SIN CITY RULES: *SH Exclusive*!… Alicia Jacobs Chats With SH… About Her New Show “Sin City Rules”… “MeanGirls” And “DesperateInsecureWomen”… ONE “UnreasonablePerson” On SCR…

November 21, 2012   NOTE:  “Sin City Rules” will debut on TLC December 9 at 10 pm… “SCR” is another production from Evolution Media, the same production company responsible for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives of Orange County.

From TLC:  ALICIA JACOBS is an entertainment reporter, she is a former pageant queen who uses her local celebrity to move within Las Vegas’ exclusive social circles. However, her knowledge of the town’s secrets sometimes puts her at odds with those who fear she knows too much.

Alicia Jacobs graciously answered questions submitted to her by SH re her new show, “Sin City Rules”…

We are very excited about your new show, Sin City Rules!  We’ve been following the development of the show since the casting call in April.   Would you kindly take a few seconds to answer these questions?  SH readers want to know!!

1.  Why did you decide to become a part of SinCityRules?

 Alicia-   A few reasons.  First & most importantly, I’ve lived in Las Vegas my entire life, I truly love my hometown so much!  Since my days as Miss Nevada USA,  & certainly as a Las Vegas-based reporter, the incredible people of Las Vegas have embraced, supported, and encouraged me & all of my endeavors.  It is so important to me to make my fellow Las Vegans proud!
The second reason, is that so many television shows have been produced in and about Las Vegas…however, it is my opinion,  no TV show has ever truly depicted LV or its residents properly.  No production has ever really captured the true essence of our lifestyle, and our amazingly charitable & giving community.
Another reason was strictly business. I’ve spent my entire 18 year career in front of the camera.  I’ve always done news / Entertainment reporting,  and some hosting.   I’m hoping this show proves to be a smart career move.  I’m  also a fan of Evolution Media, and really liked the idea of working with Doug Ross, Alex Baskin, & the entire team at Evolution.  I believe they are the best at what they do.

2.  There are “Housewives” and MobWives”… neither label fits your show!   Would any of these be an apt label:  “CitySinners”  “HouseSinners”  “CityWives”  “CityRulers” “Sinners” or “Rulers”?    If none of these apply, what would you like to be called?

Alicia-  Tough question.  Having called Las Vegas my home my entire life, I’ve always taken issue with the term, “Sin City.”  In  fact, you’ll never see me use the term in any package script I write for my news segments.  (FYI, Las Vegas has more churches per capita than  any other city in the USA, so not entirely sinful)
Las Vegas prides itself on being charitable and taking care of its own. We support the people and projects in Las Vegas which bring a positive light to our city. ( I.e. The Miss USA & Miss Universe pageants have found a home in Las Vegas, & our city & it’s movers & shakers have really rallied around Donald Trump & his nationally televised pageants. These events shine a wonderful light on our town.  Mr. Trump could take the pageants to any city in the country/world…but  he continues to chose Las Vegas)
I might like the name “City Shakers,” or “City Rulers,” maybe  “Vegas Rulers.”  And actually, when you watch the show, you will hear the word “desperate” used quite often!  I witnessed a whole lot of desperate behavior by some of my cast mates!  (Too bad “Desperate Housewives” was already taken!)
At any rate, I do think the title, “Sin City Rules” is a definite attention-grabber, & I always love a good double entendre.  And who are we kidding,  I’ll bet we’ve all committed a sin or two.

3.  What will be the biggest difference between the House/MobWives shows and SinCityRules?

Alicia- I’m sure people we see some similarities between those shows and Sin City Rules, by virtue of the fact that all three franchises revolve around a female ensemble, and lots of drama! However, thats probably where the similarities end.
I’m actually a fan of Real Housewives & Mob Wives,  ( & I’m obsessed with Big Ang!!)   I’d say we differ from Mob Wives in that obviously there are no wives of mobsters on our show. The only sort of connection our show might have to anything “mob” would be Amy Hanley’s late father. But, our show focuses on Amy, and not really her dad.
As for “Real Housewives,” we’re produced by the same company, (Evolution Media) & we share most of the same crew, so naturally, there will be many similarities. I’m told the main difference between the franchises was in the casting process. Producers were adamant about finding very strong successful women who have achieved success in their own right & not necessarily because of the man in their life.  Producers have really stressed  that Sin City Rules is about powerful women, who have earned that power on our own.  Of course, we all have very  different definitions of what constitutes true power…and that will make for some very compelling drama!

