MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lea Black “WhitePartyGoer”… Melissa Gorga “OnDisplayStory” NOW Picked Up By Other Sites… NO Credit To SH!

November 25, 2012

@ElaineLancaster‘s BFF, Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black, attended a “White Party” event…

… earlier Lea was helping to feed the less fortunate…


OK… was there some reason Lea was hangin’ on to her purse?   Didn’t Lea trust those people at the shelter?  OR… was Lea plannin’ on stayin’ just long enough for a few photos?   We wanna know!!!


If you were wonderin’ about the recent mentioning of “On Display” bein’ Teresa Giudice’s song for the taking…

This fact was mentioned on SH October 30, 2012… it is just now being picked up by other sites.  Per the norm, the other sites are not crediting SH…. but SH readers were well aware of the “On Display” item for a month!

From SH October 30:

“…the REAL story that in fact “ON DISPLAY” was originally written for ANY (of course the most visible)of the real Housewives and yes at the time right before Melissa snagged it, this ANTONY (not Anthony, and sorry no last name YET) approached Tre who did not want to venture singing and at the time other Housewives from other cities didnt rush for it, but Missy and I guess Bravo thought that this would add to Melissas storyline since the only other thing she had gone for her and Joe was to fight with Tre….

So in fact, Nobody went looking for Melissa the song was written and up for grabs for a price for any housewife who wanted it!!”

RHONJ Reunion…


ALSO… Contrary to years-old rumors… got it from an impeccably reliable source that 1) there is/was NO “audition tape” submitted to Bravo from da Gorga’s and 2) Bravo contacted da Gorga’s to be on the Real Housewives of New Jersey!  If you hadn’t guessed by now… MissAndy is NOT a fan of Tree Joodice!


Housewives Thanksgiving… via Twitter…

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76 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Lea Black “WhitePartyGoer”… Melissa Gorga “OnDisplayStory” NOW Picked Up By Other Sites… NO Credit To SH!

  1. Avery is gorgeous! I bet Yolanda designed that table and got those oranges out of her billions of orange trees in her garden.

  2. Mehohoho can have the song, it’s getting her no where. She just got home from vacation. Doubt it was a BRAVO vacation because Carowhine decorated this week and Ms. Lapband told her to get her a pair of thigh high boots….wham what happened to all the help…GONE POS no more disaster relief..hope you had a nice vacation mehohoho where did the money come from….VICTIMS??????????????

    • Barb, I wondered abut the money source as well. At first I thought it was one of those comp perks in exchange for publicity, etc…. Then started to think perhaps that was their payment to themselves from the donations collected for Sandy victims. Naah, couldn’t be. Not the Gorga’s. It’s a shame people’s first impressions are so negative about them. But, based on their actions, comments and pretentious lifestyle it’s rather easy to do.

      • That was my first thought. How do they do it? Not possible. Speaking of not having money go look at what Jaxass wants for some of her private parts for Christmas she tweeted it. She’s another POS…. the victims are out of their heads….

      • Whether there was a tape or not they still campaigned. They did so thru Danielle. The first morsel of Tre’s busness was dropped at Poshe FS s2, about a possible foreclosure, by D after being fed it by Meho. Tre reacted. We all remember the s2 reunion. Once Andy experienced that reaction, he knew the Marcos were ratings gold.

        • @ Miss I concur… it was a campaign launched from the moment Meho heard the news that Teresa got the show, audition tape or not. The campaign was launched on blogs with their vitriol and lies about Teresa and Juicy under assumed names and anonymous posts. I believe there wasn’t a tape, they had Bravo’s attention at the many functions they attended as well – by Teresa’s invitation – and hoped to be featured at. Teresa, you know, the SIL from Hell that didn’t want to share the pie…oy! The irony! Teresa is paying for Bravo’s lack of interest in these grifters for the first two seasons…and once Bravo frothed them into a frenzy by not broadcasting their posturing mugs Bravo decided to unleash their psychosis on the unsuspecting (and gullible) public.

          • This is so true. Remember when Tree introduced her brother to the crowd at the housewarming? Mego was livid that she didn’t get a mention. Her delusional hind end really expected that too even after her stewpit housewarming card. She prolly thought she should have been the “friend” that went along on the bathingsuit shopping for mosquito bite sized tatas segment too. Anyway I THOUGHT that’s what Bravo was doing with Penny and Johnny(frothing)but looks like they are gonna have to unleash elsewhere.

