SHANA, SWINE, SHAFT FROM RHOBH: What Shana Was Doin’ In April 2012… Was Shana REALLY “Grief-Filled”??… Hardly!

Something was bothering moi… something which Shana, SWINE, SHAFT… whatever label you wish to call her… stated in her BravoBlog.

Shana stated that she was too emotionally ‘vulnerable’ … too “grief-filled” while filming the YoFo Dinner Party to enjoy the party or to have fun with her fellow RHOBH cast mates.  To be precise, this is what Shana said:

“…the dinner party occurred during a pretty dark time for me emotionally. In retrospect, I don’t think I was ready to be meeting new people and engaging in dinner conversation. The weight of my personal life was still at the forefront of my thoughts and I was in a stage of grief filled with anger…”

Really, Shana??  REALLY???   Filming for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three began around April 10, 2012… let’s take a look at what Shana was doing in REAL time, beginning back in April!

Shana was pushin’ her DV book during this time… Shana was also showing up EVERYWHERE!

SH April 1, 2012:  Shana was excited to be going back to see her Oklahoma buddies and to push her book at the Tulsa Barnes and Noble on April 7.

“When I watch season 1 back, that was really the first time I realized how far away from my true, authentic self I had drifted,” she said. “I was trying to be this Stepford wife and put on this face for Beverly Hills standards. I really didn’t like me. I didn’t dress like me, didn’t talk like me … and in season 2, I was a complete and total mess …”

SH April 5, 2012:  Shana was a “no-show” at the Don Imus Show… and Don was pissed!

6:37:53 a.m.  Taylor Armstrong, one of the ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’ is the scheduled guest.  She is a no-show…obviously.  Her book, Hiding From Reality, (which we suspect is a reference to the massive amounts of plastic surgery she has undergone) gets thrown into the trash by the I-Man. The cover photo makes her look like she’s had her lip implants done with soft drink straws from a Burger King Drive Thru.  There’s no hiding from this particular reality: the book sucks…and so, by the way, does she.

SH April 7, 2012:  Shana shows up in Tulsa for a book signing…

SH April 18, 2012:  Shana had herself a gig hosting a culinary event taking place May 1, 2012.

You are invited to enjoy an evening of culinary delights prepared by some of today’s most food-forward celebrity chefs.   In support of Socks 4 Tots and survivors of domestic abuse, the red carpet event will be hosted by Taylor Armstrong, star of Bravo’s hit TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York Times bestselling author of “Hiding from Reality:My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within.”

SH April 26:  The RHOBH were shooting at Villa Blanca… and Shana attended the Star Magazine’s ‘All Hollywood’ event held at AV Nightclub in Hollywood.

 “Grief-filled” Shana and Buhler in NYC after Shana’s appearance on the Wendy Show… February 15, 2012

SH February 26, 2012:  Shana and her “NEW” love, John Buhler, were seen out in February 2012… they are also in business together.

NOTE:  In the middle of putting this item together, decided to just leave it as is.   ANOTHER Shana timeline is unnecessary!   SH readers know that Shana’s words do not match her actions…and Shana was VERY busy in her REAL life contrary to what she wants readers to believe in her BravoBlog!  Besides, this information re Shana/SWINE/SHAFT has been discussed ad nauseam on SH.  If there are any SH readers who are not familiar with the REAL Shana, start reading… there are just under 500 items re Shana on SH… and that does not include the massive amount of information on the SH masthead!  Don’t matter anyway… Shana will be exiting the RHOBH soon…

To be perfectly honest… when it comes to Shana/SWINE/SHAFT…

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70 comments on “SHANA, SWINE, SHAFT FROM RHOBH: What Shana Was Doin’ In April 2012… Was Shana REALLY “Grief-Filled”??… Hardly!

  1. Ms. SH it took me awhile to notice(been busy) how you omit the TrashCan from every photo of the cast. Thank you so much!!! I don’t watch the show anymore thanks to this site, I just can’t!!!

  2. I can’t wait until the first Platypus free episode of RHoBH so I can watch. I refuse to watch an episode with her on it. If she’s in every episode, so be it. I just won’t watch any.

  3. I can’t wait til she’s gone either. Then, w/out a steady paycheck from Bravo, she’ll lose her beloved zip code. Mmahaha ha ha

    • Don’t be mean! She fought for that zipcode and she would do anything…anything to keep it!

