ANDY COHEN AND The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SNL: MissAndy Sits Down With All The Ladies… For A SNL Reunion!!… VIDEO

November 25, 2012  NBC/SNL…  The ladies of SNL hit on EVERY irritating Housewife trait… which has now become laughable… in this SNL Reunion Show!  AND… this reunion proves that no “HouseHusbands” are needed!

(Thanks to SH reader “sd”!!)

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40 comments on “ANDY COHEN AND The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SNL: MissAndy Sits Down With All The Ladies… For A SNL Reunion!!… VIDEO

  1. “…eco-friendly clip on earrings because we’re all so environmentally conscience.” Ha ha! That nails it. I’ve been reading your site forever, but this is my first time emerging from the shadows to comment. Congrats on your Zeen gig and thanks to you and your readers for great posts that educate and entertain– and make me laugh. I don’t know about you, but I need all the yuks I can get!

    • Vh1 has been doing SNL specials all day today. Saturday Night live in the 2000s, The women of SNL, etc. It’s been great!!!! I also caught the old-clip of Mandy doing a housewives reunion with the women of SNL cast…from years ago!
      I posted earlier, on another SH thread, that it’s time for SNL to do a parody skit where an SNL actor plays Mandy dressed as a women singing “On display” as the househusbands throw quarters at him.
      I think Tina once liked Mandy, but it seems Tina thinks he’s now taking the H.W. shows to far! Lord of the housewives says it all!! Time to see Mandy on the the other side of the fence being the object of ridicule….

    • Whoever plays Andy should drastically change grey wigs throughout the skit! :) That man’s hair (and I love gray hair!) has had more shades lately than a [insert witty phrase here] …

      He has been trying to darken it a bit. It’s all over the place. ;)

      • Yeah his hair is “patchy” and I would say sketchy as well. Maybe Andy has a longing to look like Anderson!

  2. So funny!

    I’m so sure that Andy couldn’t care less about any of the HW but his friend Carole (& maybe Lisa & Sonja).
    If a VP at an accounting firm did something like this to their staff, they’d get brought before an industrial relations tribunal, sacked, fined, newspaper scandal etc.

  3. This was hysterical, thanks, SH!
    I had a small epiphany while watching this…I think the reason Andy and Bethenny got along so well was that they are both OCD w/ narcissistic tendencies. It is also the same reason they aren’t quite as buddy-buddy as they were. They’re both still OCD but their narcissistic tendencies have multiplied exponentially since their fame exploded…They both want to be the puppet-masters for everyone in their lives – whether friends, fambily members, or the public (OCD) and they both believe their own hype – they both view themselves as the oracle for all; they are both making money off an image rather than any actual talents ( Andy has made his money off of broadcasting other’s talents or misery and B has done nothing other than bottle an ancient recipe for a cocktail calling it her own, and their false humility is something to gag on (narcissism).

    There, one less hour on the couch for you Andy and B, if you’re reading…

    • Thanks for posting that adios! Some serious truth in there. :)

      SNL has some great skits. Parody is a gift and some of them certainly have it.

      Will never forget Andy on the street interviewing Rachel Dratch on a live mic. He asked her if she would like to be set up on the $M Matchmaker show with Patti Stanger. Her response was priceless and unfiltered. Love her!

      • @SDHS86 I would love to see that! I love parody as well, to see the absurd and be able to call it out while giving us a great laugh is definitely a (rare) talent! That is why I love SH as well as the other posters. While I am wallowing in the serious SH or a poster put it out there with a belly-laugh and I am not ashamed to say I envy their talent!

      • I So…would have loved to see that! I’m imagining, hoping she left Mandy with his mouth just open….”nothing” coming out, not his usual type of “nothing” LOL, but speechless!