            • @ Made Great clip! love Lovitz!
              Johnny and Penny…I haven’t quite figured them out yet…probably good people who wanted to help but got caught up in the shit-storm that is Bravo and the attention…I guess we really will never know…Johnny is a little on the smarmy side but I think it is more a less-than sophisticated attempt at being charming…but still suspect…

            • Yeah his brand of charming has to grow on ya… like mold.But seriously he is THAT guy we all know at the office. The sexual in-your-window every time he opens his mouth guy. Johnny you now I am right. :)

  3. Whoa, On Display was written for Teresa….HAHAHAHAHAHA…No Really? No wonder with ” Paparazzi snapping my pictures”..I’m like “Meho’s not famout for this song. I think his name is Antony Bitar.

  4. Thank you Jesus Tre didn’t want to venture into singing her singing voice sounds like 2 cats mating and one being unwilling her speaking voice is bad enough. Sorry Tre fans.
    I wanna eat Dinner at Yofo’s House.

  5. That wasn’t a purse on Lea’s arm it was her son’s iPad carrying case. I guess she didn’t trust her son not to loose it. haha

    • I’m pretty sure it was her purse. Regardless I agree with SH, this is a place where people have nothing and to parade around with designer bags, iPads or extreme jewelry is purely tasteless.

  6. I just can’t stand Andy Cohen. He is way too full of himself and his hate of Teresa is so unprofessional and honestly, shows his inmaturity and a very poor representation of gay men. I feel like he hates women. He is extremely prejudice if any concept that he doesn’t agree with. If you are straight, I honestly feel he holds it against you unless you are rich, or powerful and can be of benefit to him. The way he has treated the Giudice parents, children – innocent family members makes my blood boil. Those people should sue him for the pure slander, harrassment, embarassment and humiliation he has put them through – enough already….he should have to be held responsible for all the hateful crap he spreads in the name of his reality show.

      • I still get the creeps from that picture that you posted SH, recently, of Mandy with his long tongue sticking out. He looks evil…..
        I really think he does have a sick twisted perverted desire to hurt women, and that he enjoys rallying his “army” around him in order to play his game! I think his dislike of Juicy stems from the fact that Juicy doesn’t/won’t play with Mandy.. period! I watch rhonj for Teresa…that’s it. The day Teresa leaves the show, is the day I stop watching it!

        • I agree!! As it was stated here on SH recently in the comment section I think in his sick, twisted, 12 year old school girl mind he builds gay marriage up while trying to tear a traditional marriage down. He gives me the creeps!!

          • Nothing wrong with gay marriage. And oh, by the way, the “traditional” people are doing a fine job of tearing their traditional marriages and children’s lives down on their own. They don’t need Andy’s help to do that.

            • Totally agree. Much rather see people being honest than making a mess of their life & someone else’s regardless of who they are. But it’s true if SH is annoying Andy , she’s doing sumpin’ right.

            • I never said there was anything wrong with gay marriage but he has a way of pushing his gay agenda down everyone’s throat and I think that’s insane and childish!

            • I was thinking the same thing cmgirl. Neither you or I said anything about gay marriage being wrong. I certainly would never say anything negative regarding gay marriage. If that was misunderstood by anyone….I apologize. My point was that Mandy takes enjoyment in, not only, stereotyping “others” but also in watching the potential destruction of these women and their families. After all, he hasn’t earned the title of “Lord of the Housewives” and or the ultimate “Puppet Master”…without reason!

            • You seem to have strong emotions about Andy’s supposed “gay agenda.” I’ve seen a number of posts complaining about his agenda, but I fail to see anything radical on WWHL. cmgirl2009 calls his mind sick, twisted, and school girl. And he gives her the creeps!! ktgirl: please refer back to your post above, with his “long tongue sticking out (looking evil), and his “sick twisted perverted desire to hurt women.” If anything, Andy has made these women rich. He has helped them. It’s not his fault that they are too stupid to fail to live within their means.

    • Oh, give me a break. There is no slander involved. These people were all classless, crude zeros before they came on the show. They made money they would have never made otherwise. Why are you so emotionally involved (your blood boiling, etc.)? It’s a silly TV show.

      • Some of the women may benefit, but many are stuck in the negativity and it is seemingly quite harmful to them, in the long run. Yes they are dumb to let it continue, but just because they are at fault for signing on to do it, it doesn’t make Andy right for doing it either. Many posters don’t like the direction of the shows, and their opinion that Andy is a creep is valid and their opinion.

