MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA: What Da Gorga’s Are Doin’ For Hurricane Sandy Victims… Joe Gorga Says He Met Melissa At Jersey Shore…

MonsieurHollywood… The usual blah, blah, blah… until around the 2:00 mark.  JoeG tells where da Gorga’s met… that Cancun story is just that, a STORY!  OH… and MeGo actually went to Target and filled up FOUR carts with  stuff from all that money from sellin’ those hoodies!


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87 comments on “MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA: What Da Gorga’s Are Doin’ For Hurricane Sandy Victims… Joe Gorga Says He Met Melissa At Jersey Shore…

  1. So now they met on the boardwalk … I can’t keep track of how many stories there of where they met. Bless them if they are doing things to help.

  2. F them….it is devastating, her daughters draws are still wet, dam lady if you had 4 and a half feet of water in your house your house should be stripped by now just like we did a friend who lived in Beach Haven West the weekend after the storm. We stipped it down to the studs all the walls were down everything and the house is being done. You go off on a vacation. Please STFU…you two are a bunch of snakes…..get down on your hands and knees scrub work. What the F happened to your meeting her in Cancun….guess another lie you forgot about. I could go on and on but I’m not going to. POS. )p

    • JoGo met the MeHo at the strip joint and got better acquainted in his car parked beside the dumpster at Lookers. Why the desperate attempt to steer the viewers away from Cancun? Is something nefarious about MeGo’s trip to Cancun or perhaps what she engaged in to pay her fare? Inquiring minds would like to know ……

      • Yeah, WTH is up with changing the great romance story? Now we are supposed to believe they fell in love at the shore? Bah!

    • they are gross aren’t they , my brother is down in beach haven now still gutting his house, make them go away , please !!

        • Thanks Barb,LBI did take quite a beating and yes a lot of people have lost everything, you know my brother has a great attitude even though its his shore house we have loved it for many years with all the family, its just overwhelming deciding what to do especially with winter coming….I am as my family and friends are loving the stories of support and generosity of others …these two and just make me ill

        • Has MeGo always sounded like this? I can’t remember her pronouncing words with such an accent. “Draws” instead of “drawers”, “wooter” instead of “water”, “dooter” instead of “daughter”, etc. The midget said water more like “warder”. Was she putting it on for the camera, or what? IDK, it just seemed fake to me.

          • Probably part of MeGo’s routine of playacting for the cameras or else her stoopid is showing …again. JMO I always think MeGo is lying.

          • Ana, your right! I went back and listened to it and she does pronounce those words that way. If she is trying to do an accent other than they one she has I can’t say I recognize it.

  3. I feel so bad for everyone having to deal with “Sandy” and know that is so devastating and just horrible, I could not agree more, but for some reason I still want to punch MeGo, is that wrong?

      • I want to punch them both upside the head. STFU unless you were down there working your butt off. Everything is coming along. A lot of homes were be rebuilt. LBI has most of it’s gas and it will all be turned on in about 2 weeks. We had a telethon on Friday night which I watched on the computer here because it was a live stream. They made $7200. This is going straight to the victims. Everyone was fed on Thanksgiving, people were adopting families and everything went well. If you drove down 72 you would say nothing happened here but keep going and go over the causeway and then it will hit you. Thank you for listening but I just get so burned up when I hear her talking and that bobble head just nodding away. He needs a swift kick where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • Barb , your voice and first hand accounts are invaluable. I trust your reporting as being real and honest. I live half way across the country and news about the recovery are sporadic so I appreciate the updates. The Gorgas are the same everywhere anxious to jump in front of a camera and look charitable. MeGo’s constant patting herself on the back and making it about herself was all I needed to see and hear. The skeeve vibe is palpable. These are the same type folks who wander around a humanitarian building site with a cup of coffee and a donate until a reporter appears then they grab a hammer and jump in front of the camera to espouse their good works.

    • I also feel terrible for those who are suffering due to Sandy. You are not a bad person, hwh. I also want to punch MeGo and then some.

    • @HH No….and…yes… I feel the same way and find myself asking for forgiveness. I think the real reason I want to beat these two beyond recognition is a physical manifestation of my frustration of people not being able to see through their grift.
      I often wonder when reading here how – armed with BOATLOADS of evidence to the contrary of nearly everything these two (and Koma/Carowhine and Co.) put out there as truth- anyone can defend them or take anything they say as gospel. Mind-boggling. Ahhhh, the cult of personality, just look at how well that has worked out around the world…Kim Jong Il- Hitler-Stalin etc etc. The loss of cognitive reasoning is astonishing and will only lead us down a road that has been proven time and time again through history to never have a good outcome.

        • Being a fame whore is a requirement to be on the show, ALL of them are fame whores in their own way.

            • I dont see it as that, Im sorry Lots of Celebs brag about wha they do, have pictures taken ect ect
              If they didnt do anything people would blast them they help have some pictures taken and they get blasted annswer a question about their houses damage they get called names, No matter what they do they get trashed. I prefer to just be glad they helped who care about the rest.

