REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Thomas Kramer Tells His Side of The Dinner Party From Hell!… Demands Equal Time!

November 20, 2012

Thomas Kramer, long-time Miami Beach resident and host of the Real Housewives of Miami’s dinner party from hell, is pissed!

                 “Wot are all you people doing at my house?”

Thomas has taken to his own site to give his side of the dinner party hell story…

“TK” says that he was asked by Lea Black and Karent Sierra to host the dinner party in his home and until the actual dinner, was totally unaware that the entire RHOM cast was going to show up… along with their friends!

“TK” also says that he thought Ana Quincoces was a part of the Bravo crew… and the he did not go ballistic until the arguing between Ana and Elsa just wouldn’t stop.  “TK” also is pissed that the lies about what really went on continued on WWHL… and he wants equal time to tell his side!


(Thanks to SH readers “Charlotte” and “cybraxis”!!!)

19 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Thomas Kramer Tells His Side of The Dinner Party From Hell!… Demands Equal Time!

  1. He doesnt make sense (Ive not watched the video yet but from just what was wrote above is where I get my opinion)! He had 2 know how many ppl were coming or he wouldnt have known how much food to cook…so what if it was the other HW’s? Hes never had a prob with that b4…And he says he couldnt stand Ana & Elsa’s arguing but what about Lea’s performance? From what we saw, Elsa was only trying to calm things down…She wasnt being LOUD & I really dont think Ana was. However, TK made many hateful & off color remarks & now he wants to put the blame (for his behavior) on some1 else. Sorry TK, you’re an obnoxious, old perv who treats women horribly & like objects! Go cry to some1 else!


  2. Just wondering that if TK will tell his side about the reports of him molesting under aged people. He is a nasty, condescending and despicable… do I need to go on? I would be very happy if Bravo never aired his mug again. He thinks that having money allows him to act like he does. If I was starving to death I would not take a piece of bread from him. Money does not buy you class or respect.


  3. Went to his website to read his story and what an ass. Any real gentleman would not repeat a story about dancing with Elsa and squeezing her to where she accidentally pee’s on the red carpet. How disgusting can he be to embarrass Elsa this way. Sorry Kramer go cry to someone else you have no manners.


  4. Just read”his take”on the events of that night-I dont believe he wrote the blog himself bt anyway, he plainly stated Karent&Lea asked2throw a dinner for their”RHOM”friends but then later says he was unaware the entire cast was invited.How many ppl did he think was on the show??He’s seen’em out at different events&he had2have a guest list (or #)so the meal could be prepared.He then goes in2 detailed description of “all the characters involved”-that was humorous2read-I think alot of that was BS!He’s very arrogant&obnoxious-not2mention disgusting!I can see how Elsa could get on anyone’s nerves but the way he spoke2her by screaming&saying things tht were uncalled for is ridiculous!TK loves2blow his horn bt he turns my stomach! He apologizes4NOTHING!He believes it was warranted! Whatever! 1funny thing is he DEMANDS Bravo2give him equal air time2defend himself..TK, dont hold your breath-Yea, maybe u should, U PIG! He mentions FCC rules were violated by Bravo’s 1sided trashing of him-I doubt thats true-Seriously!!


  5. Please take your disgusting, twisted, evil, violent, perverted, psychotic self and crawl back under that rock! You are not doing youself or anyone else a favor by breathing. Thanks.


  6. No one cares about your little dinner party, TK. Go away. Whenever I see this man’s face, all I will be able to think is “trash”.


  7. Thomas Kramer is a douche bag and the only peice he will ever get is after his money souly because of his character. He uses the disparaging remarks about marriage because of this. Poor little boy……No one will ever love that petrified heart!


  8. TK had every right to snap at those drama starting booze traps… I would have done the same…. If we’re in my house and I ask u to stop bickering you have two options! SHUT UP OR LEAVE! And as far as Ana… Talking back like a defiant ungracious preteen has no respect for ANY of TK’s guest… If you start an argument at someone’s event you should politely dismiss yourself and leave… But these ladies have ZERO class… Or respect… Just a bunch of self righteous troublemaking bimbo’s… Ugh


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