KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle-ee’s B-O-R-I-N-G BravoBlog… Why Bother???… Kyle’s Impressed By YoFo’s Refrigerator…



Seeing Kim with my niece Kimberly getting ready for her prom was touching. I can only imagine how Kim feels seeing her youngest growing up and becoming an adult. I know it must be bittersweet. It seems like our kids are growing at the speed of light. I want them all to slow down!!!

Alexia learning to drive was very stressful and at times comical. Parallel parking is one thing, but actually driving on the road is an entirely different story! Most of the time I sat in the passenger seat in crash position. Well, MY version of crash position: feet on the ceiling. Alexia would say, “Mom, you make me so nervous!” And I would be thinking “I make YOU nervous?!?” I know it’s   NOTE:  It’s “its”…  such an exciting time for kids when they start to drive, but for a parent it’s terrifying. I dread the thought of her driving alone!

Yolanda’s home is so beautiful. I love it! The refrigerator is CRAZY. I have seen a lot of things in this town but not a walk-in refrigerator! Color coordinated vegetables!?! With all the kids in my house that would last two seconds. Fun to look at though.

The evening was really fun. I loved all the music and everyone sitting around like that, having fun and singing.

Of course there was some tension between Lisa, Adrienne, and Paul — but not so much as to ruin the beautiful night.

David Foster is so talented. I was honestly SO impressed. I love music and that music particularly struck a cord with me because of how much my Mom loved it.   NOTE:  Maybe Kyle-ee does get struck by cords of all types… however, the correct spelling is “chord”…

I’m happy that Adrienne reached out to Lisa to meet and discuss the issues between them. It’s about time. Ken said he would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. Well, next week we all WILL be! Until then. . .



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  1. It actually seems like Yo actually cares & loves Kim more than Byle. YES, Ik, Byle was talking nice about Kim & her neice but I was more impressed with Yolanda’s version. Anyway, basically, it’s blah blah blah…and Ken’s not the ONLY 1 who would wanna be a fly on the wall! Byle would LOVE it but it surprises me she didnt invite herself so she could “referee! Whatever!


  2. Kyle was sickening the way the blog is trying to kiss up to Yolanda. She knows her own ill-manner and disgusting behavior is one of the reasons they were all asked to leave. Familiar with the name ‘David Foster’ or not, that slew of Grammys pretty much makes him Royalty in the industry. Crosses all the genres.

    Kyle needs to step it up and dump the trash.


      • LOL so hard at Kyle singing loudly the Urban Cowboy song as all were trying to listen to David play. Kyle is that girl in the popular group that everybody f-cking hates, who thinks everyone worships, who puts her hand in her ear Xtina Aguilera style showing off her voice. Talent scouts knew who you were when you were Kim’s sister, when you were Paris’ aunt and now as a washed up reality star. You will never be famous on your own talents! Now, we all just wanna f-ck your husband.


        • yes. This 110% She was DETERMINED that he was going to hear her sing belting out Amazing grease house wheat thighs hound. Total hand in her ear moment for sure.

          p.s. When he first pluked a few keys on this I thought he was gonna start playing the young and restless theme. I was thinking, well I’ll be a hobbled heifer this dude has done ever thang.


  3. Kyle is getting too involved in the whole Lisa vs Adrienne situation. And kissing up to Yolonda,just be yourself don’t put on a show to get her to be your friend.Kyle needs to dump Taylor as a friend ,seriously why would she be friends with a catty gossipping drunk who always creates a scene when they go out?!


  4. I think Kyle is in everyone’s business because she doesn’t want us to see what’s really going on with her. She has to be the smartest person in the room (a scary thought). When she is not the smartest, she becomes the most flexible and does the splits.


  5. Dearest SH…I hate to call you out but you’re incorrect on Vyle’s usage of it’s.
    *Its* is a possessive pronoun.
    *It’s* is a contraction of “it is” or occasionally “it has.” The apostrophe in it’s is a mark of omission, not possession.

    Vyle is clearly using it as a contraction of *it is*

    Don’t hate me, please? Lol!


  6. I feel like she’s pulling a Don Caro–trying to be all nice in her blogs b/c she realizes the tide is turning…ie: everyone hates her now.


        • Thanks, Hers! I hadn’t left it was just too difficult and a little painful to type with my lung/ribs situation but, I’m starting to feel better and don’t have to sit at a 45 degree angle as much so I can bang out a comment or two now!!!

          You guys have kept me amused through my convalescence, the stir craziness factor for someone who is beyond hyper is maddening but the laughs I get from this site are priceless!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Even those I don’t agree with, lol, after all, we are civilized here!


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