            • I agree. They are out there helping. Getting out there and making everyone aware is the only way to get others to help in this day and age. Sad but true. Their house was damaged and so were all the neighbors. They said, “We are very lucky, this is our 2nd home” and commented about all the neighbors. They were not whining or bitching, they were calling attention to ALL the destruction and devistation in the shore area.

  4. “Absolutely devastating”…me, me, me, me, me…. The only time MeGo even acknowledges OTHERS is when the interviewer prompts her or JoGo prompts her…and then it goes back to her, what she’s done, how she’s been at the shelter to see the devastation, how she’s loaded up 4 shopping carts at Target.

  5. Sorry but I’m so distrusting of them that I’m thinking they kept the Target purchases for themselves — and there is something too weird with their ever changing story on how that met….and why now, a new story, again?? They are looking a little worried these days-bet it is about the shat that’s about to hit the fan.

  6. Instead of showing off in Jamaica they could have used that money to help the people who really need it….How dare they flaunt in the face of devastated people how happy they are to not be there actually working!Frankly don’t give a shit where they met I just know where they are going to end up..In Hell!

    • @ Yup YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t people get that? I can only ascertain they WANT to be lied to…sad…

    • speaking of the face of devestaion, did anyone else think Melissa looks like she has had more work done? Her lips look even bigger and her cheek bones look puffy.

  7. I like the Gorgas. Wish he would tone way down on the sex talk. Rich Wakile, too. Anything done to support those devastated by Sandy is very good. The press has moved on to other things, the Red Cross doesn’t care as much since they can’t get the $$$ out of donations anymore. They’re the biggest scam and users of people’s pain to line their own egos and pay outrageous salaries.

    Salvation Army is where my money goes. You walk in, they greet you with open arms, something to eat and ‘We want to help. Tell us what you need’. Try getting a cup of coffee from the Red Cross.

    As humans, we are the top of the food chain. Nobody else can help us but us.

    • My aunt and uncle volunteered for the Red Cross and spent many hours helping out people after devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. While others spent their golden years pursuing dream vacations my relatives were passing out hot coffee, food and water to folks in need of relief. They never took a dime and often spent out of their own wallet. They found tremendous satisfaction in actually helping those in need. I do agree that salaries for CEOs of charities are out of control but the Red Cross is often first on the scene and last to leave.

  8. Those two say whatever they think people wanna hear!

    Lies come easy to social climbers who know they don’t belong.

    • I so agree. Meho took some flack for whining about damage to her shore house when many lost their only home. So now she clarifies and is sure to say it’s their “second” home. Spin control. I’m sure the change up in the story about where they met is because someone new on the show knows the real story. She wants to be able to say that if you look back she DID, at one time, for three seconds, actually say they met on the boardealk. She’s trying to cover both their asses. But, like their egos, this lie is too big to fit thru the door. I must say that Jogo seemed subdued. He looks to me like he has a heavy weght on his shoulders and it’s not just his big head. Maybe his house of cards is finally about to collapse and being on tv while it occurs is not so great anymore. Tre warned him. He shoulda listened.

      • Ruth, I thought the same thing about JoGo’s subdued behavior. He looked spacey and let MeGo do all the talking, well except for that little tid bit about where they met. It’s all about Melissa and what she’s seen and done and her 4 ft of water in her home, yea right. I have never heard this before this interview. She has never mentioned you could go “swimming” in her house before now. She is so unbelievable with her lacy negligee top that is completely inappropriate for a benefit. She only knows how to dress slutty.

        • Exactly hh. I find it hard to believe that she mentioned her lack of hot water and that her jet-ski floated away but not the 4 1/2 feet of water inside the house. I think that these two speak so little that is actually true that they can’t go forward with any kind of interview or appearance without contradicting something they’ve said earlier. It’s only going to get more complicated for them. Joe doesn’t strike me as someone who can think on the fly so maybe his being subdued is him finally being smart.( If thats possible). Meho doesn’t seem to be able to stop herself. I think she spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting her “looks”. Concern, anguish, sympathy etc. Unfortunately for her most people can tell when you fake sincerity.

          • They are probably going for the insurance settlement….water damage is much more lucrative to these cheats and liars than their jet-ski floating away. How much do you want to be that the jet ski was a repossession??? Or they staged the “float away” and sold it. We took our boat out of the water before the storm hit – and most people I know did. The only person I know that left their boat in the water WANTED it to be damaged so they could make a claim on it.

            • So not only did they steal money from the charities(which there is no proof of BTW) they now they are being accused maybe being Insurance cheats (which BTW there is no proof of that either) Funny how Saint Teresa who is a known liar and cheater never gets accused of doing these things.

            • You saw the inside of Teresa’s home. She wasn’t on twitter or anything crying she was a victim. She got damage, she was in the area that got wiped. If Mehoho’s stuff was still wet they did nothing. Show pictures Mehohoho. Neither one of them will get help from FEMA so I do hope they both have their flood insurance paid and the HO paid.

