RHONY’S PT HOUSEWIFE: PT Is The Wanna-Be “LadyGaga of The RHONY”… Says ALL Housewives on RHONY Are “Caricatures”… And NOT Real Portrayals

November 25, 2012  

PT Housewife recently chatted with an Australian morning show about the Real Housewives of New York, as Australia is lucky enough to be airing the RHONY!  

PT states early on in the interview that she is not only being a martyr for those people who wear prosthetics… but for ALL people who feel “different.”   NOTE:  Is PT Housewife so unaware?  So self-absorbed and totally clueless that Lady Gaga has been the role model for her little monsters… fans of LadyG… who feel the slight bit “different?”    That job is taken, PT!!



PT Housewife, when asked about her husband’s cousin, Fran Drescher’s appearing on the RHONY… says that Fran was filmed at one of her book signings, but the scene was deleted.   ‘Cause no one was “fighting”!  Uh… really??  NOTE:  How about the real reason… which is probably this:  No one is interested in “BORING”!  And putting TWO boring people together is simply that… BORING!   OH… wasn’t talkin’ about you, Fran!

    Reid Drescher, actress Fran Drescher and Aviva Drescher attend Fran Drescher new picture book celebration of “Being Wendy” at Dylan’s Candy Bar on November 17, 2011 in New York City…

PT Housewife continues to blab info which is well-known to SH readers and RHONY viewers:

  • BFrankel was the person responsible for “recommending” PT to MissAndy at Bravo
  • The RHONY is a show that just throws together adult women
  • ALL the Housewives are “caricatures”… ‘cept for PT!
  • PT says that the RHONY is NOT a real portrayal of her “real” life!
  • There was a certain RHONY who was not very WELCOMING… in PT Housewife’s mind opinion
  • There was a certain RHONY who was VERY insensitive when it came to PT’s leg… Ramona

The most interesting part of this  B-O-R-I-N-G five minutes of time which will never be recovered from your life was THIS gem!

  • PT Housewife states that she’s had “friends” for more than TWENTY YEARS who had no idea she had a fake leg!   “TWENTY YEARS??”  “FRIENDS??”

NOTE:  Now that PT Housewife has outted herself on national television and PT Housewife’s “FRIENDS” for over “TWENTY YEARS” have seen her fake leg on the RHONY… would love to know their reaction!  

 ALL those other NY Housewives are not “real”… I am the ONLY real Housewife!

If YOU are one of the “over twenty years” friends who had no idea YOUR friend of over twenty years was wearing a prosthetic leg… or didn’t hear about her barn accident… or know that she was a model… what the hell kind of a friend are you???  

Here’s the REAL question which SH readers would love to know:  What was your reaction when you found out that your friend of over twenty years was walkin’ around with a fake leg??


Speakin’ about PT Housewife… she is the BubbaJax of NY!  She must spend an unusual amount of time tweeting!  PT has sent out over 10,000 tweets since she started her twitter account!


(Thanks to SH reader “Girlfriend”!!!)

27 comments on “RHONY’S PT HOUSEWIFE: PT Is The Wanna-Be “LadyGaga of The RHONY”… Says ALL Housewives on RHONY Are “Caricatures”… And NOT Real Portrayals

  1. Fran seems real and likable from what I’ve seen on interviews. She has had quite the life experiences. I can’t see PT as her friend.


    • PTs on her best behavior with her, and most likely kisses her A**, that’s why they get along. Keep in mind it’s highly unlikely that they are buddies hangin out everyday and on the phone everyday.


    • I wonder what she feels about her cousins defrauding people and how that effects her imagine? It doesn’t impress me that she supports thieves even if they are family.


    • Well yeah she’s full of crap, but PT was not so open about her leg in real life, she was uncomfortable and tried to hide it, just like being dumped at the altar. so I can see acquaintances , maybe not friends, not knowing. And again ppl have been kind and gracious with her no one was going around discussing her fake leg. And Harry didn’t publicize it , his family and best friends knew. Ppl showed this undeserving wench mercy. Bottom line is there is no way anyone would stay close friends with this psycho for 20 yrs …….so ? Is where are the friends?


  2. As a role model for those with a prosthesis, how does hiding the fact from friends help anyone. This woman is full of cow manure! Geez I know many people with handicaps and they don’t find the need to hide it from anyone. They move forward and live life the best they can. PT is a warped person and no one should follow her example.


    • Yeah, poor kid — her voice is atrocious. I guess she thought of it as her calling card, though, or she could have done something about it like they tried to do for little Gia.


    • I think she exaggerated her voice a great deal for The Nanny show. I’ve seen her on TV in multiple interviews, and her real voice is not bad at all.


  3. I can’t imagine Fran can stand PT. I mean Fran has had some awful things happen to her, including being raped and having cancer, and she doesn’t expect the world to bend to her needs.


  4. fran is not to blame for what her family members do, so shame on those who said “shame on you” to fran. fran films on the west coast, not the east coast. i’m sure she spends time in ny, but how close can she be to aviva? aviva lost a leg, and fran was raped, had cancer, and after many years of marriage found out her husband was gay. they are still friends, which i think says a lot about fran – all good. her voice is not like it was on “the nanny.” watch her new show on tvland and hear it for yourself. fran has always moved forward. aviva is still reliving her horrific accident. she suffers from panic disorder/agoraphobia and needs shrink and meds.


  5. Puh-lease!!!! PT’s LIFE is a caricature! The only real thing about her IS her fake leg!
    She is a double dip of crazy with a side order of bat-shit.


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