SIN CITY RULES: MORE About New Evolution Produced Reality Show On TLC…”Sin City Rules” Formerly “Vegas High Rollers”… VIDEO

From TLC:

“TLC’s new series Sin City Rules follows the lives of five high-powered women in Las Vegas, including an entrepreneur daughter of an infamous mob boss, a cosmetics mogul, a champion poker player, a gun-loving fashion designer and a pageant queen-turned-entertainment reporter. Follow these women as they do whatever it takes to make it in one of the most vibrant, compelling and notorious cities in the world.”


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30 comments on “SIN CITY RULES: MORE About New Evolution Produced Reality Show On TLC…”Sin City Rules” Formerly “Vegas High Rollers”… VIDEO

  1. Lana needs bangs/fringe, not hating, just saying. She had a massive, million dollar vow renewal ceremony. It’s on youtube.

    • Yes, poor thing isn’t very attractive and would look a lot better with bangs. This show reminds me of Mob Wives. Hope it’s a better show. That one got old after a season or so.

    • I agree, Lana needs a make over, or better yet, a make-under! Not usual tho, often times, unattractive women will over due (too much make up, jewelry, gaudy clothes etc) to compensate for coming up short in the looks department.
      Wonder how bad the un-photoshopped pics of her look?

      • Yes, and sometimes it works pretty good. It’s amazing what a fit body and impeccable grooming will do for a homely person.

      • Yes, and all she did was brag when the outlandish prices kept going up! She really enjoyed showing off and talking numbers, to the camera. It also completely overshadowed her son’s bar mitzvah, which I thought was very tacky. That is a once in a lifetime event for a child whose turning into an adult. She could have moved the date of the vow renewal around a little, IMHO.

        • I keep reading posts that say this Lana person is actually a dude, or used to be a dude. Does anyone know if that’s true? he/she is on a reality show, so anything goes, right? I don’t wanna be too mean, but he /she looks like a mean ol dude!
          Also, will her kids be finding this info out for the first time when this show airs? Kinda sad if you ask me?

  2. RHONJ ain’t got nothin’ on these girls – this is the real deal! And it does resemble an episode of COPS, LOL!

  3. Looks good! I LOVE Vegas!

    I want to see the unedited version. Maybe I’d learn a new curse word. Lots of bleep, bleep, bleep going on.

    • @ChemGeek.. Hahahahaha I think you will still be able to learn a few with the edited version!! Unfiltered and uncencorsed is the key words here!! I will for sure take some responsibility for my language.. Yes I said some pretty interesting stuff but a lot of it is funny, heated, drama, crazy and just bold! I sometimes shock myself at what I can say! Especially in an argument… Well maybe not so much shock myself… Lol

        • HI made…it’s been awhile. Nice to see you. I backtracked a few days ago and caught some of your clips, Sling Blade. You always help make my day made! What a great movie that was…Billy-Bob gave a great performance…pure genius! How you doing? How’s Gabe? kt

          • Well thank you KT. Since I loooooove accents I am always telling people that “I likea way you tawlk” That kid is from Tennessee. Not so much of a kid nowadays. Yeah BillyBob was great in that movie. I like all his movies. Waking up in Reno is prolly my fav. I will post a clip. Gabe is going great . Has been jamming all afternoon. I just post a new video on his page. Hoping to get some of his blues stuff up tonight for yall too. Really good stuff.

          • Yes that’s it. Howdy Amy. I must have heard it wrong the first time. I know you cant say but I am intrigued as to what lead up to that exchange. I reckon that’s the point of the teaser huh? lol Can you sum up your filming experience in one sentence? I am interested to see if your thoughts will change after the season airs.

  4. It’s Mob Wives / COPS/ The Real Housewives combined into one! That Lana chick seems like a drama starting bitch as well as Alicia!

  5. So I had to jump in and tell all of you THIS IS REAL!! Trust me when I say this that isn’t anything!!! I thought that was rather mild considering all of the other stuff they could have used!!! Lol… Get ready everyone for one hell of a roller coaster ride! You will see some stuff that will blow your mind! All I have to say is Facebook posts!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

  6. Ughh just another day in Nevada. Not sure I will be tuning in. I am paranoid enough of my crazyyyy neighbors. :P

  7. Watched the show and it is cray.. cray…. Lana is gansta,,,, lol.. love all the girls, not sure how Alicia fit in this, maybe she is successful (powerful) but we just don’t know it as of yet. I live in Nevada and after being downsized at KNBC where she was she an enterainment reporter (not anchor) she now works for them freelance coveing red carpet. .. will wait to see what else… Wish the show had more diversity… wow, no black of hispanic(powerful women in Vegas was good enough for the show),…. Maybe season 2….

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