        • It was a while ago on some sorta Bravo special. Around the time Rachel was on WWHL, so I think Andy felt he had a rapport. Zing!! :)

          Her response was essentially that she didn’t really wanna ho herself on a show to go out with a guy who likely had some sorta major issues (implying thes show selects some real doozers for ratings me thinks) and flat out calling them millionaires with more self imposed problems than $$. Oh and losers! Pure gold IMO! :)

          • Thanks SDHS86…that’s good to hear. Mandy and P.S. have always had a mutual attraction to each others dark side. He has a twisted admiration for “P.Stang-her”–NO surprise there! I appreciate hearing that “someone” called him and Elvira out on that B.S. show. I think anyone who would trust “P.S.” is either as mean, selfish & dark as her, or foolishly unaware of her darkness. I think they both have a secret hate, or jealousy, towards women. I only had to watch a few episodes, early on, and that was it……UGH!

  4. Hi adios, So..nice to see you! It’s been awhile. Yesterday was a slow an easy day for me, so I was watching SNL on VH1, off and on, most of the day. I too caught the H.W. skit and it prompted me to comment about Mandy, but on another SH thread. Little did I know that someone else was probably watching SNL also, and that “this” thread was going on… while I was on the other thread. Anyway, I got such a kick out of it myself…. I went back to this thread today. I was happy to see you : )! I miss reading your comments. Hope all is well and I just wanted to say Hey! BTW, ITA about Mandy and B!

    • @ KTgirl Hi hon! I’ve been reading but my rib/lung crap has given me limited abilities when it comes to sitting up to type properly! It’s been a rough month and I am STILL not doing all that well ( boobs are an obstacle to rib healing, the pressure the boobage places on the ribs is a tough one. To wear a bra is just as painful as not wearing one. Oh yeah, and on the side of my rib injury my arm is in major agony from the over compensation for the ribs…vicious cycle. The hubs did volunteer to just hold the boobage for me but that is not very practical! All kidding aside, he has been awesome considering I have spoiled him rotten all these years he really has come through in the pinch! Lmao!

      Hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

      • @adios…I’m so sorry to hear this. I wasn’t aware of what you’ve been going through. Can I ask what happened….I don’t want to be out of line?
        I always enjoyed our mutual love for comedy…appreciation for “out-of-the-box” writers/actors.

        • @ktgirl It all started 2 months ago. I had an ear infection, felt better for 1 day and then came down with Whooping cough, which, unbeknownst to me, is preceded by an ear infection-fyi. I had been experiencing mucho discomfort on the left side of my ribs for about a week- also unbeknownst to me as a predecessor to tearing rib ligaments from whooping cough. I had a very violent coughing fit which culminated in me tearing the ligaments in my ribs ( you actually hear a big POP!, ewwww!) in turn creating a partial collapse of my lung. For the past few weeks I have been having issues with my coinciding arm and shoulder from overcompensating for the rib and lung issue. Vicious cycle. In fact I need to quit for the day, I’m hurting and really want to stay away from the pain-killers as much as possible.

          Commence with the snarking, it keeps me occupied and I ma so appreciative to have this site to occupy some of my time!

          • Oh adios…I had NO idea. I always thought whooping cough was something just children got. I know how painful tearing ligaments can be, but yours are in a particularly sensitive/difficult area. I feel for you. I know your going to get some rest now but if you do see this…I’ll be thinking about you and praying you feel better. I have wondered where you were…now I know! Please get plenty of rest, fluids etc. Ester C may help the lungs some, and it can also be an added benefit if you are on pain medicine. I know it sounds silly..when your in as much pain as you are, but since I can’t bring you any Chicken soup or anything….I just thought-wish I could help. Get well my SH friend. Glad to hear your hubby is taking care of you. kt

            • @ Kt Thanks for your concern. I’m pecking this out w 1 hand because my carpal in my left arm has been aggravated from compensating for my rib injury. It’s like Dante’s nine circles of Hell, LMAO! It’s going to be a looooooooong Winter! Keep snarkin’! I need the diversion!!!

      • adios, VH1 is doing the H.W. parody with Mandy right now….maybe you can turn it on and catch the rest of it! kt

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