  7. Can’t believe Caro & JacAss are coming back next season. Caro will always be Andy’s fav and JacAss will hide behind her suspect autism “diagnosis” of which Nick is now talking and forming sentences! WOW quickest reversal of autism I have ever seen!! Almost like a miracle! Whatever – can’t stand any except Joe /Tre. Bummed

  8. Too funny that other “sites” are only now catching on to info. on Ms.SH site about “On display.” Of course, they wouldn’t credit SH! No surprise. Heck, the very 1st time we heard MeHo-Ho try to sing that song with Antony…..everybody I know said “UH….puhleeze….that song was written for Tre!” I totally laughed during the reunion when MeGo called “on display” her baby. It was So… obvious that Kathy, Caro. and Jacko. knew it too; they just wanted to make Tre. look bad.
    I still can’t help but wonder about the “audition tape”… maybe it wasn’t an audition tape “so to speak” but I can still picture JoGo sending in a tape dressed in a gold shimmering dress with a wig and heels on…pretending to be Tre., Mandy loves that stuff!!
    Looks like Lea Smack is trying to do some serious damage control after the “T.K.” nightmare-party…DEFENDING that horrible man…

  9. The Bartender’s boobs look so natural, don’t they? (spoken in extreme sarcasm). Does she ever say anything that is not a complete and utter lie!

  10. Hi Guys, this message is for SH, Just wondering who is CLAIMING that you did not have this info. first? the reason I’m asking is because I gave it to you and I KNOW YOU (SH) DID IN FACT GIVE THIS INFO BEFORE ANYONE!!!!!!

    Thank You,

  11. I wish they would have given Ms SH credit for breaking the story, but Hell Yeah! am I happy the story is way out there now. Mego we have your number, stop pretending you are a singer/song writer. And it makes perfect sense for all the Tree cracks to Mego about not knowing she even sang. Tree KNEW the song was first offered to her and she kept her mouth shut.

    Maybe there is no “audition tape” but Miss Andy knew what type of characters he was getting when he rang up the Gorgas. It’s not as if he had to hunt them down.

  12. Ms SH. I know you and your family have been going through tough times and that this past holiday must have taken a great toll. Just wanted to let you know how amazed I am that you continue to do what you despite personal turmoil.

    Since I haven’t seen any other comments I am assuming you are putting them somewhere else- which is what you should do. Just remember to save them, because, while they are a comfort now, they will be even more meaningful later.

    Getting through the holidays is going to be difficult , which I am sure you know. Can’t even begin to fathom how I would be able to do it.

    Condolences to you and your family.

  13. I’ll never forget the pic of the first lady at a soup kitchen and the man on line getting soup was taking a pic of her with his iPhone!! Does anyone remember that?

  14. Andy hates Tre? That would explain last season, however, if he really can’t stand her, you’d think he would just fire her? I know she was the entire storyline, but I think now he could find someone else to create drama, because in the end, he is just giving her a fan base and an income. I wonder if he realizes this.

    • The benefit of trashing Tree and Juicy likely outweighs the risk for Miss Andy. It is like addiction for him and as long as he’s getting “his”, he doesn’t care what it costs Bravo. Elsa was spot on in saying Andy was too something-something (mumbles…) to ever find a lifelong partner. She predicted he’d be alone. I believe it.

      • Ya, it is hard for me to understand doing that, I’d just send her off into obscurity. But instead he pays her and promotes her so that she is still there to be crapped twisted is that?! It really must be an addiction, and a real hatred of women. Or maybe of himself..

        • Or maybe the more plausible story is that Andy is a shrewd businessman and knows what keeps viewers, like us, watching, no matter how much we hate some of the women. This is a business (nothing to do with any supposed “hatred of women” or ego trip), and as such, if he doesn’t make money for Bravo with these shows, he’ll be out of there in a hot second.

          • I agree about business, but I do think he could get the drama without it being so extreme and targeted at one person. At the end of RHONJ, there wasn’t any relief, or that, “oh well, all’s well that ends well” feeling you get from other reunions. Maybe at the end of the day, he has an understanding with the women that it isn’t personal, I hope.

          • I’m guessing your right about it being business. I think he knows that he’s just a host on a tv show, no reason anyone should take his opinion seriously. Someone shallow who worries alot about what others think (Mego , Caro, Kyle ) will care, but the others I think just shrug it off. Doesn’t mean anything of course so I think the ladies overlook it.

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