            • Your boat did not have to be in the water to have sustained damage. Just look at the pictures. Boats were thrown all over the place and some are still where they landed. Ask anyone from down on LBI. They will tell you.

        • Once again Lookers is confusing her life with Teresa’s. Teresa and Juicy’s shore home did have about 4 feet of water inside. It was high enough to up end her fridge and move things on the kitchen counter.
          Lookers just can not stop herself from lying. No wonder why Stumpy stays quiet most of the time. He never knows what story she will tell athat he has to cover. Much like his covering her lies at the reunion but saying his was a Chippendale dancer. Sorry, but he is too short according to their posted rules.

            • Teresa’s house is in Beach Haven West part of Stafford. That section was devastated. That is where we went to rip out walls. Houses indeed had 4 to 4 and a half feet of water. If you had gone down to look in that area when people other than the residents were allowed you would have seen for yourself. If a month later she is saying her drawers are still wet inside they a absolute slobs. If in fact she had all that water and did nothing as it seems, she would be crawling with mold and a lot of other yuckies.
              On a lighter note:

              BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Chris Christie has filed papers to officially seek re-election as New Jersey’s governor next year, according to AP sources. He is what we need. He is doing everything he possibly can.

              Today the TR business administrator said the following: He happens to be a Stafford resident. T

            • That is stunning Barb. 3-5 years to rebuild and I wonder how many will walk away and simply relocate. My prayers go out to the People of NJ. Thanks again Barb for your wise and insightful updates, very much appreciated.

            • I thought it odd that JoGo or MeGo made *note “and some people didn’t have Insurance” and they lost everything. It just struck me as odd. In the immediate aftermath… MeGo’s biggest complaint was her jet ski floated away….yet failed to mention 4 feet of water?!?

            • they can’t remember from one interview to the next what they said. I do remember the jet ski and also a picture of the bbq turned over, that’s how good they were in tying everything down. We had everything brought in and tied down our bbq, too big to get in. If there was inside damage they would have tried to one up on Teresa. HEHE they didn’t now did they.

            • It’s MeGo with the massive ego folks! We aren’t talking about some saint! If MeGo had 4 feet of water there would have been no end to the tweets complete with woe is me pics of MeGos tragedy which of course is so much worse than anyone else. All we saw were pics of the jet ski and grill. Now MeGo is making the claim???? The comment about their second home is just callous and insensitive.

            • If she indeed had all that water and didn’t deal with protecting the home in removing it, what is an Insurance co. going to say a month later? Soli chali (I know I have it wrong but you get the gist)

      • Ruth you are spot on my dear. I totally agree about the reason for the abrupt change in the meet cute in Cancun story. Is Lookers on the boardwalk? Joey looks like he knows someone is about to drop a truth bomb on the Gorga’s fairytale.

  9. Hmmm, its funny, I wonder if melissa recalls the picture she took with Joe and the rest of her fame whore family at target, cause to listen to her she single handedly shopped at target and saved the shore for all the people in NJ!!!…All you hear from her is “I did this” and “I” did that!

    • And she sure wasn’t gonna elaborate that those buggies were filled up with things that the gift cards bought. No Gorga money was harmed in the making of this PSA

  10. I can’t figure out why he thinks anyone would care. These two are the most boring people on the tube i/m/o.

  11. Crikey….that woman is such a fake. Tries so hard to be articulate and then utters “coulda took a swim”….wth??! She and the rest of them have no room calling attention to tre’s mispronunciations when she dares to butcher English in such a low rent way. What garbage….

    • @ Cherry And… the irony is the ones that take the most glee in trashing Teresa’s lack of command of the English language – while theirs are sorely lacking as well – don’t even have the pretty legitimate excuse that Teresa has – how being raised in a non English speaking household and how that impedes the development of proper speech and severly impedes the comprehension of the language! The fact that Teresa went to college and graduated and was pretty successful in business prior to marriage – despite her language barriers – successful enough that she was able to back her worthless brother’s business with HER money, speaks volumes to Teresa’s intelligence quotient, not lack there of, no matter what these worthless, soul-less miscreants want us to believe.

  12. I wonder if any of the funds that passed through their greedy little hands paid for their Thanksgiving jaunt to Jamaica. Does anyone know where these grifters are living now?

  13. On a serious note, It really is amazing the damage that Sandy has caused. Even down here in FL, the beach in Fort Lauderdale has been wiped out due to Sandy. The ocean is almost up to the road, no beach left. And this is a long way from NJ/NY and all the horrible damage and devastation that occurred up there. I don’t think the media is showing enough.

  14. Wow at the end of video Melissa emulating Teresa with her hand to mouth kiss gesture. Copy cat she should be charged with Identity theft, once a thief always a thief.

  15. Why do these people not realize that although others may think you are lying, they can’t say for sure until you change your story?! Stick to the story, once you alter it you are done…Ahem, Luann….

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