4.  What will be the most shocking incident that we’ll see on SinCityRules?

Alicia-   Where do I start? Haha!  Actually, I’m bound by a very strict Non Disclosure Agreement, so I’m truly not able to reveal much. Plus, I know I NEVER like a spoiler on my favorite TV shows.
I can say that what has really surprised me the most, and which I really never expected, was the shocking level of Mean Girl behavior by SOME of the cast.  So, take that info, and use your imagination , & then multiply by ten, & maybe you start to understand to what I refer?   Insecure & desperate women  = Mean girl behavior.

5.  Have you been given the first episode of SinCityRules to view?

Alicia-  No, not yet. Far as I know, our cast will watch the first episode right along with the rest of the country.   Yikes!!

6.  Alliances are usually made on these shows… and they quickly change because of the “camera interviews.”   Which cast member will be the person to have a lot to say to the camera, but not to your face?  If you have yet to view the show, just your gut feeling will do!

Alicia- Again, without giving too much away, I have a hunch those so-called alliances will change considerably from the first to the final episode.  For whatever reason, I think I got to know Jennifer Harman the least…and to everyone’s surprise, including my own, I probably have come to know Amy the most.  She & I have very different personalities & backgrounds. I was raised in a VERY conservative & sheltered environment, my life was all about ballet company & cheerleading. Amy was very sheltered too, but because of her family’s hesitation to allow anyone to get close to her or their way of life.
She & I did not get off to a good start, and I think our audience will be very surprised to see our eventful & emotional journey.
Personally speaking, I think my interviews stay consistent with my on-camera relationships. If I say something to the camera, you can bet, I will also say it to that person’s face.

7.  We know that each “CityRuler” will be writing their take on each episode for the viewers on the TLC website.  Will you be writing your own review of the show?  How do you feel about cast members who use ghostwriters for this task?

Alicia-  I  can absolutely guarantee that NO ONE will ever write or speak for me.  I always write my own scripts at work, done all of my own blogging,  I certainly do all my own tweeting, Facebook,  & all social media.
I’m really really looking forward to writing my TLC blog. I  assure you, I  will have plenty to share with our “Sin City Rules” viewers each week.  I’m also too much of a control freak to allow anyone else to speak for me.
In response to your other question, I don’t understand why any cast member would want a “ghostwriter,” perhaps they’re insecure about writing skills?  But, I imagine viewers care much less about technical writing skills, & more about  reading  juicy insight into why we say & do certain things.

8.  What products and/or merchandise are you planning on releasing after the show begins?

Alicia-   Me, myself & I!!   I think I just might be the ONLY person on reality television who does not have something to sell ?
Although,  I am often told that my adorable (and very fashion forward pups) should do a doggy fashion line. Perhaps “Sparkle Couture!”  (In honor of my 4 year-old Doxie, Sparkle Reagan Jacobs!)    Haha, you may have just gotten an exclusive tidbit!

9.  We know that editing plays a big part in the drama we see on reality shows.   Have you done anything that you wish (or are hoping) would be edited out?

Alicia-  Of course!!   Probably more than I want to remember!  The first thing that quickly comes to mind, (I am very clumsy )  the evening I arrived to Amy’s party at The Mob Museum, I AMAZINGLY managed to fall UP the stairs…& tore my brand new Gucci pants!!!   Really, how does one fall UP the stairs?
Several of my closest friends are featured on the show with me. I hope the strong bonds of friendship and loyalty we share are depicted…especially between my best friend, Tricia McCrone and I.
Also, I’d say I tried far too many times to reason with a very unreasonable person on our show.  Some people are simply not worth the effort.

10.  What would you like viewers to know about you?

Alicia-  I truly hope that our show portrays me as accurately as possible.  I have been as open as possible in putting my life, career, close friends & family on display.  Yes,  it is a very invasive process, however, in order to be interesting, it probably has to be that way.
I am a very stubborn/ hard-headed person, an extremely hard worker, and I am passionate about animal rights & gay equality.
I’m quite certain, that just as the Stoopid Housewives fans are sophisticated enough to expose motives behind bad  behavior, I believe our Sin City Rules viewers will certainly (quickly) decipher which of my cast mates are well-meaning, & which are acting out of desperation & starved for attention.
Most of all,  I love my hometown of Las Vegas, and consider myself very blessed to have grown up here. There is absolutely no city in the world as special and magical as Las Vegas!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer… and we thank Alicia for recognizing SH readers as “sophisticated”!  SH readers ARE, along with being sophisticated… intelligent, witty and insightful!

