SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Tamra Barney “DisgustingPodcast”… ClosetFreak “RHOBH”… Lisa Vanderpump’s “DivineAddiction”…

November 21, 2012

Tamballs Barney has released her very first podcast… and it’s all about, what else, Tamballs!  Listen at  your own risk!   IMO, it’s disgusting.  Tamballs has surpassed Kandi Burruss in chatting about her sex life.

Tamballs is also pushing for… take a wild guess… her very own Bravo spinoff show.  Interesting that Tamballs says her phone was shut off… but it was AT&T’s fault.  Yeah…. OK.  Listen for yourself at “TamraTalks


Your friendly Closet__Freak has reviewed the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  Check it out at CF’s YouTubeChannel!


OK, so maybe Lisa didn’t sell any stories to any magazines, but she definitely has an arrangement with STAR Magazine!  Lisa’s pushin’ STAR in her latest newsletter “DivineAddiction“…


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81 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Tamra Barney “DisgustingPodcast”… ClosetFreak “RHOBH”… Lisa Vanderpump’s “DivineAddiction”…

  1. Oddly enough… I haven’t liked Tamra since the last season Simon was on. I guess I could/should say ‘since her divorce’ but I don’t want to label it that way. I did not appreciate her betrayal of Vickie during that season either so she pretty much went downhill since then (IMO anyway)

        • Surragate, IVF its not impossible to have a Kid at 48 you just need a bit of help or pay someone to have your kid for you like Camille did.

            • Yes, but was it her own egg? Sure women can get pregnant but most times nobody mentions it was a donor egg . (Gina Davis) But it’s still possible to have your own child, have known of some in late 40s outside of the US that did so without effort. Also perhaps tamra put some of her eggs on ice from a few yrs ago…..who knows….adoption?

        • Thanks Ms. SH. Wow 48! Well she does look good for her age, I’ll give her that. But it really is gross to think of her talking about sex toys when she has grown children.

          • Agreed that it’s gross to talk about sex toys on TV when you have kids — especially grown kids, but that doesn’t ever stop these idiots, especially on RHOA.

          • Don’t know if anyone listened to her podcast, but she stated at one point that she was 45. It was while she was talking about her new gym she is opening.

        • 48 is way too old. Any doc, (an ob not taking your $ for fertility treatments), will tell you that the best age is 17 to 25. After that, it is harder on you, but still ok until around 34. After 35, the risks dramatically increase for birth defects and things like Downs or Autism, and an amniocentisis is mandatory. There are exceptions to everything, but anyone in healthcare will discourage a 48 yr old from trying to become pregnant.

      • I think I remember seeing an episode when Simon gave her some crazy expensive piece of jewelry/watch and I could swear it was for her 40th bday. It was on a boat or something??

        • Cleangirl you’re right it was a rolex watch, on a boat for her birthday. I didn’t remember which birthday it was though. She wouldn’t be the first to lie about her age, if I remember correctly PT Housewife is a few years older than she claims.

          • PT house wife wasn’t lying about her age, she said she’s 42, maybe press made a mistake………..but she surely lied about everything else

          • Yeah, ok that’s what I thought. Remember the jewelry or watch or whatever Simon gave her for her “40th”? I think she was makin it a big deal, turning 40 and such. Little did she know at the time the diggin that would be done in the future, LOL!

      • Remember her 40th bday when she got the $30,000 Rolex? I though that was in 2007. I think she might be one year off.

    • She was on Housewives in 07 or 08(if im correct)…I remember Simon throwing her a birthday bash on a boat with family and friends. She said at that time she was nervous about turning obviously she was lying and she was really 43. Geesh a housewife lying? what a

  2. LOL…..I am the same age and my kids are almost out of college…..if I had to go back and have youngins again……I would rather stick a pen in my neck!

  3. Once again, just about 30 sec is all I could handle from these evilbots. Guess I am officially DONE with all of them. Idiots.

  4. Lotsa Whiskey Tango in that woman and her choices in life. You can take a girl outta the Trailer Park, but… :(

  5. I listened to about half of it. I wasn’t embarased, I was bored. Who are they instructing, some teenagers? It’s just more silly attention grabbing. If you’re a brain dead moron how do you get people to listen to you? Talk dirty to them. Morons love saying penis. It makes the giggle.

  6. Closet Freak mentioned that one of her viewers pointed out how damaging Adrianne’s accusation of selling stories could be to someone like Lisa given that celebs come to her restaurant. Now I posted this video once before highlighting how OBVIOUS it was that Gretchen called the paps prior to dining out. Now watch it again and check out Lisa. Looks like a very conspicuous position to get in while checking on your guests. Like she didnt want to have anything obstructing the view of her rump for the paps. Just sumpin to put a pin in and keep in mind. Contacting the paps and selling stories are two different things BUUUUUUT if you are a celebrity and you dont necessarily want the paps capturing your dining experience you might opt for a more discreet restaurant. Just based on this video

    • Spot on, Made! Thanks for posting this. HILARIOUS of Lisa — that’s the pose the girl makes over the pool table, to entice the guy. These clowns obviously wanted to be seen, and I’m sure they all have the paps on speed dial.

      • Right. Still think that Adreine was in the wrong to accuse Lisa of selling stories cause I think that is different. But yes its comical to watch this video Wretchen is downright pathetic. And time frame was very soon after Jeff gave up the ghost. So as far as I am concerned she can take her crocodile tears over him and cram them.