      Ha! I feel a made for lifetime movie coming on here. Maybe single white female meets Sante Kimes meets leaving Las Vages! lol

        • I know I am always facinated by that story in a sick way. Poor Irene, she seemed like such an interesting person and was simply discarded so that those two could continue their grifter lifestyle. Sante and her son were to very sick individuals and there is a rhythm to SWINE’s hustle that reminds me very much of how these two operated. Hopefully her being in the spotlight would curtail some of her underhanded scams but she is always up to something. Makes you wonder how many idiots there are out there, she sure has been good a fooling a lot of people.

          • OMG!!!! Didn’t think anyone would remember that, SANTE and KENNY happened right next to me in NYC. There are many sick ppl in the world like SANTE and swine, but it’s either masked by money or a career to keep them from completely losing it or they’re in an asylum or prison. I’ve known many and money is a huge mask, ppl can’t see beyond that and these types can get away with murder and cons and lying and treacherous behavior that may not necessarily be criminal but can destroy lives and families! PT comes to mind. They’re diabolical

      • That’s rich! I thought of the same comparison: SWINE = Sante. Both latched on to someone with tons of money and declared they were best friends. Kindred spirits.

  4. Remember when she was out with this guy when the “paps” was hounding her and she was “crying” and he had to shepard her into the SUV? I cant remember the time frame on that. SH reported on it.

      • He disgusts me. So much so that I think they deserve each other. He’s got kids right? Now they DO NOT deserve SWINE. She will be so awful to them. And I figure their daddy wont give a damn. Scum. I hope his wife keeps them away from her…. and him too because clearly he lacks the good sense God gave a goose. Unfit.

        • Normally I am not this way but I hope his ex takes him to the cleaners, get a hefty alimony settlement and CS until the kids are 23 and a Order oF PROTECTION against Swine being around the kids Wanna bet she convinces him to Adopt Kennedy

          • I am with ya Lisa. If he is such a daft prick to cast his children aside at his side pieces behest then he don’t need to be around any children. I hope the ole codger pays through the nose.

            • I might add also that IF his ex gets hefty CS and Alimony then her life and the lives of her children will be in danger. SWINE will see them as nothing more than taking money away from her.

            • ITA with both of you, Lisa and MP. Dealing with evil like SWINE is not easy. Hopefully having a good deal of money and living in a state that might do what’s best for the kids, will make it easier for the wife to protect her children. Getting a lump sum up front and praying that the man will just go away, would be a blessing. Getting dragged back into court every time the evil SWINE-like woman throws a fit, takes a toll after 6 years. My kids and I know, all too well.

              “SWINE will see them as nothing more than taking money away from her.”, is EXACTLY right. And in this state (Florida), it’s not easy to get an order of protection. :(

            • oops–i hit enter too soon….. I lived in NY my whole life & NJ for a few years. You are right– FL has TERRIBLE laws that make it so easy for unsuitable parents to gain access to their children! In NY, they favor the mother more and if either of you are criminals, it’s difficult to get custody or visitation. I can’t believe that criminals here can gain access to their children and get them for unsupervised visitation. We’ve seen it with DH’s family. It’s disgraceful!

            • I hear ya, donewithbravo! The SWINE-like woman my kids’ dad is hooked up with is a convicted felon still serving probation. Not only does the State not keep up with her but they allow her to be around my children. Even after documented harm, inappropriate behavior, and false police reports against me and my oldest, to cover her butt for whatever reason, so she isn’t violated. And to make matters worse, I was just notified, the day before Thanksgiving, that he wants to go to court (again!) to get out of support. The kicker is: his attorney now, is a family friend of his and works for the law firm that represents the Dept. of Revenue that goes after parents who are behind in support. (not to mention, the ex is still in contempt of court over support- for years now!) HTH can that even happen?! Only in Florida…..

              Needles to say, watching this scum, SWINE, makes my blood boil! I really want to see her get what she deserves though, because right now, I’m not sure any of these cons ever do. It’s disgraceful, and then some…..

    • Good God, seeing this makes me realize how much surgery she has had since he died. When she smiles here she still looks o.k., now she looks like a creature!

      • Yes, Shana is creepy enough. But, was she scared of that Incredible Hulk of a husband enough? She sure looked happy as a pig in sh*t while the cameras rolled.

    • Russel’s smile is authentic and his body language is protective of her. He walks ever so slightly behind her, guiding her away from danger (the curb) and he does not allow her to be near the danger zone(traffic). He waits for her to put her hand out before he comes in to hold her. He even squeezes her waist before walking away from her briefly. Later on in the video, he draws her in gently by putting his arm out before she even stands next to him. You can tell a lot about a man by his body language. Nothing about this shows a man who abused her on any level. SWINE’s smile is frighteningly forced and she is just downright disgusting!

