SHANA, SWINE, SHAFT FROM RHOBH: What Shana Was Doin’ In April 2012… Was Shana REALLY “Grief-Filled”??… Hardly!

Something was bothering moi… something which Shana, SWINE, SHAFT… whatever label you wish to call her… stated in her BravoBlog.

Shana stated that she was too emotionally ‘vulnerable’ … too “grief-filled” while filming the YoFo Dinner Party to enjoy the party or to have fun with her fellow RHOBH cast mates.  To be precise, this is what Shana said:

“…the dinner party occurred during a pretty dark time for me emotionally. In retrospect, I don’t think I was ready to be meeting new people and engaging in dinner conversation. The weight of my personal life was still at the forefront of my thoughts and I was in a stage of grief filled with anger…”

Really, Shana??  REALLY???   Filming for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three began around April 10, 2012… let’s take a look at what Shana was doing in REAL time, beginning back in April!

Shana was pushin’ her DV book during this time… Shana was also showing up EVERYWHERE!

SH April 1, 2012:  Shana was excited to be going back to see her Oklahoma buddies and to push her book at the Tulsa Barnes and Noble on April 7.

“When I watch season 1 back, that was really the first time I realized how far away from my true, authentic self I had drifted,” she said. “I was trying to be this Stepford wife and put on this face for Beverly Hills standards. I really didn’t like me. I didn’t dress like me, didn’t talk like me … and in season 2, I was a complete and total mess …”

SH April 5, 2012:  Shana was a “no-show” at the Don Imus Show… and Don was pissed!

6:37:53 a.m.  Taylor Armstrong, one of the ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’ is the scheduled guest.  She is a no-show…obviously.  Her book, Hiding From Reality, (which we suspect is a reference to the massive amounts of plastic surgery she has undergone) gets thrown into the trash by the I-Man. The cover photo makes her look like she’s had her lip implants done with soft drink straws from a Burger King Drive Thru.  There’s no hiding from this particular reality: the book sucks…and so, by the way, does she.

SH April 7, 2012:  Shana shows up in Tulsa for a book signing…

SH April 18, 2012:  Shana had herself a gig hosting a culinary event taking place May 1, 2012.

You are invited to enjoy an evening of culinary delights prepared by some of today’s most food-forward celebrity chefs.   In support of Socks 4 Tots and survivors of domestic abuse, the red carpet event will be hosted by Taylor Armstrong, star of Bravo’s hit TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York Times bestselling author of “Hiding from Reality:My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within.”

SH April 26:  The RHOBH were shooting at Villa Blanca… and Shana attended the Star Magazine’s ‘All Hollywood’ event held at AV Nightclub in Hollywood.

 “Grief-filled” Shana and Buhler in NYC after Shana’s appearance on the Wendy Show… February 15, 2012

SH February 26, 2012:  Shana and her “NEW” love, John Buhler, were seen out in February 2012… they are also in business together.

NOTE:  In the middle of putting this item together, decided to just leave it as is.   ANOTHER Shana timeline is unnecessary!   SH readers know that Shana’s words do not match her actions…and Shana was VERY busy in her REAL life contrary to what she wants readers to believe in her BravoBlog!  Besides, this information re Shana/SWINE/SHAFT has been discussed ad nauseam on SH.  If there are any SH readers who are not familiar with the REAL Shana, start reading… there are just under 500 items re Shana on SH… and that does not include the massive amount of information on the SH masthead!  Don’t matter anyway… Shana will be exiting the RHOBH soon…

To be perfectly honest… when it comes to Shana/SWINE/SHAFT…