps… Joanna’s tied with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, who has a TMZ satellite office right there in her front yard!

The PierogiePrincess, Joanna, even had the PolishPaps followin’ her around on her latest venture outside of her international domicile… shopping in a Polish department store!


Poor PT Housewife!  How sad… ever the attention-grabber and need-to-stay-relavant Housewife… PT made her entire family sit for an “official” Thanksgiving video greeting!

NOTE:  The video is pretty pathetic… but, YOU can decide for yourselves!!


LOOK!!  It’s the “Second Annual” SPARKLE Event!!  AND… there is NO Housewife “fee” attached!  Oh, wait… you WILL have to part with $20 just to get in the door to buy things!

The owners of CATFACE, DonCaro and LapbandLauren, will be there… along with BubbaJax and da black liquid BOYZ… and KomaKathy with her cannoli kits and jewelry!

The only thing missing is ENTERTAINMENT!!  Where the hell is Melissa Gorga???  Never mind… forgot MeGo’s in Jamaica!

NOTE:  That Hurricane Sandy charitable add-on was a nice touch!  

Who can forget KomaKathy’s dessert menu?

OR… this menu…


What the hell is David Foster doin’ on a billboard??  

NOTE:  David is one of the many “celebs” featured on!   Wonder how many Housewives would be included on


The future of Shana…


A warning!!  From Samuel L. Jackson!!

Some beautiful colorful photos from an Australian SH reader… for your Sunday morning!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Thanks to SH readers “Girlfriend” “crazylegsfish” “PMG” “NEUTRAL” “cybraxis” and “PDM”!!!)

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  1. Elmo is tacky! Don’t tell all that you are “deprived” when it comes to your sex life. She must be stupid or nasty because the number one way to get at a man is to take a dig at his sexual performance AND to tell others about it. Talk about not only stabbing the guy but also twisting the knife around a few times.

    MeGo is in Jamaica celebrating Thanksgiving with midget hubby and the kids…or at least that is what she says. It’s hard to tell if it’s Jamaica or the Motel 6 from the bikini photos she takes of herself in the bathroom.


    • To me it’s like de ja vu. I feel like I have seen those pics posted before on her twitter acct like a year or so ago. They are probably sitting at home and she is posting old pics saying they are in Jamaica.


      • My favorite is the red monokini she wore in the Motel 6 looking bathroom where her bubbies look freakishly capsulated (like Danielle Staub’s sick bubby before she had them redone) or like her bubbies had just been redone and had not “settled”.


    • Maybe they can write the trip off as a business expense. Does checking out extradition law or finding a secluded hideout from your loansharks er personal financiers qualify?


  2. At the bottom of the Sparkle poster it says Free tote for the first 500 tickets only. But up top on the post it say 400 sold 100 left available. So why not just say everyone gets a free tote? Sheesh. Oh and probably at least half of those venders are related to Mazoids/Lauritas/Wakiles. The vendors with the bigger font are relatives, the smaller font aren’t. Scam artists at their finest. SHAFT needs to move to Jersey.


  3. Huge congrats on the zeen invitation Ms SH! It’s nice to see your hard work and the amazing readers/posters here recognized by a venture like this. Woo hoo


  4. OMG I love the dolphin photo!!! Very creative! I suppose the Gorgas have had enough with the Restore the Shore project. It must be tiring for them. I can’t stomach Aviva today. I had the honor of spending the afternoon visiting members of my church who are in nursing homes and sharing communion with them. They are so thankful for just a few moments of attention. Most of them can not stand up at all. Aviva…you have one real leg and one fake leg to stand on and family that tolerates you so as we say down here in TN, bless your little heart.


  5. What the hell is “lemon chello”? Do they mean limoncello, an Italian liqueur that one might hope these professional Italians would be acquainted with?


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