      • i think we all watched swine kill her husband, it chills me to think that she got away with murder and we all saw her do it.

      • ITA Chem, the body language says a lot. It appeared that Swine reached her arm around Russell a few times which doesn’t seem like a woman being abused would do. He seemed happy and so did she. But she is a con artist so who knows. RIP Russell

      • ITA @ChemGeek! Russell looked relaxed and happy–more so than he ever was on HW! Shana was so full of herself by not wanting to reveal where they were going next because she knew they would follow her LOL! I think,Shana’s breakdown had way more to it than her marriage. I can’t believe this new guy shes dating wants to take on her baggage and debt!

      • No doubt about that. Her eyes are dead. Her smile is fake (like most of her body) and her body languages says “let me steal your soul”. I feel so sad when I see footage of Russel. I feel very bad for Kennedy because she has to live with a treacherous mother figure that doesn’t give dick about her because SWINE doesn’t give a crap about anyone except SWINE. She is morphing her body to take on a new Alias and Kennedy will probably either be left in the wake or also given a new identity. SWINE is a twisted mother f—er.

        • It’s a great thing SH exists because maybe SWINE will actually use our suggestions when taking on her new alias ;)

  5. Wouldn’t the filming at Yolanda’s house have been in May rather than April? The event at SUR was ep.1 (filmed late April). Surely filming isn’t in such quick succession allowing feelings to fester and a better story to develop a little bit? (Does anyone know about that?). However, Kim suggests the trip to Ojai on the next episode, and off they go (ep.4) it was reported 15 May 2012 that old duck lips had a breakdown on the trip and was quoted as drinking not just 10 drinks but 30 – 40!!! (I hope the group hid their suitcases immediately after unpacking to avoid strained hinges on their cases!).

    • It’s hard to relie on the “realtime” timeline Bev b/c, as we saw in season 4 of NJ the episodes were not shown chronologically. It’s all in the magic & evil hands of Bravo for the best storyline.

  6. I thought Shana was only going to be on a few episodes, then get faded out – is that not happening? I don’t know if I can stand her lying, drunken trout lips and screechy voice. Bravo needs to FIRE her, just like they did with Sheree, Jill Zarin, and the other NY girls.

  7. My mom was deathly afraid of Snakes she couldn’t even see them on TV, She would scream at us to change the

    • I have a friend that is that way about spiders, phobic really. We used to work together in a department store and during Halloween I would always volunteer my team to do the spooky section so she didn’t have to see any spiders.

  8. I know that Shana is gifting, nasty, fake, lying, ugly, opportunistic scum. I refuse to watch the show, because I will NOT give her ratings. However, when I watch the previews, I wonder what makes her think she is Gods gift to Beverly Hills. Because, I fully believe that’s how she feels, based on her actions. Like at YoFo’s party, did she know who she was getting an attitude with? She’s also bitten Lisa’s had a few times. If I were “down and out in Beverly Hills”, the last thing I’d do is show my a$$ to people who could help me change my station in life. I just don’t get that &!+@#.

    • Shana is self destructive…it seems like she stays in a constant spiral downward. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for her, because she plays the victim hand, but I don’t feel sorry for her. Shana does enough of that herself. She can cry in her own beer all by her lonesome. Cheers to that!

  9. Shana should be shown during an episode of ‘Deadly Women’, no pun intended. She is just a scorpion in disguise.

    Sorry to thread jack:

    I also have always felt strongly and badly for the victims of Sante and Kenneth Kimes. I do tend to watch entangled murderous stories on t.v., but in their regard, it should have been discovered far into their deceivious life style. (Of course, I have seen, heard and been interested far too much in this regard, and into this story in particular, as their darkness has seemed to go far and wide). My deep condolences to anyone entangled in their lying life.

  10. Taylor’s behavior at Yolanda’s party was outrageous beyond belief. She is an embarrassment to herself, to Bravo and to anyone who gets sucked in to her ‘issues’. Was she raised in a cave?? This woman is ALL about herself, to the exclusion of everyone else around her. What is wrong with her – making those faces and acting the way she did when David Foster was playing the piano – what a massive idiot. Someone should tell this woman in the strongest possible terms, that even she will understand, that when she’s sitting in her shrink’s office, it can be all about her. Anywhere – ANYWHERE – else, it’s NOT all about her, she has to consider that others have rights and feelings also and if she can’t extend basic courtesy to others she should STAY HOME! Bravo makes me sick continuing this idiot’s contract and subjecting everyone else to her. I’ve stopping watching this show since the dinner party and won’t return until I read Taylor has departed.

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