        • Right there with ya Made. The way she keeps looking up at the camera is disgusting. She thinks she’s so sly and demure and she is anything but. Oh, and the vid of her filming Grayson’s bday party made me want to vomit. She and Slade are just vile and gross.

    • I think a lot of celebs go to her restaurant so it just a staple for them to be there. I don’t think they need to be called. Funny how Gretchen kept looking at them and Nene kept covering her face.

      • Yeah I noticed Greg was trying to give her that menu so she could appear to be trying to cover her face. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as the three of them discussed strategic seating arrangements during this outing. If NeNe wants to choke KimZ all the time I don’t understand how its even possible for her to suffer the mess that is Wretchen. Especially back then when NeNe was in full on claw her way to the top mode. This video was shot before RHOBH even aired first season. Maybe even before Lisa was cast.

      • True, the paps are all over that area, but celebs know where to sit if they do and don’t want to be seen. The HW I’ve seen in person — Lisa and Kyle — have been sure to position themselves front and center, for maximum viewing by the public, but I’ve never seen a celeb trying to be seen that blatantly. In any event, I still think Gretchen alerted the paps. That’s not so uncommon. Gretchen and Slime were performing for the cameras, that’s for sure.

    • Holy famewhores Batman! I don’t know whether Lisa with her arse in the air or Gretchen staring at the cameras is stoopider!

  7. Bravo should do a spin-off of Tamra and Taylor, with Gretchen doing guest spots. It could be all about low-class, slutty, drunk gold-diggers searching for their next wallet.

  8. I can remember being so on Tamra’s side when she decided to ditch the control-freak, Simon, and regain some sense of herself as a human being. It is hard to be independent for the first time in ages and I expected her to screw up a bit, after all she was really under Simon’s thumb before. She spotted Brooks for the disgusting scam artist that he was and is, and I was glad when she confronted Alexis privately at the luncheon. Tamra really does have balls in a good way. So I’m sort of clueless about why she would do the podcast at all. What did she do to betray Vicki? Vicki has lost her mind with that loser, Brooks, and no friend would’ve let Vicki be fleeced without putting up a real fight to let her, Vicki, know what was truly happening.

    • I totally agree Barbara! I think that is Tamra’s evolution exactly. I would only have to add that the camera and $$$ has now become her guide in her life.

        • lol. Its not on the video. It was the season that Tamera was trying with all her lil might to sell the viewers the idea that her husband was such a controlling cad. I think he was just trying to save her from herself. And save himself and his children from being embarrassed by her antics.

          • I agree to an extent Made but he couldn’t change the woman she was/is he was controlling.

            • Thanks. I hope so I got off so easy this year. Going to Mother-in-laws and she is excellent cook. My contribution will be sausage balls and my eclair cake. Defiantly NOT sprinkle cookies :) God Bless you and yours this holiday season

            • Happy Thanksgiving, Made. I’ve been baking all day. It’s funny, but I don’t have a bit of flour on my face! I must not be as book a baker as Katfish. :(

            • Amen!! I think he was fun for her for a period of time but she grew bored and weary of him At that point, “he had to go” but she could never own up to who she really is and preferred to blame him and his “controlling ways.” And I also believe he was trying to save her from herself but she doesn’t want saving. She thinks she’s happy – no – she pretends to be happy but I doubt she is and I think she knows she’s not happy. (Believe it or not, some folks don’t know they’re unhappy). Then again, what do I know?

  9. Haven’t liked Tamballs since she first opened her piehole and said she was the hottest housewife. Could only stomach under 4 minutes of that gross podcast. And I’m sorry, but that CJ chick is running a sex store. You can dress it up and call it a “boutique,” but the bottom line is it’s a store that sells merchandise designed for sex. Wish peeps would just be upfront instead of just frontin’.

    • OMG!!! I had to bring my 16 yr old in to watch this, and we were howlin up a storm!!! Adacemics!!!! HAHAHA!!! Those guys are GOOOOD. Thanks for that Made!

      • Yeah they are great. I think this one is my favorite. Be sure to watch part two. I am pretty close to putting this one on my brother’s facebook. He will rue the day he ever allowed me to man his fb account while he was in the pokey. lol. :)

    • Awwww, that poor teacher lol! Well if any of Tamballs kids were in my class, she would definitely not like me at all! Probably be up in the principal’s office complaining every day.

      • LOL. No doubt pulling her “Do you know who I am ?” routine. I tell ya I am gonna do my dangedest to avoid getting out on Black Friday but its looking like I am gonna get roped into it so to amuse myself I might pull this all day….

  10. Damn she looks as old as she did on Dallas! The oldest looking fortywhatever that I’ve seen. She seriously ages herself with the hair and makeup. I always thought she look old for her age. A lil rough around the edges with all the makeup. bless her lil heart.

  11. Im not going to lie…but it killed me that her and Gretchen became “friends”, I know some of that is just for T.V but Tamra aired that woman out like dirty laundry. Im sure Gretchen was doing some dirt because of some of the things I read on SH- but I think Tamra was out of place because im sure she has dirty laundry for days. Gretchen did Alexis very wrong this past season, Alexis may not have all her eggs in a basket but I think she was a good and loyal friend.Well I guess thats the way it is sometimes-or all the time…

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