Photos courtesy of Alicia Jacobs…

Alicia with good friend, Marie Osmond…


Alicia interviewing Wayne Newton…


Dr & Mrs Loring Jacobs…


Alicia on the cover of “Las Vegas Weekly”…



Yesterday’s newscast in KSNV studio – w/ TLC cameras rolling…


With BF Tricia McCrone…


Preview of “Sin City Rules”…

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41 comments on “SIN CITY RULES: *SH Exclusive*!… Alicia Jacobs Chats With SH… About Her New Show “Sin City Rules”… “MeanGirls” And “DesperateInsecureWomen”… ONE “UnreasonablePerson” On SCR…

  1. I have seen it all now.
    Ms SH, I can’t believe Tacky Jackie buys retweets lol.
    Both of you are on to the buying followers. Miss Andy does too!

    There is a blogger out there who pratically copies and pastes everyone’s stuff including TMZ, claims it at hers. She yelled at me for sharing her link. Since then I will wven ask you if I can share your posts.
    What is your twitter name Ms SH? I looked up @stoopidhousewives and didn’t see it. I want to joun twitter but really don’t know anyone.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Be Safe!

  2. I love this girl! Jackpot to producers of Sin City Rules! Finally, a beautiful, smart and sweet female on reality TV!
    Can’t wait to see more of Alicia! Class and beauty!

  3. Interesting interview. Nice to get to know her a little bit before the show airs. But I gotta ask. “fan of Evolution Media?” Really? which part? The driving someone to suicide part or the destruction of marriages part? Or the bull crap half-assed PSA after the fact? Or was it the unscrupulous way that Evolution gave the lying SWINE a vehicle to keep spouting her total bullcrap story of “abuse? If that sorta stuff floats your boat then I gotta problem with that. If not then I gotta say beware of these unscrupulous people-Evolution. IMO they aint exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to integrity.

  4. I already LOVE Alicia! She isn’t like a lot of the HW’s…She will follow back, chit chat & answer questions (on Twitter) like you are 1 of her friends! The other day, she CRACKED me up…she tweeted : “Watching #RHBH on @Bravotv- . @TaylorArmstrong is pathetic! (& HARSH FACE!) DRUNK @4yr old party! &so desperate 2 slam @BrandiGlanville!” LOVE IT!!!!She’s not afraid to tag the person she’s tweeting about it & I love that!! Most ppl (most of the housewives) won’t cause they don’t have the guts!! She could definitely teach some of the HW’s some lessons because she’s bold, blatanly honest & brings it! Can’t wait for SCR!!!

  5. This lady is smart to get in with SH! wahoo! However, I really don’t feel like I know her any better except she has a cute dog and will write her own blogs! I just hope there will not be a TLC Clubhouse! BTW I have a hunch that a lot of the churches she mentions are wedding chapels. Not hating here, but I live in the Bible Belt and there are lots of churches here.

  6. Why oh why oh why do they insist on communicating with the underworld on every freakin one of these shows? Play with the devil and then scratch their heads in amazement when he takes them up on their offer and comes to play. well DUH!

    • EXACTLY! I cracked up when the RHOBH were all wanting to sing Amazing Grace last week. Do they have the slightest clue what it means?

      • I thought SWINE was gonna burst in to flames. Also it was obvious that Vyle instigated that and was the loudest like she was hoping that Foster would “discover” her singing voice. The weird part was it sounded horrid.
        I have been crowing about the HW shows always having a “psychic”of some sort on the show “communicating” with the dead…blah blah blah. And these evolution people, IMO are downright demonic.Purveyors of Pop are no better with their dabbling in the devil’s bidnus either on RHONJ (the Santeria priestess) and RHOM(momma Elsa da witch) Nothing good ever comes of it. Illness and soul crushing destruction is all it brings about.

        • People die
          Houses burn down
          Children are harmed/injured/led astray
          People lose their minds
          Marriages end
          families are broken up
          sister against sister
          brother against sister
          mothers are heartbroken
          lies are truth truth is lies.
          soul crushing destruction….
          Its not to be trifled with.

      • Actually I think singing that song was what started SWINE’s discomfort. Like showing a crucifix to the demon possessed. The afflicted will pretend at first that it doesn’t bother them but she eventually got a down right case of ants in her pants. She is evil.

        • Made me think that the chick that wears wigs all the time (Kim?) is hiding a 666 or something. Maybe her own hair isn’t thick enough to hide it. Or little horn spikes.:)

          • Could be. But when the Devil presents himself there wont be any scary music and no horns… like a thief in the night. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exists -Kyser Soze

      • ……oh wow…. I just assumed that was the theme song for the HOHousewives…… to want to be saved like a wench like (them)……

  7. At least she’s honest about self-promotion, “me, myself, and I.” If I were her I would withhold any praise of Evolution Media until I’ve seen the actual episodes, i.e., what the producers have CHOSEN to air.

  8. I noticed that she stressed that the women chosen were powerful and successful on their own as opposed to the HW franchise. I would hope that this production company has learned its lesson about falling for the pseudo rich and have been very careful to make sure these ladies have the bucks and power to back up their claims. She mentiones desperate women. I’m curious what these “powerful” women would be desperate for. To find that these women are just fakin it fame whores in a different city would just be horribly disappointing. I liked her attitude though, refreshing. On another note… what has happened to Wayne Newton? The days of having women’s panties on stage are looong gone. Depends maybe?

  9. @made You’re most definitely right-The devil (with everything that entails) should never be dabbled with or taken lightly. I never really even thought about all the different shows having 1 thing or another…Psychics, witch, VooDoo priestess etc….til you wrote it in your comment. Now that’s something to think about 4 sure.

    • Yep. Every franchise has at least one scene with one. And the only HW that ever stood up to the crapola was Phaedra in Africa. The devil is the father of all lies. The dead dont speak. Demons do and that is REAL. But God’s children are protected because……

  10. Me, too, @hers Ive watched other shows (The First 48 etc) & documentaries about the occult & it scares the pants off of me!

  11. I am not going to be watching it. I am sick of watching the following: women who show no pride in themselves; rich women acting like they are from the hood, women who disfigure themselves with plastic surgery.

  12. Seriously? the only question to ask women like this is.. Why are you any different than all the other reality tv middle-aged women who are self absorbed gossipy famewhores? Are you also that desperate for attention ?

  13. Just based on this interview, she seems intelligent and not willing to ‘fall prey’ to childish behavior. However, after stating she wasn’t going to promote anything, she then in the next sentence suggested her dog may?! Which leads me to believe she will make prissy dog clothes. No issue with that in and of itself (my pooch has several Tshirts, sweaters, even a Halloween costume. Her name is Berlynn, and we call her “B” sometimes, so we got her a honeybee costume.) that seems like a platform to me. I just don’t see how, with Evolution Media being the producers, this is going to be anything different. Fingers crossed it will, but I fear it will end up like all the rest. I will give it a chance, though. There’s always hope. Hey, it’s worth a gamble. har-har
    ps: We have another MeGo forehead to endure with one of the castmates. How long till that becomes a topic? lol

  14. I guess it was bound to happen. A Las Vegas show. I’ve already lost interest in the whole RHW franchise. It’s become dull and predictable. All show’s have to come to an end. I just hope when this whole RHW’s trend comes to an end it will be hurmorous. Unlike all the last episodes of ATL, BH and Miami which they never should have dug up from the grave a la Mamma Elsa. Sad BRAVO takes advantage of a clearly confused if not ill elderly woman. RHW was fun at the beginning but it has taken on a a life of it’s own and to me it’s a train wreck and you can only watch so many train wrecks before you have to leave the scene. Well, I’m leaving the scene. I forgot how fun and entertaining it is to read a book at night or spend time writing in a journal instead of watching mindless TV. If you have been following this show from the begining, you have got to be tired of it by now….or am I the only one? Pick up a book and expand your mind instead of degrading it. Are you really learnng something from from Kim, Nene from ATL or Brandi or any of the Miami cast. However, I will give props to Kandi. She is a real, true person. Not full of BS and gossip articles & covers like the whole NJ cast. With regards to Teresa from NJ – ask yourself, why am I and my cast the only season/city on the covers of tabloids. No other cast members from other cities (besides ATL) are on the cover. Clearly you sell stories. WHY? If you are so innocent then why deny the obvious. You only make yourself look less than educated and clueless. I still cannot believe she has fans that actually buy her books. People….read some real literature. Not Cookbook fable’s. Thanks for reading. This is not a rant…it’s a wake up call to question why we bought into this franchise. After all – the bottom line is this is a business for BRAVO/NBC If you get what I a saying, please share. We need better programming on TV. BRAVO has had great shows on. Just not this. Happy Thankgiing evryone!

  15. Leery of anyone who claims that Marie Osmond is there bff. She is the most conceited,self absorbed person I have ever met.

  16. I don’t care who Alicia Jacobs friends are, she seems to hang with a lot of impressive types besides Marie Osmond, and she’s impressive herself! I can already tell Alicia will be my favorite housewife on Sin City Rules, and I can’t wait to watch it! (Plus, she’s Nigel Lythgoe’s girlfriend, from “So You Think You Can Dance” I read online he gave her a $10,000 dog!!)

  17. Yep, just saw your post, and its true, Alicia Jacobs’ boyfriend, Nigel Lythgoe DID buy her a $10,000 dog, Star Nigella. She’s a beautiful King Charles!
    I can’t wait for Sin City Rules to start, this show looks great! And, I agree, Alicia Jacobs steals the show!

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